Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Definition of Recession

What causes a recession? As and when the value of the wealth one behold either diminishes its shine it generally carry together due to over availability or become scarce due to unavailability of fund for whatever reason, all feel a sudden financial insecurity to choose one item over the others considering it more secure than the other to store for a possible future use to make an exchange with whatever fund is available with one, triggering a haphazard movement of fund coupled with iritic consumption of consumables to cause a recession to happen without being sure whether the said action of one is correct or not. An instant opposition to it amasses shall cause it to die soonest and hence fighting of both deficit as well as scarcity to keep a balance in availability of fund in the hands of General Public as is used to be prior to recession either within the Country or within the Globe are most important to fight any happening of recession most rightfully.

As and when the aforesaid automatic set order within as well as outside of a particular entity that constitutes a State or a Nation or a Country or the Globe become lose for whatever reason, we often see a sudden change in behavior in entire of us to protect ourselves from a possible foreseen collapse of the system. As there is no dearth of wealth available in the Globe which is instead getting strengthen every passing day through the contribution of each and every of us by performing all of our collective actions being done anywhere within the Globe nonetheless accommodated in a single place which is mostly remaining unmoved forcing it to develop or create itself unlimited numbers of voids within the system to make the current Economic crisis,it is hence far different than that of the recession faced during 1930’s or all other happenings to equate. While the happenings of earlier recession were more or less due to failure of the system, the current crisis is forcefully created action which caught entire of us unaware but well known to a particular few.

Accordingly what is appropriate for a particular Country may not hold good for the other one and hence need to be handed differently depending upon to what extent one is affected out of the action of the current recession to get an appropriate result. Since any commerce done anywhere within the Globe between any two parties, it always develop a relationship beyond the two involved or who are engaged in doing of a direct Business between each other in the terms of exchanging of fund which might involve a currency, none of the parties depended upon to manage themselves within their respective Countries while fruitfully executing the agreement. Therefore, any stress undertaken by a predominant Currency shall have an overall effect or impact on the entire of us being the main force behind creating the liquidity of the fund to flow everywhere at most eases to benefit the entire without an exception. Hence the fund was attracted to a particular place not through adaptation of automatic means by virtue of higher quality but by various other forceful methods made easy by these vested interests that were well verse with the system

As far as Global currency is concerned it is being equitable distributed over the Globe, any strain faced at the origin where the Currency takes its birth with utmost of honesty infused, a sudden loss or scarcity of currency for whatever reason, must be seen from an overall point of view being such currencies carry utmost value of the Country where it is often generated and hence any arrest anywhere shall allow a draw a contraction of the fund under circulation to grow further but shall see a dyeing of it either today or tomorrow in absence appropriate nurturing. In order to keep the value that behold by a particular currency must be appropriately restored so that no dirt is attached to it while storing elsewhere under lock and key.

As far as commodity is concerned, any scarcity anywhere in the Globe is purely physical to see ourselves in pain and can never be substituted through infuse of value into it unless and until the items that are in shortfall are replaced through any other means. But there is neither any shortage of any commodities nor availability of fund to create a false demand to store any for facing any unforeseen calamities. Accordingly as and when we enforce a strict overseeing of the flow of fund from one hand to the other not to break the protocol of doing Businesses between one and the other towards mass production of goods are concerned, the recession shall automatically ease out, exactly the way it has come to embrace us.


Sunday, December 27, 2009

Where Technology is Born and Nurtured?

While all those or the entire of us who are engaged in production of cereals or food or any other related products that directly connected with providing of bread and butter to us; are beholder of utmost respect from us irrespective of whether or not we recognize the sectors, the others are additional sectors to draw beauties to us by often infusing these inventions into a system from outside to make it further beautiful as well as attractive to bring the entire without an exception of any within it or under its embrace which we often call it as our cultures; humanity has inherited from generation to generation through acquiring of more and more knowledge over time. The ones who dedicated themselves to the cause of seeing a transformation happen to us using the knowledge so acquired as soon as possible to befit the entire of us to allow ourselves live in different styles or ways; are the best out of us by carrying an intense thought with them round the clock towards it sacrificing everything that rightfully belong to them.

