Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A Few Complex Definitions

Democracy is a status or a situation within us wherein the System so created is formed by the Public, elected by the Public and for the overall good of the Public with a term limit set; for governing us as an Institution of highest ORDER either as an Individual or the Community or the State or a Country who chooses it to run its various functions to remain intact as a separate entity within many that are existing within the Globe. Depending upon doing of a delivery to the Public for its overall good of us within the specific period of time as stated, a Political Party might continue to hold Office of the Government for an undetermined period of time or dethroned if the expectations of the Public is not met with for whatever reason during the term granted by the Public. In order to meet the objective of the Government; a Constitution is put into place; so that none ever attempt to overstep the Power granted to a particular Political Party through the said Constitution; even through as and when one’s ‘Heat & Soul’ is placed in the hands of the Public, no stricture of whatsoever nature is required while executing the Power so granted to the Political Party, by the Public at large.

By definition, the single largest Party in opposition should get the Post of LOP in the Parliament but Constitution has put a bar on it that unless a particular Political Party doesn’t have at-least 10% of the seat in LS, the claim of the same is ‘null & void’. Accordingly if the Most Honourable Speaker of LS ruled in favour of the Opposition having the largest number of members in the Parliament, it would have been; not only showing of disrespect towards the Constitution but also showing of neglect to the ‘Trust & Desire’ of the Public who are intending to run the Government much differently to produce a better result on behalf of us. This is a temporary arrangement for a particular period of time and hence the position of Leader of Opposition shall never go vanished in-between during the interim period of holding of Power by a particular Political Party; notwithstanding the fact that representing the LOP in cases of selection of Candidates for important Positions might cause a set-back as far as aim & objective of selection is concerned.   

Furthermore, being unhappy with the present functioning of various Governments; more often than we get a divided House out of the outcome of our Smart Election Process, {done as a routine in a Democratic set-up}; not because the Public is divided but because the System is failing to produce a positive result even though it is best out of the entire such Systems. We are possibly giving more value in showing-off than executing noble Agenda that can benefit the masses.    

Therefore, we might look for effecting of few amendments in the Constitution that can address these issues, until we become aware of our ‘aim & Objective’ in choosing a Political Career or our respective responsibilities while holding such a position towards the ‘wellbeing’ of the Common General Public as long as a term lasts for the wining Party. As and when, there arise any circumstances of having no Party getting a majority which was in-fact an order of the day until recently; the like minded Political Parties forming the Government must not be allowed to leave the formation; so formed to run the Government; unless the Government falls for whatever reason. In case a Party or Parties leave the others, such Party or Parties must surrender their identities as a functional Political Party or Parties or entities and must ceased to be members of Parliament forthwith.

Since offering of Just Justice to Common General Public always determine the destiny of a Nation or a Country as a whole; our remaining standstill more or less in the same position; Judiciary is also equally responsible in showing of leniency in disposing-off millions of Cases pending on various Courts all across the Country. This has resulted in loss of limitless man-hours of ours for not properly engaging their expertise or due abilities of such personalities; gained during covering their respective lives up-to that particular point of time. This is a direct loss to the Country being their movements are kept at halt through; forcing them to run from Post to Pillar to get Justice as well as minds pre-occupied round the clock in knowing about their involvement in any matter of dispute either directly or indirectly . The ones who approach the Court are often literate enough to challenge a wrong order issued on him or her but often hard pressed for sufficient Fund to fight it. However, it is luxury for affluent to harass the innocents. This too must be overcome at the earliest possible.

In my Case when I was posted at Jodhpur (2003/04-Following my transfer from GVP), my Telephone connection was used to remain dead most of time being connected in parallel to another location for wrongful use, but continued to bear a monthly bill of @ Rs.5000.00 PM that was paid by the Company. On brining-in the matter into the notice of Management; the Company kept mum on the matter but it kept on bearing the extra cost of my invalid Telephone indefinitely. If IB can arranged it that way to trap someone using one’s Telephone through recording the conversation of others, we are sorry to say that former Judge of SC is short of knowledge to lead this elite Institution, we called it as ‘Most Honourable SC’ to guide us into the future. Again, how and why the retired SC Judges are getting plump Posts post retirement even though are no different than ordinary us but often know to apply their minds? Therefore, we require a simple but honest personality to Head the SC.            

