Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The misconception about Aadhaar

The way engaging in an act of Sex is not LOVE {When we say, we LOVE the air that we are continuously using while taking of breath to remain alive; we bound to feel hurt as and when it strike hard against an obstruction of any nature; on fearing that is might too got injured while duly performing its duty reasonless while remaining as a current by deciding a flow pattern}, the Aadhaar is neither an invitation to the outsiders to become a Citizen of the Country nor a Power given to one who possess it to demand his or her status as a Citizen of the Country but it is just a tool devised by us to avoid doing of duplication by one deliberately, to acquire elicit wealth by one. There exits nothing without an opposite available. If we absorb the negative of everything with the positive side buried; there is no way we can ever able to achieve growth of ourselves of any nature while walking together into an unknown future by us. Accordingly; if Aadhaar is available to everyone living within the Country we can instantly find whether or not one is adopting duplication of any nature while doing of any transaction of any nature from financial to claiming of Citizenship without a limit of list.

If any is claiming a false citizenship using whatever means; the concern personality can never go to any other area through changing his or her name either to claim Citizenship through use of Proxy or avail any benefits which are given free or subsidised in any form or manner; once caught by any Agency; set-up for the purpose. Therefore, the introduction of Aadhaar shall hugely discourage migration of any Individual from one Country to another to take advantage of such services to live-in which often work as an anchor to spread one’s ‘ill will’ towards the innocent others; since snatching of property by one from the others using this particular route is often rare without being caught. Notwithstanding the fact that it too leave a loophole in the System to make one dishonest through falling prey to lust of earning of free wealth by one or any; who is supposed to maintain law or by the concerned Law enforcing Agencies.

Our problem is to stop the depleting of National Exchequer{offering nothing much to us that worth mentioning the name towards reducing the gap between us} that we had earned since Independence through paying of Taxes either directly or indirectly by everyone of us from beggars in the Street to rightful Corporate Houses ; as it is consumed by a so called Powerful or a few selected ones; living within the Country who often use alternate name, each time while doing of a financial Transaction; with due cooperation from Powerful ones, holding position of Power under each Government to amass elicit wealth through manipulating everything from appointment of everything from engaging of a Security Guard to offer a particular Ministry to a selected ones who are facilitators to their earning of such wealth much fatter; without putting  slight of the slightest labour that worth the name for the overall Growth of the Country apart from helping self.   

A Computer is nothing but extracting of information from an unstable Silicon Atom through use of a particular language with the assistance of the Electro-Magnetic Field of the Earth which might go haywire anytime as and when we engage in gross misuse of it. Since it is still running normal unlike the current environment; {there are enough of chances that it might follow the others as well, to see us disconnect with Computers} we must take use of it; so that we can able to renounce all such ill habits of us that offer us nothing other than deterioration of mass value of us everywhere.

We must understand that we are born alone and die alone with none assisting none; while choosing our after lives which is purely dependent upon each and every action of us in our current lives individually {including that of one’s thought} to determine it. Therefore, a family is nothing but a creation of a miniature environment to learn and know the sweetness of LOVE through living together; even through there is no relationship between each other whatsoever {a member of a family might be the enemy in one’s previous life} which must expand with passage of time we are covering joyfully together each day into the future but it must not see {or allow} contraction of it of whatsoever nature under any circumstances. If it happen so, that is the beginning of the end of us either as an Individual or as a family or as a Community or as a State or as a Country or as a Continent or as a Globe or as a Universe where we are living in. An Atom is a replica of the Universe. If the inner Core of it gets dislodged for whatever reason; the entire Universe too, shall collapse.    

The keeping of the Data of Aadhaar anywhere for a Security reason cannot undo its ‘Aim & Objective’ being the one who is claiming a demand by virtue of holding of a position within the Society where we all are living-in; he or she must be the same person who is availing a benefit out of the Tax Payers Money and not someone securing it through use of a Proxy to amass wealth to oneself. This is how corruption expands within us. While storing Data in a Computer, nothing is secure and might fall into the hands of the 3rd Party through any source. This being a matter of securing proof of availability at a particular person at a particular place; we don’t foresee much of damage in stealing such Data but yet it might pose some problem into the System in place if we ignore the Security aspect of it.

