Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Religion is based upon faith; since we don't exactly know how Nature work within itself to bring-in an equilibrium within each and every object that is existed within the infinite Space either within the Universe or outside of it{ which looked as if all objects within it are remaining stationary as appearing  from outside but yet maintaining a constant movement within itself to remain alive joyfully, hurting none by any other; so available within it by virtue of holding a Powerful place or position or size but living together under complete harmony} and to follow it exactly with conflict entirely absent. Once we know any out of these limitless factors that govern the said ORDER; through our efforts and acquiring of knowledge, we must see the Religion {as adopted by one} that much differently through revision of various explanations as being offered to Common General Public to understand ourselves through our imparting of knowledge why and for what purpose we are living in the Planet Earth under the Loving care of Mother Nature through following a particular Religion by one. This is called Growth of our inner values to keep remaining alive within the Globe. The following of reverse in whatever form or manner like ‘jihad’ etc. is nothing but a call to us for our self destruction. The more we follow the nature through acquiring its knowledge is called as the rightful ‘Religion’.   

Now, we know that the entire humanity; living assorted within the Globe are just forming a single entity called ‘Human Spice’ and hence any attack on one by the other shall hurt the attacker only and not the victim. To criticize one by the other is a way of our lives to acquire knowledge as and when it is not attracting anger from the other believers being it shall otherwise instantly transform into a cause of our downfalls if we consider the act as an opposite action of one to hurt a particular community over a other being GOD is just ONE only.

Now let me disclose something which was told to none before. The Muslim Community whom they called ‘Allah’ is none but Lord Christ or Lord Siva only. Being LORD imparted knowledge to Prophet Mohammad from a distance being approached Him from behind nonetheless with a much higher LOVE than that of others; the deliberation that took place between the Two was absorbed by the environment to taste the nectar of the said Teachings, the most of sayings that took place between the Two were lost during the said process. Due to this reason KORAN is read reverse with most deliveries as available in the Holy Book as mostly containing hints.

When we say that Islam bans consuming of liquor which indirectly means that we must not allow anger to overtake us under any circumstances or engage in unethical means with Head lost which is sole cause of all destructions everywhere. We are also advocating or calling upon the entire Intellectuals of Muslim Community over and over again; living all across the Globe to rise to the occasion to send a strong message to all that this is not the way to protect Religion but it is surely and certainly a method to destruct it. No Religion ever encourages violence to uphold whatever cause as beholds by one. 

Accordingly, our citing of various critical phrases as available in Religious Scriptures to prove  ourselves as correct  in pursuing of  wrongful cause(s) ;  by picking the term  ‘Love’ into ‘hatred’ by one all to kill the innocent others is outright wrong. This is nothing but inflicting of intense pain to oneself only and not to others; due to our mass ignorance about our true identity of us.  

{NOTE: The write-up was first wrote on 09/12/2012 and presented for publication on webpage of BBC but reproduced with further clarification added} 



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