Thursday, January 15, 2015


Even though I was born together with the LORD and preferred solitude over crowed places to keep myself interacting with Him round the Clock irrespective of whether awake or sleeping which is nothing but nectar; yet I maintained a Group to grow-up until I got married; following which my 2 daughters and my only son became my friend in view of their intense attachment towards me notwithstanding the fact that we all are walking into the future; using or undertaking different paths to reach the same objective. Even through LORD was so nearer to me yet He was infinitely away from me to know Him. If the aforesaid Statement is true; how people say that He or She is GOD. All such Statements are untrue & false but is or was pronounced to meet or acquire a self gain in some form; mostly unknown to others. Since the LORD desired that the fact is known to none about my nearness to Him; I never discussed the matter with any but preferred to handle all situations alone. I never read any Religious Books but yet like the ‘Srimad Bhagavad-Gita’ the most, to understand Him. The Book is something different. The more, one reads it with due devotion, the more meaning one gets out of the same saying. It is really endless in offering help to one to know Him. Therefore, no one can ever say that he or she has mastered it. I read the Book twice a day from my School days (Entire Chapters) until I became enlightened yet I know a little of it. Imagine the vastness of Book as far as its meaning is concerned!

The knowledge is mortal but we keep it alive within us; through preservation of it in one form or the other but TRUE LOVE behold by one towards the others; {without drawing a differentiation between any two}; is immortal and hence it keep on expanding within oneself, once unfolded through whatever (various) means or through simple Practice of considering all as none but One. The end Advice in ‘Srimad Bhagavad-Gita’ is reproduced hereunder which is very complex to understand; although looked simple to consider one’s own Religion as Supreme where as it is carrying a reverse meaning to know it as such by all.

   Chapter   XVIII-66

                                      Sarvadharma Parityajya

                                           Mamo ekam Saranam Vraja

                                     Aham tyan Sarvapapebhyo            

                                           Moksayisami ma sucah

{Meaning: O’ Arjun, what for you want to know me? There is no beginning, no middle and no end of me to know Me. All rules and regulations (All Dharma, one often adopts through following various Religions) to reach me are obsolete exercises by one or fruitless attempts of one to get me. You may please know that I (Soul) am just ONE. Therefore, all GODS are NONE but ME only. Treat Me as ONE through performing one’s assigned duty as perfectly as possible; hurting none in the process by imagining oneself as enlarged entity as possible through considering; playing of a bigger rule within it to behold entity intact in the empty Space. The moment one knows that, he or she shall undoubtedly attain liberation to become one with Me (LORD)}.

The Sun is just ONE. None can claim it as belonging to one. Yet it is feeding all without drawing of an exception as one better than the other for whatever reason. It is we who are doing it in order to secure a place, bypassing the others for a self gain without earning it after infusing a trick into the System but the truths are that the ‘Sun’ is ONE and that we are infusing a void into the System to attract a collapse of the entire System. Again, Sun has its self life to die in due course of it. If the Human being starts attacking all adopted by it; it too shall force it to die. This is what is happening now. However, the Fact is that one being unable to face one’s daily life Head-on; taking a short cut route to get rid of his or her life to embrace Hell instead of Heaven.     

As and when TRUTH is divulged; there bound to be oppositions to confuse us about a particular issue. Such oppositions cannot do or undo the flow of belief. But producing of anger for whatever reason done by whomsoever for whatever motive shall only halt the propagation of TRUTH and force us to produce a reverse effect to raise a conflict within ourselves.

The entire {living either living or non-living} within the Planet and as embraced by Mother Nature are within each of us only. Therefore, the more we attack others living outside; the more we are attacking none but ourselves only to become weaker and weaker each day through inducing foreign Objects into the Body from nowhere. This is our chain of living which none can avoid facing to take a short cut to reach the unreachable.

Therefore, we are interconnected with each other but yet each of us in this Creation is created out-of nowhere but from Himself only; any harm done to any for whatever reason is Hurting none but Him only notwithstanding the ‘FACT’ that nothing seen is TRUE but our imagination only, the way we believe correct a Dream witnessed within a Dream; even though all are untrue. The more we harm others in the name of upholding ‘TRUTH’ or by considering somebody is insulting ourselves; the more is the distance we are developing ourselves between ourselves and GOD to establish a Fact (Oneness of Him) which we are refusing to follow.

To breed anger from one’s reflection of so called anger which is, taken recourse to dilute a cause from arising as a full grown ailment of us might be a cause of our destruction; if we continue to behave ourselves this way, as we are doing now everywhere all over the Globe . Again, no thought or action of one ever goes vanish or goes waste without producing a result either for or against us depending upon the cause we choose to follow in undertake an action. Since the entire is none but GOD only; any harm to any innocent bound to create an imbalance within us to destruct the entire us in the midst of our Journey to Source of springing-up.     