The said dedicating ones who relentlessly put their entire strength and labor in expense of their deriving of pleasure from their respective five senses or ignoring one’s own members of his or her family including that of renouncing Natural calls; are the Actual Leader of Technology which none other can claim being no sacrifice worth the name offered nonetheless often adopts such or similar method of mass Production of Goods to get a reach to those unfortunate ones from all across the Globe being engaged in other Activities a human being supposed to enjoy of; either through doing of commerce as and when it is felt by the beholder of Technology that the expansion of the same shall help the deprived ones to make use of the Technologies or inventions for whatever reason to see a transformation of entire of us or through reaching them from other sources using duplicate method of production out of Technologies acquired through cheating which is or was successfully proved useful to us by sacrifice of many by following dubious routes to supply to reach the consumers.

Hence it cannot always be the responsibility of the inventor to ensure that further additional method or renovation that had taken place or that might require to added to bring-in a balance of whatever gone awkward following doing of such commerce rest on not on the donor but on the recipients only unless and until some clause is available in the agreement by building a separate ‘fund’ for the purpose through sharing profits together out of the selling of the end products to the consumers.

Again in order to get a equitable growth everywhere, a restricting of such Technologies to growth amasses in a particular place for whatever reason shall barred the others either from accessing such Technologies or has to depend upon the secondary source of production centers than the original source as and when the consumers see a cost difference between the two, which shall automatically create an imbalance in the distribution of Goods as also the fund that creates the Global Economy to force accommodate the fund in a particular indecent place to go everything haywire by overtaking the labor and value put on to it by dedicated ones by an artificial one not connected with the Subject but by using of fraud or adopting of a reverse method to acquire said or such knowledge costless for selling all end products cheap at places where the demand is more.

Under such circumstances, the best way to fight the menace, is to allow the under-developed Counties either to make aware of the trap laid or allow some industrial activities to take place after bring-in a normalcy into the area through extending of a common efforts not to fall prey to such design of absorbing fund out of nowhere; being these are not always essential for living decently always but additional beauties to live in a different style only and hence should put some restrictions not encourage domestic consumers to go haywire while disbursing their hard earned funds go elsewhere evading the rightful owner to procure such gadgets to become further under debts.

If such unscrupulous elements continue to arrest the funds so earned adopting such means , it is the greatest disrespect we are showing to those who gave ‘Business’ a term to define as we know of by entire of us. We all must know that these are end result of hard of hardest put-in by many to transform it into reality. This how Technology is born and natured by us everywhere and hence must be respected each and every one of us to see ourselves grow unchallenged by time.


Thursday, December 24, 2009

My Worst Physical Assaults

To fully ensure that I don’t have access to any files to reply to questions which were prepared under utmost secrecy in the ‘Charge Sheet’ as and when the Enquiry shall be on, I was served with a transfer order to move from 'GVP' Office, Noida to Jodhpur Office ‘RP’ disregarding my request to transfer to Duliajan citing that I must be available near Delhi only as the serious charges framed against me was connected to Delhi Region only, during early in the year 2002 although no vacant post was available there that time.

Accordingly in order to inflict an insult on me to leave the position of Chief Manager (Project) voluntarily hold by me that time, Authority had transferred a superior to me to automatically take over the charge of the Project without going through the procedure and formalities of taking over the charge from me although there was no such vacancy available that time in the Project leaving me with no job to do except sitting in the Chair only. The Authority even ignored my request to allow me time of a month or two until our son sit for the scheduled Board examination during March, 2002. But yet in-spite of insults, I had still waited for our son’s Board Examination to be over.