We all are born equal with limitless Qualifications distributed among us. The ones who are fit the environment at a particular point of time to force a push, we called them educated. All great Scientists who took our lives up-to this point of time to live ourselves under an environment of freeness; were either mediocre or considered dull being the entity is constantly interacting with him or herself to know of; how to overcome a particular problem that is or was confronting us head-on or causing a halt towards our progress into the future. One’s having high memory to remember a thing is just one of the limitless Qualifications of us only and hence it can never be a determining factor of the utility of such a personality within the Society. Therefore, the ones we are able to pick the exact value that is unwritten between the lines in the School Book or in others for the overall good of the entire us is called a ‘Brilliant Brain’. The ones who teach to the student the aforesaid ‘aim & objective’ of us, it is called imparting of knowledge under a learning environment. The reproducing the text of a particular Book as it is, in an Examination Hall by memorizing it, is not Education but it is a harmful cause to harm us the worst, if we attempt to follow it that strictly without applying our minds to see the side effects . It shall take us to nowhere unless it is fully refined to absorb the surrounding too, to benefit us as a Society. 

AP was bifurcated not because both parts are following different life Styles for living one’s life but to neutralise the effect of Naxal in the best possible manner through doing of rightful interaction with the Centre and by taking a Leadership Position on the matter being it is the weakest point of propagation of ideology of ‘Maoists’ to infiltrate within us. These young Public or generation of us who are embracing an ideology which is pervert in nature; must be won over at any cost through doing of reciprocation of LOVE between both of us and not by raising of a war against them which can never kill the cause but it shall only aflame it to spread the cause still further within us.

Being not known to self who is called Human Spice as living under harass of the harshest condition all throughout my life, I hope, I am hurting none through this write-up.   






Monday, August 25, 2014


Well, it is a fact that we started seeing the inner value of labour to earn one’s identity for the overall good of the others to start with any Programme of much appeal & Beauty as well as happening of various events which we had preferred to ignore or overlooked or kept unnoticed either willingly or unwillingly possibly for one’s self gain of whatsoever nature, since our Independence. As and when one’s aim is firm and objective fully clear, there is nothing which we cannot achieve; so long our ‘Aim & Objective’ is directed towards the ‘wellbeing’ of the others who are deprived of everything to claim his or her position within the Society where we are living-in. Yes, we are at war against poverty which should not have remained (as it is) within us so long; without addressing it rightfully; avoiding the middlemen to hijack the Agenda often set by us to achieve it from time to time, half heartedly. With the cause of the ailment known; we should able to fix it much at ease now. Therefore, the announcement of the Government to elevate poverty in steps from the entire Country is a very much welcomed idea to the entire Common General Public to hope for a better tomorrow.

In order to transform the idea into reality, the silent feature of the same was published by self in ‘Knol’ page of Google long ago but was ignored by all for the reason best known to the concerned Authorities. A few of the points of it as described or elaborated or pointed-out or discussed there-in; is reproduced hereunder to see if these suggestions  can be implemented with some variation{either addition or deletion of ideas so suggested}.

However, it is highly desirable that the entire process from beginning to the end is handled at a single point by the Centre to ensure that no Fund is siphoned-off in-between by any Agency or by vested interests; citing various noble causes of offering of help to us in any form and manner. Now that, Google has transferred the Site to ‘Word-press’; the content of which is not available for view of the Public due to application of charges of $3.00 PM for hoisting the same. The Link for the same is available in the following Page of mine.