Sunday, October 19, 2014

A Reply to my Brothers {Elaborated}

My Dear Bor dada/ Ratul Dada,

In view of certain indecent incidence that occurred out of the blue, my Mother wept intensely. With our Father away or absent from home, I unable to console her being the words spoken out during  the interaction hurt her ‘Heart’ the worst; even though it was a query in nature and was caused purely out of a misunderstanding being raised due to confusion in the mind of my Grand Father. Accordingly our Father & I took a decision to move to the Town, {ignoring the offering of a Land to our Father at Gurisagar behind the Sivsagar College} to live there under a very ordinary shade which even the heavy of the heaviest Strom unable to topple even though standing in Air only for enough of time. It was standing under such a condition that as we prepared to construct the New Structure, it required only a little of pressure from my one hand to collapse the entire house in the Ground which was well arranged by its own to do damage to nothing as if we are folding it through our combined hands. Therefore the House too was that faithful to us; even though it was a static Object. Again when we constructed our current House from Funds received from nowhere through me, our Father never desired to construct the same at Saloguri even through both our Grand Father & Uncle were under much ailment notwithstanding the fact that I looked after them all throughout the period. That was the amount of LOVE our Father was bearing towards our Mother. This is how we expand ourselves even though we are all alone individually to claim a place following leaving one’s body and to walk into the future. None can help any to choose one’s path and destiny.  

With limited Fund available, we constructed the House as it is standing now with no additional Labor hired except the members of the House. The Head Mistry who came from afar charged nothing for constructing the House on condition that we must not ask his name and the place of Residence and I must share the Food from with him. His whereabouts was not known following completion of House after completing the construction in just three months time. This is the History of the current Structure.

However, since it is worn out over time, a New Structure is welcome but for doing some shall require huge Fund which I believe is beyond our capacity to shoulder, unless we obtain or seek help from Builders. Since running me for obtaining Material Objects in any form & manner is not in-built in my Character and that I am  just a Tool in the Hands of the Both Aspects of the Lord from birth without a self identity, I am always govern by His desire only and hence my living & dying is purely on His Hand. Therefore, I have or had two Mothers. While with one I was physically present, the other visited me always in mid day for about half an hour with Crown in Head till I attained the age of twelve (12) to ensure that I am well & fine. Her physic or figure is still vivid in my mind. Both Mothers are or were very close to one aspect of the LORD individually but joined in me to complete both aspects to remain together playfully, the reason of which is beyond my understanding & knowledge to explain anything further on the matter. Hence, I kept hearing all Prayers sang anywhere in any language within the Globe to glorify ONE GOD. With our deterioration in maintaining our values intact amasses everywhere all over the Globe, I am deprived from absorbing the said pleasure. My knowledge on variety of Subjects is the result of combination of both aspects mentally as well as physically. Now that, my Job is over, I am most eagerly awaiting for my release.     

 ‘Mintee’ is of course different & free to take her own step forward and hence she might be interested in retaining a Flat in her name in case she able to arrange the Fund required for the purpose from whatsoever Source. In case I get any funds that were duly earned by me that are hold up the concerned Authorities reasonless, everything shall go our children for their intense sacrifices, offered to us till date to enable us to remain alive and allowed the ‘Globe’ to know the TRUTH of our existences.  

As far as one’s daughter(s) is/are concerned; the Law is now revised to allow her or them to continue to remain as member of the Family even after marriage; unless she/they desires otherwise; leave apart sharing the Property, one owns through whatever means in his or her life time prior one’s demise; taking into consideration the ever expanding GAP we are developing between the two Genders. It is the recent most important & remarkable Verdict of HC of Mumbai.    

LOVE is GOD. Since LOVE is in-built in our Hearts, {but often surrounded by hard of the hardest WALL of ignorance} we all are part of Him. The moment we are successful in activating it through opening one’s Heart to the entire us including that of oneself; without drawing a differentiation between each other that are embraced by the Mother Nature irrespective of whether or not an object is living; our beloved one become automatically alive within us. Therefore, a Statue of one serves no purpose other than to remain standing in a particular position to beautify an Area.  

Late Jaganath Boruah, LLMB contributed a lot to the Society. He treated me free when I was suffering from Jaundice while I was in College to the extent of providing free Medicines to me too. Accordingly I promptly recovered from the ailment. The reverse is happening to me now. Since I have not paid a single visit to any Hospital partly due to the bar imposed upon me by the Company when I was on Service and party due to paucity of Fund; I don’t exactly know from how many ailments I am suffering from even though I contributed immensely to the Company. JUST see the contrast of two views taken by 2 important personalities; both of whom are/were closer to us and know/knew me well.         




Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Recent Judgement of non-declaring of wealth

It is a fact that offering of Just Justice to the aggrieved ones always determines the Fate of a nation in a smaller Scale and of the entire Planet in a little wider term to force it to behave iritic as well as to determine the very existence of the entire Humanity as a whole in a wider Scale. Since all actions of us never go in vain without producing an exact and opposite reaction, none can ever escape from its result of one’s action of either good or bad in nature, irrespective of whether or not it is big assault by one on the innocent others or against us unless the action so executed by one is neutralized through alternative means. This means that since the word ‘I’ govern the body of one where trillions of living cells, having carrying individual identity by each one of them by virtue of the Position earned by each one of them to carry out their different duties and functions within the body to remain as one; the personality represented by the word ‘I’ is always a Judge to oneself. Therefore, each one us is either a King or a Queen to govern the body, to give a direction to whatever way one desires to cover his or her life. Hence ‘Judgment’ is one of the most important factors within us either as an individual or a community or a State or a Nation or a Humanity us to lead our lives into enlightenment of whatsoever nature. However, ‘Time’ is the essence to determine the quantum of punishment we often pronounced while going through the process Court proceedings.  

