Tuesday, December 31, 2013


We often confuse whether or not the mating between a pair of object is called ‘LOVE’. While the desire of one to become nearer to the other is ‘LOVE’ through various means, the engaging in an act of intercourse or sex is a demand of the body just to fulfil a requirement of it to remain in balance; nonetheless it offers a temporary pleasure to both who are taking part in the said act to meet the said call of the Nature. Therefore this particular action is more like becoming oneself a servant to the mass of cells that constitute the body but bears a higher command by virtue of prevailing of utmost LOVE within them. The reverberation within the body while waiting for the partner to join him or her is called ‘LOVE’ which keep on flowing within the body, much unseen to others during the period when both are separated from each other for whatever reason either temporarily or permanently. The more one desire the well being of the other; the more the effect of LOVE covers one’s body. The degrees of LOVE between couple differ from couple to couple or even within the same couple depending upon how an entity sees a particular situation to arrive at a conclusion in order to initiate an action towards the good of the other. 

The Queen bee does mating just once but keeps on producing mostly female egg all throughout her life to keep the Spice intact and alive within us. The delicateness she is offering to the entire hive of bees is no doubt ‘LOVE’ of one towards the other by setting aside the engagement in act of Sex to bare minimum and hence female bees too keep following the said example by dedicating themselves  to their respective assigned job of collecting ‘Honey’ from nearer and far away placed igniting many other process in between while discharging their respective duties either alone or together without ignoring the responsibility of protecting the Queen all throughout their lives. These are live example of ‘LOVE’    

Giving something free to any without earning the object anyway directly but through adopting an indirect process is nothing but taking out and putting the value of wealth in the same pocket which is again nothing but contraction and not expansion of oneself though use of LOVE. There bound to be a division within ourselves with some earning higher than the other to lead a different life Style. This is a part of us which none can avoid if we like to live ourselves within the periphery of a just Society.

 The present problem of us is not lack of wealth; available within us but its putting into misuse either through our deriving of pleasure from storing the same under lock & key within one’s boundary wall; {hiding such wealth from others for whatever reason} or engaging in doing of elicit Businesses after making fool of the Government process to catch such evil elements engaging in ever growing such Businesses processes everywhere. While a parallel Economy bound to exit to offer a balance to the legitimate one, it must not overweight the former in any form and manner by injecting limitless burden into it. If we allow it to happen so; nothing shall be under balance including that of our minds amasses everywhere which shall force us to attack each other reasonless but just on casting of a doubt which does not exist to grab wealth from each other. Therefore it became a character of us to enjoy storing Fund; stealing it from everywhere. Hence a mare change of guard from one Political Party to the other can never ensure a better Government which is under place but it shall ensure drawing of a satisfaction by us of pulling down a running Government from delivering Good to Common General Public through making aware of the situation that has engulf us everywhere which is under way.

With Aadhaar in place; we might able to fight the current situation Head-on which shall go dead as and when we see or allow its ‘aim & objective’ fall into somebody else’s hand. It has now become a question of our death or survival if we allow ‘Aadhaar’ to go lapse for whatever reason. We shall no doubt get stiff of stiffest resistances from all quarters to derail the approach so made by us. Therefore, it is up to the younger Generation to choose its future. There still exits certain gaps that are remaining alive in our approach to make Aadhaar foolproof Instrument. It is a carrier of LOVE.           



Sunday, December 29, 2013

A Simple Fact

There sometime exits certain situation, when one can grow from a most ordinary to a Powerful King without carrying much of value by oneself but often acquired it using tact and manipulating various events that confront us every moment while walking alone or together into the unknown future. Such a personality is called a self made person who may be either Good or bad in establishing TRUTH over falsehood; depending upon how the entity treat the others who are much less privileged to raise their voices against any wrong doing by one on the others. However, there are some gifted ones who are born to serve the Public from the time they born and until the time they embrace death irrespective of where, how and under what circumstances they are born and brought up within us.   

A mare closure of a ongoing Case filed against any for whatever reason in view of non availability of appropriate evidences never kill one’s conscience as well as aim of the ‘mind’ or the ‘desire’ of one that one wants to fulfil; which always grow together automatically with passage of time with entire objectives remaining intact to deliver an equivalent equal to the reduced value which he or she beholds in viewing various circumstances; while resolving various issues running concurrently with us. Hitler is the best example to cite the accurateness of the said ‘Thinking’ or ‘Assumption’ of us. Therefore, any obstacle(s) that might come into one’s path of growth in transforming such desire(s) into reality is often crushed with ‘Iron hand’ leaving no trace whatsoever of doing any such ‘heinous crime’ against the humanity to get caught.

Whereas we are often short of evidences to prosecute the Criminals being expert on the line to carry out a perfect job of killing or eliminating innocent Public, we feel free to do the reverse of prosecuting the innocents amasses even without a single witness available who agree with charges so framed against one. As we are frequently breaking such Natural Justices, one always enjoys while living together with us; we are facing the present or current after effect everywhere. The Great General Public must accordingly ensure that their desires are not go waste or be aware of prevailing situation that is prevailing within us so that none is fallen into this trap.

Anything we do which is not normal or much away from the procedure is called ‘Corruption’ which is done with an intention of a self gain. Therefore all adulterations we do of whatever nature are nothing but corruption. As and when a gram of cereal is turn into a kg through adding substitutes, we are adopting the highest degree of corruption to kill our health amasses everywhere through the act for earning elicit Fund to one. As far as following of an ORDER is concerned to keep intact a System, it is a must for not to break the Natural flow by all; like the ante who never renounced the set ORDER for collective Food for the entire to remain alive together exactly alike the bees and so on without a limit. In the name of releasing the entire General Public from remaining under capture; we cannot allow any disorder to invade the System which if we allow to happen shall kill the entire us due to feeling of insecurity by one from the other or vice versa.  

