Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Review of Two Riots

Riots is a spontaneous action of any section of us against another section of us when one suspect the other is engaging in an act of a wrong doing which is against the desire of one for securing of a self gain  through using of a trick rather than taking or following of a procedure to do so. Therefore, as and when such an action takes place between two Groups; the reason of happening so; mostly remain unknown being an automatic rising of a suspicion is caused; mostly based on hearsay of one against the other arising out of nothing but due to fear of covering of the entire us through a mass uprising. Such situation can never occur through doing of delivery by anyone to the Public unless and until it able to penetrate the mass sentiments of the Public which is often rare to happen. While executing the perfectly arranged plan of assassination of Julius Cesar; the followers of Julius Cesar could able to do it through doing of a delivery through offering a highly emotional speech to excite the Public about the said wrong doing of us. However, while under the current environment; it is easiest to do so; during 80’s it was not so, when the Public believed that unless & until we carry out a reverse attack by ourselves, there was no way that Military shall ever forsake the idea of taking over the Country.

The others who took a Lead voluntarily were to project themselves as forerunner of the Party in ‘Power hunt’ which had fallen or became Leaderless by virtue of the assassination of the PM at her own Residence duly executing of a mutiny by the guards who were protecting her at that particular point of time; without the slightest knowledge of others. Therefore, all such Party Leaders who were within the mob were identity-less during the interim period when the PM of the Country late Indira Gandhi was assassinated and the new Leader took over charge of the Party. Hence they were more a part of the mob; than belonging to any Political Party.   

Hence it was believed that it was matter of do or die situation for all who were running the Government that time either immediately or afterwards being the Military was fully successful in taking over the Country. Accordingly, the entire Public within Delhi together; intended to avert the situation through unleashing a reverse attack, in a communal manner; even though it was ‘cruel and unjust’ which might had forced the personalities behind the Plot abandoned their idea of ‘taking over’ the Country in the midst of mass bloodshed within us.

Therefore, both Public & Political Leaders had two different ‘aims and objectives’ in mind in approaching the situation. While the 1st    intended to prevent the takeover by the Army; the 2nd tried their best to save their lives from Public hanging or under firing squad with Leader of the Party in Power no longer alive. There was in-fact a similar attempt of taking over by the Military not long before; done with some degree of perfection which too had failed.

While during Gujarat Riot, the Government was intact and in place to interfere with the outcome of killing of a Group of ‘Religious Assembly’ in locked bogies of the Train, the same was absent in Delhi Riot but the killing were carried out to save their respective lives {either consciously or unconsciously} notwithstanding the fact that, we were waging a war against ourselves only through attacking a particular section of us to live ourselves{possibly in a half dead situation} or as it was        (were) earlier; nonetheless it was impossible to achieve so. Since it shall prove meanness of one in saying so; none ever ventured to tell the ‘Truth’ to the Public even now.

Both matters being dead and the healing is under process; the digging of the same by whomsoever for whatever reason is a distraction infused into System with or without knowledge of one to derail the Political Process which is undergoing with much of sincerity under a peaceful environment. Therefore, those who are responsible for digging out our lost memories to make such events alive are agents of vested interests to devalue a Democratic Set-up which is matured to offer us fruits.

Accordingly; we appeal to the entire us not to mix ‘Politics’ with that of ‘Religion’ being both subjects are connected with each other either directly or indirectly or one way or the other to force us see these unfortunate incidences to devalue both Subjects in their respective fields. The way both ‘oxygen’ & ‘Hydrogen’ are two different entities by itself but explode when mixed to loss the individual properties by both; the same shall be the case if we make attempt to utilise ‘Religion’ & ‘Politics’ for our self gain in order to  pull the Public towards us through doing of a mixing to lose both. This is the reason why we lost ‘Ram Madir’ at ‘Ayodhya’ and ‘Dwaraka’ at Gujarat.   




A must to know for the up-coming Generations to rewrite their destiny

One’s knowing the art of doing of an excellent delivery to the Public through selection of rightful Topics of interests concerning ‘well being’ of the Public or becoming a great Orator to carry out the same in a style different than others; never reflect the personality of one over the others {being often fallen into a Trap of middlemen who prefer eating Money, dreaming Money, sleep on Money as well as in storing Money of Trillions in value; that are not earned through putting of labour but acquired or captured such wealth through doing of a stealing from Common General Public}; how he or she shall ever deliver any good to the Country upon securing of Power; leave apart fulfilling the promise made for its overall Growth of the Country being such situations of fooling the Public no longer exist anywhere within the Country in particular and all over the Globe in general to believe in one’s such words of offering of help to all; as all promises made earlier to do a delivery in way much different than the others failed to produce any result; other than dividing ourselves in limitless numbers and offering more ways and means to such Middle to Store more as well as just changing of Governments; to allow one to keep enjoying oneself at the expenses of the Great General Public without giving a minimal delivery to the Country to meet our basic needs. Therefore, we require a change in the System as quickly or as fast as possible before the time is getting out of our hands completely or in totality which shall bound to happen sooner than later being already at the edge.  

Being the younger Generation is worst hit by our reckless handling of various situations, prevailing within the Country to bring all such adverse situations under control to work in favour us; younger Generations are the only ones who can rescue the Country out of deep woods. Further, being aware of various misdeeds of us of depending upon middlemen more than accepting of help from the Common General Public; who are continuously manipulating the Government to steal the ‘entire Tax Payers Money’ from it in one way or the other; halting all development works into standstill. These Middlemen know nothing other than stealing Fund from National Exchequer had in-fact already taken over the Country to dictate terms to various Governments to keep open the Exchequer for them for 24 Hrs a day. Therefore it is of utmost important that all such Middlemen holding very high Position within us must be brought under control using all available means if we intend to bring the Country back to normal if possible; being they have already inflicted highest degree of wound to the Country to make it handicap forever.                    