There was once a time when the one who behold highest number of ‘Heads or skulls’ with oneself become a kind to set rule or Law for others; notwithstanding the fact that it was outright wrong to kill innocents but yet the Society then consider him or her the bravest of all to protect the entire others who were living together. Therefore, the Laws are there or put into place in a particular time must be interpreted in tune with the time; we are covering into the future so that it’s essence of having these Laws or keeping such Laws under force within an area is or are not lost.  

Till the other day, we believe that engaging in an act of Corruption is an earned right of all of us to claim a Position in the Society where we are living in. Now that, with the knowledge acquired by us that those who are doing so are no less ferocious than that of a man-eater by virtue of indirect consuming of ‘Blood & Sweat’ of the Poorer Section of us; who are directly responsible for generating wealth through putting hard of the Hardest Labour. Citing of Laws as set forth at a particular point of time to maintain Law and Order cannot go to that past to punish a Convict when we consider having such Laws at that time, more often than not irrelevant.

In order to elaborate the issue further, during my Marriage in the year 1977, as I had refused to accept anything from my Father-in-Law; other than that of my other half but later my Father-in-law gifted ‘Gift Cheque’ of Rs.10, 000.00 (Just Ten Thousand only) to my Father as collected during the time of Marriage of my wife to me being it were Gifts from well wishers. When my Father had given the same to me, I had utilized it to purchase a Plot of Land at Guwahati, Assam adding another Rs.5, 00,000.00(Five Thousand only) from self during very early 80’s in the name of my wife.

Again when I became successful in as many as @ 7 Computer Draws to own a 2 Bed Room DDA Flat at Dwaraka, Delhi at a cost of @ 5 Lakhs, we had obtained loan mortgaging the said Plot of Land {being the cost of the Plot escalated to @ 15/20 Lakhs} as the Company refused to grant me HBL even though both are Government Organizations to bar any misuse of Fund if sanctioned without Deed Title. When I availed the Loan from the Company with due permission from the CMD following taking over the Flat to return the Fund taken on Loan against the Plot, Company instituted an Inquiry against me for amassing wealth of @ 5 Lakhs in my entire Service Career (being attained the age of Early Retirement that time) and had forced us to sell-off the said Property with accrued interest together with the Plot of Land at half their prices. Both were the only Properties, we owned together. The present property was in-fact owned by our daughter but gifted to us for our staying. This is a wrongful application of Law against an innocent who has nothing in cash to challenge the ORDER so passed against me.

A Gift is a Gift, the value of which might differ from person to person depending upon what Position one is beholding within the Society. The DAWARI is a rampant phenomenon within the Country which is illegal so also other limitless illegal transactions that are taking place constantly within the Country in all its forms to stop the growth of the Country to a Standstill. Only to-day (2nd October), we have taken a pledge on the initiative of our Most Honourable PM of INDIA to clean ourselves from all nature of dirt (both from inside as well as outside); following knowing ourselves well about what govern us.

Not long ago erstwhile CM of UP accepted a garland of Rs.1000.00 Notes as a Gift in a Public Function which might be of double the amount of what Ms. AIADMK Chief J. Jayalalithaa had kept undeclared to Income Tax Authorities for not paying Gift Tax. She is certainly guilty of non-declaring the same to the appropriate Authorities; for which we might impose a hefty Fine being 1st Case of default or doing of such nature of Crime.

Again we too are equally guilty to the Crime as we took as much as 18 years time to come into conclusion about the Case; ignoring the Pain and agony of the Convict that took best part of her life to live with it. As and when we pass harass punishment against any; we might possibly ignore to give a deep thought about the matter to know of; how much pain, the convict has already suffered while covering her 18 years of her life Span. It too is a fact that no matter how much effort, we put-in to remove Corruption from within us; we must change our character first to keep ourselves away from such evils hunting us everywhere.

Accordingly, we pray the Most Respectful HC of KARNATAKA to relook into the matter, so that the Convict is not put to, much of inconvenience while facing the Public whom she was representing till the other Day. By saying so, we are not encouraging Corruptions go unchallenged within us but we are making a humble attempt to prevent it from happening further within us through infusing of knowledge to the entire us. As far as I am concern my seeing of Rupees 500 Notes was rare till 2004 and saw Rupees 1000 Notes on selling our Property only. Even though I had suffered from 2 consecutive Peptic Ulcers within a gap of 2 years recently, I could not afford to pay any visit to Hospital since the year 2004.This is the value of wellness of me financially but yet kept on suffering for no fault of me but for extending help to the entire us without drawing a differentiation between any for whatever reason. My only aim is to see the Country Prosper with ideals of limitless well placed in my pure Heart & mind.  


