Friday, December 20, 2013

Let us understand ourselves!

We hail the decision of AAP to form the Government at Delhi with help extended from Congress Party; instead of forcing the Government to conduct another Election without expecting a different result or outcome at a huge cost to the Government reasonless. Earlier we saw many changes in forming various Governments at the Centre as well as in various States citing misrule of one by the other. Having the greatest lacuna of earning enough of ‘FUND’ to run a particular Political Party or Institution while existing under a Democratic Set-up within a Country or a Nation with source not exactly defined, we often land into doing of corrupt practices within us to remain alive as a Political entity, even though the aim and objective is same for all. However, our current aim and objective is vastly different than what we were aiming to achieve earlier i.e. it is not exactly to ensure or reshuffle the work, what we did earlier while remaining ourselves under various restrictions as well as compulsions while forming a Government.      

The current situation which is now prevailing within the Globe is altogether a different issue which none can able to kill without assistance from all others either directly or indirectly and hence all Governments as existing within the Globe embracing various Systems{Communism & Democracy etc.} are too facing exactly the same problem without an exception. There is no readymade solution to recover from this most critical problem or issue, we ever faced within us. If we offer more free services to the Public by using our hard eared Money, as collected by us through paying of various Taxes by all & every; our aim and objective of seeing the Country Grow with time through engaging ourselves in development works of all natures from all across Country; shall all go waste to see ourselves getting stagnated in the same place.

The situation prior to imposition of Emergency was similar but went normal following it when we had started duly discharging our respective duties without engaging in corruption. But it was fear in the minds of all that did the trick and hence the Party responsible for opting for it, lost the Power, following the General Election with many after effects left for us to resolve subsequently with much of pain untaken by each and every. This situation too is absent to look at the matter that way.

Within each and every entity that are under existences within us, hardly 10% of it put or offer hard work to keep engage the entire in one way or the other to allow the said entity remain alive within us. Within the human body, the production of blood is the outcome of the labour put-in by various cells living within the intestine with help extended from others or done in combination with others. The heart ensures that it is equitably distributed all over the body using a spontaneous rearrangement of it within itself so that all cells from miniature or tiniest to largest that are available from the tip of hair in the Head to toe of the body; get the exact to remain alive separately in order to work together with just one aim and objective {that is to give a name to one}.

This is called ‘automatic ORDER’ which start functioning the moment, the life of one descended into one’s body while one is in the womb of the Mother. As and when this automatic ORDER goes hidden within one’s body due to getting aged or the flow gets fractured within its limitless veins within one’s body for whatever reason, one face a death like situation to struggle for living one’s life. The frequent application of pressure even cannot revive the said flow as and when get lost during circulation of it within the body to maintain the flow intact.

The later and not the former is prevailing with us as far as Global Economy is concerned being the automatic ORDER as available within the Economy to keep it flowing constantly within us without hindrance through maintaining an exact liquidity; is lost altogether to force ourselves to see the current situation. Even though the wealth we had earned or generated already and the one, that we are creating each moment through our putting of labour for remaining ourselves intact, we find that it is getting short limitlessly to do an equitable distribution of it within us due to its remaining idle in everyone’s hand.

Accordingly our various efforts to recover the situation to somewhat normal have became fruitless in view our deriving of satisfaction on seeing it remaining stored in one’s safe hand  instead of getting it released through doing of a spending  to maintain its health. Even, we have now gone to the extent of distancing ourselves from each other gender wise due to surfacing of doubt in our minds of doing of trick by one on the other. It might further escalate to our mass opting for distancing ourselves from each other within the same Gender. This is nothing but contraction of us in absence of rightful and alive ORDER within us.

Offering of Just JUSTICE to the aggrieved always set the destiny of a Nation. While we can release million of harden Criminal in absence of rightful evidences to do a conviction; we cannot punish a single innocent who is engaging in offering of an exact delivery to the entire us through whatever position he or she is serving to fulfil the action. If the reverse happens for whatever reason; the entire humanity needs to suffer.   

Accordingly we find that the Government in Power did no wrong in its approaches towards various issues being faced by the Country but unable to implement these schemes due to presence of ever increasing ‘Middlemen’ within us whom we need to defeat to issue non-stop command on the Government to create an environment to make stealing of wealth from others easy without doing any delivery to the Country. With enemy known, we expect that we shall become strong enough to stop its Growth at phenomenal speed within us and subsequently get rid of it to the extent possible so that our existence is not threatened in anyway.     


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