1.      Select around 500 to 1000 Nos. of poor of the poorest villages from all across the Country irrespective of Political Affiliation, the villagers are having towards a particular Political Party through a Computer Draw; in presence of High Dignitaries, so that none can able to raise a finger towards any for showing of favour to any or to avoid controversies of any nature.

2.      Make a tie-up with any well-known or renowned Business Entity either Public or Private for the sole purpose of building the Nation.

3.      Recruit 10% of skill manpower from outside and rest 90% from the same locality so that the concerned village instantly become self reliant to run the set-ups build for the purpose of by them for helping them grow together.

4.      Evaluate all options of earning revenue {like fisheries, poultry firms, plantation of value etc.} from the area putting a collective effort by the entire villagers.

5.      Make all Roads either kacha or motorable via any means for the free movement of the Public at large.

6.      Connect the village for supply of Electricity if possible or make self generation of the same through establishment of Gobar Gas Plant. 

7.      The Establishment of the following are much desirable.   

A)    Arrangement of a Tractor

B)     A Community Centre

C)     A Post Office

D)    A School

E)     Common Toilets at various points

F)      Telephone or Mobile Connection

G)    A Computer together with a Television Set in the Community Centre.

Select a Leader from within the Community to run the various facilities provided using earnings done by them from outside help from us. A ‘Helipad’ too is a requirement for visiting such establishments by experts at short notice for periodic supervision by the concerned Authorities. The list is limitless but we must infuse a sense of belongingness to the entire ones to the Country; as we grow-up in steps even living under such an Environment within us.




Tuesday, August 19, 2014


We understand that, there is an agreed effort on the part of us through translating the desires of the Noble ones in order to make an attempt to tie the uneven or distorted Gravity prevailing over the entire Asian continent with Japan as its epicentre that has caused for a wrongful act of us; which we did with and without knowledge. Since this ordinary is still undertaking the pain of those who absorbed the aforesaid pain; we might possibly think of offering the rest of all such women victims who are still remaining alive within us, our utmost respect to them by fulfilling their various desires through whatever means that is considered most appropriate to befit the occasion; on behalf of the entire who suffered the assaults, so inflicted upon them, so that we might get some relief from the burden of carrying such a huge mountain of Injustice in our Shoulders individually to loss mind & heart while walking into the future. Even though it is difficult to understand how a small act of us against the Nature can destroy the entire, it is a fact of Creation. We cannot inflict wound to our Mothers all the time reasonless but just for the sack of enjoying ourselves. This is outright wrong.    

We have witnessed with utmost satisfaction the organization of the event where our Most Respectful as well as Most Noble ‘Pope’ offered consolation, solace, blessing & LOVE to the victims who worked as Sex Slaves for the Japanese Army in front of the Seoul’s Main Cathedral on 18th July,2014 in South Korea which was aired by BBC {Global News} but yet it is a neighbouring Country of Japan;  notwithstanding the fact that both Countries are carrying a similar aim & Objective in their respective minds as an entity to walk forward, taking the Common General Public together. Such an excellent, most welcomed & genuine gesture offered to them can never make us poorer any way; instead it shall produce a reverse effect on the entire us giving ourselves a manifold and handsome return. If the connected or concerned Government believes otherwise that these most beautiful Ladies amongst us are not suffering from any injustice for so long, we most humbly appeal to such Counties to allow International Agencies to extend help to them; so that all can claim their respective place and Position as earned by each of them individually within us to live rest of their lives with dignity retained or obtained or restored through showering of respect upon them by us collectively; so that they forget what had happened to them once.           