1.None of us is perfect to claim oneself as ‘total’ in totality or completely clean of any wrong doing; unless one is sitting fully idle doing nothing for none including to self. Accordingly, litigation is a subject or an issue all prefer to avoid in order to counter inconvenience taking over oneself irrespective whether or not one is engage in a Crime which might force the charged person to behave iritic. Hence any addition to the Main Charges which is already framed is possibly unjust as well as unfair to uphold the fact that Law is supreme; even though appropriate permission is obtained. Therefore unless one is a harden Criminal or known repeated offender; we must avoid resorting to such steps of us. The more are the Laws enforced within a Country, the more disorderly we are. The weakness of a Democratic set-up is the requirement of large amount of Fund to run a Party to infuse a different ‘ideal’ of one to take the Country further into the future with Pride & Dignity intact. Such Funds are often kept hidden from the eye of the Public not to attract a challenge from opposition. In the Fund so collected is channelized through Bank, there is little chance of misusing it through various means, even though collection of such Fund is somewhat questionable. In a nutshell a Judge is expected to apply his own discretion so that at no point of time the Main Complain or charge is altered in any form and manner to put a convict into a tight corner leaving no Door to escape.

2. The way a State Secret can be sold to or shared with none by any including that of with one’s wife unless it is considered harmful to the entire us by virtue of one’s association with it through whatever means, a Politician has many Secrets, some of which cannot be told to others that might include self sacrifice or making added arrangement to keep one’s Party flying in one’s heart or to attract the sentiments of the Common General Public using means which are not always permitted under the provision of Law but are carried out for the overall good for the Country where one is living in.

3. While arriving at a logical Conclusion in pronouncing a Verdict, a Judge is free enough to include such elements in his or her ruling applying a deep thought on the matter unless acts were or are done or performed purely for self gain or for engaging in Genocide.  

4. A Judge is always known by how many Convicts are freed by him or her against various Charges framed against any rather than passing a harass Judgement, unless the convict is a threat to the Society as a whole.

5. This is purely an observation only and written not to influence any through any means, since we are in the midst of nothing but expect to retreat for better soon without crossing the line and hence may be treated as such.                                       


{NOTE: We believe that the current eruption of Volcano in JAPAN is a release of surface pressure which is responsible for attracting and igniting the violent Earthquakes all over Japan}                  






Sunday, September 14, 2014

Oscar Pistorius Murder Trial-I

I was born a Judge to resolve limitless complex issues between two rival Groups or Individuals which were lying unresolved for decades since when I was a small boy until I had completed my Higher Secondary Education; against stiff resistances from the Principal of the School who always offer me a discourse to avoid doing so at-least for half an hour; following our Prayer meetings in the Morning prior to the beginning of our Classes. Even though he never scolded me through any means but yet warned me about the consequence of doing so; if anything go wrong during the process. My Parents too behaved me likewise but yet often skip their regular meals to punish themselves for my doing so regularly; without changing their views towards me as most beloved one of them, whenever any ‘Big Crowd’ gather either in front of our Residence or in front our School to raise objections on my ruling on a particular matter or issue but they always invariably dispersed into their respective homes upon explaining of the reasons of my doing so. Therefore, anyone who can foresee happening of an event or consequence of doing of a particular action is called a ‘Judge’ irrespective of the debate, two sides often put forward to prove one’s Case of dispute with the other.       

Accordingly, we heard the ‘Verdict’ of the Most Noble Judge on the matter with utmost interest as well as with much of curiosity. It kept reverberating in our minds as if we are hearing it over and over again. It is really marvellous Verdict in the sense that she took the pain of infiltrating the mind of the Convict through her sheer application of ‘Thought’ to do a self analysis of the situation to know of what had prompted the Convict to do so against his self will & desire. Therefore, when she was reading the Verdict; it sounded nothing less than explaining the ‘Bible’ or ‘Srimad Bhagavad-Gita’ in the Court Room against the atmosphere of aggressive Prosecution Counsel as well as mild, tender and gentle Defence Counsel. That much was the value & weight, it was carrying; notwithstanding the fact of happening of an exactly similar incident under exactly similar circumstances, just on the other day at USA when a Grand Mother shot his Grand Son mistaking him as an Intruder to her house. Just see and imagine how much we are connected with each other. If any odd is happening within the Globe; it shall affect the entire us without an exception. The entire humanity as well as Animal Kingdom is a victim of it in one way or the other for mass misinterpretation of our various important Books which instead of taking us forward together; pushing us to the point of extinction.      

The offering of Just Justice always to each and every always determine the destiny of each and every Object available within us that constitute the Planet Earth as well as other Objects as available within the Universe. Therefore, the mare citing of the Laws that is prevailing within an area never constitute delivery of Justice to a Convict; unless and until we fully analyse why and for what purpose, the said Law got a place in the Book. Simply meeting a situation cannot constitute breaking of any Law unless the mind & aim of the Victim is polluted enough through whatever reason including that of wrongful feed from outside by doing of a misinterpretation of words wrote by a Noble One for the GOOD of the entire us.  

As far as Oscar Pistorious is concern, he bears two extreme personalities. The 1st personality arose out his disability and the other by achieving of a Celebratory Status by him; through beating the first with the sheer application of his ‘Will Power’ as well as by putting of ‘Hard Labour’. Although both situations live with him side by side, he often requires fighting between each other to remain calm, balance and cool. That was the situation he had to live with when he is alone even though he is extra ordinary example to many of us to overcome such a situation of one’s disability. Therefore, he is an asset to the entire humanity as far as his Qualification is concern.