In-spite of availability of limitless Anti-Corruption Institutions within the Country; the Country is witnessing expanding of Corruptions in Geometrical proportion with newer Style and fashion infused every moment {with one is different from the other} by everyone of us who believe in destroying the Institution we behold {with value already fully shaded} that is adored by all throughout the Globe and beyond; being it is the concept of the Creation. Therefore, no matter how many Anti-Corruption personnel we engage against any Powerful personality; Corruption shall bound to expand that many times or limitlessly within us being everybody as assigned to look after it too; shall become a part of it to make the chain of absorbing the ‘blood & sweat’ of ordinary others complete. The ones who are short of idea of manipulating or not cunning enough to absorb the jolt of manipulating so at most ease; shall get caught even though their hearts are full of desire to help the others who are deprived of their basic needs.

In a human body the flow of blood within the Body is not exactly the result of well functioning of one’s Heart but it determine by carrying of the automatic ORDER within it, to distribute the blood from higher to much thinner veins of one as accurately as possible; giving a right pose at every moment of the flow; so that no cell from biggest to the tiniest ever struggle to live its life to deliver the appropriate to the Body. Accordingly the transaction outside can never kill the System being white in nature but our corrupted minds{being hidden from all} amasses everywhere killing the entire us. Limitless droplets of water constituted or form the Ocean. The moment such droplets return to original form, the Seas shall become dry of water. Accordingly as and when we infuse fear into the minds of the Public through introducing measures like putting behind bar instead of allowing them to renounce all their bad habits, the Economy shall become devoid of liquidity or automatic ORDER to become stagnate {or induce lethargy by itself} due to keeping the elicit wealth so earned, under lock and key with the knowledge of none; notwithstanding the fact that more than half of the aforesaid black Money is parked abroad to ensure one’s covering of luxurious life outside at the cost of Tax Payer’s Money.

Being most of our Politicians are at the Payroll of such vested interests; we strongly believe that the younger Generation shall offer us much better in all fronts; than the so called Vattern on the Subject to reduce the gap between each other us; so that the System under which we are living-in joyfully is not slipped from our hands.                                         


{NOTE: With self half dead and half alive being mostly remaining to Bed; following burst of my peptic Ulcer twice within a gap 2 years (First during mid in the year 2010 & again on 4th of December,2012);my connection with the Humanity is limited to my behold Mother only. Accordingly I left the entire matter concerning the well being of the entire Humanity into the hands of Common General Public to decide their Fate in tune with desire of the Mother NATURE while keeping ourselves alive & intact in Her LOVING Lap. Therefore, my offering of writing or opinion on various Topics shall be based on the condition of my Health}                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Ukraine crisis-III

A ‘World Leader’ is the one who undertake the pain of the entire ones; who are deprived of their basic needs and often struggle to live a simple life; together or along with the similar others to cover their lives duly {as earned by each of them} to absorb the beauty of living together as ONE and not encourage the ones who are expert in stealing wealth from others through use of  tricks, adopting styles, each is different from the other while attempting to carry out the said act with notice of none; without offering slightest labour to acquire it except extending of a help in expanding the art of stealing within us; notwithstanding the fact that it too, is a knowledge so long one keeps the knowledge within himself or herself being it is an existence of DISORDER within the flowing ORDER and can never be allowed to cross limit. As and when it becomes rampant within us to earn easy wealth to oneself, through getting of encouragement from vested interests; everything bound to collapse one by one without a limit to face a premature death to oneself either as an Individual or as a Community or as a State or as a Nation or as a Continent or as a Globe where we all are living in. This is nothing but misuse of one’s Power; used purely for destruction of us.   

While taking over of Afghanistan by Russia was more or less legitimate in accepting the invitation from late President Nasser to help him overcome the challenge faced by the Country; Russia looked at the situation to obtain a self gain instead of taking the pain of Common General Public to alleviate their pain through directly confronting with the situation and not stressing upon the fact of establishing a base to challenge the others who too are living together, covering their lives separately in their own ways, living assorted all over the Globe. Being ‘Aim & Objective’ wrong; it ignited the series of actions all throughout the Globe to force ourselves to absorb the current situation where none  believes none other; to the extent of suspecting each other of a duly tied Couple; ignoring the oath undertaken by both at the time of marriage to cover their lives jointly by duly taking of pain of one by the other, no matter whomever is under pain for whatever reason; as each of us is different from the other and alone while living one’s life dully from birth to embracing death.