Since it is the aged generation who are responsible for destroying the ‘Nature’; we call upon the entire younger Generation to face this manmade challenge head-on in order to retrieve the situation somehow and allow the entire live together once again under an atmosphere of intense ‘LOVE’ amongst each other; living all around us.



Friday, December 27, 2013


We often wonder, with our lives dependent upon limitless factors to live-on either individually or collectively and to sail through the passage of time step by step into the future with unlimited Gifts provided to each and every that is available in Space either seen or unseen to absorb the beauty of LOVE one is carrying constantly in one’s heart through using any medium of one’s choice. Even though it is often hidden in one’s heart; it instantly surfaces within oneself as and when we make  little of effort through embracing the others that surrounds us which enable us to remain alive through doing of a sacrifice in one way or the other. Even though it is an absolute TRUTH, we prefer to opt for contraction of ourselves by constantly thinking of self gain adopting whatever means available in one’s hand including that of infusing of ‘confusion’ in the minds of General Public through spreading of falsehood amongst us; than allowing ourselves to expand limitlessly within ourselves.   

We all born alone but live together to meet each other’s requirement which is constantly changing depending upon the environment; we are creating within us and again die alone. While one is holding the stage of a baby, the ORDER within it absorbs the LOVE so radiating from one’s heart which goes hidden once, we understand ourselves to live either alone or together when is the time we can absorb either the sweetness or the nectar of LOVE behold by everyone of us equally as and when freeness is granted to one and all while we live together. On death the situation so granted to one by Mother Nature is lost to get the same in one’s next birth to carry on seeking it so that a higher position is assigned to one who is threat to none. This is an unending cycle unless and until, one gets purified through the gentle touch of ‘LOVE’.    

From inception of creation we were/are govern by the System we called ‘Kingdom’ run by a particular one upon whom we have/had enough trust to give the entire General Public as embraced by the Kingdom enough Justice as and when one is aggrieved for whatever reason. Exactly the same System is still prevailing in Animal Kingdom to keep a balance within the various Spices living within us but exists to substitute our various drawbacks for creating an exact environment for our living under an atmosphere of peace and Tranquillity. 

As and when we allowed contraction to embrace us rather than enjoying the beauty of living together through opting for self gain amasses everywhere; we suddenly became disarray to consider all ‘wrongs’ as correct and all ‘corrects’ as wrong citing various Scriptures to unleashes war against each other to meet the lust of one to accommodate ‘wealth’ to oneself for whatever reason with notice of none. With no option available for the common general Public to choose whom to believe and whom not to believe; we became puzzle with our minds lost to pick the exact who can guide us to achieve the exact. The expansion of contraction of us is so strong now through infusing of constant self desire of one; it has covered the Globe now to force ourselves to struggle to fight for our survival everywhere. Therefore, it is not exactly the System(s) which is responsible for the current situation prevailing within the Globe. It is outcome of our combined misdeeds which we all loved to repeat over and over again.

Accordingly; it requires no more examples to know the cause of our actual downfall. Therefore criticizing one by the other or by promising to give a better Government to us by another Party can never ever produce a result unless and until we are able to retrieve the automatic ORDER that always invariably accompany a System that is under force within us but lost due its inability to withstand our continues assaults upon it reasonless.

Since we kept nothing for the upcoming Generations to live their lives normally with full understanding of one’s value as behold by each and every; we require a young Leader who too nonetheless, is lost in the whirlpool of cross currents that are flowing against us after duly submersing ourselves knee deep over the fast changing events everywhere but is still surviving to know the situation somewhat faintly if not in totally. Being grown-up under the care of self through various mediums; we believe Mr.Rahul Gandhi, MP can offer the best to us through involving the entire Common General Public in the process in one way or the other to taste the beauty of our living together. Self being bedridden or intensely sick, I may not remain alive to see the expected happening of the said Transformation     




Sunday, December 22, 2013

The re-referring the matter to SC regarding Section 377!

Everything changes with time either on behalf of us for the overall good of the entire or against us to force us to fight for our survival which might imposed upon us either rapidly or in slower in fashion not to allow one to keep notice of change in situation of the environment we are living-in; depending upon our behaviour towards Nature and hence it is mandatory on the part of us to embrace the changes so taken place within us for whatever reason; either not to allow our minds  go into sleep or keep ourselves  pondering over the situation, keeping all conflicts alive within us as imposed upon us by the fast moving time.

While some changes of it directly affect us through automatic absorption of such changes by the body, one beholds without the knowledge of us; the others may not immediately meet our expectation to make a compromise while adopting of a much different culture than what we were following prior to happening so and hence such changes often face with resistances from a section of us who are unable either to understand or to accept the change; {even though they are the most responsible for allowing the Nature to act so, for our not seeing reason to act ourselves through inflicting of injuries to the innocents others; ignoring the Love being born by such hearts while opting to live together as one of us within the Society}.Like various seasons adopt changes during the course of covering of a year’s time with variation accompanied from season to season as well as within the same season. This is an imposition of result upon us by the wheel of the time as an outcome of our mass actions which is constantly changing each moment; while we are covering our precious lives into the future. No legislations, therefore, can ever stop this trend; no matter how strict one is in stopping in seeing the matter.      

Once an ORDER is set into motion, it don’t generally get dislodged or disarranged or opt for disobey the ORDER by itself { the inner ORDER flowing side by side, however, which is much more finer as well as delicate in nature than the one seen from outside which may revolt at any time if we engage in mass misdeeds},but keeps on flowing or running as it is for an indefinite period of time; even though the inhabitants as embraced by the ORDER keep changing as and when our actions amasses repeatedly touch breakeven point of assaulting the innocent ones by the other Powerful ones. Such mass change of desires, if forcefully stopped from happening so within us; we shall have to face the worst which shall cover us in limitless other forms.

