Friday, February 28, 2014

We adore the decision of Navy Chief to resign

We never fully understood the Resignation of Navy Chief Admiral DK Joshi so hurriedly; hours after the Accident that took place during the time of Test Drive of the ill fated Submarine but if he did it on his own ‘will & desire’ for his inability to absorb the pain of the Navy personnel who had lost their lives in the current Accident; we adore it with utmost respect for offering his highest degree of respect to those who lost their lives. But such happening of repeated Accidents in war ships only{not commercial Carrier}; is a matter of grave concern to the Country; which directly reflects the up-keeping of such Fleets as well as our preparedness to face any eventualities arising out for whatever reason to protect the Nation. We now know that the Fire on Sindhuratna was the 10th such accident involving an Indian Navy’s asset and the third submarine accident in the last seven months. In August last year, Navy submarine INS Sindhurakshak sank in the Mumbai harbour after an explosion on board, killing 18 sailors {nonetheless Navy is hopeful of reusing INS Sindhurakshak at a later date} which is the highest cause of concern for the entire us. Facing of Accidents in Nuclear Powered submarine is understandable in rare occasion but others must not face it so frequently. Therefore, the exact causes of all such Accidents are not known to us. Furthermore, the entry of sudden heavy smoke in the Crew accommodation area without detection of the Fire that went loose soon after is worrisome.  

The Resignation of the Chief of Navy neither can resolve the issues nor infuse a sense of safety to the entire that are in control of such warships; other than satisfying the condition of relieving him of the pain, he undertook in his heart which is ‘well and good’ as far as listening to one’s heart is concern. If he is an expert in the line; we expect that Navy as well as Government shall try its best to accommodate him in some Position to overcome the situation or eliminate the cause of happening so, in the best possible way. Earlier late Lalbahadur Shastri submitted his resignation taking Moral Responsibility for a similar cause when he was a Minister of Railways without seeking to resolve the issue first {being dedicated his life for serving the others} ; so that there is no repetition of it but yet we are carrying on with the same old ailment.

While I was in charge of maintenance of ‘Oil Rigs’ at OIL INDIA LTD; we had 2 very old (more than twenty years) stream Rigs, the parts of which were locally manufactured in-house under very strict supervision as and when required. Once, when we took up the matter with Manufacturer of the Rig to procure a particular item; the Manufacture offered ignorance of manufacturing of any such Rig by the Company. This is exactly how a Machine Function if proper maintenance is in-force under expert hands. The ‘OIL’ later discarded the Rig due to requirement of risky handling of it by the ‘Drilling Crew’. Therefore, the life of a Machine depends more upon; how we maintain it rather than the life covered by it. However, for a Ship to ply at Ocean irrespective of whether or not is Warship; the conditions are somewhat different being the both objects are not supporting each other or always plying under conflicting situations as far as environments under which both exits to remain alive. Therefore, it calls for constant offering of an urgent as well as foolproof ‘maintenance schedule’ of each and every part of the Ship to make the Ships remain under full health & to keep it operational round the clock. 

When I was in USA for a very short period, just for about a week’s time in Homestead at Maryland, during the year 2007, for the first 1st 4 days, there was blow of siren at @4AM signalling a warning of Fire in the Hostel but all were found false; nonetheless we all duly vacated it. But when the Firemen inspected the Rooms one by one; they found that a guest was preparing food for himself in a small fry Pan prior to the leaving for the Office. The little of the littlest smoke produced by it during preparation of food was caught by the Smoke detector to raise the Alarm. If such sensing instruments are available with us or in Market at present, the said heavy production of Smoke inside the Submarine for whatever reason has puzzled us to a great degree to take enough of pain in our hearts for its unfortunate occurrence.

Since, in a Submarine, the ventilation System is most important to ensure safely of the members of the Crew; we are at our wit’s end to know of; where from the Toxic Gas along with heavy smoke produced somewhere within the Ship had entered the resting Cabinet of the Crew? This is, therefore, a matter of grave concern for the entire of us to raise many doubts in our minds. Accordingly, setting aside the sabotage factor; we strongly believe that it is the carbon deposits within Airflow ducts that caught fire {either through development of friction inside or coming into contact with exhaust Air from the Engine} to engulf the other areas which cannot be stopped through spaying of water from outside being the exact spot {location} of fire or Fire itself can never be seen from outside being duly covered {often with asbestos outside} except throwing of Smoke elsewhere through the Ducts.

Hence, we as an outsider {and having short of knowledge on the matter being discussed} we suggest that all Air flow Ducts are cleaned duly allowing an appropriate Gap in-between which shall ensure that no fire inside any Ship takes place in future; apart from ensuring that clean fuel is feed to the Engines with appropriate octane value of Diesel remains always intact. This holds good everywhere; where artificial air flow is maintained using an external source. Further, being the atmospheric pressure & temperature at Russia is much different than that of ours; we must draw a separate maintenance Schedule to keep such Ships in ORDER and in running condition.
{NOTE: If the fire started in Battery Room (as reported) where Batteries are connected in series for starting the Engines of Air Compressors (but always kept under full charge for emergency use in case of any Engine failure; even though the Ship is under running condition) to build pressure in ‘Air compressors’ to start the Main Engines through use of ‘High Pressure Air’, how the smoke quickly travelled into the resting area of the members of the Crew? Such fire might occur either due to faulty batteries procured or due to lack of proper maintenance by keeping the connectors loose or due to non- attending the area by any being a venerable area for producing of heavy Sparking without notice. The same too had happened in newly lunch Aircraft (Airbus 380) when the Manufacture decided to replace all Batteries in the entire Fleet of Aircrafts so lunched. Therefore, it is not exactly the lone reason of the misshape}         

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

An unfortunate incident

What exactly is Law? It is nothing but a set of rules that often existed within a System to allow all entities residing within the System never resort to any unfair means or engaging in fighting with each other for whatever reason to break the running ORDERS within it to limitless pieces; in order to secure a self gain of whatsoever nature without earning it legitimately. Therefore, when there is a breakdown of the running ORDER or Law in-force within a particular area or territory, it is our foremost duty to study the Environment around the area first, to find the exact cause of happening so; so that it don’t repeat; before arriving at a conclusion about the motive of the doer which may not be for the purpose of harming any; while making entry into or coming inside or within a restricted area. Within a Police Station, a constable might have a different opinion from that of the Officer in-charge of the Police Station by virtue of having different degree of knowledge and experience by both; even though there often arises occasions when both are wrong in doing of an interpretation of a particular Law to apply to a ‘wrong doer’ while arresting him or her. The more we approach the Higher up with respect to the issue, the more light might be immerged to us to act on the action much more differently. This reflects the degree of knowledge we behold by each of us in approaching a particular situation with a degree of urgency.   

