Friday, December 27, 2013


We often wonder, with our lives dependent upon limitless factors to live-on either individually or collectively and to sail through the passage of time step by step into the future with unlimited Gifts provided to each and every that is available in Space either seen or unseen to absorb the beauty of LOVE one is carrying constantly in one’s heart through using any medium of one’s choice. Even though it is often hidden in one’s heart; it instantly surfaces within oneself as and when we make  little of effort through embracing the others that surrounds us which enable us to remain alive through doing of a sacrifice in one way or the other. Even though it is an absolute TRUTH, we prefer to opt for contraction of ourselves by constantly thinking of self gain adopting whatever means available in one’s hand including that of infusing of ‘confusion’ in the minds of General Public through spreading of falsehood amongst us; than allowing ourselves to expand limitlessly within ourselves.   

We all born alone but live together to meet each other’s requirement which is constantly changing depending upon the environment; we are creating within us and again die alone. While one is holding the stage of a baby, the ORDER within it absorbs the LOVE so radiating from one’s heart which goes hidden once, we understand ourselves to live either alone or together when is the time we can absorb either the sweetness or the nectar of LOVE behold by everyone of us equally as and when freeness is granted to one and all while we live together. On death the situation so granted to one by Mother Nature is lost to get the same in one’s next birth to carry on seeking it so that a higher position is assigned to one who is threat to none. This is an unending cycle unless and until, one gets purified through the gentle touch of ‘LOVE’.    

From inception of creation we were/are govern by the System we called ‘Kingdom’ run by a particular one upon whom we have/had enough trust to give the entire General Public as embraced by the Kingdom enough Justice as and when one is aggrieved for whatever reason. Exactly the same System is still prevailing in Animal Kingdom to keep a balance within the various Spices living within us but exists to substitute our various drawbacks for creating an exact environment for our living under an atmosphere of peace and Tranquillity. 

As and when we allowed contraction to embrace us rather than enjoying the beauty of living together through opting for self gain amasses everywhere; we suddenly became disarray to consider all ‘wrongs’ as correct and all ‘corrects’ as wrong citing various Scriptures to unleashes war against each other to meet the lust of one to accommodate ‘wealth’ to oneself for whatever reason with notice of none. With no option available for the common general Public to choose whom to believe and whom not to believe; we became puzzle with our minds lost to pick the exact who can guide us to achieve the exact. The expansion of contraction of us is so strong now through infusing of constant self desire of one; it has covered the Globe now to force ourselves to struggle to fight for our survival everywhere. Therefore, it is not exactly the System(s) which is responsible for the current situation prevailing within the Globe. It is outcome of our combined misdeeds which we all loved to repeat over and over again.

Accordingly; it requires no more examples to know the cause of our actual downfall. Therefore criticizing one by the other or by promising to give a better Government to us by another Party can never ever produce a result unless and until we are able to retrieve the automatic ORDER that always invariably accompany a System that is under force within us but lost due its inability to withstand our continues assaults upon it reasonless.

Since we kept nothing for the upcoming Generations to live their lives normally with full understanding of one’s value as behold by each and every; we require a young Leader who too nonetheless, is lost in the whirlpool of cross currents that are flowing against us after duly submersing ourselves knee deep over the fast changing events everywhere but is still surviving to know the situation somewhat faintly if not in totally. Being grown-up under the care of self through various mediums; we believe Mr.Rahul Gandhi, MP can offer the best to us through involving the entire Common General Public in the process in one way or the other to taste the beauty of our living together. Self being bedridden or intensely sick, I may not remain alive to see the expected happening of the said Transformation     




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