 Being it is subject of much debate to halt our mass desire of distancing oneself from the other due to development of disliking towards each other following engaging in wedlock; we consider both the verdict of HC as well as that of SC {towards deriving of a rightful meaning that can match well with the current situations} were correct being none can either set aside or agree with to keep as it is, the Section 377 of the Constitution and hence it  merely referred the matter to the appropriate Forum to decide the matter.

Therefore, the re-referring the matter to SC for looking afresh the issue taking into consideration the current  environment under which we all are living-in to cover our various lives by a Higher Bench by the Government is ‘just and fair’ to decide matter much at ease.

{NOTE: Upon understanding the issue or knowing the actual cause of recent ‘Diplomatic Row’ between India & USA; we regret our over-reaction on the matter or issue (being one is intending or attempting to kill two birds with one stone without the knowledge of others) and expect that our current relationship between the two Countries not see a dent of any nature but it shall go further deeper for the overall good of the Globe}      



Friday, December 20, 2013

Let us understand ourselves!

We hail the decision of AAP to form the Government at Delhi with help extended from Congress Party; instead of forcing the Government to conduct another Election without expecting a different result or outcome at a huge cost to the Government reasonless. Earlier we saw many changes in forming various Governments at the Centre as well as in various States citing misrule of one by the other. Having the greatest lacuna of earning enough of ‘FUND’ to run a particular Political Party or Institution while existing under a Democratic Set-up within a Country or a Nation with source not exactly defined, we often land into doing of corrupt practices within us to remain alive as a Political entity, even though the aim and objective is same for all. However, our current aim and objective is vastly different than what we were aiming to achieve earlier i.e. it is not exactly to ensure or reshuffle the work, what we did earlier while remaining ourselves under various restrictions as well as compulsions while forming a Government.      

The current situation which is now prevailing within the Globe is altogether a different issue which none can able to kill without assistance from all others either directly or indirectly and hence all Governments as existing within the Globe embracing various Systems{Communism & Democracy etc.} are too facing exactly the same problem without an exception. There is no readymade solution to recover from this most critical problem or issue, we ever faced within us. If we offer more free services to the Public by using our hard eared Money, as collected by us through paying of various Taxes by all & every; our aim and objective of seeing the Country Grow with time through engaging ourselves in development works of all natures from all across Country; shall all go waste to see ourselves getting stagnated in the same place.

The situation prior to imposition of Emergency was similar but went normal following it when we had started duly discharging our respective duties without engaging in corruption. But it was fear in the minds of all that did the trick and hence the Party responsible for opting for it, lost the Power, following the General Election with many after effects left for us to resolve subsequently with much of pain untaken by each and every. This situation too is absent to look at the matter that way.

Within each and every entity that are under existences within us, hardly 10% of it put or offer hard work to keep engage the entire in one way or the other to allow the said entity remain alive within us. Within the human body, the production of blood is the outcome of the labour put-in by various cells living within the intestine with help extended from others or done in combination with others. The heart ensures that it is equitably distributed all over the body using a spontaneous rearrangement of it within itself so that all cells from miniature or tiniest to largest that are available from the tip of hair in the Head to toe of the body; get the exact to remain alive separately in order to work together with just one aim and objective {that is to give a name to one}.

This is called ‘automatic ORDER’ which start functioning the moment, the life of one descended into one’s body while one is in the womb of the Mother. As and when this automatic ORDER goes hidden within one’s body due to getting aged or the flow gets fractured within its limitless veins within one’s body for whatever reason, one face a death like situation to struggle for living one’s life. The frequent application of pressure even cannot revive the said flow as and when get lost during circulation of it within the body to maintain the flow intact.

The later and not the former is prevailing with us as far as Global Economy is concerned being the automatic ORDER as available within the Economy to keep it flowing constantly within us without hindrance through maintaining an exact liquidity; is lost altogether to force ourselves to see the current situation. Even though the wealth we had earned or generated already and the one, that we are creating each moment through our putting of labour for remaining ourselves intact, we find that it is getting short limitlessly to do an equitable distribution of it within us due to its remaining idle in everyone’s hand.

Accordingly our various efforts to recover the situation to somewhat normal have became fruitless in view our deriving of satisfaction on seeing it remaining stored in one’s safe hand  instead of getting it released through doing of a spending  to maintain its health. Even, we have now gone to the extent of distancing ourselves from each other gender wise due to surfacing of doubt in our minds of doing of trick by one on the other. It might further escalate to our mass opting for distancing ourselves from each other within the same Gender. This is nothing but contraction of us in absence of rightful and alive ORDER within us.

Offering of Just JUSTICE to the aggrieved always set the destiny of a Nation. While we can release million of harden Criminal in absence of rightful evidences to do a conviction; we cannot punish a single innocent who is engaging in offering of an exact delivery to the entire us through whatever position he or she is serving to fulfil the action. If the reverse happens for whatever reason; the entire humanity needs to suffer.   

Accordingly we find that the Government in Power did no wrong in its approaches towards various issues being faced by the Country but unable to implement these schemes due to presence of ever increasing ‘Middlemen’ within us whom we need to defeat to issue non-stop command on the Government to create an environment to make stealing of wealth from others easy without doing any delivery to the Country. With enemy known, we expect that we shall become strong enough to stop its Growth at phenomenal speed within us and subsequently get rid of it to the extent possible so that our existence is not threatened in anyway.     


Getting Importance to a Non-issue!

