Sunday, December 29, 2013

A Simple Fact

There sometime exits certain situation, when one can grow from a most ordinary to a Powerful King without carrying much of value by oneself but often acquired it using tact and manipulating various events that confront us every moment while walking alone or together into the unknown future. Such a personality is called a self made person who may be either Good or bad in establishing TRUTH over falsehood; depending upon how the entity treat the others who are much less privileged to raise their voices against any wrong doing by one on the others. However, there are some gifted ones who are born to serve the Public from the time they born and until the time they embrace death irrespective of where, how and under what circumstances they are born and brought up within us.   

A mare closure of a ongoing Case filed against any for whatever reason in view of non availability of appropriate evidences never kill one’s conscience as well as aim of the ‘mind’ or the ‘desire’ of one that one wants to fulfil; which always grow together automatically with passage of time with entire objectives remaining intact to deliver an equivalent equal to the reduced value which he or she beholds in viewing various circumstances; while resolving various issues running concurrently with us. Hitler is the best example to cite the accurateness of the said ‘Thinking’ or ‘Assumption’ of us. Therefore, any obstacle(s) that might come into one’s path of growth in transforming such desire(s) into reality is often crushed with ‘Iron hand’ leaving no trace whatsoever of doing any such ‘heinous crime’ against the humanity to get caught.

Whereas we are often short of evidences to prosecute the Criminals being expert on the line to carry out a perfect job of killing or eliminating innocent Public, we feel free to do the reverse of prosecuting the innocents amasses even without a single witness available who agree with charges so framed against one. As we are frequently breaking such Natural Justices, one always enjoys while living together with us; we are facing the present or current after effect everywhere. The Great General Public must accordingly ensure that their desires are not go waste or be aware of prevailing situation that is prevailing within us so that none is fallen into this trap.

Anything we do which is not normal or much away from the procedure is called ‘Corruption’ which is done with an intention of a self gain. Therefore all adulterations we do of whatever nature are nothing but corruption. As and when a gram of cereal is turn into a kg through adding substitutes, we are adopting the highest degree of corruption to kill our health amasses everywhere through the act for earning elicit Fund to one. As far as following of an ORDER is concerned to keep intact a System, it is a must for not to break the Natural flow by all; like the ante who never renounced the set ORDER for collective Food for the entire to remain alive together exactly alike the bees and so on without a limit. In the name of releasing the entire General Public from remaining under capture; we cannot allow any disorder to invade the System which if we allow to happen shall kill the entire us due to feeling of insecurity by one from the other or vice versa.  

Since it is the aged generation who are responsible for destroying the ‘Nature’; we call upon the entire younger Generation to face this manmade challenge head-on in order to retrieve the situation somehow and allow the entire live together once again under an atmosphere of intense ‘LOVE’ amongst each other; living all around us.



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