Wednesday, December 18, 2013

For Beating of Deep Recession!

A movement or an uprising is not always connected with meeting of a Political desire of one but it is often set into motion to make all of us aware of the current or present situation that is prevailing within an area irrespective of whether or not it is a State or a Country or the entire Globe. The movement led by Mahatma Gandhi was responsible for making free the Country from bondage but the aim was cut short by the painful bifurcation of us to face a continuous turbulence for our rightful existence in holding our respective positions till date. The movement led by late Jayprakash Narayan to overhaul our Political System failed to deliver the exact to see a transformation of us through our offering of neglect to after effects. The current movement led by Anna Hazare is nonetheless correct as far as ‘aim and objective’ is concerned but keeping the environment untouched and away from the scene is ‘puzzle some’ to attract a doubt whether or not such a step of us shall ever produce a result on our behalf or it shall create more confusion within us in absence of rightful approaches in handling the issue which is hunting the entire Globe.

Therefore, we must see or ensure that a young Leader {A mild person with a big heart having enough of LOVE towards the Good of the entire Country} must take charge of the Country to sail through the current complexities as faced by the Country due to engaging in mass corruption in each and every transaction we are doing either for the well being of the entire us or for living our lives comfortably enough within the entire Country; leaving the poor section of us high and dry.    

The life and death of each and every object is a must or certain that are living within the Universe including that of others living outside of it which none can avoid with some variation of duration or span of life depending upon how carefully one is maintaining it without raising a conflict of interest with Nature that govern the entire. The Economy of a System or flow of an automatic inner ORDER as available within each and every Object which is different for each and every object and is always under constant flow within one to maintain such Objects in its place with position intact through engagement of all{ either seen or unseen} while existing within the Space. While within the Human Body, its circulating System of the Blood which is maintaining this ORDER with a single source of supply from the heart; carrying a motto of LOVE towards each and every cell within the Body to maintain or to keep one’s body healthy all the time during the entire lifespan of one with the exception of catching of decay over time while covering one’s lifetime from birth to death. The Global Monetary System determines the health of the entire human Spice living within the Globe under the loving embrace of Mother Earth either to face falling sick or run ourselves smoothly; maintaining a strong health of the entire.

Therefore, the illicit collection of fund beyond one’s limit is a deterrent to the flow of Fund at ease within the System that might however allow an individual to demand a status within the Society but are unjust acts on the part of the ones who are doing so; unless the funds so acquired by one is earned through legitimate means. Notwithstanding the fact that both good and bad characters must be available within the system, being it shall otherwise lost the equilibrium to maintain an entity under existence ; we must be smart enough to allow good to prevail over the bad but when good too opt to do a similar to earn easy Money through engaging in Corruptions, the said ORDER shall break down sooner than later to force the flow to run haphazardly with limitless voids within it to fall victim to stokes at any moment apart from running an ailing body. This is what the function of Economy is within a particular periphery or area.

By doing of a measurement of each and every activity of us; we are allowing such funds to flow at ease and not allowing it to become stagnate. While some objects in some area remaining unattended without attracting any value towards it, the same is considered valuable elsewhere after duly doing of a measurement. This is how to add strength to the System to ensure better flow of fund within us so that none is untouched to derive a benefit from it.  

Now that our work culture has drastically changed either for good or bad to maintain the current Economy in ORDER; we must look for other inputs from where the said flow is restored to remain intact once again as it was earlier through implementing inputs which can act as intermediate sources to provide the current lethargic Economy to gain strength in steps. The loss or gain as well as the debt or richness can never influence the establishment of the lost flow or order other than putting the Common General Public into more inconvenience, who are in fact responsible for creating a flawless Economy .Therefore we must think differently how best we can use the current resources attaching separate values. If the above analysis is correct, the more tough laws we are enacting to control the Economy, the more bad shape it shall take in view of withdrawing of funds by each and every individual who are considered wealthy within us through keeping such funds idle for ensuring not to face loss in near future.

No individual Country should try to accumulate Funds earned by virtue of whatever reason being the entire shall suffer through such steps of us. When one section of the Globe is dead; the Earth shall face a paralysis for its own wrong doings.  

{NOTE: The write-up was first wrote on 09/07/2012 and presented for publication on webpage of BBC but reproduced with further clarification added} 

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