As and when, there exist a doubt in the minds of the entire we; when entering into contact between two Parties {with one under distress and the other expert in deriving of benefits from nothing}; such a tie can never ever deliver a fruitful outcome but shall grip the entire of us to live under an atmosphere of FEAR.

However, the mutual understanding between the Republic Ukraine and Russia to enter into a pact of handing over Republic of Crimea to Republic of Ukraine was well drawn out plan by both to derive a mutual benefits to both which was ratified by the respective Parliament of Republic of Ukraine as well as Republic of Russia as per desire of entire common General Public of both the Countries and the said Pact can never ever breakdown; so long both Counties exits as it were once when the agreement was translated into a Pact.

By virtue of content of M.O.U; Russia obtained an unqualified access to Sea to operate in the area and therefore the Republic of Crimea is a test ground of friendship between two Counties having a common approach of an access point to live together; notwithstanding the fact that it is an integral part of Republic of Ukraine. If any out of the three Parties stands against the Pact for whatever reason; it shall instantly not only transform into an assault directly on the Pact so signed between two sovereign Counties but also constitute insulting the desire of the Common General Public of both the Countries so involved in signing the Pact at an earlier date.

This being an assault on internal association between two Counties based on faith and value, it shall start a revolt within oneself too, to follow a similar action inside; for which Russia shall be the worst victim being no action of one {either in thought or physically executed} ever go waste without producing an equivalent result. This is being nothing but ignition of a chain reaction; it shall cover the entire us, in due course of time to force us distancing oneself from the other in view of rising of false suspicion by one on the other. Let us stop disrespecting the ones who hold the System once to allow us live till date without engaging in yet another Global War of much ferocious Nature.     

The way there is no value of the day, if night is not available; Democracy has no value if Communism is not available. Hence one is available for balancing the other. If we forcefully ignore this simple fact {through igniting the minds of the Common General Public by taking a side whenever there is conflict between two Parties for whatever reason} or reality of life, not unite ourselves to restore or retrieve the lost ORDER; we shall be the worst sufferer from such Conflicts that existed everyday everywhere from zero to infinity {or from Individual to Global in miniature term}. So long, we able to accommodate one by the other through doing of a negotiation; our length of life would have been infinite which we had cut short to nil to meet our selfish and superficial needs; sacrificing the innocent Common General Public during the process.      

Had we appreciate and enjoyed from our Hearts {instead of opposing it, considering it as an expansion of one’s Empire} the ‘Joy & Jubilations’ of General Common Public of Iraq following liberating the Country from the iron hands of the Authority in Power which was of twice the degree of intensity while joining of 2 Germanys to ONE {In view of friendly Countries surrounding it}; this World would have an living place for Angels instead of mortals.

Offering of just Justice to a deprived one, set the destiny of everything. The current development between the Republic of Ukraine and Republic of Russia is not offering of Justice to any but it shall ignite limitless odd situations as after effects within us that shall hunt us forever; even after our embracing of death together. Let us renounce our desire to expand physically but try our best to do the same internally to consider the entire Globe is nothing but ‘I’ to look after it round the clock by everyone of us without an exception to enjoy the beauty of living together under an Environment of ‘FREENESS’ to the extent possible. We just keep repeating the same point over and over again to avoid a much greater implication of it worldwide. 


Friday, March 7, 2014

The Ukraine crisis-II

While zero is always fulfilled, most potent as well as most powerful and yet always remains in Equilibrium State with assistance from none{without a second available}, the infinite is flexible being originated from zero but define or set its own course of action with respect to covering of time into the future. Therefore, while the zero is immortal, the infinity is always go through the cycle of birth and death depending upon the actions it prefers to act upon or perform during the course of its life to determine its age of either dying early through ailment or carrying of a ailing health due to rampant disregard to the running ORDER that is prevailing within it or live a longer life through following the flowing ORDER so that nothing collide with each other taking recourse to the policy of ‘give and take’ for a mutual benefits to the entire that are embraced by the creation. There are as many as 12 Set ORDERS of which one is free and as many as 11 Gravitational Constants of which one is free; that govern all entities from zero to infinitely; once remain under the control of creation after being originated from Zero. Hence both zeros are different from each other as far as beholding of qualifications by both are concerted being one is a reflection of the ORGINAL one only {but free to act on its own}.While the former is property less; the others govern by properties which is different for each exactly like various Countries behold by us.   

