Thursday, January 15, 2015


Even though I was born together with the LORD and preferred solitude over crowed places to keep myself interacting with Him round the Clock irrespective of whether awake or sleeping which is nothing but nectar; yet I maintained a Group to grow-up until I got married; following which my 2 daughters and my only son became my friend in view of their intense attachment towards me notwithstanding the fact that we all are walking into the future; using or undertaking different paths to reach the same objective. Even through LORD was so nearer to me yet He was infinitely away from me to know Him. If the aforesaid Statement is true; how people say that He or She is GOD. All such Statements are untrue & false but is or was pronounced to meet or acquire a self gain in some form; mostly unknown to others. Since the LORD desired that the fact is known to none about my nearness to Him; I never discussed the matter with any but preferred to handle all situations alone. I never read any Religious Books but yet like the ‘Srimad Bhagavad-Gita’ the most, to understand Him. The Book is something different. The more, one reads it with due devotion, the more meaning one gets out of the same saying. It is really endless in offering help to one to know Him. Therefore, no one can ever say that he or she has mastered it. I read the Book twice a day from my School days (Entire Chapters) until I became enlightened yet I know a little of it. Imagine the vastness of Book as far as its meaning is concerned!

The knowledge is mortal but we keep it alive within us; through preservation of it in one form or the other but TRUE LOVE behold by one towards the others; {without drawing a differentiation between any two}; is immortal and hence it keep on expanding within oneself, once unfolded through whatever (various) means or through simple Practice of considering all as none but One. The end Advice in ‘Srimad Bhagavad-Gita’ is reproduced hereunder which is very complex to understand; although looked simple to consider one’s own Religion as Supreme where as it is carrying a reverse meaning to know it as such by all.

   Chapter   XVIII-66

                                      Sarvadharma Parityajya

                                           Mamo ekam Saranam Vraja

                                     Aham tyan Sarvapapebhyo            

                                           Moksayisami ma sucah

{Meaning: O’ Arjun, what for you want to know me? There is no beginning, no middle and no end of me to know Me. All rules and regulations (All Dharma, one often adopts through following various Religions) to reach me are obsolete exercises by one or fruitless attempts of one to get me. You may please know that I (Soul) am just ONE. Therefore, all GODS are NONE but ME only. Treat Me as ONE through performing one’s assigned duty as perfectly as possible; hurting none in the process by imagining oneself as enlarged entity as possible through considering; playing of a bigger rule within it to behold entity intact in the empty Space. The moment one knows that, he or she shall undoubtedly attain liberation to become one with Me (LORD)}.

The Sun is just ONE. None can claim it as belonging to one. Yet it is feeding all without drawing of an exception as one better than the other for whatever reason. It is we who are doing it in order to secure a place, bypassing the others for a self gain without earning it after infusing a trick into the System but the truths are that the ‘Sun’ is ONE and that we are infusing a void into the System to attract a collapse of the entire System. Again, Sun has its self life to die in due course of it. If the Human being starts attacking all adopted by it; it too shall force it to die. This is what is happening now. However, the Fact is that one being unable to face one’s daily life Head-on; taking a short cut route to get rid of his or her life to embrace Hell instead of Heaven.     

As and when TRUTH is divulged; there bound to be oppositions to confuse us about a particular issue. Such oppositions cannot do or undo the flow of belief. But producing of anger for whatever reason done by whomsoever for whatever motive shall only halt the propagation of TRUTH and force us to produce a reverse effect to raise a conflict within ourselves.

The entire {living either living or non-living} within the Planet and as embraced by Mother Nature are within each of us only. Therefore, the more we attack others living outside; the more we are attacking none but ourselves only to become weaker and weaker each day through inducing foreign Objects into the Body from nowhere. This is our chain of living which none can avoid facing to take a short cut to reach the unreachable.

Therefore, we are interconnected with each other but yet each of us in this Creation is created out-of nowhere but from Himself only; any harm done to any for whatever reason is Hurting none but Him only notwithstanding the ‘FACT’ that nothing seen is TRUE but our imagination only, the way we believe correct a Dream witnessed within a Dream; even though all are untrue. The more we harm others in the name of upholding ‘TRUTH’ or by considering somebody is insulting ourselves; the more is the distance we are developing ourselves between ourselves and GOD to establish a Fact (Oneness of Him) which we are refusing to follow.

To breed anger from one’s reflection of so called anger which is, taken recourse to dilute a cause from arising as a full grown ailment of us might be a cause of our destruction; if we continue to behave ourselves this way, as we are doing now everywhere all over the Globe . Again, no thought or action of one ever goes vanish or goes waste without producing a result either for or against us depending upon the cause we choose to follow in undertake an action. Since the entire is none but GOD only; any harm to any innocent bound to create an imbalance within us to destruct the entire us in the midst of our Journey to Source of springing-up.