Guests are always considered as Guest, a step above the citizen of a Country to receive help from the entire us irrespective of one’s Nationality who is visiting a different Country for whatever reason. Therefore, as and when one visits another place away from his or her place of birth or place of staying either within the Country or outside of it must get utmost respect from all being the object(s) so cited, as the entity concerned is never considered as a factor to change one’s current culture & value as behold by one but it is a fulfilment of one’s desire through physically visiting a different place of interest to enjoy oneself through acquiring of knowledge of an unseen place; irrespective of belief the Guest(s) behold or follow and hence are free to move around within us as one of us.

Further, we must extend our utmost Hospitality to such Guests from other Countries without allowing them to face of any convenience whatsoever in any form and manner from any quarter either from Law enforcement Departments or though our behaviour towards them being none of us know how one’s body and mind behave while living under another Environment much away from familiarity, we are creating within us to divide ourselves in limitless terms or names; even though these terms are nonexistent as far our inner relationship between each other is concerned. This issue is still under debate within us. With ‘death’ is only companion of mine, it is beyond my knowledge to know of what is good and what is bad for us under the current situation prevailing within us; wherein we are seeing each other with doubt than otherwise as far as establishing of an Union or a friendship between any two is concerned.    

As far as the placement of Diplomatic Staff by one Country to the other to convey matters of mutual interests is concerned; it is beyond the reach of host Country to punish any for whatever reason without taking up the matter first with the Country from where a Diplomat is getting his or her placement order. This is a very old Law that govern such postings of Diplomats. Therefore we consider the current row between India and USA on such a matter is deplorable, being some form of confusion infused while handling the matter with the notice of none.

Accordingly we intend to cite a very old example to explain the matter further. When Lord Hanuman was insulted by the Powerful Emperor, King Ravana while carrying a message of peace to him from Lord Rama; Hanuman set aflame the entire city of Lanka to teach the kingdom a lesson for not following such General Standard rule of offering of highest respect to a Guest, having the status equivalent to a Diplomat. Such matters were that strict that time too as far as governing of ORDER was concerned. Instead of more refinement infused into the matter; we are seeing happening of reverse through undoing of the said General ORDER that govern such relationships between two friendly Counties.

Accordingly, we pray both the Governments to show restrain in our respective approaches to handle the issue with utmost delicacy and try our best to resolve the matter most amicably hurting none during the process. If the matter is left otherwise or allowed to escalate further it shall induce fear in the minds of the Common General Public to hate each other reasonless.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

For Beating of Deep Recession!

A movement or an uprising is not always connected with meeting of a Political desire of one but it is often set into motion to make all of us aware of the current or present situation that is prevailing within an area irrespective of whether or not it is a State or a Country or the entire Globe. The movement led by Mahatma Gandhi was responsible for making free the Country from bondage but the aim was cut short by the painful bifurcation of us to face a continuous turbulence for our rightful existence in holding our respective positions till date. The movement led by late Jayprakash Narayan to overhaul our Political System failed to deliver the exact to see a transformation of us through our offering of neglect to after effects. The current movement led by Anna Hazare is nonetheless correct as far as ‘aim and objective’ is concerned but keeping the environment untouched and away from the scene is ‘puzzle some’ to attract a doubt whether or not such a step of us shall ever produce a result on our behalf or it shall create more confusion within us in absence of rightful approaches in handling the issue which is hunting the entire Globe.

Therefore, we must see or ensure that a young Leader {A mild person with a big heart having enough of LOVE towards the Good of the entire Country} must take charge of the Country to sail through the current complexities as faced by the Country due to engaging in mass corruption in each and every transaction we are doing either for the well being of the entire us or for living our lives comfortably enough within the entire Country; leaving the poor section of us high and dry.    

The life and death of each and every object is a must or certain that are living within the Universe including that of others living outside of it which none can avoid with some variation of duration or span of life depending upon how carefully one is maintaining it without raising a conflict of interest with Nature that govern the entire. The Economy of a System or flow of an automatic inner ORDER as available within each and every Object which is different for each and every object and is always under constant flow within one to maintain such Objects in its place with position intact through engagement of all{ either seen or unseen} while existing within the Space. While within the Human Body, its circulating System of the Blood which is maintaining this ORDER with a single source of supply from the heart; carrying a motto of LOVE towards each and every cell within the Body to maintain or to keep one’s body healthy all the time during the entire lifespan of one with the exception of catching of decay over time while covering one’s lifetime from birth to death. The Global Monetary System determines the health of the entire human Spice living within the Globe under the loving embrace of Mother Earth either to face falling sick or run ourselves smoothly; maintaining a strong health of the entire.

Therefore, the illicit collection of fund beyond one’s limit is a deterrent to the flow of Fund at ease within the System that might however allow an individual to demand a status within the Society but are unjust acts on the part of the ones who are doing so; unless the funds so acquired by one is earned through legitimate means. Notwithstanding the fact that both good and bad characters must be available within the system, being it shall otherwise lost the equilibrium to maintain an entity under existence ; we must be smart enough to allow good to prevail over the bad but when good too opt to do a similar to earn easy Money through engaging in Corruptions, the said ORDER shall break down sooner than later to force the flow to run haphazardly with limitless voids within it to fall victim to stokes at any moment apart from running an ailing body. This is what the function of Economy is within a particular periphery or area.

By doing of a measurement of each and every activity of us; we are allowing such funds to flow at ease and not allowing it to become stagnate. While some objects in some area remaining unattended without attracting any value towards it, the same is considered valuable elsewhere after duly doing of a measurement. This is how to add strength to the System to ensure better flow of fund within us so that none is untouched to derive a benefit from it.  