On becoming furious on my action, Company’s top most officer holding no less the position of the post of 'CMD' came into my office and then straight to my room to catch me by the neck and forced me out of my office room while I was sitting in my office Chair when none other than 2 of us were present. With some help from the office bears from the Project’s Office of which I was a part, he ransacked my office room to tear apart everything. Unable to withstand the said humiliation inflicted upon me during the same year (2002), I immediately moved to the new location where I was attached to Chief Engineer (Drilling) on saying by GM (RP) that I was never ever been promoted even once beyond Sr. Engineer without any salary released till that date beyond the said scale of level to force me to accept the designation of a ‘Trainee Engineer’ leave apart replacing him. Being unable to absorb the insult inflicted, I had gone on a long leave and waited for the time of my early retirement which was not far away, struggling with the situation with all my strength applied against all such odds including that of forcing me to put my paper for resignation. However, after 2 months of leave, Company issued warning to me vacate my official Quarter at Noida within 24 Hrs if I intend to avoid further serious punishments.

Seeing me doing as such of availing long leave to hide and being unable to initiate the planned Enquiry, the Authority was sympathetic enough to issue transfer order to the sitting Chief Engineer at ‘RP’ to move to his new place of posting at Duliajan to allow me to rejoin duty. No sooner I did so; the Enquiry for the first set of charges was started after completing initial formalities. Even though no charge sheet was made available to me to defend myself in the Enquiry, I found the entire Charges a complete fabrication when see on the day of the Enquiry and was most forcefully made and as nothing was a fact and hence everything went in my favor which was well proved by self through repeat questioning to those who were responsible to prepare it.

Unable to withstand the scenario and case became crystal clear, GM (RP) called me into his room during early part of 2004 with none available in the room to repeatedly kick me left and right yelling to me to ask my God to save me which I silently absorbed instead of showing of any reaction considering it to be a trap to catch me red handed in case I show any repercussion of revolt by those hiding behind the screen with Cameras on hand. That was first incidence I saw my ‘Prayer’ wept in pain bleeding blood which none know of other than me.

GM (RP) was directed to take such or any other similar actions as considered deem fit or appropriate by him against me by none other than the CMD of the Company, when he pronounced while we three were present in the GM (RP)’s room that he knew my family well which was in-fact a correct statement by him, being a close friend of my elder brother and was regular visitor to our home and knew me well but his saying of that our family carry not even a slightest value was definitely beyond his authority to say so in front of the others. He further added that one can well prove it by dropping a ten Rupee Note on the floor leaving none but me alone in the room to find the Note missing on return, indirectly indicating that I was that greedy as a member of the same family. Hearing so, I announced that I shall not accept @25 Lasks of fund hold-up by the Company towards non-payment of my monthly salaries being no promotion approved by the Company nonetheless letter issued to me leaving us high and dry to live on complete poverty during my entire service Career. On hearing me saying so, he asked for a word from me to abide by it, which I promptly agreed to prove the value my parents were holding which was far above than him which I am still most strictly following till date. Apart from the same one forth of my P.F which was duly earned by me was forfeited by the Company adopting a most indecent way to force ourselves to live in hunger at present. That was highest insult inflicted upon me to ignite everything to go haphazard.

Following these two horrifying incidents which were no less than ‘Terrorism’, I lost my identity to call myself as a ‘Human being’ which forced me to live myself under the shade of dark cloud cover much away from the society and is remaining so till date unless some ‘noble one’ uncover the trap. Under such circumstances no human being shall ever express to do or join any duty even remotely connected with the Company. This is what is happening to me now to hold the value of the humanity intact and flying.

We must open all such known cases also together where such absurd conditions are passed to return their due earnings to live a life as a good citizen of the Country rather than living a life of that of a convict hiding oneself far away from the society.

When the CBI under the Home Ministry denied the charge non existent and false, why a separate coterie of Power living outside the Authority can declare someone innocent a victim and inflict unbearable physical and metal assaults for doing nothing against the said Power who worked for one’s entire life for well being of the others but had to lose everything said entity behold? What Democracy is this? Unless such ailments are arrested from spreading fast to embrace the entire, there is little chance that this humanity shall ever survive.