Alive Pirates are mostly available in open Sea or International waters where exits no such Laws to protect one from the other when meet with a threat of any nature from any; other than issuing of a distress call through taking recourse to firing into the sky to invite the notice of other Ships nearby that too might be available within the area. Mostly after keeping the Mother Ship in an isolated place; the Pirates often fanned out in small boats to capture other commercial Ships, sailing through the area for a ransom. India too is a victim of it. Furthermore, any Intellectual Property of any, stolen by any via any means too is called Piracy.

To draw a resemblance, while the occupation of ‘GOA’ by the Portuguese and the subsequent action of India to take over it when late Jawaharlal Nehru was PM of India; using force via Sea, Air & Land might fall into this category {being prior dialogue between both the Countries was absent}, the freeing of Maldives from occupying by Pirates when late Rajiv Gandhi was PM of India was not {being prior discussion took place}; notwithstanding the fact that the Power from the barrel of the Guns were used on both occasions. Therefore, we might call it as an action similar to the one adopted by the Pirates. But how these 2 Marines ever fall into this category? Therefore, it might be termed as Corruption of devaluing of the value of our Country, in the art of which, we are more than experts to execute it most perfectly with the notice of none. The liberal Gun Laws at USA too is not free from such incidences; even though an intense ORDER of freeness is in-force to remain ourselves intact.             

We acquired free sailing of our ships through such International waters by virtue of our remaining together as a one world Community. Such evil elements taking advantage of the said gap existed within us to govern ourselves; often robbed foreign ships sailing through a particular route or a particular stretch in the Open Ocean. They are active everywhere which is fast expanding within us in absence of appropriate Laws put into place nonetheless much reduced. Till the other day such Pirates were {mostly from Somalia} gaining tremendous strength; taking advantage of the fluid situation prevailing within the Globe; it became necessary for all Counties to carry armed guards during all such movements of Ships in open Ocean from the point of origin to the point of destination.

As and when we keep ‘Arms & ammunitions’ in a particular place to protect ourselves for whatever reason; there bound to be an Accident of any nature when we often come across borders either between two Nations or entering from International water into a territorial Zone. Such unintentional action often resulted in cross firing at borders between two Countries reasonless. Accordingly, the two Italian Marines mistook the fishermen as Pirates being the environment under which we are living-in forced to them to believe so. Hence, the MEA remaining silent on the matter is beyond our understanding. If it was considered as a war imposed upon us by lone 2 armed Soldiers to take over the Country by a Foreign Power; we are finding our justification short of any rightful reasoning, use of logic and common knowledge. The Kerala Police might have made a mistake so also NIA; this doesn’t mean that we all agree with the said finding; for drawing of a battle line to protect us from the threat posed if any by the 2 Marines. If someone down the line makes a mistake; is not it duty of the Higher up to correct it? Since it has caused much of damage to the Country’s image in the eye of the others; the one who approved the said finding at MEA as accurate; must be answerable to the Country in our view irrespective of whether or not the entity is serving the Country still. 

For each and every such clarification or opinion; if we need to approach the SC for further clarification, pinpointing it exactly where we are wrong; we voice our strong of the strongest protest to the Government for offering such High Positions to such personalities who know nothing other than to pass one’s blame to the other without any end. Since the 2 innocent Fishermen were accidently killed while performing their respective duties or engaging in Prayer; we pray the entire connected with the Subject to offer utmost respect to them through whatever means Government feels as most appropriate. While breaking of ongoing friendship of one with others is very easy to do but building up of the said lost relationship take ages to complete in view of infusion of suspicion into the relationship so maintained earlier. Let LOVE expand everywhere and not engage ourselves in forcing it go through a contraction of it which shall automatically build a distance between each other of us irrespective of entities involved; while exchanging it with each other.          




Monday, February 24, 2014

A Brilliant IDEA gone waste

Upon receiving a call from the Head Quarter of OIL INDIA LTD (Personnel Section) based at Duliajan, Assam to know my mind whether or not I shall join the New Position at Duliajan, the letter for which was issued to me for more than a month and half back; wherein the last date of joining was indicated at 8/7/2004; I replied that I was unaware of it being no communication was made with me either verbally or through forwarding the letter to me by any in this connection. Being overjoyed on getting the information together with seeing of bearing of a fruit of fighting with the management of the Company for almost a decade to transfer me from Rajasthan Project to Assam following completion of ‘Exploratory Drilling Operation’ within the area as per commitment given by the Company prior to my transfer to Jodhpur, Rajasthan from Duliajan, Assam {mainly to look after my ailing Parents as per their desire expressed}; I demanded the letter from GM(RP) who kept it hidden from me, up-to nearer to the time of expiry of joining date and sought an explanation from him for doing so when he replied that no ‘human being’ ever stay in a Company following inflicting of so much humiliation by each and every {men & women alike}; working within an Organization and hence he intended to help me in securing my entire dues hassle free within 24 Hrs including that of withhold salary of mine; if I submit my letter of ‘Early Retirement’ at RP itself which help  might not be extended to me at Duliajan, Assam. He further connected me to acting CVO over Phone to confirm correctness of his deliberation with me; who too agreed to withdraw all lined up Departmental Inquiries against me if I follow the Instruction as stated or desired by GM (RP). While appreciating the words delivered to me as such by any, I said that since it was more of a desire of my Parents to cover their last days at Duliajan staying with me and that as my long fighting for more than decade with the Company had bore fruit at last; I behold a strong of the strongest desire to submit my letter of ‘Early Retirement’ at Duliajan instead of ‘RP’ to cool down my burning HEART to the extent possible. 

However, there suddenly developed a rider. Since the ‘Migration Certificate’ of our son after clearing his Class XII Examination was misplaced {of all Students} during transit without which he cannot take admission into any College and the School Principal too, refused to issue the same to any other; other than directly to the student or to his Parents {even with submission of undertaking on Court Paper}; I was at my wits end what to do being the dead line for submitting the same to the concerned College was just @4 days later than that of my last date of joining  at Duliajan and hence I found a clash of dates of meeting 2 important deadlines within a very short gap.

Accordingly following joining the New Position at Duliajan amidst limitless humiliations; I have submitted my letter for ‘Early Retirement’ and went through the process of facing a Committee set-up for the purpose by GM (O) to convince my decision of doing so as well as of my decision of surrendering of @ 6 months of earned leave in lieu of serving the Company for 3 Months. Accordingly the Company arranged my return Ticket to Jodhpur, Rajasthan to collect the ‘Migration Certificate’ from the School concerned and presented it to the concerned College at Bangalore on the last date of the same as set by the University .Following returning to Jodhpur once again; we sold off almost entire of our house hold items or goods at a throw price and hired a mini Truck to take the leftover to Bangalore where we are staying now.{During the period, our son met with a very serious Road Accident  with multiple fractures in the Head in a Hit & Run Case. When the said vehicle tried to run over his unconscious body for the second time, a local Auto-rickshaw Driver saved his life; breaking one of his legs from which he is still suffering and goes nowhere without me still}.     