Now that our work culture has drastically changed either for good or bad to maintain the current Economy in ORDER; we must look for other inputs from where the said flow is restored to remain intact once again as it was earlier through implementing inputs which can act as intermediate sources to provide the current lethargic Economy to gain strength in steps. The loss or gain as well as the debt or richness can never influence the establishment of the lost flow or order other than putting the Common General Public into more inconvenience, who are in fact responsible for creating a flawless Economy .Therefore we must think differently how best we can use the current resources attaching separate values. If the above analysis is correct, the more tough laws we are enacting to control the Economy, the more bad shape it shall take in view of withdrawing of funds by each and every individual who are considered wealthy within us through keeping such funds idle for ensuring not to face loss in near future.

No individual Country should try to accumulate Funds earned by virtue of whatever reason being the entire shall suffer through such steps of us. When one section of the Globe is dead; the Earth shall face a paralysis for its own wrong doings.  

{NOTE: The write-up was first wrote on 09/07/2012 and presented for publication on webpage of BBC but reproduced with further clarification added} 

Wrong Results being obtained from Google Search

Following opting for ‘Early Retirement’ from the Company; I had worked for, throughout my Service Career, I had hoisted many web sites while following the ‘Desire’ expressed or ‘Instruction’ received from the ‘Unseen’; paying enough of Money from my pocket together with undertaking the pain of skipping our daily requirement of ‘ intake of Food’ to remain alive so that we become aware of the ‘Environment’ and the function of ‘Nature’ that govern our existence in the Planet Earth, while ‘all of us’ living under the loving care of Mother Nature. As we are making enough of mistakes in understanding the main 4 terms i.e. {Environment, Nature, Life & Religion} that govern our peaceful co-existence of us within the Globe; conflicts are surrounding us in all its form and nature which is causing the distance go unlimitedly wider within us, instead of seeing a reduction of it to consider the entire living beings within the Planet under the protection of Mother Nature as none but (mainly) one Spice only which we called as ‘Human Spice’.

Even though all such Sites were duly registered with ‘Google’ with the same Publisher’s ID and incurred enough of ‘Fund’ for maintaining these Sites so hoisted by self; through connecting the Sites to ‘Adwords’ & ‘Adsence’ not a single penny was paid to me by ‘Google’ till date. Therefore, all these Sites were faced premature death one after another to deprive the entire of us from acquiring rightful knowledge about the cause of existences ourselves in Space. Still the Google is hoisting a wrong ‘web page’ of mine {where I am barred from logging-in, even though I maintained a single Account of mine, i.e.mridulh@gmail.com}; being hoisted by an unknown third Party to mislead the Common General Public to acquire knowledge which are still being displayed in the following 2 free ‘Google’ Sites; whatever I know about the 4 aforesaid issues in view of my nearness to Him. 

The wrongful Site as obtained in ‘Google Search’ is reproduced hereunder. My hoisting of the Site towards providing of innovative ‘Ideas’ through ‘knol’ page of Google to make the World a better place to live-in,  is now the property of ‘WORDPRESS ’. SinceKnol’ had discontinued its service from 1/5/20012 when I was intensely sick, {Google nonetheless is now working with with ‘Solvitor and Crowd Favorite’ to create ‘Annotum’, an open-source platform based upon ‘WordPress’ that allows one to continue authoring and publishing scholarly articles} we only hope that the various contributions of mine as provided are not destroyed or distorted in any manner or form but appear at ‘Annotum’ as it is or as it was at the time of its closer.
1.      Subject: Search- M.M.HAZARIKA
2.      Result: http://mridulmohan.blogspot.in/

The wrong Site {URL: http://mridulmohan.blogspot.in/ } which I never ever hoisted but it only belong to a third Party whom I don’t know. It is possibly done either to mislead the Public or to earn elicit Fund through doing of a stealing. Therefore through this ‘blog’ I am bringing the matter to the higher Management of ‘Google’ for addressing the issue and punish the culprit who is doing this trick upon the Common General Public taking advantage of their ignorance of knowing me personally to do an interaction of any nature. The searching of the same subject on ‘Bing’ {i.e.m.m.hazarika}; the information provided is accurate, absolute and correct with no ‘element of confusion’ infused. I have used the ‘Web Master’s Tool’ now to remove the Page to-day as reproduced hereunder as the requests made earlier to Google were never respected for reasons best known to Google only.

Removal Type: Requested
Pending/ Cancel: Outdated cache removal
Search terms: NEW WEB PAGE AVAILABLE: http://mmhazarika.blogspot.in/
Dec 18, 2013


Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Religion is based upon faith; since we don't exactly know how Nature work within itself to bring-in an equilibrium within each and every object that is existed within the infinite Space either within the Universe or outside of it{ which looked as if all objects within it are remaining stationary as appearing  from outside but yet maintaining a constant movement within itself to remain alive joyfully, hurting none by any other; so available within it by virtue of holding a Powerful place or position or size but living together under complete harmony} and to follow it exactly with conflict entirely absent. Once we know any out of these limitless factors that govern the said ORDER; through our efforts and acquiring of knowledge, we must see the Religion {as adopted by one} that much differently through revision of various explanations as being offered to Common General Public to understand ourselves through our imparting of knowledge why and for what purpose we are living in the Planet Earth under the Loving care of Mother Nature through following a particular Religion by one. This is called Growth of our inner values to keep remaining alive within the Globe. The following of reverse in whatever form or manner like ‘jihad’ etc. is nothing but a call to us for our self destruction. The more we follow the nature through acquiring its knowledge is called as the rightful ‘Religion’.   

Now, we know that the entire humanity; living assorted within the Globe are just forming a single entity called ‘Human Spice’ and hence any attack on one by the other shall hurt the attacker only and not the victim. To criticize one by the other is a way of our lives to acquire knowledge as and when it is not attracting anger from the other believers being it shall otherwise instantly transform into a cause of our downfalls if we consider the act as an opposite action of one to hurt a particular community over a other being GOD is just ONE only.