Let us Study another situation, in an Educational Institution which is more often than not a non-profit Organization is the backbone of our civilization to sort out or arranged ourselves to assign various duties to each of us as per one’s qualification to ensure a longer life to oneself as an entity either as an Individual or a Community of a State or a Country or the entire Globe through offering assistance to the running or flowing ORDER to see a better life each day that determine the existence of us with an ‘elastic life span’ either to die early or live a loner life most joyfully by the entire us . The Students who became or considered qualified as offered by the Institution lead their own life once imparting of knowledge by the concerned such Institution is over; without having any obligation to return nothing to the giver of knowledge; even through there are vast INCOME differences between each other. The Qualification once pronounced can neither be taken back nor nullified under normal circumstances. This is Universal or common Law that governs the entire us from zero to infinity. If we decide to break it, digester shall suddenly strike the entire us being these are nothing but Pact or Contract M.O.U between two entities.    

As and when we entered into a contact for doing of a Business with each other of whatever nature, both parties are bounded by it forever; unless a higher or a better mutual understanding is arrive at; at a future date for whatever reason{mostly for good of both}. The Ukraine is an Independent Nation having various divisions with it to govern the Country in the most orderly way or manner or fashion of which no Regional Section can offer a desire to make an alliance with any other Power outside of the Country for whatever reason by virtue of granting of anatomy to it to act itself to implement its desire on matters relating to Regional issues within the Country. Unless and until the Centre agree or ratify the desire so expressed by any, through passing of an act in the main Parliament of the Nation of allowing or bifurcation of a particular area from the Nation to join another Power outside the Country; such unilateral decisions of any; are unlawful in the eye of the Law. If we allow any to do so for whatever reason; irrespective of whether or not the expressing of the said desire by any section of us is peaceful or violent; anarchy shall prevail all over the Globe; in view of our giving more stress or importance upon {developing of lust towards; ignoring TRUTH} Power drawn either from supply of Money or from the barrel of the Gun. Accordingly, the world community must insist that statuesque is maintained and not allow any to ignite a disorder go loose within us or within the Globe to destroy ourselves reasonless citing whatever reason in doing so. This is more or less a similar action unleashed at Afghanistan but executed in a Style much different than the former to meet with similar fate at a later date. This is not expansion but pure contraction of us to go extinct sooner than later.     

Again, when Russia decided to offer the Republic of Crimea to the Republic of Ukraine as a part of the Pact signed between two independent Countries either for the overall good of the entire us or to allow the flowing running ORDER; run more at ease in a earlier date through passing of an act in Parliament of Russia unopposed by any; it constituted a rightful desire of entire Common General Public of Russia to so decide the fate of Republic of Crimea to remain a legitimate part of Ukraine which was authenticated by various other Parities {Governments} later that were part of overlooking the functioning of Republic of Ukraine either directly or indirectly. No subsequent resolution(s) can now undo it being both the ‘TIME’ of doing of the said action is (was) vastly different from each other unless and until both Parties agree to the change opted for by any {even if one is willing to do a change for whatever reason as well as through passing of any act under a different Government having a different view of point}. How then a small part of either an area or a population can take a reverse decision on its own to merge with Russia; ignoring the Pact entered into much earlier with large of the largest majority of Public at a earlier date between two Sovereign Counties? Therefore, the decision of Parliament of Republic of Crimea is wrong not only on the eye of the Law but also Crimea is guilty of engaging in a gross misconduct in the eye of the Parliament of Russia as well as in the eye of the Parliament of Ukraine. If a Country sells something to someone, it cannot claim the territory to which a Product is or was sold as its territory. We might possibly have entered into this phase too to define us! 

By saying so; we are criticizing neither Russia nor the western Countries but appealing to the entire us; as available within the Globe {as Independent Power Centre} to reason to act and not take resort to tactics which might ignite series of follow up action that certainly go against us to push the entire humanity to Stone Age. Since there are enough of opportunities lying in front of us to resolve the issue much amicably; we appeal to the entire such Powers to show restrain from engaging in War {Cold or Direct} of any nature and try our best to establish ORDER over DISORDER everywhere all over the Globe. It looked to us from a distance that we are dropping ourselves from the Sky above with no safety gear in-place.       







Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Ukraine crisis

In a human body, there are trillions of living cells. each one is different than the other by virtue of place and position {as well as performing of duty by one} as beholds by one but all are working together to give a name to the word ‘I’ as carried by each one of us outside to demand a position to oneself in the Society. Some consider the one’s body as ‘I’, yet others consider the entire Globe as ‘I’ and a very few consider the entire Universe as ‘I’. The more the word ‘I’ expands within one’s mind with appropriate feed from the Heart; the more the LOVE is distributed amongst the entire enclosed by it to ensure that all entities within it either seen or unseen, live-in under an atmosphere of intense peace and tranquillity. The process is same as well as infinite from zero to infinity. In order to absorb the sweetness of living together; ignoring the division of various organs within the body, each of which is functioning differently, there are trillions of living bacteria, tiny of the tiniest in size trying round the clock to invade the body; attacking the weakest point of the body; of which almost each and every of these assorted cells is killed by the body’s immune System irrespective of the area where the infecting is taking place without showing of a cause to any for doing so but to maintain the running ORDER within the body intact. The moment body accepts the outside ORDER as its own through doing of confusion; we suddenly fall sick or even face death as and when outside assistances {from outside the body} too failed to produce a result.

The environment is exactly same at outside too. So long, we able to recognise who is a friend and who is an enemy to keep the running ORDER intact, through stretching oneself that much length to reach the nook and corner of the Globe and try our best to restore our lost ORDER which is in-force all over the Globe at present; there would not have so much of disturbances everywhere within the Planet; where no one is a winner to get control over the running ORDER to remove all such obstructions so created by us {in view of intrusion of vested interests into the scene with knowledge of none} for restoring it to an earlier date when we were passing our lives most joyfully with cooperation extended by all towards all without questioning one from which Region one is hailing from.

Cuba is next neighbour to USA. It is not USA who is attacking it but it was Russia through use of it as a Proxy intended to destroy USA during the year 1962. Even though there was enough ground on the part of USA to retaliate with entire world backing it; it invited peace to prevail to the extent of sacrificing the life of our Most loved President John F Kennedy to acquire the same. Similarly it was Iraq who attacked Kuwait and burned off its entire ‘Oil Wells’ of Kuwait prior to vacating the occupied area on demand by a third Party {mostly USA}. Was he then beholding a desire to bring peace into the area? Yes, there were mistakes in analysing the situation at Iraq due to various factors which went against us now. The World saw no wrong in doing so but vested interests took the fate away from the innocent Public of Iraq to bar it, from becoming a part of the world community to hear {or raise} their voice reverberate within us too to add value to the entire humanity. The world community that time made no wrong in stopping a greater digester taking place in Middle East in the hands of Iraq.    

Upon citing exactly a similar cause, Russia invaded Afghanistan when late President Nasser failed to convince any of offering of help through doing of a physical presence but it left or vacated the area; creating infinite numbers of insurgents who are out of control now everywhere within the Globe. In Syria too, none ever came forward to resolve the issue peacefully but prefer becoming a witness of mass killing of the innocent Common General Public through inciting one or the other side by such vested interests. Again what for Russia backed the Military Regime at Egypt?  The Iran is possibly an exception. Who are responsible for all these conflicts? Let us see the other side of North Korea’s dilemma, where the Head of the Country is constantly under the impression that someone within the Regime is raising a revolt against the Authority and hence the entire are living under a shadow constant fear. Is it called running of a Government with self drowned in constant fear?  

With the World is under keep deep in fighting conflicts with each other of one nature or the other to claim one’s position which is taken away by the Powerful others through doing of trick; we appeal to all to show restrain by the entire us; so that the peace loving General Public of ‘Republic of Ukraine’ decide their own future through entering into legitimate dialogue with all to resolve their internal issues. We saw the agitation mostly peaceful except intrusion of vested interests into the scene at the later stage of the agitation which prompted all to doubt ourselves about our actual motives while we were trying our best to meet our various legitimate demands.   

Unless we join hands together to fight Lawlessness everywhere; our days are numbered on the Planet Earth. To exist ourselves; we need both Russia as well as western Countries exist concurrently with none opposing the other when one is fighting a noble cause of braining the lost ORDER back to normal but support it or by remaining neutral. Let us stop saying something outside and do a reverse in executing of an action which is full of motives.