Since my visiting of Duliajan, Assam was much different than normal or ordinary; the Company was pre-informed about my schedule of staying just for one day at Duliajan and returning again to ‘RP’ to attend an urgent issue of collecting the ‘Migration Certificate’ of our son from the School concerned. But after reaching Duliajan, when I went to the Guest House to stay for a night; I was told that I being no longer an executive of the Company to entitled to stay in the Guest House, my staying was arranged at the ‘Apprentice’s Hostel which was @ 3 KM away from the Dujiajan Township; which mostly remains empty of occupants unless ‘School Dropped outs’ pay visits to the Company to take free Training as a part of their School curriculum. When I reported therein, I saw no human being around except the cooks but saw nothing much wrong in covering a night alone there; without having a slightest idea about what was stored for me to face in the Hostel.  

While on the way to join the New Position at Duliajan; I met one of my best friends {an Ex OIL employee working at private Sector elsewhere that time} at Kolkata Airport who knew everything about what had befallen upon me; narrating many of the incidences which no 3rd Party supposed to knew of. On facing a query from me how did he know about it; he took the issue into a much different direction through doing of a trick and hurriedly introduced a Group of about 5 persons as his associates { from the look, they were certainly not from NE but from other parts of India} who looked like Criminals in Gentlemen’s dresses. In the same breath, he requested me to stay at Duliajan for few days instead of one day only. On wondering how he came to know about my schedule of visit to Duliajan; he together with the Group vanished from the scene. Considering the incident as normal; I allowed the incident to go off my head.

My first night (7/7/04) in the Apprentice’s Hostel went-off well nonetheless struggled with Bed bugs whole night to get a sleep in view of absence of any adequate care given to the Hostel being built mostly for student Trainees only. In the next day (8/7/04); following my joining Office I was given an attached Car as per Company’s rule to provide such a facility to all employees for the first 3 days of joining in a new Position. On completing all formalities towards receiving P.F as well as submission of the letter of ‘Early Retirement’ letter duly; I had returned to the Hostel after office hours and allowed the Car to break-off; unlike others who prefer to keep the same together with them for off time use.

In the evening time when I intended to call the vehicle back to pay to visit to one my friends {with Hostel totally empty}; I found that the telephone line was suddenly got disconnected and became instantly dead which was a very rare phenomena to happen so at Duliajan with weather condition more than normal at that particular point of time. When I offered a peep or a glance outside; I saw the Criminals introduced to me at Kolkata Airport by my close friend slowly circling around the Hostel in a Brand New Ambassador Car with Number Plate painted Black and one such person in control of the wheel. No sooner I saw them {who had already cut the Telephone line to delay receiving of any message from any through it, if any accident happened to any by any chance}; I sensed danger to my life having automatically all Doors & windows got closed. I took shelter under the Bed where I had fallen asleep. Since them unable to see the attached vehicle around the Hostel to get sure of my presence in the Hostel; they kept knocking all Doors including that of mine one too and later withdrawn presumably after postponing the Task for early next day; exactly alike one of my colleague {late P.K. Saikia} who was shot dead in the early morning while proceeding to the Airport; ignoring my advice to advance the time of proceeding to Airport and was supposed to join me at Jodhpur (RP) on transfer nonetheless I never saw carrying of any arms by them in open.

Being broke-off early; the Driver of the attached Car unable to sleep as if he was continuously hearing my voice of calling him and accordingly he decided to pass the night in the Hostel instead of at home and reported to me just past mid-night. After waking up and after making sure that they are not the Criminals on hearing the sound of the Car; I saw the Driver of the Attached Car, when I ran towards the Car with my small hand beg in one hand and fled from the area losing no time and proceed to Airport where both slept at the Airport’s Car Parking Area inside the vehicle. This is the most Absolute Miracle experienced by me during my life time till date being it duly averted a foolproof Plot drawn up many Brilliant Brains joining hands together to eliminate me reasonless. Since these are facts; all have the right to know it.   





Sunday, February 23, 2014

The hiring attributes of GOOGLE

I am reproducing hereunder an ‘article’ wrote by Thomas L Friedman that carry enough of inner meaning within it to acquire knowledge about ourselves who exactly we are in order to create a rightful environment around ourselves to grow together with time. The ‘article’ is available in the following Link:

Last June, in an interview with Adam Bryant of The New York Times, Laszlo Bock, the senior vice president of people operations for Google – i.e, the guy in charge of hiring for one of the world’s most successful companies - noted that Google had determined that academic results weren’t very important.‘‘[Grade point averages] are worthless as a criteria for hiring, and test scores are worthless ...We found that they don’t predict anything.’’ He also noted that the ‘‘proportion of people without any college education at Google has increased over time’’ - now as high as 14 per cent on some teams. At a time when many people are asking, ‘‘How’s my kid gonna get a job?’’ I thought it would be useful to visit Google and hear how Bock would answer. Don’t get him wrong, Bock begins, ‘‘Good grades certainly don’t hurt.’’ Many jobs at Google require maths, computing and coding skills, so if your good grades truly reflect skills in those areas that you can apply, it would be an advantage. But Google has its eyes on much more.

“There are five hiring attributes we have across the company,’’ explained Bock. ‘‘If it’s a technical role, we assess your coding ability, and half the roles in the company are technical roles. For every job, though, the No. 1 thing we look for is general cognitive ability, and it’s not IQ. It’s learning ability. It’s the ability to process on the fly. It’s the ability to pull together disparate bits of information. We assess that, using structured behavioural interviews, that we validate to make sure they’re predictive.’’

The second, he added, ‘‘is leadership - in particular emergent leadership as opposed to traditional leadership. Traditional leadership is, were you president of the chess club? Were you vice president of sales? How quickly did you get there? We don’t care. What we care about is, when faced with a problem and you’re a member of a team, do you, at the appropriate time, step in and lead. And just as critically, do you step back and stop leading, do you let someone else? Because what’s critical to be an effective leader in this environment is you have to be willing to relinquish power.’’

What else? Humility and ownership.

‘‘It’s feeling the sense of responsibility, the sense of ownership, to step in,’’ he said, to try to solve any problem - and the humility to step back and embrace the better ideas of others. ‘‘Your end goal,’’ explained Bock, ‘‘is what can we do together to problem solve. I’ve contributed my piece, and then I step back.’’ And it is not just humility in creating space for others to contribute, says Bock, it’s ‘‘intellectual humility. Without humility, you are unable to learn''. It is why research shows that many graduates from hotshot business schools plateau. ‘‘Successful bright people rarely experience failure, and so they don’t learn how to learn from that failure,’’ Bock said.

‘‘They, instead, commit the fundamental attribution error, which is if something good happens, it’s because I’m a genius. If something bad happens, it’s because someone’s an idiot or I didn’t get the resources or the market moved ... What we’ve seen is that the people who are the most successful here, who we want to hire, will have a fierce position. They’ll argue like hell. They’ll be zealots about their point of view. But then you say, ’here’s a new fact,’ and they’ll go, ’Oh, well, that changes things; you’re right.’’’ You need a big ego and small ego in the same person at the same time.