NOTE: Even though I am mostly remaining to bed for the last 6 months or so following my ailment of the bursting of my Ulcer, I am never keeping myself idle but continuously communicating with the Globe through internet to give my best through my various writings on diverse Subjects to divulge my entire knowledge I had acquired during my life time and hence fully engaged like others who does their similar duties from Home with the exception that these fortunate ones draw their monthly salary from their respective Companies where engaged unlike me receiving nothing for doing the same job to force ourselves to live in extreme poverty and hunger. Had I been engaged in any such alternative job, my duty towards the wellbeing of the humanity would have been certainly incomplete.

Accordingly, when such jobs from all across the Globe is recognized, why not mine? Is not it inflicting of injustice to someone innocent by showing utmost disrespect to the Growth and aspiration we had acquired over time? If we forcefully drawing a difference between the two, we are surely making a mistake of recognizing ourselves living in 21st century by considering both sides of the same coin as one side much different from the other.



O’ Lord why you are showering so much of Love and kindness upon me to take away every bit of pain inflicted upon me by the entire most collectively onto YOU instantly to weep often without allowing me to join YOU even if I try my best to do so together? We all know or very much aware that the wound YOU undertook is so grave in nature to force YOU to dislodge the entire into tiny pieces unless YOU grant a pardon to which is nonetheless most unjust to beg by one being most deliberately done with utmost pleasure derived out of the action undertook but yet we pray You with our hands folded and heads deeply down carrying deep sense of regret in our hearts to beg YOU to excuse us for our ignorance of hurting YOU very deep over and over again even though YOU had already decided our fate of never granting us any life ever any time in future again to stop repeating of the same and allow us just another chance to behave ourselves to see a little of more of the future by those who are following us. This particular servant of YOURS is happy with what he is having with no desire whatsoever to hold any office or any other similar desire to live a life beyond a most ordinary until death embrace him.

O’ Almighty when YOU are so benevolent to offer a most ordinary one so much of love who even don’t know how to offer a prayer but derive utmost pleasure in doing his own assigned job considering it as a direct command from YOU to help Your creation keep existing forever, cannot we expect a little more grace from you to undo what had done? My spontaneous feeling of continuous joy while in association with YOU during the entire period of inflicting of unbearable pain upon me are beyond this ordinary to understand how it can happen so. Further, I had for more than half of my life offered payer to You following no rules and procedure even without considering my particular position where I was but no doubt offered prayer for a few minutes just standing straight prior to my starting of the day immediately after awaking up from the bed, being none taught me how to do otherwise except carrying of extreme Love towards you in my heart , a nature I carried forward from my previous life unlike others who most faithfully follow the rules and procedures while offering oneself to YOU as if YOU are part and parcel of the rules set by others earlier considering it as the only way of becoming nearer to YOU as if You are in the strict observance of the same.

You only disclosed to me that I took my previous birth elsewhere and born as a Briton to enable me to hide myself when the inflicting of injury on me was at the pick which You even unable to withstand or bear but my attempts to obey your direction proved all fruitless as all refused to offer me any help but it looked to me as if they too enjoyed my inflicting of pain causeless. With each and every effort of mine to earn our living put to ditch by vested interests to claim one’s self as all powerful to dictate terms on each and every self flowing order, I had to break my vow of never to miss offering a candle to YOU to light twice a day using funds which is duly earned by me. This was also taken away from me most forcefully to live myself in hunger by often skipping my daily meals even though terribly sick to stick to bed possibly 20 Hrs out of 24 Hrs a day. This is a circumstances which I unable to avoid as none listening to my cry for help.

