Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Wrong Results being obtained from Google Search

Following opting for ‘Early Retirement’ from the Company; I had worked for, throughout my Service Career, I had hoisted many web sites while following the ‘Desire’ expressed or ‘Instruction’ received from the ‘Unseen’; paying enough of Money from my pocket together with undertaking the pain of skipping our daily requirement of ‘ intake of Food’ to remain alive so that we become aware of the ‘Environment’ and the function of ‘Nature’ that govern our existence in the Planet Earth, while ‘all of us’ living under the loving care of Mother Nature. As we are making enough of mistakes in understanding the main 4 terms i.e. {Environment, Nature, Life & Religion} that govern our peaceful co-existence of us within the Globe; conflicts are surrounding us in all its form and nature which is causing the distance go unlimitedly wider within us, instead of seeing a reduction of it to consider the entire living beings within the Planet under the protection of Mother Nature as none but (mainly) one Spice only which we called as ‘Human Spice’.

Even though all such Sites were duly registered with ‘Google’ with the same Publisher’s ID and incurred enough of ‘Fund’ for maintaining these Sites so hoisted by self; through connecting the Sites to ‘Adwords’ & ‘Adsence’ not a single penny was paid to me by ‘Google’ till date. Therefore, all these Sites were faced premature death one after another to deprive the entire of us from acquiring rightful knowledge about the cause of existences ourselves in Space. Still the Google is hoisting a wrong ‘web page’ of mine {where I am barred from logging-in, even though I maintained a single Account of mine,}; being hoisted by an unknown third Party to mislead the Common General Public to acquire knowledge which are still being displayed in the following 2 free ‘Google’ Sites; whatever I know about the 4 aforesaid issues in view of my nearness to Him. 

The wrongful Site as obtained in ‘Google Search’ is reproduced hereunder. My hoisting of the Site towards providing of innovative ‘Ideas’ through ‘knol’ page of Google to make the World a better place to live-in,  is now the property of ‘WORDPRESS ’. SinceKnol’ had discontinued its service from 1/5/20012 when I was intensely sick, {Google nonetheless is now working with with ‘Solvitor and Crowd Favorite’ to create ‘Annotum’, an open-source platform based upon ‘WordPress’ that allows one to continue authoring and publishing scholarly articles} we only hope that the various contributions of mine as provided are not destroyed or distorted in any manner or form but appear at ‘Annotum’ as it is or as it was at the time of its closer.
1.      Subject: Search- M.M.HAZARIKA
2.      Result:

The wrong Site {URL: } which I never ever hoisted but it only belong to a third Party whom I don’t know. It is possibly done either to mislead the Public or to earn elicit Fund through doing of a stealing. Therefore through this ‘blog’ I am bringing the matter to the higher Management of ‘Google’ for addressing the issue and punish the culprit who is doing this trick upon the Common General Public taking advantage of their ignorance of knowing me personally to do an interaction of any nature. The searching of the same subject on ‘Bing’ {i.e.m.m.hazarika}; the information provided is accurate, absolute and correct with no ‘element of confusion’ infused. I have used the ‘Web Master’s Tool’ now to remove the Page to-day as reproduced hereunder as the requests made earlier to Google were never respected for reasons best known to Google only.

Removal Type: Requested
Pending/ Cancel: Outdated cache removal
Dec 18, 2013


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