Citing of some half facts by any; in form and manner is not a Crime as one is not fully aware of a particular situation that had happened much earlier within us. The important is how and why such indecent events had ever taken place which is unjust and cruel. It must encourage the next or up-coming Generation to stand united against us acts of us being the Cat is already out of the beg to know of what we are storing inside our hidden Lockers by such personalities which ever growing within us; to force the Country to die hungry in near future. The street vendors are not middlemen or so also those who are offering a labour to earn their daily bread and butter. The middlemen are those who can create an artificial scarcity of any item within no time throughout the Country through expressing of a desire {being a chain of commands are tightly put into place to convert the said desire into reality} in order to either to put a pressure on the Government for not listening to them or to command an outcome of the result of various Elections to favour themselves in order to steal everything from us more at ease, even whatever is left out, without the knowledge of any . Therefore, more often than not the hands of all Political Parties are tied to offer a challenge to the said action of one to restore a broken ORDER to flow normally. As and when such interests see a challenge to their free stealing of Tax Payers Money; the Political Party in Power bound to fall apart. This is exactly what is happening now. 

None is born without a job pre-assigned unless and until one enters ‘old age’ or job stolen away by someone else. The way there is an automatic drawing of balance between male and female born within us with little of change or fluctuation of figures, we are too supposed to carry out some particular tasks to keep the human Spice in an equilibrium State; so that no disorder infiltrated into the System where we are living-in. These are automatic action of the Nature to arrange everything by itself for our overall Growth step by step over time while we walking into future. 

As me a disable person at present being bedridden since mid 2010; more especially after 2nd burst of Ulcer on 4th February, 2012 to till date, I am taken advantage of publishing the write-up through posting of a ‘Blog’. Furthermore, I have no attachment towards any Material Object of any nature; other than what I had earned till date; putting hard of the hardest labour for the ‘wellbeing’ of my family to allow them to know what is called a ‘Human being’ but are deprived everything still for reason best known to the Authority.

Having both aspects of the LORD went hidden (1st aspect during the time of my first burst of Ulcer and the second aspect during the time of 2nd burst of Ulcer, out of intense anger at the time of going hidden by both); the said observation is my personal view only and hence may please be treated as such. 




Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Queen of the Queens

It is always the character as well as the Qualification as beholds by a Leader that define automatically the value and soundness of a Country or a Nation and its position of standing amongst all that are existing within us to arrange a flowing ORDER within us everywhere; not to allow the said order, break down or flow lethargic within us for whatever reason, in-spite of availability of unaccountable numbers of opposite characters within us to dislodge the same for acquiring of a self gain. Therefore, during the tenure when the Queen Elizabeth-II who was in-charge of the Kingdom, the Country, we called as United Kingdom grew leaps and bounds to excel in all fronts to command a place in History in respect of the contribution made for the growth of the entire humanity living in the Planet ‘Earth’ without an exception to meet the said aim and objective of us to grow together either directly or indirectly.

At Her young age, She was more than equivalent to a most Powerful personality ever existed all over the Globe of either sex; having the same or similar responsibility in carrying a Country to limelight through imparting of rightful knowledge to the entire us without doing of a division as far as distribution or imparting of knowledge to each and every was concerned. Therefore, ‘She’ was a Teacher too, while holding the Position of the Queen. Due to Her intense LOVE toward the entire; ‘She’ was often found present among the masses; even while physically issuing of Instructions to pass on down the line sitting in the thrown inside the Palace with crown shinning in the Head.

Being bearing exactly the same and similar character; Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth-II is closest to me as far as bearing of a relationship with ‘Her’ is concerned. Even though I am living much afar from ‘Her’; the distance between us is nil for doing of an interaction as and when I experience or develop a desire to see ‘Her’ to know of ‘Her’ ‘wellness or well being’. Therefore, my relationship with ‘Her’ is eternal and continues be so forever. My meeting with ‘Her’ was most intimate, close and regular when I was of 3 to 10 years old to remember ‘Her’ with a ‘Majestic outfit’ worn to do an instant recognition of Her presence nearest to me to ignite my mind to remind me about the exact nearness I behold towards ‘Her’. Even though it is much against Nature to maintain a relation of this nature; yet it is a TRUTH from A to Z, the mystery of which I don’t know or me ever tried to know it to further confuse myself about the matter except various disclosures obtained from the Almighty; that are or were short enough to understand by me to follow with; unless the Queen takes pain of disclosing it to me.

However, in view of degradation of our values amasses everywhere for whatever reason; we are going through a phase unlike much earlier periods; when we all were living under such or similar Systems all over the Globe; without any disturbances or interference absorbing from outside to disturb our lives unlike now which has vastly changed our lives; just like a swinging of a pendulum from one end to the other end, all of a sudden. But yet we are still following ‘Her’ legacy only to a large extent to establish or claim our identity within the Universe.

With attaining of age by ‘Her’ over time; ‘Her’ influence on everything that surrounds ‘Her’ might possibly get, lots of shine off either due to ‘Her’ preoccupation on other matters of interests or due to keeping the desire of ‘Her’ still intact of not burdening any to earn a handsome sum through doing of a display of ‘Her’ vast estate to the ‘Public’ by accepting a token amount from each and every visitor for up-keeping the collections so kept with ‘Her’ during the process of offering these for the view of the General Public, we are wishing to enforce within us to acquire further knowledge about these items which are unseen still. Since the ‘idea’ is good enough to do a thorough study, we might require refurbishing of the entire antiques; kept untouched over a period to look after these appropriately so that none ever attract a rust of whatsoever nature while adopting the suggestion for implementation within us.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Two Riots!

While all ‘Mob violence’ are disorders; which often is an outcome of our mass ignorance over knowledge and hence it often instantly embraced an vast area to be affected by it no time; ‘non-violence’ is an ORDER which cover the entire us in due course of time; upon getting informed about a particular occurrence or issue happening within us; without our much of knowledge of it by all to know of, the root cause of happening so or on securing of a particular knowledge over ignorance about an issue of much interests to us. The Mob violence may either be spontaneous due to feeling of insecurity by one from the others who are responsible for initiating of an unpleasant action or as outcome of a ‘larger thought’ involved in doing so to acquire a self gain; even though the element of insecurity is more often than not absent.

As and when we mix Politics with Religion; there bound to occur rampant violence everywhere being one is miles away from the other to draw a correlation between each other. While Religion encourage prevailing of peace and tranquillity amongst us at all cost including that of offering of self sacrifice; Polities is often dirty to divide us in limitless numbers to enable one to rule over the others. Again, as and when we discuss Polities in Religious places, the sanctity of the said Religious places gets lost through igniting of many uneventful circumstances or situations within us in limitless forms and manners including that of repeated occurrences of Bloodshed.