While facing an altogether different situation of living with his Girl Friend in a private area or zone; it is natural that all such human beings, having disable in form or the other shall feel unsafe for not able to reciprocate the LOVE, one is exchanging with the other being ladies by nature like to taste the beauty of bearing ‘of ‘New one’ within one’s ‘most delicate womb’ to better express the dedication of her towards carrying forward a tie that might occur between such a Couple; without knowing that the other half of one has the capacity to ‘well complete’ the said disability through offering of an intense support through whatever means; instead of raising of doubt of losing him or her. However, as we have shaded our gifted values amasses everywhere to such an extent due to our engaging in actions that are unwelcome to remain together as one but for breaking us apart which also inflicted Oscar Pistorious while bearing his ‘well grown’ personality;  ignoring the fact that the entire humanity is pursuing his example to beat such odds on our behalf exactly alike Great Mr. Stephen Hawking who is still contributing to the humanity even though fully disabled to grow ourselves through extending of help to expand our limited knowledge on the Subject of Science.

We understand the pain and agony of the Parents of the Girl Friend of Mr. Oscar Pistorious but forgiving bears a far better value or Qualification of one than seeing the killer of their most beloved daughter in Jail for an action which Oscar Pistorious never did intentionally but it happened due to many factors creeping into his mind out of nowhere to confuse him to act so nonetheless done to make this world much more beautiful than ever before. We are facing this issue everywhere within the Globe now that might come down from next year depending upon how we behave ourselves during this critical period of time.

A correlation of the issue

With spreading of this ‘evil ideology’ with ever increasing Speed unopposed within us; even when the Nature is compromising with the Environment to settle down on behalf of us; any break-up of a Country or a Nation of whatsoever nature like opting of separation by Scotland from UK might harm our cause the most to subdue or to stop such expanding  and from taking a permanent place within as well as outside of us to bring imbalance everywhere, when we shall start killing each other reasonless to destroy ourselves altogether. The mass killing of innocent Public everywhere within the Globe in the name of Religion is an outcome of it. Let us retrieve the Holy KORAN which is buried under a sea of human blood of innocent Public who behold nothing to protect them from such never ending assaults on the said Holy Book.    




Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A Few Complex Definitions

Democracy is a status or a situation within us wherein the System so created is formed by the Public, elected by the Public and for the overall good of the Public with a term limit set; for governing us as an Institution of highest ORDER either as an Individual or the Community or the State or a Country who chooses it to run its various functions to remain intact as a separate entity within many that are existing within the Globe. Depending upon doing of a delivery to the Public for its overall good of us within the specific period of time as stated, a Political Party might continue to hold Office of the Government for an undetermined period of time or dethroned if the expectations of the Public is not met with for whatever reason during the term granted by the Public. In order to meet the objective of the Government; a Constitution is put into place; so that none ever attempt to overstep the Power granted to a particular Political Party through the said Constitution; even through as and when one’s ‘Heat & Soul’ is placed in the hands of the Public, no stricture of whatsoever nature is required while executing the Power so granted to the Political Party, by the Public at large.

By definition, the single largest Party in opposition should get the Post of LOP in the Parliament but Constitution has put a bar on it that unless a particular Political Party doesn’t have at-least 10% of the seat in LS, the claim of the same is ‘null & void’. Accordingly if the Most Honourable Speaker of LS ruled in favour of the Opposition having the largest number of members in the Parliament, it would have been; not only showing of disrespect towards the Constitution but also showing of neglect to the ‘Trust & Desire’ of the Public who are intending to run the Government much differently to produce a better result on behalf of us. This is a temporary arrangement for a particular period of time and hence the position of Leader of Opposition shall never go vanished in-between during the interim period of holding of Power by a particular Political Party; notwithstanding the fact that representing the LOP in cases of selection of Candidates for important Positions might cause a set-back as far as aim & objective of selection is concerned.   

Furthermore, being unhappy with the present functioning of various Governments; more often than we get a divided House out of the outcome of our Smart Election Process, {done as a routine in a Democratic set-up}; not because the Public is divided but because the System is failing to produce a positive result even though it is best out of the entire such Systems. We are possibly giving more value in showing-off than executing noble Agenda that can benefit the masses.    

Therefore, we might look for effecting of few amendments in the Constitution that can address these issues, until we become aware of our ‘aim & Objective’ in choosing a Political Career or our respective responsibilities while holding such a position towards the ‘wellbeing’ of the Common General Public as long as a term lasts for the wining Party. As and when, there arise any circumstances of having no Party getting a majority which was in-fact an order of the day until recently; the like minded Political Parties forming the Government must not be allowed to leave the formation; so formed to run the Government; unless the Government falls for whatever reason. In case a Party or Parties leave the others, such Party or Parties must surrender their identities as a functional Political Party or Parties or entities and must ceased to be members of Parliament forthwith.

