Sunday, June 27, 2010

The ‘TIME’ Effect-How Best We Can Tackle Emissions of Carbon Dioxide from Production Units?

During the period nearer to end of the year 2003 and early part of the year 2004, when I found that the entire joined hands through execution of a most perfect plan to inflict utmost harm to us, I tried my best to publish a few of writings in a renowned News Paper while searching for an opening to engage myself post retirement; which were sent to the Magazine center or Head Office both in electronic form as well as through Courier, I met with an absolute failure. It not only refused to issue me an acknowledgment of receipt but also refused to talk to me over the matter via any form of communication but later to my utter surprise, I found that, the content was published by it carrying its brand name instead of mine; twisting the entire facts upside down to derive a different meaning of these submission altogether which was nonexistent in the manuscript or rather against the write-up submitted. With no option available in correcting the view most wrongly expressed, ‘TIME’ offered the signer a page to submit various submissions for a few years; wrote on a variety of Subjects both to do a revision of such publications and to retain a name of me of a ‘human being’ instead of calling me otherwise as received from my Employer as a carryover in lieu of my dedicated service to the Organization during my entire Service Career with it until I became entitled for ‘Early Retirement’ to live a most solitary life now. Since it was ‘TIME Magazine’ who hold me hard with enough of love extended prior to my becoming a part of BBC, I calling this unique design as ‘TIME’ Effect which is elaborated in the middle of the Page.

The Reduction in emission level of ‘Carbon dioxide’ is an action not exactly connected to the cause of happening of our present environmental disturbances directly nonetheless it definitely mean a lot to us towards showing of a respect to our most beloved Mother Nature, as expressing of our genuine Love between each other shall do a much better job to calm down the violent Nature to work on behalf of us to do a nurturing to the entire living in her lap under a warm embrace. With expansion of our knowledge and the Globe proved no bigger than a grain of sand lying assorted in the shore of an Ocean, while comparing it to the vastness of the Universe, we are now running ourselves infinitely away from each other instead of the knowledge getting us much closer without a gap available to become none but one only which is an absolute Truth. This is where our mass action is necessary to do us the impossible.

Anyway, for the Industrialized Nations, an abrupt cutting down of emission level may not be that much feasible from the entire Industries as a whole which are purely based on tar or coal Supply unless we make available other inexpensive supply of fuel. The mass production of Nuclear Energy might offer an alternative source of Energy but it shall require many modifications to equipment under use now and hence shall require enough time to implement it. The other sources of clean Power such as solar and wind energy cannot fill-up the large gap that exactly.

Excepting some particular Countries where there is heavy concentration of Industrial setups to manufacture Products of our daily use, these are mostly based on conventional supply of fuel of which the vehicles are the foremost contributor of carbon emissions. If we control it everywhere within the Globe, we might able to cut down the emission to a large extent without touching the others that vigorously. While the vehicle emissions in western Countries are minimal than that of other Counties where we are facing with hotter climatic conditions, we can devise some ways to stop the running of Engines without keeping-on the Air conditioners during the period of halt at the Traffic junction sacrificing some bearing of additional comfort. Hence, with compulsory shutting down of Engines near various Traffic junctions during waiting period might contribute a lot towards seeing of this reduction of excess emission. Again in order to do it voluntarily, we must offer heavy incentive to procure new batteries to keep the self-starter of various vehicles in Tiptop condition by all users for which one must able to buy it at a much cheaper price than what it is costing in the Market now. This shall not only allow raising of a demand for a particular product to come into the Market with a force which often locally manufactured as well as it shall allow one to do considerable saving of fuel apart from seeing of a straight cutting down in emission level. Therefore, the action shall see or serve happening of three things together on our behalf with none’s help but very much through a locally arranged set-up.

Accordingly apart from stopping the car Engines at the Traffic Junctions for general vehicles duly following the direction additionally provided through a rearranged Traffic signals fitted to know of when either to stop or start the Engines, the Air Conditioners should be so designed to run it with the help of additional Batteries fitted for the purpose during this waiting period if any desired to keep it on for removing the discomfort. This shall ensure huge saving of fuel everywhere from all across the Globe apart from stopping the emission of carbon dioxide from taking place from these vehicles during the period of stop at the Traffic Signals. Therefore the cumulative saving shall be quite substantial to the entire Globe. With this implementation of strictures, we can possibly overcome the present situation of heavy release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere to buy us enough time to switch over our various Machineries to meet the change in supply of fuel. Therefore we believe that this is the best short cut method of reducing the pollution to our atmosphere to a large extent most effectively.