While in Politics; carrying out of killings of an ‘innocent one’ who is considered a threat to a running Regime by the Powerful others; is an ORDER of the day now a days; in order to steal Power by one from the innocent others with an aim & objective of governing over the entire us; without duly earning it but hence it is often captured through use of tricks by encouraging doing of violence by one community against the other communities while we are living together side by side under an peaceful environment. 

During the time of assassinations of both Late Indira Gandhi as well as Late Rajiv Gandhi, I was present at the Capital Delhi. While during the happening of 1st unfortunate incident, I was at New Delhi Railway Station, on way Dehradun to attend a Course on ‘Drilling Technology, conducted by Institute of Preston Moor, USA during the second unfortunate incident I came to Delhi to present a Paper to the Ministry of Department of ‘Technology & Innovation’ for taking part in a competition of ‘Technological Development’ within the Country. Even though the Paper was rejected at the Spot as bearing of no value by the most learned Experts, the ‘Theory’ presented therein had allowed me to stopped the uncontrolled ‘Blow-out’ at Gulf of Mexico when all others attempts made by all from all across the Globe had failed to control the ‘Blow-out’; threatening the very existence of the Globe, had the current of the Ocean catch the uncontrolled flow ‘Oil & Gas’ from a small leak through a fracture in the Cemented Casing{@ 1,00,00bbls per day}. Further, while during the time of assassination of Late Indira Gandhi, the City was under total chaos with none in the Streets except the agitators or the mob only; during the second similar incident, entire Public was crying under intense pain for the loss of a Great Leader from within us.

Now, let us study the different between the situations that were prevailing under both occasions of happening of two unfortunate incidents within us. During the time of assassination of Late Indira Gandhi; since she was holding the position of PM of India when the personnel in Uniform killed her through displaying of Power from the barrel of Guns, there was a general feeling among the Public that Military took over the Government through executing of a perfect coup alike in Pakistan; which prompted the Public ‘go wild’ to attack the entire Sikh community out of venting their anger notwithstanding the fact that there were  many others too who took advantage to become a National Leader overnight through playing the role of a Proxy. The same was not seen happening during the assassination of Late Rajiv Gandhi being he was not in Power that time. Had not the Congress High Command issued an appropriate call to the Countrymen, the flare-up would have engulfed the entire Nation like wildfire. It looked that time that; as if we are in the midst of yet another partition which none were willing to accept

While we condemned the killing of large number of innocent Public of a particular Community of us {without whose contribution Country would have attained nothing much}, in worst of the worst language, we must try our best to understand the circumstances under which it took place which was nothing but casting of a doubt on the ‘aim & objective’ of the Crime while carrying out the assassination. We, accordingly most humbly pray the entire Sikh Community living assorted all over the Globe to forget and forgive the said unfortunate incident which had happened due to our confusion in understanding the issue than a deliberate act of entire us.  

However, during the Gujarat Riot; there were neither any assassination attempt of any Leader nor there was any takeover issue by any to cause such a great Administrative Lapse on the part of State Government to handle the said issue most amicably. Hence there were no parallel between both the Riots.

Accordingly; it is suggested that without knowing of the background about the cause of happening of a particular indecent incident within us, none should {Whomsoever it may be and done for whatever reason by taking advantage of the situation} ever try or attempt to reignite an old issue through presenting wrongful ‘facts and figures’ or retold it by ‘twisting Facts’ to the Common General Public which is a much greater Crime to do so than the deed itself. The Noble Countrymen must know that only a ‘Yong Leader’ can rescue the Country from the present impasse and none else being a victim of circumstances.      






Monday, January 27, 2014

An option to establish ourselves!

What exactly is a Law? It is nothing but following of a set of ORDER which presumed or expected to offer help to us in walking together into the future without raising of any clash of any nature between each other; keeping exact ‘Aim & Objective’ intact in one’s mind, along with that of others that comprises entire us living everywhere; so that we able to absorb the ‘Sweetness’ of living together through doing of a reciprocation of LOVE.

If it is so; all are welcome to break all Laws which are outdated and are detrimental to our overall Growth. The one who is courageous enough to break even the most up-to date Laws with ‘Heart’ full of ‘LOVE’ towards the ‘GOOD’ of the others; he or she is no Criminals but definitely a ‘Leader’ of a Highest ORDER for venturing to do so at the cost of one’s reputation at the time of performing the act. Even though we are 65 years ‘OLD’ in living under a Democratic Set-up, it is pity that we are unable to take advantage of it to achieve all out Growth with none living under poverty of any nature. It is, therefore, necessary that a Good Leader must behold farsightedness rather than remaining aggressive in nature in pursuing a Task. He must be open minded to give or offer ‘Natural Justice’ to all than avoiding it to obtain a self gain.    

We possibly made a fundamental mistake of allowing too many Political parties either at regional or at National level to spring up in every nook and corner of the Country with very limited view in one’s mind of doing an uplifting of a particular Section of the Society; leaving the others high and dry. Furthermore, no Political Party without having enough of Fund in one’s hand; can ever exit unless we allow them to draw the same from National Treasury or extend help to such Parties directly from the Government to look after all such entities, once one opt to establish Political Party. It indirectly means that we are totally depended upon ‘Corporate Houses’ to raise Fund or must allow collection of contributions to all such Political Parties to acquire a name to itself in return for a much bigger offer of a self gain to such Corporate Houses in due course of time during the tenure of rule of a particular Party in Power.

Even though INDIA is much rich in beholding large section of Intellectuals within it, all are facing a dearth or absence of any to look after for the Growth of the entire us together. Remaining under such an atmosphere, we prefer to neglect all Innovations we carry in our Brains; not to take effect to avoid raising of conflict of interest between various Business Houses as far as financial soundness of one is concerned with two open ended options in hand.