Such is the existence of connection or relationship between each other of us. We must understand, that there exits nothing without an opposite available to keep each and every object that are existing within the Universe to remain intact or to retain one’s place and position as a particular entity within the Universe as well as to draw an Equilibrium to oneself while remaining alive in the Space for purpose of working together as a single entity, we called as our UNIVERSE out of LOVE; without doing of any differentiation between each other to hate one by the other for whatever reason; to keep it functional and alive for an infinite period of time. The same is the situation for this Universe too; we are living-in with many more similar available outside. It is therefore an endless process. With the Globe Struggling to recover from limitless ailments we are suffering from; we hope this simple action of us with our hearts full of LOVE to the entire who suffered in our cruel hands due to our ignorance about what is governing us, should get calm down the situation to a large extent if not all together at-once to give us an another lease of life. This shall further prove oneness of entire us together and not allow ourselves to fall prey to ORDERS originated from distorted minds to push the entire humanity towards extinction.

GOD is energy. There are infinite ways to reach Him. Form my experience; the medium of LOVE is the most perfect and most simple to reach Him. All GODS whom we are praying at present with much of affection & LOVE shall too die; the moment Universe gets collapsed for whatever reason. But LOVE is an ocean of nectar which shall remain immortal forever and shall keep growing within one; as and when the entity shall able to embrace all Objects seen or unseen, living or alive, big or small with an equal eye and not consider these Objects outside the part of oneself that shall remain attached with the Soul one beholds with him or her. Possibly this was reason why I was born enlighten which I disclosed to none until the year 2004. {Notwithstanding the fact that I had a 2nd Enlightment at the age 40, remaining myself outside the Universe with the help extended by the Unseen ONE} My offering of Prayer never lasted more than a minute until I got married and yet my association with Him never broke being ever hurt none but continue to work for upliftment of all by absorbing the Joy & pain of the others which in-fact was/is my Prayer. Therefore, so long one is GOOD to oneself harming none during the process including the Nation or the Country where one is living-in; the entity is engaging in an intense Prayer to the GOD.

When I visited USA {Maryland} during the year 2007{Early March} for a very short period of time of about a week; the entire USA was reeling under intense cold with much of the activities of the Country halted, my simple as well as very short Prayer twice a day, not only saw showing of flower from open sky which painfully none could able to see, detect or observed apart from forcing the weather to act reverse as a result of reciprocation of LOVE between two most simple entities and bought ‘Spring’ into the Country in advance but yet LORD desired that I leave the Country at-once for reason best known to Him which I followed most dedicatedly, leaving our daughter alone and lonely, in-spite of her heavy resistances.

More or less, the similar was the Case when I had visited UK during the year 1989 to attend a Course on ‘Advance Drilling Technology’ for about 3 month’s time as far as happening of a Miracle to me is concerned. Since my association with our 2 daughters and with that of our only Son is or was of very intense in nature; there arose a desire on me to bring them to UK to join me; ignoring the cost involved which was much beyond my limitation or reach to bear but soon dropped the ‘idea or desire’ when my Mother contacted me over Phone from our Residential Quarter at Duliajan explaining me about their ‘well being’. No sooner, I received the massage; I started seeing all of them in front of me as if we are all together without getting the grace of imposing any will of mine upon them. That was the 1st and last Miracle I had experienced in my life time directed purely towards me. I was therefore in 2 places exactly at the same time even though one was far away from the other. This is what a TRUE LOVE can produce or do, without one asking for it. {It might be also to remind me about the mystery of the origin of my birth or about my 1st Mother from whom I leaned Politics unlike all members of the Family where I had grown up but yet I am much afar from it to own a different identity. This has come into my mind while writing this Blog} 

The day we returned home from abroad, I saw our children leaving Duliajan for their Grand Father’s home at Sivsagar. When I disclosed it to my wife who joined me at UK just prior our finishing of the Course, I hired a Taxi to go to Sivsagar instead of Duliajan, Assam. She considering it as absurd, forced me to go to Duliajan instead but when we reached Duliajan, I remained seated within the Taxi while she inspected the Co’s Residential Quarter and found that our Quarter was locked from outside. On getting satisfied on what I had said to her, she instantly agreed to go to Sivsagar in the same Taxi without searching for them anywhere within the Campus and met them just before they were on way to another faraway place in our Fiat Car. Soon thereafter we returned to our Residential Quarter in our Car as a single Family.                                                             