Since offering of Just Justice to Common General Public always determine the destiny of a Nation or a Country as a whole; our remaining standstill more or less in the same position; Judiciary is also equally responsible in showing of leniency in disposing-off millions of Cases pending on various Courts all across the Country. This has resulted in loss of limitless man-hours of ours for not properly engaging their expertise or due abilities of such personalities; gained during covering their respective lives up-to that particular point of time. This is a direct loss to the Country being their movements are kept at halt through; forcing them to run from Post to Pillar to get Justice as well as minds pre-occupied round the clock in knowing about their involvement in any matter of dispute either directly or indirectly . The ones who approach the Court are often literate enough to challenge a wrong order issued on him or her but often hard pressed for sufficient Fund to fight it. However, it is luxury for affluent to harass the innocents. This too must be overcome at the earliest possible.

In my Case when I was posted at Jodhpur (2003/04-Following my transfer from GVP), my Telephone connection was used to remain dead most of time being connected in parallel to another location for wrongful use, but continued to bear a monthly bill of @ Rs.5000.00 PM that was paid by the Company. On brining-in the matter into the notice of Management; the Company kept mum on the matter but it kept on bearing the extra cost of my invalid Telephone indefinitely. If IB can arranged it that way to trap someone using one’s Telephone through recording the conversation of others, we are sorry to say that former Judge of SC is short of knowledge to lead this elite Institution, we called it as ‘Most Honourable SC’ to guide us into the future. Again, how and why the retired SC Judges are getting plump Posts post retirement even though are no different than ordinary us but often know to apply their minds? Therefore, we require a simple but honest personality to Head the SC.            

We all are born equal with limitless Qualifications distributed among us. The ones who are fit the environment at a particular point of time to force a push, we called them educated. All great Scientists who took our lives up-to this point of time to live ourselves under an environment of freeness; were either mediocre or considered dull being the entity is constantly interacting with him or herself to know of; how to overcome a particular problem that is or was confronting us head-on or causing a halt towards our progress into the future. One’s having high memory to remember a thing is just one of the limitless Qualifications of us only and hence it can never be a determining factor of the utility of such a personality within the Society. Therefore, the ones we are able to pick the exact value that is unwritten between the lines in the School Book or in others for the overall good of the entire us is called a ‘Brilliant Brain’. The ones who teach to the student the aforesaid ‘aim & objective’ of us, it is called imparting of knowledge under a learning environment. The reproducing the text of a particular Book as it is, in an Examination Hall by memorizing it, is not Education but it is a harmful cause to harm us the worst, if we attempt to follow it that strictly without applying our minds to see the side effects . It shall take us to nowhere unless it is fully refined to absorb the surrounding too, to benefit us as a Society. 

AP was bifurcated not because both parts are following different life Styles for living one’s life but to neutralise the effect of Naxal in the best possible manner through doing of rightful interaction with the Centre and by taking a Leadership Position on the matter being it is the weakest point of propagation of ideology of ‘Maoists’ to infiltrate within us. These young Public or generation of us who are embracing an ideology which is pervert in nature; must be won over at any cost through doing of reciprocation of LOVE between both of us and not by raising of a war against them which can never kill the cause but it shall only aflame it to spread the cause still further within us.

Being not known to self who is called Human Spice as living under harass of the harshest condition all throughout my life, I hope, I am hurting none through this write-up.   






Monday, August 25, 2014


Well, it is a fact that we started seeing the inner value of labour to earn one’s identity for the overall good of the others to start with any Programme of much appeal & Beauty as well as happening of various events which we had preferred to ignore or overlooked or kept unnoticed either willingly or unwillingly possibly for one’s self gain of whatsoever nature, since our Independence. As and when one’s aim is firm and objective fully clear, there is nothing which we cannot achieve; so long our ‘Aim & Objective’ is directed towards the ‘wellbeing’ of the others who are deprived of everything to claim his or her position within the Society where we are living-in. Yes, we are at war against poverty which should not have remained (as it is) within us so long; without addressing it rightfully; avoiding the middlemen to hijack the Agenda often set by us to achieve it from time to time, half heartedly. With the cause of the ailment known; we should able to fix it much at ease now. Therefore, the announcement of the Government to elevate poverty in steps from the entire Country is a very much welcomed idea to the entire Common General Public to hope for a better tomorrow.

In order to transform the idea into reality, the silent feature of the same was published by self in ‘Knol’ page of Google long ago but was ignored by all for the reason best known to the concerned Authorities. A few of the points of it as described or elaborated or pointed-out or discussed there-in; is reproduced hereunder to see if these suggestions  can be implemented with some variation{either addition or deletion of ideas so suggested}.

However, it is highly desirable that the entire process from beginning to the end is handled at a single point by the Centre to ensure that no Fund is siphoned-off in-between by any Agency or by vested interests; citing various noble causes of offering of help to us in any form and manner. Now that, Google has transferred the Site to ‘Word-press’; the content of which is not available for view of the Public due to application of charges of $3.00 PM for hoisting the same. The Link for the same is available in the following Page of mine.

1.      Select around 500 to 1000 Nos. of poor of the poorest villages from all across the Country irrespective of Political Affiliation, the villagers are having towards a particular Political Party through a Computer Draw; in presence of High Dignitaries, so that none can able to raise a finger towards any for showing of favour to any or to avoid controversies of any nature.