In order to fill the gap, the Government seems to have awaken up to meet the demand of the situation through doing of collaboration with ‘DST-Lockheed Martin, USA’; by starting a Programme code named as ‘CALLING INNOVATORS’ against 4 most important aspects namely {Technology Start-ups, Techno-Entrepreneurs; Technology Incubators; Scientists & Researchers} to allow various innovators from all across the Country to take part in large numbers to come out of the aforesaid trap which we had created out of ignorance. The last date of submission of such Applications shall close on 14th February, 2014 for the current session which may kindly be submitted in the following link:


While we understand that it is just a temporary measure on the part of the Government to study and analyse the response received through the offer so made; it is highly desired that the Establishment is made permanent, being it is an attempt on the part of us to transform ‘Labour’ into ‘LOVE’ as well as add value to us to offer help to ourselves to grow together in the midst of high competitions from each other within us either individually or as a Nation to remain alive & flying amongst the entire us {living assorted all over the Globe} as a single humanity. Let the entire Globe get benefitted out of the action so undertaken with due ‘thought’ applied. We believe that through such an action of us; the benefit to all us shall outweigh the cost incurred in due course of time.  

It is therefore important that we make a self analysis within ourselves; who shall offer much better Governance to us than the others {who are deeply engaging in criticizing others than offering of any solution to the Country} to overcome all obstacles much at ease than depending on others to survive oneself as Political Party within us. Let entire of us put effort together in the entire process of securing one’s self Growth as a noble Country existing within the Globe. Let us stop stealing Fund from others who are earning it putting hard of the hardest labour but let us create it through our self efforts and not allow middlemen to run the Country through use of a Proxy. With ‘NO’ bearing of LOVE by one towards the others who are deprived of their basic needs; none can ever experience GOD. Hence, we must shed all our Superstitions and put all our efforts to Grow together using Science wherever and whenever necessary. This is the best time, we know to about it through allowing our combined efforts do a Miracle for us. GOD helps those who help themselves either as an Individual or a citizen of the entire Globe.           


Saturday, January 25, 2014

The ‘Black Hole’

An ‘Atom’ is a replica of the Universe. Therefore, what is happening within an ‘Atom’ is happening within the Universe too, to remain intact and available in Space much away from all outside disturbances being nothing exits alone. Again, there exists nothing without an opposite available. This is an additional requirement to keep an object under equilibrium and perfect condition to offer its best to the others while living together. Also, the Energy never dies but transform itself from one form to the other while confronting with an intense situation of having a conflict between one and the others of whatever nature for whatever reason; while living together under the same environment. 
Within each object, irrespective of how big or how tiny one is, there exit ‘12 Set ORDERS’ of which one is free and there are ‘11 Gravitational Constants’ of which one is free. Therefore, there is just only one Energy or force that governs the entire Objects from smallest to biggest as available within the Universe. Due to our ignorance; we often cite differences between each other to divide ourselves; even though we all are same and equal as far as discharging of our duties is concern,  being we all are existing to carry out a common Task and for meeting a common purpose of  remaining alive together as a single Object within the Space. Within the Planet Earth, it is presumed that out of two poles, while South Poles holds the Free ORDER, the North Pole holds the Free Gravity.
While within the ‘Solar System’, the ‘Sun’ is controlling the main Gravitational Force; the respective Planets as embraced by it have their individual Gravity apart from holding 12 Set ORDERS as well as 11 Gravitational Constants. The same holds true everywhere within the Universe.    
However, there often arises a third situation within the Space for limitless either known or unknown reasons when both the ‘11 Gravitation Constants’ as well as ‘12 Set Orders’ have to interact with each other to bring-in a balance to a particular Object as available within the various Objects to allow it to remain standing within us for offering an equal opportunity to the said Object too alike others{which is hindered due to interference of either a known or an unknown cause} to perform its assigned duty with much of ‘joy and wellness’ attached; while remaining as a single entity or as a connected part of a bigger Object; which we called as ‘Black Hole’.
The way we often witness sudden development of ‘hurricanes’ over a particular area over others, so also seeing of happening of ‘Cloud Burst’ through forming of a low pressure zone within a low pressure area, the ‘Black Hole’ too is an unpredictable action of the ‘Mother Nature’ to keep an unsettled area calm, free from all outside interferences of whatsoever nature; even though it look initially as if that all are at war with each other; whereas it is only a reverse action of the Nature to do an opposite. 
The ‘Black Hole’ is a very temporary phenomenon of Nature to act so; so that none faces a premature death or get collapse before time for whatever reason; until and unless the life of an Object is complete or over by virtue of getting aged while covering of one’s life either as an Individual or as a Community or as a Country or as citizen of the Globe or as a ‘part and parcel’ of the Universe. Therefore, it does not behold any individual identity by itself and hence each occurrence is different from the other as far as strength or properties of one is concerned being it is a momentary event produced to keep the running Order intact within an Object as well as outside of it; irrespective of whether or not an Object is big or miniature but existing together. Hence, it may so happen that the Object as absorb by a ‘Back Hole’ might go through a transformation either to loss its strength in view of it, dominating over similar others through demonstration of its Power or gain more Power by virtue of doing of contribution towards the other in holding the entire together. 
Even though I used to travel as an individual ‘Soul’ together with my ‘sole companion’ which is none but freer one out of ‘12 Set ORDERS’ as His most humble servant; from one end of the Universe to the other, I never encountered a situation when one is galloped or sucked or destroyed by the other to display one’s Power over the other through issuing of unjust command on innocent others that are deeply engaged in discharging their respective duties towards meeting the common goal of keeping intact the Universe; where we all are living-in. 


Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Invasion of Cold Air into USA

Upon divulging of Lord Siva as a Bright of Brightest light form during the time of my ‘Enlightenment’ during early 1989; I stopped keeping or worshiping any Lingam as per His desire but during the year 2002, a very finely decorated Lingam was delivered to my Residence at NOIDA, UP {Sector 15 A} in my absence by a learned one which I started worshiping with due devotion considering that LORD was desiring so for the Good of the humanity. However, during the year mid 2004 Mother or Goddess Parvati, the consort of Lord Siva appeared in person in front of me saying that the Lingam, we are were keeping with us is cursed and was designed to harm me through doing of ‘Trantras’ by a Group of so called leaned ones sitting at ‘Bhairav Chakra’ at Uttarakhnd and hence She instructed me to take out lingam from the Prayer Hall instantly and leave it a particular place at Jodhpur, Rajasthan under a ‘Bunyan Tree’; following my transfer from ‘GVP’ to ‘RP’ in the year early 2004.