With our considering Injustice as Justice & Justice as Injustice everywhere through offering or drawing of opposite meaning to each and every saying of knowledgeable to the ignorant us; LORD preferred to develop a distance between the Humanity and Him since the year 2004; even through some odd occurrences like happening of 9/11 event often flushed through my mind in view of hatred infused by us onto us for creating huge disturbances in the working of Nature everywhere within Globe. However, our 2 daughters and the son absorbed the entire injuries inflicted upon me since the year 2004 most silently. As there is a sea change in seeing various flowing of events within us then & now; we believe that ‘TRUTH’ shall be restored soon.  

While LORD Christ was crucified; it were the  Angels (Female) who had undertaken the pain of the LORD during the time of His Crucifixion without raising a question as to why the LORD was submitting to the desire of the evils, we cannot afford to neglect them. Similarly, submitting one to remain as Sex Slave in the hands of Army is or was a telltale sign of display of supreme sacrificing of oneself for the GOOD of the others; taking the entire pain of us onto them by living under a cruel of cruellest Environment to cover their lives (young age). They are too Mothers of us being worked on behalf of the Nature. Let us not neglect them through inflicting more injuries; adopting various unproductive means. With Gravity uneven, our minds can never live in peace too but be hunted by wild thoughts to kill each other which is already surfacing everywhere within the Globe in General and in Asian Continent in particular. I still live or dwell in heart of my Mother who is closest to me. It is just a presumption only that taking of such a step by all of us shall calm down all the disturbances within as well as outside of us.    


{NOTE: The current High Seismic Activity of intense nature (RED: 5/5) which is accompanied by thousands of Earthquakes; may not be an indication of any imminent Major Catastrophe at Iceland (Vatnajokull Glacier) through happening or occurrence of a serious eruption of the said Semi alive Volcano being it  became suddenly over active due to our touching an intense cause of much concern of us in South Korea, just on the other day by our Most Respectful & beloved Pope Francis; while exchanging of intense LOVE between the Privileged and the deprived ones of their everything. Accordingly, we believe that even if happen so there or elsewhere within the Globe; it might be a mare realignment of various inner forces that govern the functioning of the Earth’s inner Core. Therefore such unpleasant events might be for overall GOOD for us; provided we are successful in conveying of our inner desire to the Unseen or to the Mother Nature. While making the haphazard flow of Global Air Current somewhat normal both USA & Europe took enough of pain by withstanding its initial repulse which is very much under way to recover now to more or less normal; purely depending upon whether or not we are able to control men made artificial activities which is good for nothing to ensure our survival. Let us stop touching or breaking the endurance limit of women all over the Globe for their contributions in allowing the men to keep intact in their respective positions.}        



Sunday, August 3, 2014


As and when two unstable volcanic Plates collide with each other for whatever reason beneath the Earth Surface, a Quake is often resulted either of higher or lower magnitude to often do destruction on the Surface. Since such movement of Plates are very finer in nature with not much of gap in between the said two plates; it is very difficult to predict its occurrences; nonetheless, many spices senses it prior to its occurrences. JAPAN is most vulnerable on Earth to face its wrath more often than not. As and when we do any act against the Nature; there bound to be a repercussion either for good or against one. JAPAN is the worst victim of it that included absorbing the pain of facing the consequence of dropping of Nuclear Bombs in its soil at Hiroshima & Nagasaki during the Second World War. Since at Earth’s gravity at present is not constant due to our waging of WAR against the NATURE in all its forms, finding new ways on each day to meet our over growing Lasts of securing a self gain; everywhere within the Globe; the Natural Digester are ever increasing everywhere, more particular in the Asian Continent.              