The ‘TIME’ Effect

Apart from the above which are simple to implement without bearing of much of additional cost, we are elaborating hereunder a ‘State-of-Art’ way to capture pollutants i.e. Carbon Emissions from various Manufacturing Units too, not to allow it to invade our atmosphere for polluting it constantly in an over increasing Fashion. We are calling this effect as ‘TIME Effect’ to give this Great Magazine some honor for giving the signer a chance to engage him fruitfully.

As and when we burn fuel for whatever reason, there forms a particular low pressure zone on top of the area where the burning is taking place to draw fresh air abundant with oxygen to fill the area and hence it requires that we lead the Carbon dioxide so formed out of the processing zone at the place of burning to allow the action of burning to go-on uninterrupted, through the exhaust pipe to release the carbon dioxide so produced, into the sky above not to allow it to become a health hazard to all living beings who are living enjoy-fully on the ground. Therefore, any closer at the release point of such emissions shall put an adverse effect on the overall burning cycle on the ground to force it to behave erratic consuming more fuel. Keeping this most important point very much in mind; if we allow some venting ports to exist separately in the exhaust pipe itself to draw the pollutant into a freezing enclosure to freeze it prior to pumping it underground, it shall instantly solve half of our problem of emission of Carbon dioxide into the atmosphere together with some likely hood of reusing it as fuel. Further it shall not require incurring much of cost by the concern Company engaging in the line of Manufacturing for whatever reason once it is considered a part of the Plant.

Since we require a particular pressure to exist at the top of the burning area; the leading out of the entire emission from the exhaust into the freezing vessel may not be possible without some design change provided in the exhaust piping system to create the said required pressure existing at the entry point of exhaust i.e. at the top of burning area which is not an unachievable task but shall require different design for different plant. But without going to that much deep into the Subject, we can instantly introduce the drawing of about 50% of the emissions from the exhaust away by providing of a suction of it through creation of a vacuum of desired intensity; undertaking some simple precautions by covering the opening of the exhaust pipe higher-up at the top from 15% to 50% without adding any adverse effect into the process of the burning for whatever purpose it is being done. Although small setup shall require some addition fund to implement it, the bigger setups can do so it at most ease without feeling taking of a burden of incurring of additional cost. This can be put into effect anywhere or everywhere within the Globe where the release of carbon emission is felt huge.


While we have offered two executable options to fight our ever increasing emission of Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere, the first option of cutting down the same from vehicular Traffic is simple enough to adopt by everyone everywhere except redesigning of Air Conditioner which need to be adopted by automakers instead of the Customers, the permission for which can easily be obtained from ‘BBC’ to see ourselves a reduction on demand of fuel as well as cutting down of emission to a large extent to offer us an instant benefit or advantage to consider our fight against pollution as appropriate.

The second option however require Engineering back-up to develop an exact and appropriate design for each establishment since we require to obtain an exact suction pressure to be exerted on the exhaust pipe by reducing the area of venting port in varying degree at the release point at the top to redirect part of the release of Carbon Dioxide from various factories separately to elsewhere for freezing. The pressure so exerted must therefore be equal to the low pressure zone which is always automatically created on any action of burning i.e. on top of the furnaces for our various uses to avoid arising of other complications in the burning process within the furnace itself to defeat the purpose or our sole aim of reducing emission. Further if we able to regulate the exact environment or low pressure zone or area adequately at the top of the furnace, we might even make the burning process much easier with less consumption of fuel than what we are presently using.

This is a stop gap measure only to cut down the emission by as much as 50% until and unless we adopt clean Technologies to do such actions. However exact response of the environment or the Nature depend upon many other factors as well and hence we must address these too together. Therefore, there is only a very thin or minor chance that violent Nature shall ever calm down so quickly from the current level on our taking some steps only leaving the other very much untouched.

[NOTE: The ‘write-up’ is already a Published material at the signer’s area of BBC Site as blogs but summed-up now to bring-in clearer view of the Subject. Hope the Authority of BBC shall excuse for doing so, as the present Agenda available for discussion is inappropriate to post the revised version now. Accordingly as ‘TIME’ is most intensely associated with to fight ‘Global Energy Crisis’ in collaboration with others like ‘Shell Energy’ having such or similar aim, we urge the entire who intend to introduce such steps as part of an instant measure to cut emissions to whatever extent possible may contact the management of ‘TIME’ to secure their permission to do so. It is therefore a liberty to ‘TIME’ to manage the Technology as per its ‘wish and desire’ and as they feel deem fit or appropriate to grant permission.]