When I visited place as directed in the late evening, I found a group of priests waiting for me (7 in numbers) who politely asked me to place ‘idol’ at a particular spot under the tree and further instructed me not to revisit the site until the night is over.

Out of curiosity, when I paid a visit to the area in the next day, I found the tree dead as if burnt out without touching others. At that particular time, a TRUTH was divulged to me that when Lord Christ was crucified all 7 Holy Rivers {Ganga, Yamuna, Sarasvati, Godavari, Narmada, Sindhu & Kaveri} dissented from heaven to earth to absorb the pain of the Lord during the time His Crucifixion.

Since the entire humanity was responsible for inflicting injury to the ONE, Who is beyond subjecting to any pain by any; the entire creation was in danger of destruction. With the entire 7 Angels in intense anger that time; the Guru of Jagadguru Sri Adi Sankaracharya invited them to enter or take rest in his body to cool off their anger; which all faithfully abided by. Even after a prolong period of deep meditation {even after prolonging his life for a period to complete a noble Task}; as the Guru unable to shed or cool down their anger even a little, they were passed to Jagadguru Sri Adi Sankaracharya during the time of his embracing death, to ensure that all are kept under utmost care by Jagadguru Sri Adi Sankaracharya; who captured them in his komandalun to follow the said instruction of the Guru.

{Since I was born learned with one aspect of the LORD accompanied me from birth & and the second aspect followed so as I had grown up in the midst of wellness & intense joy; my ‘Enlightenment’ took place outside the Universe without any separate Guru available to offer a guidance; unlike others while obtaining so but owned it by virtue of bearing of both aspects of the LORD together (nonetheless they too are called Gurus) all the time till the other day.}   

However, on finding none to pass ever the Angels for their looking after; Jagadguru Sri Adi Sankaracharya had kept the Angels in his komandalam itself without releasing them for reason best known to him only {possibly unsuccessful in clamming them down}, during the time of his embracing death and hence the komandalun was too buried together with him at ‘Bhairav Chakra’. The Angels were later released from captivity just on the other day by the interference of Mother Nature.                    

On studying various events of happening, it was earlier believed that after some initial disturbances of unseasonal weather condition all over the Globe; everything shall calm down to normal to give a lease of life to the entire humanity but on imposing of a reverse trend of weather upon the entire environment Globally or everywhere within Globe; we are at our wit’s end to know of, about the Design of Mother Nature to say for sure on what direction our future is taking shape. This being purely a Religious angle to see haphazard happening of events within us everywhere; some deep study of it is possibly required through use of Science to provide us a clue about the issue. 

Therefore, the sudden development of very high pressure within the Polar vertexes to cause a fracture of it at the bottom to allow releasing of ‘cold air’ by it to cover a vast area of USA as well as at UK{mildly} twice, one after another without allowing much of a gap in-between the two occurrences is a cause of concern for all;  requiring an urgent study of it to determine if the flow pattern of the ‘Air’ enclosed by it is not changed to enforce upon a permanent damage to us or it is an exercise of the Nature to bring–in  an equilibrium to the Pressures & Currents as maintained by ‘Polar Vortexes’ throughout the Globe to a predate time to control the entire Environment most normally. While saying so, we presumed that none is trying to study the behaviour of flow of current of air within us or interfering with flow pattern of it, even within Laboratories.            



Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Chaos at the Capital

Is it anger expressed for allowing a Party to run a legitimate Government by taking advantage of offering of help to it by a third Party to fulfil the promise made to the Public of Delhi during the last Assembly Election; without having a majority in the House or a gimmick to draw the attention of Public from all over the Country to buy their minds amasses through use of a trick, with an eye rest on the result of forth coming LS Election? There are certain ways and means to run a Government. It can never be whimsical effort of us to put into place a disorder which is infused forcefully within us through the System, by the Party in Power to disarrange everything; we are beholding with us by virtue of doing of an earning of these through putting hard of the hardest labour instead of correcting the current disorder.    

We are afraid to say that this is not the way to govern a Government, as we know of. The security of the Capital must lie in the hands of the Party in Power at the ‘Canter’ and not run by any other State Governments whomsoever it may be as it often determine the ‘Prestige’ of a particular Country with respect to others; where ‘Give & Take’ carry much of weight while maintaining of a relationship with an another Country but it does not mean providing of a loose Administration to the Public citing the same. It is running so everywhere and hence we cannot make an exception to keep on pointing figure by one to the other; leaving aside the most important issue of security. Hence a separate arrangement between the State & Centre is certainly necessary as far as Governing of the Capital of the Country is concerned. While we denounce the incidence of rape of a Danish woman just on the other day at broad day light; happened very much within our house; our approach to resolve it through doing of an agitation is of somewhat unusual and puzzle some to understand by the ordinary us being the handling of such or similar issues this way shall certainly release a trend within us of remaining ourselves disarranged; if we intend to tie two loose ends of a rope, keeping the main issue untouched.

If avoiding of the holding of another Election shall cut cost to the Government; creating of such a situation while looking for a self gain shall cost the Government manifold to the extent of constructing or developing of another Capital free of cost. If such are the farsightedness of the Government in Power; we must be prepared to face the repercussions, it might bring-in into the field of Politics, that we are opting to follow with due diligence to bring a better Government ‘free from all corruptions’ of all natures. It, however, looked to us from a distance that we are delivering the reverse of what we had promised to deliver to the Public.  

There are limitless methods of delivering one’s promise to the other, none of which we are intending to follow; other than keeping alive the agitations in one form or the other to use it again as when circumstances suit us to grab everything that are coming under way by virtue of meeting of a deadline of choosing a changeover if felt necessary by the Public at large. Unless and until we get rid of corruption and not allow Power fall in the hands of middlemen including that of Corporate Houses, our half of the problem is solved in a Democratic set-up; who are only responsible entities for expanding corruptions within us.

I slept at footpath as well as covered limitless nights with eye never closed while working together with the working class just to encourage them to complete their respective responsibilities without hesitation with fear absent in one’s mind, but doing so by an elected representation to revolt against either itself or against the interest of the Government; is not offering of Administration of value to the Public but it is setting of a new approach to induct disarrangements into the System where we are living-in.