The least important attribute they look for is ‘‘expertise’’. Said Bock: ‘‘If you take somebody who has high cognitive ability, is innately curious, willing to learn and has emergent leadership skills, and you hire them as an HR person or finance person, and they have no content knowledge, and you compare them with someone who’s been doing just one thing and is a world expert, the expert will go: ’I’ve seen this 100 times before; here’s what you do.’’’ Most of the time the non expert will come up with the same answer, added Bock, ‘‘because most of the time it’s not that hard’’. Sure, once in a while they will mess it up, he said, but once in a while they’ll also come up with an answer that is totally new. And there is huge value in that.

To sum up Bock’s approach to hiring: Talent can come in so many different forms and be built in so many non-traditional ways today; hiring officers have to be alive to every one - besides brand-name universities. Because ‘‘when you look at people who don’t go to school and make their way in the world, such are exceptional human beings. And we should do everything we can to find those people.’’ Too many universities, he added, ‘‘don’t deliver on what they promise. You generate a tonne of debt; you don’t learn the most useful things for your life. It’s [just] an extended adolescence.’’

Google attracts so much talent it can afford to look beyond traditional metrics, like GPA. For most young people, though, going to university and doing well is still the best way to master the tools needed for many careers. But Bock is saying something important to them, too: Beware. Your degree is not a proxy for your ability to do any job. The world only cares about - and pays off on - what you can do with what you know (and it doesn’t care how you learned it). And in an age when innovation is increasingly a group endeavour, it also cares about a lot of soft skills - leadership, humility, collaboration, adaptability and loving to learn and re-learn. This will be true no matter where you go to work


The Justice!

When I was just about 12 years of age and accompanied my father for a short evening walk around our home at Sivsagar, Assam; my father confronted with a colleague in order to discuss about a particular Subject or matter of mutual interest to both on the Road. As his friend unable to defend himself against a particular question as raised by my father; he replied to my father using a sharp language at a high pitch voice; by virtue of holding of a higher Position in the Office where both were working; which had caused enough of pain in my heart. Upon noticing the reflecting of anger in my face on hearing saying so by his friend to my father; he had stopped me from doing of a force entry into the scene to teach him a lesson how one should behave under an environment of engaging in an act of debate which I duly obliged but unable to sleep for a few nights following the incident. However, from that particular moment of time to till date I had stopped visiting the Street where his (their) house was (is) standing. This is called inflicting of pain by one on the other; even though I was untouched physically but yet is it caused a highest degree of pain in my heart to force me to take the said painful decision without the knowledge of none, all along. Since the friend of my father was much indecent towards his colleague while doing the interaction, the pain inflicted on my father either with knowledge or without knowledge of him need to dissipate in some way; for not  allowing it expand to harm all of us; it was, therefore, arrested by me by keeping the matter within myself. This is the degree of damage even a small bad word used against one can cause; leave apart the execution of a planned harming of an innocent one by the Powerful others based on mare suspicion but in-fact done for securing of a self gain.

In a second similar case, during the year very early 2004; when both my father and me met the erstwhile CVO Mr.D.K.Pathak, IPS of OIL INDIA LTD  at his Office chamber at Friend’s Colony at Delhi to explain to him that the letter of declaration{as submitted to CVO by self} of handing of Rs.10, 000.00 (Rupees Ten Thousand) was written by none other than him only being it was a cash collection during the time of my wife's marriage {to me} during year 1978; as I was dead against of accepting the said collection of fund {which she later used to buy a Plot at Guwahati, Assam duly registering it in her name against which she availed a loan of 4 Lasks to buy a 2 Bed Room DDA Flat at Duwarka, upon my becoming successful in 5 consecutive Computer Draws hold in different times as the Company refused to pay us HBL{House Building Loan} without the Titled of the property is obtained from DDA first which DDA to unable to provide unless the Flat is fully allocated through the final Draw of Computer}; he declared that such questioning of CVO to me were associated matters to support the action of the Government to eliminate the entire family of us; duly organizing a flake encounter of appropriate nature for which he had already received the verbal ORDER from the highest Office of the Country which he bound to abide by to keep his position intact and in high esteem for getting an out of turn Promotion and left the scene in a rush. Even though, the stated communication to him was strictly confidential {but possibly disclosed to us due to remaining under much stress for his wife’s sudden death a week before}, his disclosure of it as such surprised us.

Hence we had gone straight to the court to Notarized the signature of my father at NOIDA, UP; which had unsettled the Plan of the Government or Company to proceed on the matter to execute the action and offered us a poser to flee{being the arrangement was already made with Forensic Lab at Gawahati, Assam to say that the signature of my father was nothing but a forgery done by me to expose me as Criminal , went in vain and hence the representative from the Forensic Lab remained kept mum during the time of second concurrent Departmental Inquiry} and hence we are still remaining alive nonetheless the Company forcefully took away the DDA Flat on demand from us followed by taking away other various properties or valuables in view of keeping withhold the release of my P.F. by more than 2 years. The outcome or result of it; although was not borne by me directly being assault was duly repulsed {nonetheless I had lost my father soon thereafter unable to bear the pain so inflicted upon by a Powerful one on the innocent others}; but the Nature ignited a dance of destruction in all its forms; unable to withstand the cruelty inflicted by one on the innocent others. Since the Company mostly cruelly denied participation of any representative or Lawyer to represent the Case on my behalf ; we unable to find any parallel in holding any such Inquiry anytime anywhere within the Globe ever; through taking away the Natural Justice as entitled from an innocent one to make the Inquiry null & void in the eye of the Law.                                             

The one who can able to see the pain of others which is (are) hidden inside for whatever reason but born out of offering of neglect by one on the innocent others, is called either a Noble Judge or a noble Leader. While the pain one is inflicted upon one through doing of an injury for whatever reason to the heart of him or her; is beyond compensation being no supply of material objects of any nature can ever elevate such suffering of one; the physical injury of one might possibly be compensated through offering of a look after if the heart is not hurt. Ignoring of such suffering of one is inhuman and bound to effect self (Human Spice) in one form or the other to suffer immensely for our such acts in due course of time; more especially as and when the sufferer failed to get Justices from Institutions that established to address such issues of one.

From birth to till date; I never spent a single penny from my Parents except the LOVE which were continuously showering upon me by both but grown up taking tuitions and securing various scholarships from the Government as well as getting of rewards for solving various complex issues arisen from time to time amongst the various Communities living together in a wider area without fighting Legal battles in Courts which often take inordinate time to get a verdict. Even though sitting on File is a heinous Crime, much worse than that of taking part in a Crime itself; we prefer to sit on these still to extract a self gain to one forcefully. Accordingly until & unless we understand repercussion of such actions of us and act over it appropriately; there is little chance that we can ever grow ourselves furthermore. Therefore, in order to live ourselves; we must embrace contraction of ourselves {instead of expansion} to consider oneself as nothing but ‘I’ ONLY to look after it. Therefore, we welcome the desire of Mr.Rahul Gandhi to resolve such pending issues at the shortest possible time through issuing of an Ordinance by the Government. 