Now let me disclose something which was told to none before. The Muslim Community whom they called ‘Allah’ is none but Lord Christ or Lord Siva only. Being LORD imparted knowledge to Prophet Mohammad from a distance being approached Him from behind nonetheless with a much higher LOVE than that of others; the deliberation that took place between the Two was absorbed by the environment to taste the nectar of the said Teachings, the most of sayings that took place between the Two were lost during the said process. Due to this reason KORAN is read reverse with most deliveries as available in the Holy Book as mostly containing hints.

When we say that Islam bans consuming of liquor which indirectly means that we must not allow anger to overtake us under any circumstances or engage in unethical means with Head lost which is sole cause of all destructions everywhere. We are also advocating or calling upon the entire Intellectuals of Muslim Community over and over again; living all across the Globe to rise to the occasion to send a strong message to all that this is not the way to protect Religion but it is surely and certainly a method to destruct it. No Religion ever encourages violence to uphold whatever cause as beholds by one. 

Accordingly, our citing of various critical phrases as available in Religious Scriptures to prove  ourselves as correct  in pursuing of  wrongful cause(s) ;  by picking the term  ‘Love’ into ‘hatred’ by one all to kill the innocent others is outright wrong. This is nothing but inflicting of intense pain to oneself only and not to others; due to our mass ignorance about our true identity of us.  

{NOTE: The write-up was first wrote on 09/12/2012 and presented for publication on webpage of BBC but reproduced with further clarification added} 



Monday, December 16, 2013

The Exact definition of LOVE

LOVE is defined as deriving of an intense pleasure to oneself through performing the act of giving to fulfil a shortage of another of whatsoever nature; ignoring his or her own demand of keeping oneself normal and intact through providing the appropriate feed to the body, one beholds to remain alive. This however is called one sided LOVE if the receiver doesn’t reciprocate the action so extended to him or her. As and when it is reciprocated between the doer and receiver it take the form of Universal LOVE  to get expanded within the environment where both objects exits to benefit the others too; who are staying in and around the periphery of happening of the said activity. It may happen between any two objects {either alone or together} irrespective of the gender one beholds or irrespective of whether or not the objects are bearer of life of any form or nature to show the LOVE so expressed by one to the other.

 When such a situation prevails between any two, the pain of one is instantly absorbed or taken by the other irrespective of the distance of their staying or living. This is called Religion in simple term. The engaging in an act of Sex is an add-on which may or may be a requirement to accomplish such an acquirement by one. As and when one derive a pleasure on seeing the pain of the others inflicted to him or her or to a group when living together by whomsoever for whatever reason, it is called cruelty, the reverse of LOVE.

Again as and when one approaches the other in order to fulfil one’s demand or desire of whatsoever nature including that of meeting the call of the nature; it constituted either a normal action of one or otherwise {after giving of a different name to it} under some special circumstances; which is forced upon on one by the environment we are creating within ourselves to act so by oneself for remaining alive within us; mostly when there arise a conflict between male & female aspect. This is neither ‘hatred’ nor ‘love’ but an attempt on the part of one to cover his or her life with some identity retained to oneself. Therefore, they are not different from us being a by-product of our mass wrong actions and hence require LOVE on the part of us to embrace them and allow ourselves to act otherwise to avoid further inflict of injury to such a community. Virtue and Sin are two terms to describe a situation which can get reverse automatically, once we fail to distinguish the difference between the two. Hence such communities are too equally nearer to the Lord like any other of us provided, they are knowledgeable enough to know the definition of LOVE.              

As and when ‘Injustice’ triumphant over ‘Justice’ amasses everywhere, both the flowing Automatic ORDERS {12 in numbers) and Gravitational CONSTANTS {11 in numbers} shall go hidden within each and every object that is available within the Universe which shall force the entire objects to go haywire to collide with each other to face a premature death. Even though it is unusual to happen so; its occurrence can never be ruled out if we touch the extreme ends of distorting the said two factors that are responsible for the existence of the present Universe within us.

Now consider the situation we always face towards treating a new born child. The parents expect nothing from the New born child in return to the love delivered to the child either directly or indirectly. This is called pure LOVE. The moment we expect something in return, it instantly transform into impure LOVE. Therefore, our choosing of a particular Sex over the other is a selfish LOVE for our expecting something from the new born as and when grown-up. Therefore, the moment we induce a desire into our various Prayers; other than well being of the entire us, the Prayer instantly becomes null and void to bear no value to it. No action either arranged through one’s thought or physically done never ever dies unless and until it is undone by the doer. Let us stop assaulting the Nature any further by deriving newer meaning to LOVE.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Our opting for an alternative!

POWER corrupts all at-least in Kali Yoga when all hidden ORDERS {12 in Numbers} as well as all Gravitational Constants {11 in Numbers) slowly become detached from each and every object either seen or unseen as available within the Universe due to attaining of age. The one who tested it once, the test or desire or lust so build in one, following holding of Power often gets expanded manifold to force him or her to go to any extent to secure it again if lost by any chance for whatever reason. Some wait for better opportunities to capture a small trend in a much bigger or wider way or scale through Public support to enable one to issue command to the others{Common Public} with much more higher  Authority , through taking advantage of various weaknesses of us which is always available within a System under which we all are living together. Since doing of mass corruption by us is an automatic result of the environment under which we are living-in; it is next to impossible Task to get rid of the same; no matter what promises we make to the Public nonetheless it is certainly possible to reduce the same to a degree which can never be seen by others.