2.      Make a tie-up with any well-known or renowned Business Entity either Public or Private for the sole purpose of building the Nation.

3.      Recruit 10% of skill manpower from outside and rest 90% from the same locality so that the concerned village instantly become self reliant to run the set-ups build for the purpose of by them for helping them grow together.

4.      Evaluate all options of earning revenue {like fisheries, poultry firms, plantation of value etc.} from the area putting a collective effort by the entire villagers.

5.      Make all Roads either kacha or motorable via any means for the free movement of the Public at large.

6.      Connect the village for supply of Electricity if possible or make self generation of the same through establishment of Gobar Gas Plant. 

7.      The Establishment of the following are much desirable.   

A)    Arrangement of a Tractor

B)     A Community Centre

C)     A Post Office

D)    A School

E)     Common Toilets at various points

F)      Telephone or Mobile Connection

G)    A Computer together with a Television Set in the Community Centre.

Select a Leader from within the Community to run the various facilities provided using earnings done by them from outside help from us. A ‘Helipad’ too is a requirement for visiting such establishments by experts at short notice for periodic supervision by the concerned Authorities. The list is limitless but we must infuse a sense of belongingness to the entire ones to the Country; as we grow-up in steps even living under such an Environment within us.




Tuesday, August 19, 2014


We understand that, there is an agreed effort on the part of us through translating the desires of the Noble ones in order to make an attempt to tie the uneven or distorted Gravity prevailing over the entire Asian continent with Japan as its epicentre that has caused for a wrongful act of us; which we did with and without knowledge. Since this ordinary is still undertaking the pain of those who absorbed the aforesaid pain; we might possibly think of offering the rest of all such women victims who are still remaining alive within us, our utmost respect to them by fulfilling their various desires through whatever means that is considered most appropriate to befit the occasion; on behalf of the entire who suffered the assaults, so inflicted upon them, so that we might get some relief from the burden of carrying such a huge mountain of Injustice in our Shoulders individually to loss mind & heart while walking into the future. Even though it is difficult to understand how a small act of us against the Nature can destroy the entire, it is a fact of Creation. We cannot inflict wound to our Mothers all the time reasonless but just for the sack of enjoying ourselves. This is outright wrong.    

We have witnessed with utmost satisfaction the organization of the event where our Most Respectful as well as Most Noble ‘Pope’ offered consolation, solace, blessing & LOVE to the victims who worked as Sex Slaves for the Japanese Army in front of the Seoul’s Main Cathedral on 18th July,2014 in South Korea which was aired by BBC {Global News} but yet it is a neighbouring Country of Japan;  notwithstanding the fact that both Countries are carrying a similar aim & Objective in their respective minds as an entity to walk forward, taking the Common General Public together. Such an excellent, most welcomed & genuine gesture offered to them can never make us poorer any way; instead it shall produce a reverse effect on the entire us giving ourselves a manifold and handsome return. If the connected or concerned Government believes otherwise that these most beautiful Ladies amongst us are not suffering from any injustice for so long, we most humbly appeal to such Counties to allow International Agencies to extend help to them; so that all can claim their respective place and Position as earned by each of them individually within us to live rest of their lives with dignity retained or obtained or restored through showering of respect upon them by us collectively; so that they forget what had happened to them once.           

Such is the existence of connection or relationship between each other of us. We must understand, that there exits nothing without an opposite available to keep each and every object that are existing within the Universe to remain intact or to retain one’s place and position as a particular entity within the Universe as well as to draw an Equilibrium to oneself while remaining alive in the Space for purpose of working together as a single entity, we called as our UNIVERSE out of LOVE; without doing of any differentiation between each other to hate one by the other for whatever reason; to keep it functional and alive for an infinite period of time. The same is the situation for this Universe too; we are living-in with many more similar available outside. It is therefore an endless process. With the Globe Struggling to recover from limitless ailments we are suffering from; we hope this simple action of us with our hearts full of LOVE to the entire who suffered in our cruel hands due to our ignorance about what is governing us, should get calm down the situation to a large extent if not all together at-once to give us an another lease of life. This shall further prove oneness of entire us together and not allow ourselves to fall prey to ORDERS originated from distorted minds to push the entire humanity towards extinction.

GOD is energy. There are infinite ways to reach Him. Form my experience; the medium of LOVE is the most perfect and most simple to reach Him. All GODS whom we are praying at present with much of affection & LOVE shall too die; the moment Universe gets collapsed for whatever reason. But LOVE is an ocean of nectar which shall remain immortal forever and shall keep growing within one; as and when the entity shall able to embrace all Objects seen or unseen, living or alive, big or small with an equal eye and not consider these Objects outside the part of oneself that shall remain attached with the Soul one beholds with him or her. Possibly this was reason why I was born enlighten which I disclosed to none until the year 2004. {Notwithstanding the fact that I had a 2nd Enlightment at the age 40, remaining myself outside the Universe with the help extended by the Unseen ONE} My offering of Prayer never lasted more than a minute until I got married and yet my association with Him never broke being ever hurt none but continue to work for upliftment of all by absorbing the Joy & pain of the others which in-fact was/is my Prayer. Therefore, so long one is GOOD to oneself harming none during the process including the Nation or the Country where one is living-in; the entity is engaging in an intense Prayer to the GOD.

