Sunday, December 22, 2013

The re-referring the matter to SC regarding Section 377!

Everything changes with time either on behalf of us for the overall good of the entire or against us to force us to fight for our survival which might imposed upon us either rapidly or in slower in fashion not to allow one to keep notice of change in situation of the environment we are living-in; depending upon our behaviour towards Nature and hence it is mandatory on the part of us to embrace the changes so taken place within us for whatever reason; either not to allow our minds  go into sleep or keep ourselves  pondering over the situation, keeping all conflicts alive within us as imposed upon us by the fast moving time.

While some changes of it directly affect us through automatic absorption of such changes by the body, one beholds without the knowledge of us; the others may not immediately meet our expectation to make a compromise while adopting of a much different culture than what we were following prior to happening so and hence such changes often face with resistances from a section of us who are unable either to understand or to accept the change; {even though they are the most responsible for allowing the Nature to act so, for our not seeing reason to act ourselves through inflicting of injuries to the innocents others; ignoring the Love being born by such hearts while opting to live together as one of us within the Society}.Like various seasons adopt changes during the course of covering of a year’s time with variation accompanied from season to season as well as within the same season. This is an imposition of result upon us by the wheel of the time as an outcome of our mass actions which is constantly changing each moment; while we are covering our precious lives into the future. No legislations, therefore, can ever stop this trend; no matter how strict one is in stopping in seeing the matter.      

Once an ORDER is set into motion, it don’t generally get dislodged or disarranged or opt for disobey the ORDER by itself { the inner ORDER flowing side by side, however, which is much more finer as well as delicate in nature than the one seen from outside which may revolt at any time if we engage in mass misdeeds},but keeps on flowing or running as it is for an indefinite period of time; even though the inhabitants as embraced by the ORDER keep changing as and when our actions amasses repeatedly touch breakeven point of assaulting the innocent ones by the other Powerful ones. Such mass change of desires, if forcefully stopped from happening so within us; we shall have to face the worst which shall cover us in limitless other forms.

 Being it is subject of much debate to halt our mass desire of distancing oneself from the other due to development of disliking towards each other following engaging in wedlock; we consider both the verdict of HC as well as that of SC {towards deriving of a rightful meaning that can match well with the current situations} were correct being none can either set aside or agree with to keep as it is, the Section 377 of the Constitution and hence it  merely referred the matter to the appropriate Forum to decide the matter.

Therefore, the re-referring the matter to SC for looking afresh the issue taking into consideration the current  environment under which we all are living-in to cover our various lives by a Higher Bench by the Government is ‘just and fair’ to decide matter much at ease.

{NOTE: Upon understanding the issue or knowing the actual cause of recent ‘Diplomatic Row’ between India & USA; we regret our over-reaction on the matter or issue (being one is intending or attempting to kill two birds with one stone without the knowledge of others) and expect that our current relationship between the two Countries not see a dent of any nature but it shall go further deeper for the overall good of the Globe}      



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