The State of Assam saw the youngest Chief Minister taking over the charge of the State after undergoing through the process of uprising of the Public against the ailments it was facing or suffering from our misrule or for engaging in mass corruption everywhere but it produced a reverse effect or result of seeing the worst happening to us. Again, take the example of a married couple both of whose life are dedicated for the good of each other to cover one’s life joyfully but often run into conflict when anyone of the two or both resort to retain relationship outside the relationship without the knowledge of one’s partner to derive a better pleasure to oneself notwithstanding the fact that it is a trend now. Let us go a step further, even though Lord Christ’s foremost disciple maintained a most cordial relationship with the Lord from outside; he became the Agent or cause to kill the Lord through creating of a most unjust atmosphere which turned into Crucifixion of his Master, done either directly or indirectly in order to fulfil a particular unjust desire of the disciple. The examples are limitless as each of us is different from the other in more ways than not; to do a trick by one on the other.

Therefore, even if we put dozens of security{anti-corruption} personnel against a single Powerful personality or put one security person against each one of us, it shall allow the corruption to expand limitlessly within us than preventing it from happening so; unless and until we all are aware of the danger of resorting to such acts of us or we put a foolproof Instrument in place through which none can able to walk through it freely{without being caught} with a Gun in hand to kill the entire others who are in-fact responsible for giving a position to a Powerful one. The taste of corruption is that dangerous to destroy the entire of us in no time.  

The recent Election at Delhi saw a hung Assembly in view of ingress of another factor of offering the best to the Public but yet even after making the Road free of all obstructions by the opposition Parties; we saw hesitations surfacing within us to make any attempt of eradicating of corruption within us which is a next to impossible task to complete but yet it can still offer Justice to innocents who are under arrests now due to circumstances we duly arranged around them to restrict our movements to the minimum; to the extent of even not  knowing of what exactly constituting the ‘Object’ we called as ‘Human being’.

These attempts are not solutions at all but our adopting of wrongful approaches or means to create more confusion within us to make the matter worst. We expect that Mr. Rahul Gandhi shall rise to the occasion to withstand the turbulence while undergoing the change. We too further expect the strength to fight this great cause of the Country with an appropriate associate shall turn into reality soon.          

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Our Current dilemma!

A Government is nothing but an Agent to see or ensure that the automatic ORDER that is prevailing within a particular Country or a Nation get strengthen every passing day as well as to allow the said order to flow more at ease {after duly leaving the painful past as ‘History’} while we are walking gently into the future, {keeping the dignity of each of us intact which is different for different person depending upon one’s place and position in the Society as obtained by one by  virtue of qualifications achieved by him or her} through rightful use of Tax collected from the Public through various means and not allow such Fund to go to vested interests who are contributing nothing to the Growth of a Country but engaging in reverse actions {remaining hidden within us} to stop to our efforts of acquire success for equal or near distribution of wealth as earned, just to derive a false enjoyment to oneself by arresting wealth when it is in an imbalance state{i.e. while on transit from one to the other for equitable distribution of it within us} which belong to the others{Tax payers Money}.

These personalities are called ‘Middlemen’ who know nothing other than accumulating FUND purposelessly hiding it from the reach of others who need it for helping each other to live their respective lives. Once the wealth is in the hands of such personalities, the entire value of it gets lost and continues to work reverse within us instead of helping us Grow. Since everywhere all over the Globe, we are following this trend now in one way or the other, there is a setting up of a deep Recession everywhere within us with none available to spend Money to keep the cycle of flow complete.

Unlike other Political Systems as available within the Globe, in Democratic set-up; we set a particular term or time limit for each Party to enjoy the Authority to run the Government to fulfil the aspirations of the Public as indicated. Upon considering that we have become matured enough not to shed our gifted character of helping each other to develop one’s choice of interest to fit in his or her exact position in the Society to do a delivery to the entire us; we have become reverse now either individually or amasses towards solving various issues being faced by us as an outcome of ever increasing strength of Middlemen who are always in lookout to earn easy Money through doing of a stealing, changing the style of doing so each moment to beat the Laws under force within us to stop it from happening. Therefore, no matter how much or what legislation we passed every day, such elements within us shall keep shinning through use of state-of-art methods to remain intact within us and to destroy us.                    

Under such a situation, no Political Party ever able to deliver any GOOD to the Public, other than making promised to help us grow together which can never transform into reality if the current situation continues to prevail within the Country. Upon understanding the situation; we are in midway in introducing various Schemes within the System which shall certainly ensure that none without putting enough of labour get benefitted through doing of stealing of our wealth meant for the poorer section of us to walk together to enjoy the beauty remaining together either as a family or as a community or as a Society or as State or as a Country. Hence, there shall be stiff resistances from all those who are benefactor from the various Schemes extended to the Common General Public to derail any attempt being made by us to dislodge the Chain.

Accordingly the General Public might be pushed to the wall prior to the upcoming General Election within the Country {which is not far away from us} to come clear of the efforts put-in in this direction by the Government with much of debate to challenge the Public again and with much more hidden authority. Let us not ignore the Gift from the ‘Unseen’ given for the overall GOOD of the entire us. Let us stop inducing fear in the minds of Bureaucrats and use this ‘Brahma Astra’ to rescue ourselves from this most complex situation.            


Friday, December 13, 2013

The Clause 377 of IPC (conclusion)

Let me cite an example which we had witnessed during our school days where stand a renowned Lord Siva Temple and where there lived a Powerful Bull often guarding the Temple. Following sunset the Bull passed the night around the periphery of the Temple alone after all the cows left the area for sleeping under shed in their respective places of living. During Sun rise as and when the cows were released from their respective place of stay, the Bull never follow the rule of the Nature but engage in intercourse irrespective of whether or not the partner was under heat but duly released the extra hormones produced during the night time to became normal once again; following which action the Bull never ever try to break the Law that govern expansion of a particular spice living within us. This was never a routine affair but only an occasional one. These are called exceptions and hence all were treating the matter as normal. Accordingly we must see such situations that way only. The Bull was neither upholding nor breaking the rule of the Nature that governs us being a very temporary but required action done to keep the body intact and in order.