Thursday, February 20, 2014

My Dear Rahul,

Late Rajiv Gandhi was a Great of the Greatest Leader ever born within us who is beyond facing a death through doing of an assassination by vested interests; even though he is physically unavailable within us to do an interaction to respect the Law of Nature. We are intensely painful still towards the act of doing the assassination of him much reasonless. Although he was at equidistance from Government of Sri-lanka and Tamil Tigers; both saw him in suspicion exactly like the members of his own Party when it was decided that unless 1/3rd of the members of a particular Party together seek to detach or intends to break away from the main Party for whatever reason; all such members shall lose their respective LS membership which has stopped the mass migration of one from one’s Parent Party { as and when one offers to bear a cost of purchasing him or her} to the other in order to secure a self gain; instead of doing of delivery to the Country we all behold together. Even though it is effective to a large extent till date; such ‘ill-will’ of one towards the Country is still continuing although such entities are representatives of the Public. This is the length of gap, we are maintaining between the Representative of Public and the Public itself; ignoring mandatory fact that no such gap exist in a Democratic Set-up.

When Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated with his work towards the Country half done; he desired that none of killers be punished but yet we had gone against his desire to ensure that none ever engage in such act as a part of one’s daily routine to live together within us. Since Late Rajiv Gandhi was too killed with his work towards the Nation half done, Tamil Tiger no longer exist now; as its direct outcome of executing a wrongful act; taking intense pain by the entire. This is called Law of the Nature which none can avoid facing the consequence of such acts of one.        

The Pain or punishment we offer to one has two Centres of absorbing of it. One is outside which is physical in nature that might cause bleeding from the body; the other is internal which directly affects the mind and the heart of one who is suffering from it. There are limitless examples when ordinary entities became great of the Greatest when the second aspect is nullified through doing of a sincere apology to the one; whom he or she had inflicted an injury or caused harm reasonless. While the first aspect can be seen from outside; the second aspect is invisible but infinitely powerful than the former. It is, therefore, of utmost importance that we never neglect any issue with regard to the concerned of any Convict. A waiting of 11 years to hear their plea is much more culpable than the wrong done by the Convicts and hence SC is more than correct to consider the Statement of the Government as an act as if ‘it is considering itself above Law’ for not taking into account the second aspect that constitutes causing of much more pain to one.

As far as the action of Government of Tamil Nadu is concerned; we feel that it took the decision to free the entire convicts to secure a self gain than going deep into the issue to release all the Convicts instead of the said three first; following a short cut method which is outright wrong for not following a proper procedure; even though it might have attracted the same or similar treatment. Since it is a matter of concerning of upholding of Law of the Land against arbitrary decision of one to act on the matter alone without doing of due consultation with all; it too became an act more than equal or similar to the one done by the Centre to offer an unjustified explanation to the SC. For doing so for the overall good of the masses; we can walk over all Laws that govern it; the others must secure concurrence from all or else it shall soon turn into a serious ailment of us to spread everywhere. Therefore, in short we must try our best to cut the time of offering Justice by one to the other to bare minimum and make a habit of sitting over it either to enjoy a pleasure out of doing so or to display one’s Power over the other; since it is directly related to setting the destiny of the creation itself.

If the central Government feels, it is wrong to do so; various options are available with it to challenge the decision of the Government of Tamil Nadu. Since self too is a victim of various worst of the worst assaults inflicted upon me {both physically & mentally} reasonless; my pain is undertaken by the entire Universe being I loved the entire equally as well as intensely, living within it either seen or unseen, {either big or small} without doing of differentiation between each other which forced it to bled profusely unstopped since for a decade and a half and yet all preferring to ignore all my prayers to various Authorities empowered to take action on the matter; to ensure that enjoyment of offering of pain to one keeps continuing in one’s heart. Therefore, I am well aware of the ferocity of such inflicting of pain by one on the other.

Since it is not the end of the issue, we pray Mr.Rahul not to undertake any pain in the heart as late Rajiv Gandhi is still alive in the Sky above. I had lost both my ‘Father’ and ‘Mother’ with me staying much away from them; taking much of agony and pain, in view of scarcity of Fund with me to undertake any travelling to see them; other than remaining indoor exactly alike now; even though both kept murmuring my name for a month long time in Hospital Bed nonetheless both are absorb by me. You too desiring a grant of freeness to the Convicts but intended to follow the appropriate procedure to do so {to stop repeating of it by other too; to owe the voters in Election time}; considering the time we are walking through at present and the time when late Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated being vastly different from each other if we do a comparison.

Furthermore, the said act was carried out; out of misunderstanding rather than to take revenge out of any wrong action undertaken against Tamil Tiger which in-fact was reverse to reciprocate Love between each other with some extra time allowed in between. To cite a miniature example; just remember the show or display of prompt of the promptest action undertaken by INDIA to free Maldives from falling into wrong hands when late Rajiv Gandhi was PM of INDIA.                

Monday, February 17, 2014

Is it a sign of Dance of Destruction?

Even though we all discussed the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh thread bare to bring the matter to the knowledge of the entire Public more particularly to those who are living within the State as well as to all others who are living within the Country; so that no Political Party (Parties) either individually or together; take advantage of the situation to prove themselves to the innocent Public the such Party(ties) are the actual representative of the Public to desire a wellbeing of the State or to display one’s false Love towards the State in particular  and to the Country in general which is supreme than that of others in the line; through infusing of ‘poison’ to well intended desire of the entire us to bring peace and growth everywhere within the Country without falling prey to other ideologies; notwithstanding the fact that it is not the exact time to implement the idea with Election for next LS Election around the corner. While the last agitation was seen within the Parliament, which has now expanded to outside to mislead the entire us about the degree of sacrifice the State need to offer if the bifurcation is taken place which is in-fact a reverse interpretation of securing of a gain not only to the State but to the entire Country as a whole. The one who is sound financially by virtue of amassing of fortune to oneself without duly earning it; is leading forces to Delhi to meet with yet another desire of getting further rich at the cost of the innocent General Public. 

The expansion of Naxal activity within the Country is going on unabated with very little of or no rĂ©sistance whatsoever from the entire us out of our neglect towards them; are well known to the entire us. Exactly for this particular reason we have bifurcated three States earlier which instead of killing the issue, it has further deteriorated the situation by forcing expanding the running ORDER to come into a halt instead of allowing it to flow at these areas too at most ease; so that none is left out to touch the sweetness of Democracy under an atmosphere of ‘peace & tranquillity’ of all nature between both Sections of us and formed through our living together. The settlement of such or similar issues are so simple that if we offer a single step towards for the wellbeing of them; they shall advance ten steps towards us with hatred absent in their hearts to embrace the outcome but yet we have failed to attract them still by doing such or similar exercise as aforesaid.