When I visited USA {Maryland} during the year 2007{Early March} for a very short period of time of about a week; the entire USA was reeling under intense cold with much of the activities of the Country halted, my simple as well as very short Prayer twice a day, not only saw showing of flower from open sky which painfully none could able to see, detect or observed apart from forcing the weather to act reverse as a result of reciprocation of LOVE between two most simple entities and bought ‘Spring’ into the Country in advance but yet LORD desired that I leave the Country at-once for reason best known to Him which I followed most dedicatedly, leaving our daughter alone and lonely, in-spite of her heavy resistances.

More or less, the similar was the Case when I had visited UK during the year 1989 to attend a Course on ‘Advance Drilling Technology’ for about 3 month’s time as far as happening of a Miracle to me is concerned. Since my association with our 2 daughters and with that of our only Son is or was of very intense in nature; there arose a desire on me to bring them to UK to join me; ignoring the cost involved which was much beyond my limitation or reach to bear but soon dropped the ‘idea or desire’ when my Mother contacted me over Phone from our Residential Quarter at Duliajan explaining me about their ‘well being’. No sooner, I received the massage; I started seeing all of them in front of me as if we are all together without getting the grace of imposing any will of mine upon them. That was the 1st and last Miracle I had experienced in my life time directed purely towards me. I was therefore in 2 places exactly at the same time even though one was far away from the other. This is what a TRUE LOVE can produce or do, without one asking for it. {It might be also to remind me about the mystery of the origin of my birth or about my 1st Mother from whom I leaned Politics unlike all members of the Family where I had grown up but yet I am much afar from it to own a different identity. This has come into my mind while writing this Blog} 

The day we returned home from abroad, I saw our children leaving Duliajan for their Grand Father’s home at Sivsagar. When I disclosed it to my wife who joined me at UK just prior our finishing of the Course, I hired a Taxi to go to Sivsagar instead of Duliajan, Assam. She considering it as absurd, forced me to go to Duliajan instead but when we reached Duliajan, I remained seated within the Taxi while she inspected the Co’s Residential Quarter and found that our Quarter was locked from outside. On getting satisfied on what I had said to her, she instantly agreed to go to Sivsagar in the same Taxi without searching for them anywhere within the Campus and met them just before they were on way to another faraway place in our Fiat Car. Soon thereafter we returned to our Residential Quarter in our Car as a single Family.                                                             

With our considering Injustice as Justice & Justice as Injustice everywhere through offering or drawing of opposite meaning to each and every saying of knowledgeable to the ignorant us; LORD preferred to develop a distance between the Humanity and Him since the year 2004; even through some odd occurrences like happening of 9/11 event often flushed through my mind in view of hatred infused by us onto us for creating huge disturbances in the working of Nature everywhere within Globe. However, our 2 daughters and the son absorbed the entire injuries inflicted upon me since the year 2004 most silently. As there is a sea change in seeing various flowing of events within us then & now; we believe that ‘TRUTH’ shall be restored soon.  

While LORD Christ was crucified; it were the  Angels (Female) who had undertaken the pain of the LORD during the time of His Crucifixion without raising a question as to why the LORD was submitting to the desire of the evils, we cannot afford to neglect them. Similarly, submitting one to remain as Sex Slave in the hands of Army is or was a telltale sign of display of supreme sacrificing of oneself for the GOOD of the others; taking the entire pain of us onto them by living under a cruel of cruellest Environment to cover their lives (young age). They are too Mothers of us being worked on behalf of the Nature. Let us not neglect them through inflicting more injuries; adopting various unproductive means. With Gravity uneven, our minds can never live in peace too but be hunted by wild thoughts to kill each other which is already surfacing everywhere within the Globe in General and in Asian Continent in particular. I still live or dwell in heart of my Mother who is closest to me. It is just a presumption only that taking of such a step by all of us shall calm down all the disturbances within as well as outside of us.    


{NOTE: The current High Seismic Activity of intense nature (RED: 5/5) which is accompanied by thousands of Earthquakes; may not be an indication of any imminent Major Catastrophe at Iceland (Vatnajokull Glacier) through happening or occurrence of a serious eruption of the said Semi alive Volcano being it  became suddenly over active due to our touching an intense cause of much concern of us in South Korea, just on the other day by our Most Respectful & beloved Pope Francis; while exchanging of intense LOVE between the Privileged and the deprived ones of their everything. Accordingly, we believe that even if happen so there or elsewhere within the Globe; it might be a mare realignment of various inner forces that govern the functioning of the Earth’s inner Core. Therefore such unpleasant events might be for overall GOOD for us; provided we are successful in conveying of our inner desire to the Unseen or to the Mother Nature. While making the haphazard flow of Global Air Current somewhat normal both USA & Europe took enough of pain by withstanding its initial repulse which is very much under way to recover now to more or less normal; purely depending upon whether or not we are able to control men made artificial activities which is good for nothing to ensure our survival. Let us stop touching or breaking the endurance limit of women all over the Globe for their contributions in allowing the men to keep intact in their respective positions.}