To engage in a ‘WAR’ is not always a crime if our aim is noble and it is done to restore a broken ORDER going out of control as well as our conscience is clear to do ‘GOOD’ to the entire Humanity but making Captive innocent women of all ages as ‘SEX’ workers for the ‘Army’ is a heinous Crime being they are the noble ones {nonetheless there are exceptions, if the entities are too equally evil in nature} who are responsible for keeping the NATURE under balance as nothing exit without an opposite available. Since it had happened either knowingly or unknowingly within us; due to our ignorance about the matter to know our better half well; the entire us are still suffering from it. Where there is no respect towards the women in general; the entire need to face its consequences of it through living under a distorted ORDER; with all unknown elements attacking us round the Clock to force us to remain under ‘Fear’ as if we are living under indirect Communism or living within a close Shell without an escape route available.

The Most Respectful ‘Pope’, the other day attempted to revert this event or trend through offering of High of the Highest Respect to two young ‘Girls’ in order to keep alive the LORD in our HEARTS amasses everywhere; apart from trying to bring down the expanding GAP between two genders of us; yet nothing concrete is noticed as a result. The approach is no doubt great and noble but yet it too fell short to make our minds alert enough to desist ourselves from engaging in such actions; notwithstanding the fact that we are going through the phase of decay, due to our covering of much time alone in Space. Everything is falling short even though all such seeking are abandon in one way or the other to our minds pure of dirt penetrating it from the surroundings; we are creating within us.

No action or thought of one ever go lapse without producing a result. The cause of 2nd World War was lying unnoticed by any {that it was lying in JAPAN}; but initially all European Counties fought with each other and later USA joined it without knowing the actual cause of happening so; killing limitless innocents within themselves. The effect of the same still exists; notwithstanding the fact the JAPAN made many progress in all fronts following 2nd World War saw an end physically.

The World is a very small and all those who are living under the care of Mother Nature; are interconnected with each other irrespective of one’s place of living within the Globe. Accordingly, all or any odd or evil action of any might reflect anywhere; where the environment becomes weak for whatever reason. In earlier two occasions the World was under ‘Threat’ from when we got a LUCKY escape. The 1st was when the Blow out of the ‘Oil Well’ went out of control at the Gulf of Mexico and it’s unrestricted flow of ‘Oil & Gas’ of 1, 00, 00.00 BBL was almost caught by the current of the Ocean to pollute the entire Sea and the next was when there were showering of Hurricanes in & around USA were at its zenith to make the flow of ‘Air Current’ all across the Globe, impossible to revert to its original shape within the Globe, the effect of which is still being felt or encountered by all.                

Since, it is a cause that is duly embracing both ‘Religion & Science’; we should make an attempt to calm down the Nature with much of sincerity and LOVE towards all for restoring the situation as it was earlier. Therefore, we call upon the entire to find a suitable ways and means to act on the matter as we consider deem necessary; so that our minds are calm down once again to avoid fighting with each other everywhere all over the Globe; much reasonless. We know it is not easy to understand the complications arising out from the cause cited but yet this is the only solution available in our hands to try it, in case it too produce a result in our favour.

The ‘World’ is much smaller than a grain of sand as lying assorted in the Sea Beach if we compare it to the vastness of the Universe; as yet it is an integral part of it. If it collapses due to human activity on Earth; the entire within it shall too collapse automatically. We cannot do harm to it intentionally to deprive the future Generations from enjoying the beauty of living together through due reciprocation of LOVE between each other; irrespective of whether or not an object is living or non-living. Let us stop looking after, only one’s own body that is carrying trillions of living cells; having their own identities like ourselves living outside and  is very much unconnected to word we called as ‘I’ or ‘me’ to represent it. Hence each one of us is living in each one’s body. The moment we hurt one; we hurt none but the self only. An ‘Atom is a replica of the Universe and hence as and when it gets collapsed on its own for whatever reason to enforce a separate ORDER within it; everything shall automatically collapse. This is called ORDER that govern everything within the Universe. While hatred widen the GAP; the LOVE ensure its resolve to keep intact the said ORDER to run with perfect unity along together with all others either seen or unseen.