The entire stretch of area from ‘Rudrapur’ to ‘Nainital’ at UP was known as a most dangerous Naxal infected area with none ever able to visit the place at night time but self while on way to visit the Drilling Location{Loc. GKBA} past mid night to resolve a issued faced by Drilling Rig; had ignored the exchange of continuous firing between the Army and the hard core Naxals; but had successfully negotiated a Peace settlement between both Parties by offering a little of LOVE towards them in addressing some minor issues as faced by them, with assistance from none which area, I hope is a Naxal free now. Under a similar situation in Assam at Bagapani area near Tinsukia, when the entire fleet of Drilling Rigs of ‘OIL INDIA LTD’ were captured by the Locals and Government {both Centre & State} failed to arrive at a negotiated settlement for @ 3 months time which forced the Company {OIL} to suffer huge loss, self alone settled the issue with assistance from none. Such matters are nonetheless that delicate in nature but are very easy to resolve if we approach the issue with little of LOVE in our hearts towards the aggrieved.         

Seeing of giving of various communal colours by various Political Parties to the said effort on the part of the Central Government while search to secure of permanent into the issue to offer benefit to the Country in general and to the State in particular; through taking of part on the exercise exactly alike by the entire us; we now believe that this is not the exact time to act on the matter for creating a separate State for ‘Talangana’ with limitless vested interests sitting at the spot. We fully understand the sincere effort put-in by the Government to transform the said dream of us into reality, taking advantage of the geological location of the area but without the support of the Local population, the Government cannot even take a single step forward in resolving the issue through adopting the rule of ‘give & take’ to share various facilities as entitled by the entire us by virtue of the our same citizenship of the Country.

There are sufficient proofs that we are duly ignoring the fact that if the approach is successful, AP shall be the highest gainer which we prefer to sidestep through exciting the minds of the Common General Public to derail the approach, so made by us through creating or infusing of all natures of disorders or hatred into the System. Accordingly we doubt whether or not we are citizen of the Country or followers of destructive elements that are abundantly available everywhere around us to destabilize the Region. We must understand that the Power drawn from the barrel of Gun can never produce a result in resolving such issues pertaining to responding to the calls from one’s heart and hence certainly depends upon how we approach such issues with some LOVE in one’s heart towards the good of the deprived others while living together within us; due to falling victim to various promises made by various Political Parties during time Election to reduce the Gap to nil.  




Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Pricing of GAS at KG Basin

All State or Government owned Companies are bound by very strict rules to become successful in Drilling in Exploratory areas as granted to it by the Government where taking of risk is a order of the day being the formations encountered while drilling are often unknown which require making of frequent deviations from normal procedures to become successful in Exploration within a particular area as assigned to it through carrying out successful Drilling of wells up-to the Target depth. In ‘Tanot Area’ at the district of Jaisalmer’; ONGC attempted to drill many wells for nearly 25 years{during the base year 1989} without success, due to complex nature of formations encountered during Drilling Operation; being the area was located nearer to ‘Sui Gas Field’ in Pakistan, so also ‘OIL’ while doing so but for a few years. Accordingly, I was transferred to ‘Rajasthan Project’ during late 1989 to supervise the Field where Drilling Operation was carried out by a hired Drilling Rig operated by ‘Deutag’, a German Company having a fleet of about 250 Rigs all across the Globe. Being within the area, I took the opportunity of looking after both the operations of ‘OIL’ as well as ‘ONGC’ {indirectly} to drill rest of all wells successfully {with100% Success}.

The ‘Rig move’ time allowed to the contractor was 30 days between 2 Locations as per contract which too was found short by the contractor for moving 2500 HP rig within time due to bad condition of Roads. After I took over; I taught the Contractor, the trick of moving the Rig in just 5/ 6 day’s time instead of stipulated 30 days. While it saved 25 days of idle time of the Rig to earn more by the contractor; ‘OIL’ too could able to drill an extra well (the deepest well} saving a handsome of @10 cr. amount to the Company by drilling the said extra well within the currency of the same contract wherein both parties gained {The Company had stopped hiring another rig to drill the said well}. Following expiry of the Contract; we switched to all Indian Contractors with Rupee payment option. This is called mutual benefit earned by both the Contractor as well as by the Company.

As far as pricing of Gas at KG Basin is concerned; since Reliance Industries is an Indian Company; our choosing to pay the Contractor in Dollars is possibly wrong. Furthermore, hiking of Gas price after a gap is dangerous as the Contractor concerned shall try its best to hide facts about holding of production from the wells from the Government to increase the profit margin or deviate from the procedure from the normal pattern of production of Gas by the operator to secure a gain. While it is not exactly an afar decision by a particular contractor {being it might possibly be followed by all everywhere under such a situation or having such an arrangement}; it might damage the Field to a large extent which is a direct loss of the National wealth; even though we might able to compensate it through drilling more wells in and around the area. However, if the operator is engaging Rigs from abroad, asking for Dollar payment towards bearing its cost may be justified as a part of payment option agreement with the Contractor.

ONGC & OIL are PSUs. Therefore, whatever sum incurred by the Government for maintaining the said two entities shall return to the Country or to the Tax Payers either as cash or commodity; spent under the Hawkeye of CAG. However, in case of Reliance, the Profit earned by it, is beyond Scrutiny by any Government Agencies to know of how and for what purpose it is being used. China adopted exactly the same strategy to fund all Business Houses in its own currency, irrespective of whether or not it is Big enough to build huge Foreign Reserve in the tune of ‘Trillions’ for the purpose of claiming a Powerful Position within Globe Financially; which however worked reverse to force the entire us to face the current situation or consequence of it everywhere within the Globe. Earlier Reliance or its sister Concern too intended to use the Fund for its expansion. Such allowing of desire of one to expand limitlessly not only bad to oneself but is a threat to the entire humanity being it is nothing but granting of a Power to an outside entity with the backing from the concerned Government. Since it is an elementary knowledge; it requires no further elaboration.                                                           

Once the M.O.U is signed we are govern by it up-to the length of time, we had indicted mutually to do so for doing of a Business. Therefore, all those who were or are involved in the matter are answerable for ignoring the basic requirement that govern doing of a Business between two Parties of whatever nature to cause us damage which is beyond repair. By saying so, we (I) are criticizing ourselves (myself) only and none else for ignoring the well health of ourselves (self) to remain sound all the time, standing on one’s feet. This is certainly an act exactly opposite to that of the action taken against a particular wireless Operator most recently by us.  


