Sunday, December 15, 2013

Our opting for an alternative!

POWER corrupts all at-least in Kali Yoga when all hidden ORDERS {12 in Numbers} as well as all Gravitational Constants {11 in Numbers) slowly become detached from each and every object either seen or unseen as available within the Universe due to attaining of age. The one who tested it once, the test or desire or lust so build in one, following holding of Power often gets expanded manifold to force him or her to go to any extent to secure it again if lost by any chance for whatever reason. Some wait for better opportunities to capture a small trend in a much bigger or wider way or scale through Public support to enable one to issue command to the others{Common Public} with much more higher  Authority , through taking advantage of various weaknesses of us which is always available within a System under which we all are living together. Since doing of mass corruption by us is an automatic result of the environment under which we are living-in; it is next to impossible Task to get rid of the same; no matter what promises we make to the Public nonetheless it is certainly possible to reduce the same to a degree which can never be seen by others.

The State of Assam saw the youngest Chief Minister taking over the charge of the State after undergoing through the process of uprising of the Public against the ailments it was facing or suffering from our misrule or for engaging in mass corruption everywhere but it produced a reverse effect or result of seeing the worst happening to us. Again, take the example of a married couple both of whose life are dedicated for the good of each other to cover one’s life joyfully but often run into conflict when anyone of the two or both resort to retain relationship outside the relationship without the knowledge of one’s partner to derive a better pleasure to oneself notwithstanding the fact that it is a trend now. Let us go a step further, even though Lord Christ’s foremost disciple maintained a most cordial relationship with the Lord from outside; he became the Agent or cause to kill the Lord through creating of a most unjust atmosphere which turned into Crucifixion of his Master, done either directly or indirectly in order to fulfil a particular unjust desire of the disciple. The examples are limitless as each of us is different from the other in more ways than not; to do a trick by one on the other.

Therefore, even if we put dozens of security{anti-corruption} personnel against a single Powerful personality or put one security person against each one of us, it shall allow the corruption to expand limitlessly within us than preventing it from happening so; unless and until we all are aware of the danger of resorting to such acts of us or we put a foolproof Instrument in place through which none can able to walk through it freely{without being caught} with a Gun in hand to kill the entire others who are in-fact responsible for giving a position to a Powerful one. The taste of corruption is that dangerous to destroy the entire of us in no time.  

The recent Election at Delhi saw a hung Assembly in view of ingress of another factor of offering the best to the Public but yet even after making the Road free of all obstructions by the opposition Parties; we saw hesitations surfacing within us to make any attempt of eradicating of corruption within us which is a next to impossible task to complete but yet it can still offer Justice to innocents who are under arrests now due to circumstances we duly arranged around them to restrict our movements to the minimum; to the extent of even not  knowing of what exactly constituting the ‘Object’ we called as ‘Human being’.

These attempts are not solutions at all but our adopting of wrongful approaches or means to create more confusion within us to make the matter worst. We expect that Mr. Rahul Gandhi shall rise to the occasion to withstand the turbulence while undergoing the change. We too further expect the strength to fight this great cause of the Country with an appropriate associate shall turn into reality soon.          

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