I expect that it is just a temporary phenomena and be over soon as soon as the Plot of land I bought 20 years back is expected to be registered in my name any time now to get the sale proceed from it which is enough for me to live-on to cover my rest of my simple life which shall hopefully shall enable me to do my second or secondary prayer as my first of payer of faithfully doing my job as assigned to me is no longer available being either due to already becoming over aged or being suffering from the ailment of developing weaknesses due to living on just on little of plain Boiled Rice for the last 6 months to force me to remain mostly lying in the bed possibly for 20 Hrs out of 24 Hrs a day following bursting of my Ulcer into two pieces.

My present attempt to publish the ‘write-ups’ are only modified versions of ‘earlier submissions’ only to distribute the knowledge given to me by You to the entire humanity to see reason to act ourselves for the aim of brining in peace and tranquility to this turbulent World. Although the Sites provided by Google are registered in my name, I don’t exactly know whether or not it shall fetch any revenue for putting ease-less labor without taking a sleep for the last 2-3 months in-spite of absolute ill health and for putting the Pages for advertisements against cost incurred for viewing in numbers no less than in billions times through use of State of Art internet tools being offered by various surfing Sites either to consider myself doing of an extra job or to earn my daily meals but I am yet to see any revenue coming to me still although I am otherwise a dead man altogether as all my appeals for some association further with whosoever is ruthlessly turn down on command from vested interests who intends to become immortal through forceful creation of self made shell around one without knowing the fact that they are arresting themselves within it forever without getting a release.

A Humble Appeal to Google

When I intended to publish the last ‘Write-up’ in ‘Knol’; it was a repetition of what happened to me in the last time of submission. I struggled for almost 2 Hrs to copy and paste the already wrote ‘manuscript’ changing myself from one Computer to another to avoid seeing of many different varieties of letters of other languages taking over the Page following successfully saving the Page. The Text is still changing to local or other languages at its own will and desire whenever I try to do any correction in the Page following duly logging-in. On opening any file I always find a instant link to the copy available in ‘Application data’ of ‘OFFICE-07’ in a self created ‘Recent Folder’ against ‘Documents and settings’ although ‘List my most recently opened Document’ is unchecked for keeping no record of same. Are we still gentle enough to call ourselves as human being to do such indecent actions at ease in other’s Computer to do some contribution to humanity?

Accordingly I most humbly request the Management of Google to conserve the Submissions already made and I on my part shall see that no further submission is made to ‘Knol’ anymore unless and until it is absolutely necessary. Hence, I regret very much my sad disassociation with ‘Knol’


Monday, December 14, 2009

When and How Vice Becomes Equivalent to Holding of Virtue (A Christmas Gift)

Nothing existing in the creation either seen or unseen is stationery even if we see ‘one’ is standing in a particular place or position unmoved or motionless state when we draw a relationship between one object with another existing either nearby or in a faraway place which is not wholly true. As per our general knowledge, while those having a self life are movable, the ones without the same are often static to unable to move around as per one’s own wish or desire. Now, let us consider our solar system, while we consider the Sun is as stationery remaining in a particular position, its family of 9 Planets are moving around it apart from their own rotation on their respective axis maintaining a particular set of order for each; not to dislodge the system maintained most orderly by the Solar system to exist itself although we consider all are as lifeless Objects; to go through the cycle of pan and pleasure. Again, the Sun is a part of our Galaxy to maintain a separate order to move around a particular unseen centre in the Universe to go the cycle of pain and pleasure with respect to the existence of the force at the centre against which it is revolving itself together with other stars. This system is infinite in nature not to get divulged to us through our limited knowledge available to us. Accordingly all are interconnected and alive. Let us now consider the smallest particles as we know which we called the atom of each of 118 elements which we so far discovered. These atoms are mostly considered static being unable either to perform as per one’s desire or wish and hence considered lifeless. However within the atom, there are positively charged proton; negative charged electron and neutral neutron which constantly moving around the nucleus following a particular set of order to maintain the ‘atom’. Again each particle within the nucleus is maintaining a similar order without a limit to itself. Therefore, these unseen particles are very much alive even though functioning most silently with none’s notice.