Is it a design to derail ‘Aadhaar’ coming into effect within us which shall offer Justice to the entire us hurting none in the process of implementation but encourage everyone of us in carrying our respective duties without fear or hesitation as well as shall remain fully absent in putting of pressure on any by any while performing one’s duty as per one’s desire and will. We are now witnessing that the issue of corruption within us is put into back burner except that of a lone Party that are exited within us. We unable see any reason in the minds of Public to doubt its effectiveness to bring an utmost ORDER within us. This is the only weapon left to make ourselves disciplined as well as free ourselves of all dirt which we had absorbed either knowingly or unknowingly while discharging our duties.

In a Democratic Set-up nothing can be done by force or in haste; more especially when it is concerned with offering of Justice to anyone of us or else anarchy shall prevail everywhere. Self being a victim of implementing such desires of interfering of Political Parties on matters not connected with it either directly or indirectly being procedures are well set for it but yet it is done to derive a pleasure to oneself; ignoring the running ORDER that is under force; we are living a life much worse than that of street dwellers. I am now good for nothing to a delivery in the line of various interests to grow ourselves together.       




Monday, January 20, 2014

The Conflict!

It is disgraceful that we are deriving intense pleasures to ourselves more often than not by attacking the characters of others to draw the attention of all either to acquire a self gain out of the action so undertaken or out of venting anger to any side{including own self} for whatever reason. Such liking of us is absolutely bad in taste. We must understand that none is better than the other as far as holding of a particular qualification by one is concerned; as each of us is having a separate or specific qualification much different than the others {irrespective of whether or not it is recognized by us} as well as which is absent in others. Unless and until we are able to arrange all such qualifications of us  by placing ourselves in respective positions against each of us; through assigning different job to each; through our joining our hands together in order to obtain a ‘Higher Qualification’ to oneself as a citizen of a Country to approach any odd situations often faced by us either ‘individually’ while remaining as a part of a family or ‘together’ while staying within a Country or a State or a Community to bring any or all such odd situations under control , the entire of us shall remain unqualified or remain as assorted or carry lack of strength either to lose everything of oneself or to struggle to find a rightful solution to solve these issues or problems at ease for our remaining so{assorted} by doing of limitless divisions within us. These are, therefore, unfortunate incidents which we must avoid at all cost.  

None is born without a job pre-assigned to carry out a particular job by one but upon landing oneself into our most corrupt environment, we are creating around ourselves; we prefer to keep engage ourselves in infightings to find a place to oneself within the Society we are living-in; which otherwise should have been an automatic action of us to put him or her into the exact place & position due to holding of a particular qualification to oneself which none other behold. While this is happening so, when one is remaining outside the body; it is fully arranged when we consider the inside of oneself; even though it behold trillions of living cells, one different from the other while covering a life by each exactly alike us outside, yet all performing different Tasks as per one’s qualification but all are carrying out their assigned duties with a single aim in ‘mind & heart’ to give a name to the body, we called as ‘I’. But while at outside, we often use this particular word ‘I’ to demand a position either through display of  one’s Power by virtue of holding of a particular Position,{either earned through putting of a rightful labour or snatched from innocent others by doing of a trick} or by following one’s destiny.             

The most important factor is not how one is progressing from nothing to a much higher position, but the way or path one is choosing to climb the Ladder from nowhere to everywhere. So long, one is not hurting others while climbing the Ladder, it is well and fair to do so. However, it is a fact that we are often terribly short in value to satisfy such a condition of us while declaring oneself as a Leader of a Group or a Party to lead the entire us into the future.

It is never a factor to determine one’s development of character or qualification based upon how and where one is born and under what circumstances one is brought up to define how much a figure is tall by itself. While the one who is refusing to accept a defeat while jumping constantly from a lower position to a higher position by keeping oneself always immerged in thinking for a self gain or do it by hook or by crook, often tend to use cruel means to do so even at the cost of others in pursuit of deriving of pleasures to himself or herself  from such acts, the other one who is growing up under a better environment might able to deliver better to the Public provided he or she is carrying a good amount of LOVE towards the betterment of others to grow together. 

The richness of a Country or a State never speaks wellness of the said Country or State but merely indicates the congregation of various Business Houses only established at a particular place for whatever reason; unless and until it does so through by converting Innovations into creation of a large workforce within us to keep limitless engaged.

The selection of a Leader within a Party is often based upon the culture and tradition of the Party which none can question or challenged being it has its own merits and demerits in doing so by the Party concerned. With the Country almost drawn in corruptions, we doubt any noble programme announced for development ever produce a result unless we get rid of all corruptions beforehand. Accordingly, it looked to us as if; we are issuing an assurance to the public that we shall create another creation even if the present one get collapsed due to its inability to withstand various kinds of assaults inflicted upon it reasonless mostly through our opting for engaging in mass corruptions everywhere.      




Friday, January 17, 2014

Rahul’s Elevation to the Post of Congress President

Even though I was an employee of ‘OIL INDIA LTD’ in executive level; I never behold a Bank Account except that of one to meet the requirement of the Company to transfer Fund that was or were earned by me but I always find my account was empty of cash and hence depended upon various other facilities that were extended separately to each and every employee of the Company to meet various other expanses each month. Accordingly we were managing our monthly requirements securing foodstuff from Ration Store to remain alive. I hardly saw Rs.500.00 Note prior to my opting for Early Retirement and I first saw Rs.1000.00 Rupee Note during the year 2004 when my wife sold her Plot of Land at Guwahati, Assam at a throw away price to run ourselves somehow.

Therefore, our children {2 daughters & 1 son} were deprived of everything to know of what is called a ‘Human being’ being often chase out from Group while playing together assuming hailing from untouchable family. My son had met with a very serious Road Accident with multiple fractures in Head in a Hit & Run Case during the later part of the year 2004.When the said vehicle made a second attempt to run over him, an Auto-rickshaw driver snatched his unconscious body from the spot; breaking his leg while doing so.

Accordingly our entire family along with Association of ‘Auto-rickshaw driver’s’ begged in the street of Bangalore to collect Fund to bear the cost of surgery to both. Following the incident our son remained mostly in-door except attending the College as and when health permits. With self bedridden since mid of the year 2010; our two daughters are maintaining the family at present. This is what the financial Status of mine.  