Thursday, February 13, 2014

The 2nd assassination of the Father of the Nation

There often exist compulsions on the part of the Government to act on certain issues without conducting of a pre or proper discussion or doing of a consultation with all the members of the Parliament including that one’s own members of the Party for the overall good of the Nation with a view to strike a noble deal to bridge a gap between two sections of us {the ones who are deprived of their basic needs and the others who are living a lavish lives on the cost of ordinary us}. In order to fight this cause in one way or the other; we have earlier created a good numbers of additional States  within various States within the Country; notwithstanding the fact that we unable to achieve the desired result for which these States were created; due to invasion of vested interests into the scene either to further deteriorate the situation to gain a political mileage out of it by causing the conflict of interest go widen instead of removing the current or existing of many manmade barriers within us to divide ourselves to limitlessly, instead of extending of a helping hand by each and every one of us to resolve the issue. This is painful to see happening so once again, although we are aged enough to understand the implication of it but yet we are used to derive pleasures in doing so for one reason or the other to gain a self benefit.
The current attempt of creating of two States out of one is being done neither to gain a Political mileage out of the exercise as planned nor to weaken the State from which it is bifurcated. Therefore, we unable to understand why and for what purpose; we are agitating against the decision of the Central Government for implementing a well thought out Program? The vastness or a bigger border of a State never speaks the good health of a particular area we called as ‘State’ but it depends upon how we manage it. So long we renounce our habits of stealing of wealth from Common General Public that are earned by us; putting hard of the hardest labour; through resorting to various wrongful means with the knowledge of none, the State bound to prosper irrespective of revenue collected by it from the Public through various means. In other words, if all States joined together we may not even see a small Growth of ourselves if we continue to engage in Corruption of all Nature which is beyond count. As far as collection of revenue by the State is concerned it shall automatically jumped many times over, if the Leaders sincerely LOVE the Public living within the State of Andhra Pradesh and not engage in Corruptions as cited to steal all such wealth collected from us.
Since ‘Telangana’ is considered as the midpoint of the conflict of our interest {of doing of an expansion of either Democracy & communism, the Country is facing at present}, the State is, therefore, chosen by us to win over the leftover section of us by hook or crook to walk together with minimum of resistance offered of whatsoever nature from either side before it becomes too late for us to act on the issue through casting a doubt on our ‘aim & objective’; of the Government in doing so. It is not a pool promise; we are going to meet with but we are following a noble mission to complete so that we understand us fully and for the good of the entire us.
We earlier thought that there shall be some nature of Central rule either directly or indirectly to the State; which shall provide us a strong base for the entire of us to embrace each other under a most congenial atmosphere; but it too is lost forever now; being its value fully diluted or poisoned. We all know how al-Qaida was born out of nowhere; in view of such offering of neglect on a matter of utmost interest factor of expanding ourselves by joining hands with each other and not drawing of distance between each other for whatsoever reason; exactly alike what we are doing now through misunderstanding the issue. The Country of Nepal is too in at the edge due to this reason. We are too half in and half out of the situation.    
But it shocked us the most to see a reverse outcome of the issue in the current session of the Parliament; when we all {the entire Country} became a ‘laughing stock’ in front of the entire Globe that prompt us to choose one form of Government over the others in holding or maintaining a distorted ORDER intact somehow in order to bring it back the situation to normal in due course of time after understanding ourselves, what wrong we did to ourselves earlier with or without the knowledge of us. We, therefore, condemn all such incidences of showing of strength by one over the others which had happened within a noble of the noblest Institution{where utmost decency is only welcome and nothing else} that we salute every morning to feel ourselves proud of, in holding it for the entire day.
Since it is worst than embracing the ideology of al-Qaida; we pray all Political Parties to chose their respective Candidates most carefully; so that such incidences are not repeated anytime anywhere in future in any form and manner; even though ‘Evil’ is already let loose by us. We have no doubt assassinated our most beloved Mahatma Gandhi; the Father of the Nation for the second time to derive a pleasure to oneself, forcefully injecting a negative value to the Country which can never be compensated in any time in future; no matter what action we do or undertake to restore it; which was done through the act just executed in front of entire us. Let us stop exciting the minds of the Public through such action of us. This is not LOVE expressed towards one’s State or Country but igniting of hatred within us to fight with each other.     

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Gas Field at KG Basin

A virgin OIL or GAS Field can never attract sand ingression and other associated problems; unless the producer of Gas from the field resort to either  ignore to follow the normal procedure while producing Gas from the Field or kept the health of the Field secret from the Government for reason best known to the Producer. Since DGH on behalf of the Government announced the potential of the Field so discovered by the Reliance Industries prior to starting of the commercial Production; we are at our wit’s end to find the exact reason on the part of both DGH as well as on the part of Reliance Industries what had forced both entities to announce opinions which are contradictory to each other to draw a correlation between two claims made by two separate Bodies on the same Subject; in view of huge mismatch between the estimate so disclosed by DGH {which was arrived at after doing of thorough & deep study of the Reverse so discovered by Reliance in KG Basin with that of actual capability of the wells so drilled within the area} and subsequent claim by Reliance Industries. Furthermore, the announcement of DGH about the high calibre of the Field had hugely influenced the pricing of ‘Share’ of Reliance Industries at the ‘Stock Market’ through attracting enough of funding from various financial ventures from all across the Globe. If the Reliance is contesting the announcement so made by Government Source (DGH) at a later date, who was the gainer of the Fund that was duly collected from limitless innocents from all across the Globe based on the Statement made by DGH?  

The entire Middle East was developed by Western Counties as far as search for Hydrocarbon is concerned; none of the wells so drilled by such Counties or Oil Companies ever tried to kill any except the one Iraq did it at Kuwait; as and when the Management of the same were handed over to the respective Governments by the various western Companies on taking over. This is a basic standard followed by all Business Houses of repute from all across the Globe without an exception.

‘Oil India Ltd’ was a joint venture Industry with 51% share beholds by B.O.C until it was taken over by Government of India during the year 1984 to become a PSU with nothing changed as far as culture of the Company is concerned except that of the ownership. By virtue of my built-in character; following joining OIL, I was allowed to visit all Departments; apart from looking after all Drilling & Work-over Wells owned by ‘OIL’ as and when necessary to resolve various daily issues being faced by the Company which was however later reduced to looking after just ‘one well’ prior to my leaving the Company under extra ordinary circumstances. My job description was therefore never ever changed throughout my service Career.

While I was posted at Duliajan, Assam, the production from ‘Kharsang Field’ was reduced to below ‘Economy’ level to keep the Field alive due to heavy ingression of sand in the flow path of oil & gas up-to inside the Production String; {following ignoring my suggestion of stopping it, to continue maintaining the Field with handsome Profit earned} the Company decided to offer the Field to a 3rd Party on a profit sharing basic. M/S Enron was the only bidder for the Field. But on a through scrutiny by both Geological & Production Group of Enron based as USA, it was decided to turn down the offer, overruling the advice of Indian counterpart. Since the Indian Section was headed by an ex-CMD of OIL {with whom I had remarkable relationship}; I was requested by him to give a small presentation to the Group {24 Experts on the line} who came to Delhi to discuss the matter before announcing its decision of closing the bidding for the Field. No sooner I pointed out the wrongful approach adopted earlier by us; the expert committee instantly accepted the offer to take the Field. Since I never paid any 2nd visit to the Company; I believed that it had made enough of Profit together with ‘OIL’. Therefore, the controlling of Sand ingression is that simple to bring it to under control without cutting short of any value or capacity of wells or the life of the wells.

