Tuesday, December 31, 2013


We often confuse whether or not the mating between a pair of object is called ‘LOVE’. While the desire of one to become nearer to the other is ‘LOVE’ through various means, the engaging in an act of intercourse or sex is a demand of the body just to fulfil a requirement of it to remain in balance; nonetheless it offers a temporary pleasure to both who are taking part in the said act to meet the said call of the Nature. Therefore this particular action is more like becoming oneself a servant to the mass of cells that constitute the body but bears a higher command by virtue of prevailing of utmost LOVE within them. The reverberation within the body while waiting for the partner to join him or her is called ‘LOVE’ which keep on flowing within the body, much unseen to others during the period when both are separated from each other for whatever reason either temporarily or permanently. The more one desire the well being of the other; the more the effect of LOVE covers one’s body. The degrees of LOVE between couple differ from couple to couple or even within the same couple depending upon how an entity sees a particular situation to arrive at a conclusion in order to initiate an action towards the good of the other. 

The Queen bee does mating just once but keeps on producing mostly female egg all throughout her life to keep the Spice intact and alive within us. The delicateness she is offering to the entire hive of bees is no doubt ‘LOVE’ of one towards the other by setting aside the engagement in act of Sex to bare minimum and hence female bees too keep following the said example by dedicating themselves  to their respective assigned job of collecting ‘Honey’ from nearer and far away placed igniting many other process in between while discharging their respective duties either alone or together without ignoring the responsibility of protecting the Queen all throughout their lives. These are live example of ‘LOVE’    

Giving something free to any without earning the object anyway directly but through adopting an indirect process is nothing but taking out and putting the value of wealth in the same pocket which is again nothing but contraction and not expansion of oneself though use of LOVE. There bound to be a division within ourselves with some earning higher than the other to lead a different life Style. This is a part of us which none can avoid if we like to live ourselves within the periphery of a just Society.

 The present problem of us is not lack of wealth; available within us but its putting into misuse either through our deriving of pleasure from storing the same under lock & key within one’s boundary wall; {hiding such wealth from others for whatever reason} or engaging in doing of elicit Businesses after making fool of the Government process to catch such evil elements engaging in ever growing such Businesses processes everywhere. While a parallel Economy bound to exit to offer a balance to the legitimate one, it must not overweight the former in any form and manner by injecting limitless burden into it. If we allow it to happen so; nothing shall be under balance including that of our minds amasses everywhere which shall force us to attack each other reasonless but just on casting of a doubt which does not exist to grab wealth from each other. Therefore it became a character of us to enjoy storing Fund; stealing it from everywhere. Hence a mare change of guard from one Political Party to the other can never ensure a better Government which is under place but it shall ensure drawing of a satisfaction by us of pulling down a running Government from delivering Good to Common General Public through making aware of the situation that has engulf us everywhere which is under way.

With Aadhaar in place; we might able to fight the current situation Head-on which shall go dead as and when we see or allow its ‘aim & objective’ fall into somebody else’s hand. It has now become a question of our death or survival if we allow ‘Aadhaar’ to go lapse for whatever reason. We shall no doubt get stiff of stiffest resistances from all quarters to derail the approach so made by us. Therefore, it is up to the younger Generation to choose its future. There still exits certain gaps that are remaining alive in our approach to make Aadhaar foolproof Instrument. It is a carrier of LOVE.           



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