These is an example of Gross Injustices inflicted upon the entire humanity through me being self all the time engage in ‘well being’ of the entire that are growing up playfully under the most loving Care of Mother Nature. Through such an action, so called influential ones are attacking the Constitution of the Country in the worst form with a dirtiest mind behold to derive pleasure to oneself in doing so; without knowing that they are harming none but themselves only. This is degree of one’s lust to secure a Position of Power to act likewise on every one of us.

Now I intend to cite another Example as enforced by late Razib Gandhi to build the ‘National Treasury’ which was short of cash without burdening any. He therefore announced an incentive to the Policemen or Custom personnel who could able to catch the Smugglers bringing Gold into Country evading Tax but selling it at a Market Price within the Country. It was a successful Scheme to raise enough of Funds to the Country but it was bearing much of lacuna for converting it into a proper ORDER; nonetheless it reflected the degree of LOVE he had behold towards the Country even if required breaking of prevailing LAWS.

Both examples represent breaking of General Rules of the Country in one way or the other that govern us. While first example show the extremeness on the part of one to inflict pain on innocent others just to derive a pleasure to oneself reasonless; even ignoring the Constitution of the Country; the second example show the degree of intense eagerness on the part of a Great Personality or Leader to help the Common General Public to overcome their daily difficulties at most ease; offering pain to none.     

Accordingly, we whole heartedly congratulate the decision of AICC to endorse the elevation of Mr.Rahul Gandhi to the post of President of the Congress Party. Self standing at a neutral position we can firmly say that he shall no doubt deliver the appropriate to the Country in association with others, if we shed our misconception about the various wrong doings by the Party in Power. While many actions of Party during tenure of UPA-II are questionable which was forced upon the Party in order to meet the demand of ‘Collusion Politics’; we have many other left over solutions in hand which shall enable us to fight head-on all our such ailments to bring back the Country to the path of progress hurting none during the process of implementations. 



Thursday, January 16, 2014

What may be the SOLUTION?

As and when something very sweet of any nature is built in our character; it takes no time to turn this sweetener or habit into lust. Once one is hunted by lust, there is no away one is getting an escape from it; no matter what action we undertake to get rid from it. The desire of one to do corruption for getting rich overnight without earning it falls into this Category which is worst in nature out of all sins. Since, in a Democratic set-up, in order to run a Political Party the collection of Fund is one of the Primary duty to do so for various reasons to remain intact as Party. All others are often take advantage of the same to do the exact individually; to turn the same into an ailment which shall cover the entire us one day or the other to kill the Country sooner or later.

While the collection of Fund by a Party using various means is justified to an extent, the others who are taking advantage of it, are engaging in destroying the fabric of the System to force it to collapse; due to arresting of flow of Fund and storing it one’s hand that shall force a sudden stagnation of the entire System in absence of any rightful as well as exact feed into ‘Economy’ to keep it alive with flow of Fund from one to the remaining intact. With almost none left out to engage in such actions against ourselves, unleashed by the so called Powerful ones holding responsible Positions within the Government, we are forcefully defeating the purpose of Democracy to see the wonderfulness of holding of a set-up in hand.  

As and when such a situation covers us with its root griped the heart of one; there is no chance that any action of any nature of us of whatsoever strength shall ever ensure our survival from the situation; even after establishing infinite numbers of anti-corruptions Units within us; which shall only work reverse to further deteriorate the situation; instead of doing of a salvaging the situation of any nature to us. Not understanding this most simple logic of expanding of evil within us is somewhat puzzle some to us. Therefore we must think of other alternative treatment to make the System Corruption free by attacking the root cause directly without depending ourselves on dubious setting up of separate ORDERS within the ORDER.  

While one is under communism or under Monarchy; the requirement and  building of Fund is an associated issue being General Public is kept under pressure all the time for not resorting to any agitation or making of a legitimate demand to meet one’s requirements to lead a life of one’s choice; Democracy requires enough of diplomacy to be carried out through various means to keep intact the System hurting none during the process of enforcing it which constantly require Fund to transform our mass idea or desire into reality. Therefore, doing so on the part of the Political Party often becomes a compulsion but following it by others in the name of helping the Political Party in Power in doing so, destroys the Structure of the System at the cost of free life and liberties of the common General Public. Hence it is of utmost necessity that we must understand the difference between these two different approaches of us to kill exactly the same issue. We cannot allow nullifying the first by the second.

We, therefore, must try our best to keep a distance between the two or one from the other through whatever means available in our hands including that of doing of a finer redefining of the various Political Parties that are often exit within a Democratic Set-up; so that none starve for Fund; keeping the number of Political Parties under complete balance. Unless this is done, we are afraid that we might face a demise of this wonderful System; with none is backing what is necessary and encouraging what is not necessary or which is most detrimental to the growth of us.  

There were attempts earlier to topple the Government as well as the System itself with help extended from forces, waiting for opportunities from outside the Border. This is the degree up-to what extent we have fallen just to secure Power to issue commands on the helpless innocent others but the design had fallen apart by the intervention of Higher Power still remaining alive in our hearts. Therefore, we appeal to the entire to think twice whom we should elect and whom not. Luck not always favour those who prefer to keep their eyes & ears closed as well as forcefully stopping their Brains from functioning in search of earning leisure over putting of labour to themselves.


The Definition of Religion!

What is Religion? The Religion was once a faith as our knowledge about the functioning of Nature was minimal and hence we often consider various happening of events of Nature within itself to sustained ourselves under an atmosphere of utmost Peace and Tranquillity; by doing of an assumption so that the chain of events{which are continuously happening within us in every moment in every manner or form} as well as intense connection that exists between each and other as an object irrespective of whether the object is seen or unseen or living or non-living but available in Space, are not disturbed but are kept intact or not broken either for meeting our self desire or for declaring oneself as Most Powerful or through remaining ignorant about the arrangement so set-up by Nature to make our lives liveable within a particular boundary as set by the it. As our lives are depended upon limitless factors, such understanding of it is/ was very important for our very existence including that of other similar objects as available within the Universe. Even though all such knowledge are fluent to the Creator being ‘He’ is the only ONE who is creating & governing it but it is left to us to gather all such knowledge through our self efforts while covering our time fruitfully with mind and Brain fully engaged all the time. This is how we grow ourselves.   

