Monday, December 16, 2013

The Exact definition of LOVE

LOVE is defined as deriving of an intense pleasure to oneself through performing the act of giving to fulfil a shortage of another of whatsoever nature; ignoring his or her own demand of keeping oneself normal and intact through providing the appropriate feed to the body, one beholds to remain alive. This however is called one sided LOVE if the receiver doesn’t reciprocate the action so extended to him or her. As and when it is reciprocated between the doer and receiver it take the form of Universal LOVE  to get expanded within the environment where both objects exits to benefit the others too; who are staying in and around the periphery of happening of the said activity. It may happen between any two objects {either alone or together} irrespective of the gender one beholds or irrespective of whether or not the objects are bearer of life of any form or nature to show the LOVE so expressed by one to the other.

 When such a situation prevails between any two, the pain of one is instantly absorbed or taken by the other irrespective of the distance of their staying or living. This is called Religion in simple term. The engaging in an act of Sex is an add-on which may or may be a requirement to accomplish such an acquirement by one. As and when one derive a pleasure on seeing the pain of the others inflicted to him or her or to a group when living together by whomsoever for whatever reason, it is called cruelty, the reverse of LOVE.

Again as and when one approaches the other in order to fulfil one’s demand or desire of whatsoever nature including that of meeting the call of the nature; it constituted either a normal action of one or otherwise {after giving of a different name to it} under some special circumstances; which is forced upon on one by the environment we are creating within ourselves to act so by oneself for remaining alive within us; mostly when there arise a conflict between male & female aspect. This is neither ‘hatred’ nor ‘love’ but an attempt on the part of one to cover his or her life with some identity retained to oneself. Therefore, they are not different from us being a by-product of our mass wrong actions and hence require LOVE on the part of us to embrace them and allow ourselves to act otherwise to avoid further inflict of injury to such a community. Virtue and Sin are two terms to describe a situation which can get reverse automatically, once we fail to distinguish the difference between the two. Hence such communities are too equally nearer to the Lord like any other of us provided, they are knowledgeable enough to know the definition of LOVE.              

As and when ‘Injustice’ triumphant over ‘Justice’ amasses everywhere, both the flowing Automatic ORDERS {12 in numbers) and Gravitational CONSTANTS {11 in numbers} shall go hidden within each and every object that is available within the Universe which shall force the entire objects to go haywire to collide with each other to face a premature death. Even though it is unusual to happen so; its occurrence can never be ruled out if we touch the extreme ends of distorting the said two factors that are responsible for the existence of the present Universe within us.

Now consider the situation we always face towards treating a new born child. The parents expect nothing from the New born child in return to the love delivered to the child either directly or indirectly. This is called pure LOVE. The moment we expect something in return, it instantly transform into impure LOVE. Therefore, our choosing of a particular Sex over the other is a selfish LOVE for our expecting something from the new born as and when grown-up. Therefore, the moment we induce a desire into our various Prayers; other than well being of the entire us, the Prayer instantly becomes null and void to bear no value to it. No action either arranged through one’s thought or physically done never ever dies unless and until it is undone by the doer. Let us stop assaulting the Nature any further by deriving newer meaning to LOVE.

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