Our human body is such that the shortcomings of the male partner are always compensated by the female partner and vice versa as and when we engage in an act of Sex, where exits many attempts by foreign objects to intrude to each other’s body to destroy the immune System of one or both; taking advantage of the situation prevailing at that particular point of time of intense intimacy. The cry or sound offered by the female partner when engaging in such an act is to awake up the entire sperms as ejected by the male partner either to absorb the strongest out of all or reject the entire under a most congenial atmosphere while maintaining a particular distance between the egg of the female and Sperm of the male. A forceful creation of a different situation by one on the other for whatever reason might produce a different result altogether. This is just a process or a call of the Nature to keep intact a spice within the Creation alive, keeping both aspects engaged and cheerful out of the action done. Therefore, the association of pleasure out of the action is automatic to both. As and when sperm is discharged at an alternate place or an external object used by female, the immune System of the body is caught unaware of such acts to catch any disease to both. The disease is nothing but are living bacteria devoid of LOVE and are on constant lookout for an Environment to expand itself living always alone; nonetheless it behold all qualifications of that of a cell that are living together with one ‘aim and objective’ within the body to give ‘I’ a name; ignoring one’s identity as a particular cell & holding a particular position within the body.       

The ‘LOVE’ bears a different definition altogether. It breeds in one’s heart by itself with or without any partners as an outcome of one’s action towards the others and goes on expanding initially within one’s body and later beyond it to slowly cover the Universe and beyond it. As and when an entity is concerned about the well being of all through taking their pain and pleasure to himself or herself; considering them none other than him or her only we call it as ‘Love’ and when a reverse happens in one’s heart through absorbing of pleasure on inflicting of pain on innocent others we call it as ‘Hatred’. While one is nectar, the other is poison. Both expand by itself depending upon the intensity of desire infused into it following taking of birth of both in one’s heart. While pleasure is often temporary and require frequent encounter to remain associated with it, LOVE is immortal. 

Therefore, the verdict of SC to leave the matter to Parliament is just and fair being it is matter of heart or liking or disliking of one to accept or reject the issue raised. The representatives of Public {MP, MLA etc.} who are directly connected with Public’s interest are best qualified to decide the matter for the overall good of us.                             

{NOTE: Guests are always considered as Guest and they are not supposed to be here to change our current culture but to enjoy themselves irrespective of belief they behold or follow and hence are free to move around us as one of us. Further, we must extend our utmost Hospitality to them without allowing them to face of any convenience whatsoever in any form and manner from any quarter either from Law enforcement Departments or though our behaviour towards them being none of us know how one’s body behave within various Environments, we are creating within ourselves. The issue is still under debate within us. With ‘death’ is only companion of mine, it is beyond my knowledge to know of what is good and what is bad for us under the current situation prevailing within us; wherein we are seeing each other with doubt than otherwise as far as establishing of an Union is concerned.}     

Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Clause 377 of IPC

Engaging in an act of Sex between two entities not necessarily display a Love of one towards the other but it merely mean that we are meeting the call of the nature to keep intact a particular Spice in existence and continue living through such a union to cover one’s time joyfully by engaging-in such an action done either directly or indirectly even though it is unimportant to seek assistance from others by the Nature to allow the creation to expand by itself automatically without each other’s such contribution through doing of an act of Sex. Unless and until we able to taste the nectar of LOVE through doing of reciprocation of LOVE between various hearts as behold by each and every of us although living assorted everywhere within the Globe , all our existences are fruitless.     

With corruptions expanding within us at a breakneck speed in all its forms, both sexes of human spice   are distancing themselves from each other, on suspicion that none is feeling protected while living together under a single or common environment. This is a fact of our lives now. While a large section of us believe that liberalizing the issue from confronting each other shall resolve the conflict; an equal section of us believe that such step of us shall produce a reverse effect on us through facing contraction. Even though both are under existence within us within the Globe, we are seeing no improvement whatsoever to go even nearer to the word we call as LOVE, leaving apart one touching it to know about its limitless qualifications to see oneself happening of miracles everywhere as and when we approach to perform a task for the overall Good of the others who are denied of their basic needs in view of various limitations infused into the System under which we all are living-in, unnecessarily to divide ourselves more than uniting us.  

Again, unlike all other species as available within the Nature, the private parts of human (male) are always remain unprotected which might attract unlimited as well as unwanted bacteria to infect it through getting an easy access to it to do a breeding and cause enough harm to the opposite aspect (female), no matter how much protection we undertake to prevent it. Therefore, unless and until we know the danger of doing so amasses everywhere; more and more infections or ailments shall catch us unaware due to threat posed. The more is the mismatch of the constitution of blood, the more is the danger of suffering from one or other unknown ailment; even though it is a necessity for one to shed or force out over production of hormones within one’s body to avoid imbalance. A good mind can well control the production of hormones in exact quantities to keep the body under balance always.   

With no concrete result available which out of the two is producing a result on our behalf, both the 2 versions of interpreting of clause 377 of IPC {One by HC and the other by SC} are carrying meaning for not defining the Subject and for leaving the matter to Parliament to redefine the issue if it felt necessary. We must understand that nothing exit without an opposite available to make possible the existence of any or all entities within the Universe, with Universe itself too floating in Space. Therefore, so long we able to absorb our differences without getting hurt anyway by any, we shall keep on existing together with the entire others. Our occasional outbursts are always remain as exception and hence such Cases be treated as such only while deciding on any matter concerning such a Union between two of us. We too must understand that by virtue of GOD is one; we too are one either individually or collectively and shall die as one. As and when we detached ourselves from the desire of amassing wealth to oneself; almost all our ailments shall face death instantly to allow us to live under an atmosphere of intense harmony by all together.