Let us cite another 2 examples. The ‘Blow-out’ well owned by BP at Gulf of Mexico was producing @1, 00,000.00 barrels of oil per day which reduced to zero due to forced fracturing of formation underground or migration of it on allowing the well to build-up excessive pressure of beyond 6000 PSI at well Head. The similar was the case when a high calibre well had faced a premature death at the time of killing the ‘Oil Well’ at Khumchi at Arunachal Pradesh while trying to control a ‘Blow-out’ by the personnel of OIL.  

If it is a trend of to-day of fooling an innocent one by the expert other; there is no way we can ever escape from it; other than surrendering ourselves to the mercy of our fate. We earlier believed that all of us have some degree of belongingness to the Country to see it Grow; but it is in-fact a reverse way of expressing the same otherwise, to the others about the amount of LOVE we bear towards the good of the Country and not LOVE its wealth only for one’s self gain. Accordingly we don’t like to offer any Opinion towards legality or illegality about the matter of filing of FIRs at Delhi by AAP for addressing the matter by the Government of Delhi; as all citizens within the Country have to face its repercussion.       





Sunday, February 9, 2014

Why the larger participation of Younger Generation is a must to set the Destiny of us?

GOD is one; so also we, even though we are living assorted all over the Globe to form a single Object or entity we called as ‘Human being’{being each one of us is inside each one of us nonetheless all are carrying different characters which prompt us to consider or assume that each Individual is different from the other} yet we unable to understand this simple fact and consequently we are smart enough to pick a fight with each other citing limitless so called reasons to derive a benefit to oneself duly snatching it from others; without putting slightest effort on the part of us to earn it through doing of labour of whatsoever nature except forcing the Brain to work reverse to attract much of disorder within us to dislodge the relationship we bear with each other, instead of trying our best to allow or assist the current flowing ORDER run at most ease within us; which is stagnating everything everywhere within the Globe being it is same everywhere and is not running differently for each and every Country that is existed or covering us within the Globe as we are forced to believe-in but it is existing or available everywhere flowing equitably within us for the purpose of holding the same in order  over a period of time; in case it is put under excessive pressure reasonless by any for whatever reason. Even though the entire Globe is under turmoil; India is relatively calm and quite. 

The development of ‘Lust’ by one is a very serious ailment of one to cause or force one to go mad; for securing of the said particular Object or for meeting of this particular desire of one. Once one is fallen prey to it, no law shall ever work to stop the affected person either male or female from engaging-in the said act over and over again to meet his or her never ending thirst of securing it by hook or crook; notwithstanding the fact that such desires of one shall sank the personality to the lowest level to acquire nothing in one’s life. Since Independence; we kept ourselves engaged in doing of Corruptions so much so that; we now continue to loot none but ourselves only through adopting all available means to keep our minds & body under some rest than forcing it to remain in a restless state if the desire so sought is not meet with.

In a Democratic Institution; we consider Capitalism is a part and parcel of it; as all such wealth generated by any using any rightful means are lawful as well as legitimate in the eye of the entire us {for generating wealth and creating of jobs for all}; apart from such wealth acting as a catalyst to allow the flow of fund within us more at ease being the method and way of earning of such wealth are known to all and hence is an integral part of the Economy. This is how we generate wealth or add more to it. The income disparity within us shall always be there. It is, however. more to keep alive the competition amongst us through acquiring of knowledge to ourselves; apart from seeing each day as different from the other as far as style of living of us is concern with no ‘ill will’ build in one’s mind towards any for whatever reason. The moment we understand the various constrain and compulsions of all to live a different life by each than others by virtue of short comings of one over the other; we become leaned enough to absorb the sweetness of living together. The liberty as offered to one is one of the mail tools to withhold as well as withstand it.  

Being within the System for the last 65 years; we are all become accustomed to it to live a life to oneself only, more by misusing one’s Power & Position than doing of a delivery to the most others who are struggling their entire lives just to meet their basic needs to live a simple life while living together within us in view of our considering them much different from the wealthy us than considering them as a part and parcel of us without knowing the fact that unless they too grow together we shall continue to remain half alive only to deprive ourselves of the knowledge of what is called drawing of ‘Joy’ to oneself out of nothing or from nowhere.  

The Younger Generation of us yet to develop the said ‘Lust’ as a part of one’s character that might destruct us further into trillions of tiny parts; closing all options to know of, for what purpose we are here in Planet Earth, {or available in standing upright in Space} following a strict ORDER under the warm of the warmest Care of Mother Nature while maintaining our Journey unbroken into the infinity individually by each of us. Even though we are looked separated from each other by virtue of knowledge as beholds by one; or considering the places and positions as assigned to one {to develop as one through gathering of experience}; without breaking the in-built relationship with each other to form a single entity we called as ‘Human Being’. Once we understand it; the rest shall automatically immerged into the self to provide us limitless opportunities to grow together as none but one. We must able to undertake the pain of others who are deprived of meeting their basic needs to cover their respective lives under ‘fun and joy’ due to our development of Lust for earning elicit fund. This however is absent in younger minds.

To become wealthy through doing of a labour is ‘just and fair’ in order to create additional wealth that remained untouched earlier due to our ignorance about putting such objects for our daily use but holding or storing such wealth without the knowledge of others is a highest degree injury one can inflict on the other; as such efforts on the part of us shall put the Economy under much stress and strain due to development of limitless voids within it. Under such circumstances; the Economy everywhere either struggle to survive or face a premature death to force every one of us {except a selected few} to live under either intense hunger or fall prey to false scarcity of everything created by vested interests. This bound to be the result, if we infuse ‘fear’ in the minds of every one of us to face punishment if one gets caught for whatever reason. If this is TRUTH, we are certainly and surely running away from resolving the issue nonetheless it no doubt shall satisfy the minds of those who are sufferers from the cause temporarily but once it is known to us, what is causing us to undertake so much of pain; there shall be no time for us to act on anything to retrieve the situation.

It is therefore important that the entire Younger Generation take active part in the forthcoming LS Election to decide the Fate of the Country in particular and to issue guidance or direction to the Globe in general; how working together can change the course of our destiny to acquire the rightful which is duly earned by one to live ourselves with lost value and dignity retained through execution of such an exercise by us together. I am an apolitical person but yet I might involve myself in some way or the other to provide support as and when necessary to turn this option into reality.

Mr.Rahul Gandhi is innocent, frank, and straightforward and bears enough of LOVE towards the GOOD of the Country. The main advantage of him is that he is not yet caught in Camera {being clean} by any vested interest to blackmail him to invade the System with notice of none to continue looting us.