But with much of knowledge acquired by us over time about most of such events which are happening automatically within the Nature; our approach towards defining Religion should also change accordingly. Therefore, Religion is nothing but Science only. So long we are not hurting the Laws of the Nature; each of us is holding a rightful Religion. An ‘Atom’ is an exact replica of the Universe. Therefore, there is just a single Energy whom we called as ‘GOD’ {12 Set ORDERS & 11 Gravitational Constant} to control the entire Objects as available in the Space within the Universe. We often attached different names to the same one Religion to offer our respect to the ‘Devoted one’ who had or has the knowledge as cited in knowing the Nature. The ones, who are considering one Religion is different than the others, cannot be more ignorant about one’s Religion own Religion to misinterpret such Religion as frequently as possible to confuse us on the matter.

The one who prefers or desire to hurt one’s body {which is not represented by the word ‘I’}; one is attacking the LORD in worst form being LORD dowels in everyone’s body by virtue of maintaining an utmost ORDER within the body by trillions of cells living inside the body following an ORDER exactly alike us outside; by joining hands with each other within the body; even though all are performing different duties individually to give a name to the body so existed within us which is resulted as an outcome of ‘LOVE’ one bears towards the others while discharging their duties with utmost devotion. Therefore, none has the right to harm one’s body citing whatever reason without facing a repercussion of unbearable nature. To engage in such acts is nothing but running away from one’s duties and responsibilities; leave apart hurting limitless others in completing such a process by one; using cruellest means. Such personalities are Devils in human form by virtue of hurting himself or herself; together with others; and shall always remain ‘assorted and alone’ forever in the vastness of Space without getting a release from ‘Seal Cage’ constructed by own self for ignoring the Laws of Nature.  

The Prayers we offer, the meditation we do, the drums we beat, the sing we often sang, the in-scent or candle we burnt, the Ornaments we offer, the decorations we do, the Religious Scriptures we read, the thread in the Candle, the light it is producing etc. are none but Him only nonetheless it draw a satisfaction to one in doing so including that of attracting Power from the various Power Centres as available within the body to govern it. Such steps of us can never invoke the Grace of the God being such steps are nothing but show pieces or external objects only in nature. In simple term, the LOVE we bear  in our ‘Hearts’ for the good of the others  by everyone of us is none but GOD only. The way we experience shock while touching the invisible Electricity; we get or receive nectar or intense Joy while touching ‘LOVE’. The moment one touches ‘LOVE’, the entity instantly becomes Enlighten.

None ever got enlighten sitting together with others in Prayer Halls or elsewhere but acquired it through one’s self effort by desiring good of the others while faithfully carrying out one’s assigned Job with much of dedication and attachment. This is what Religion is.



Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Definition of Democracy!

Democracy is a System comprising of many Political parties with a common point of view that it is supreme out of all such Systems to offer the best to the Common General Public being it is formed with the support of the people, constituted by the people, hold by the people as well as establish for the people to fulfil the aspirations of various Sections of the people {which is different for each section} of us living within a Country. Even though the Agenda being carried by each individual Party is different than that of the others; we are often bounded by the Constitution of the Country to attack any or all such problems as and when arises that infuses a disorder into the System for whatever reason to disturb a well run Government. Therefore, with passage of time, we must keep changing the Articles of the Constitution to befit with the situation while we are covering our lives into the future with more and more TRUTH emerging within us with an aim & objective in mind not to deprive any of his or her due, earned through whatever means; to lead his or her life either individually or as a family or community as per one’s desire and will.

A mare change of Party from one to the other {due to mismanagement of the ruling Party to govern the Government to give or offer just Justice to each and every one that constituting a Country}; must not prompt a Party to embrace a new Structure in name only to see the same situation coming back to us again with nothing really getting changed for the better except that of the style of functioning. Hence, we must able to evaluate each and every clause of the Constitution which are responsible for producing a negative effect on us; keeping the main Structure intact and untouched.

During the period of Emergency in 70’s by Late Indira Gandhi and also during the time of short rule of Congress under the Leadership of Late Rajiv Ghandi; we intended to infuse a finer ORDER into the System much forcefully; both of which actions of us produced a negative result, even though much successful in achieving the desired result. Since we had ignored the Middlemen of playing their rule within us, mass sentiment of the PUBLIC was arisen against the respective Government by the ‘Powerful ones’ living merrily amongst us to challenge the ORDER which is infused into the System as such. While this was nonetheless cohesion to some degree but done for the overall good of the General Public, ‘Aadhaar’ is altogether a different Instrument to attack this particular ailment of us flawlessly; hurting none in the process but shall offer benefit to all.

We are surely much surprised to see that none is debating this particular point anywhere; which has enough Power that are  in-built within it to kill all our ailments one by one. In order to happen so; we require mass support of the entire Public; more specially from the younger Generation who are remaining alive still within us nonetheless it is a slow process to get results from its implementation within us.

Though RTI; we no doubt caught many wrong doings of us but it is a useless exercise unless and until, we find suitable ways and means to stop happening so, which is still being done unchallenged amasses everywhere  as a matter of routine within us to claim a Position in the Society through use of Proxy. All such or similar corruptions instead has spread its wings further to engulf the Country in totality. It has now build-up in our characters too to force ourselves become addicted to it.

The reason or cause of happening so, is the urgent requirement of Fund by various Political Parties to remain as a Party keeping its view intact within us which may or may not be for overall good of us. Why not than we fight for reducing such Parties to bare minimum with legitimate Public Fund extended to each of the Party without demanding an alteration of the current set-up which is in place? The more are the Parties within a Democratic Set-up; the more are the divisions within us to take us back to pre-independence era or even to a much later period. Accordingly, instead of solving the issue, we are complicating the matter much further through doing of criticism of one by the other; even though all Political Parties are basically same as far as Collection of Fund to a Party is concerned.  

I am affiliated to no Political Party and hence see all such Parties and as same and equal, so long one is not resorting to adopt dubious means to earn a name to it to capture Power through use of Proxy without the knowledge of Common General Public to prove to the Public that it is much different from others by creating a ‘just & arranged situations’ within themselves together forcefully. However, it looked to us that we are adamant in killing the Aadhaar from taking effect within us by hook or by crook to deprive the poorer section of us from getting any benefit to walk together into the future armed with knowledge.