While each object moving around the Sun are experiencing day and night to go through the cycle of pleasure and pain by one either directly and indirectly, the Sun by itself see no such circumstances being all the time reciprocating Love towards its entire family of 9 Planets equally to all without drawing of a difference between any two on any ground. Being all the time overwhelm by joy of giving to others, it never see a night with respect to others within it but nonetheless subjected to similar experiences as and when we consider Sun as a part of the Galaxy. In view of bearing of the said in-born character by the Sun, in-spite of offering itself to burn through happening of thermonuclear reactions continuously of its constituents from time immemorial, it never facing any shortage of supply being continuously attracting the constituents to maintain its mass from nowhere to remain fulfilled all the time. Accordingly, to Sun its doing of an action behold both virtue and vice together to make the action valueless to draw a comparison of doing of good from doing of bad being govern by no other desire other than distributing Love to the entire as embraced by it.

With our minds allowed to remain shut from divulging itself to give a proper feed to our brain and our thoughts full-filled with limitless desires to acquire ‘materials’ as much as possible through whatever means available in our hands, we often fall prey to acute pain or pleasure as the brain is subjected to act as such by the mind as a outcome of one’s either rightful or wrongful actions respectively through issue of automatic commands to it which one needs to face depending upon the gravity of doing of a particular action which we often forcefully creating it by absorbing the same from outside environment which we wrongfully believe as correct or appropriate. Accordingly as and when we able to befriend the mind, an entity shall have no desire other than to see others live happily under peace and tranquility everywhere, when the entire actions of the entity shall fulfilled with Love towards others for drawing of a definition of his or her actions as neither good nor bad. Under such circumstance the playing of part of the five senses on one becomes meaningless to govern one to develop a lust for anything but start living a simple life within an atmosphere of extreme joy and pleasure to nullify the definition of sin and virtue.

It is no doubt that we all are govern by certain strong natural calls for engaging in an intense call of association between a male and a female to keep the creation intact and continuing for a infinite period of time through some lore infused into it either to experience an expansion or to acquire higher knowledge on getting of each stage of evaluation even though we face many a destructions of ourselves in between as and when we start degenerating ourselves from the value already acquired but yet successful in carrying ourselves still living and moving ahead nonetheless our completing of life cycles always remained more or less same with mare change in our style of living. Since it is desire of someone else to expand oneself only done for a purpose of getting of an association of living together; playfully enough by the entire although each one is different from the others to walk alone, the Love, one is bearing in the heart is hence much different from such acts of engagements and is often remain in dormant condition being unable to find enough space to expand itself in absence of an ignition by oneself and for keeping it bounded by the family created as such for expansion. While Brain is physical for storing information one receive or get from the environment, the thought, mind and Love are non physical and hence require one’s intense labor; converted into some unseen form to establish a connection between the heart and the mind overtaking the Brain to know many of the unknowns and to see ourselves reason to react to a particular action. This is only the first step of doing of a fruitful exercise to know each other of us well to ensure that our actions are correct enough to produce a positive result.

However as and when the heart resonate with the mind via one’s thought processes, both aspects within the body join together to provide a pleasure of intense Love within the body which instantly start radiating from one to cover the entire living outside to see all other living; with or without a life force available. This experience is much different or far away from the temporary pleasure one often gets or experiences while meeting the call of the nature which we mistook as Love. Accordingly on misunderstanding that the said action as nothing but the actual Love, we often fall prey to it through growing of lust within oneself being unable to detach oneself from these most temporary pleasures of the body done purely for the purpose of expansion or otherwise; keeping the cells inside exited reasonless which is however very much opposite in meaning from when the Love developed, the way a mother develop a Love towards her off-spring once born. Out of all others loves expressed or developed as such by one are different from each other being self interest attached; with the exception of that resonate in the heart through igniting it by the mind and hence is Supreme to embrace the entire of us to receive the pleasure out of it when one does not require a touch to express it to others.

None is perfect other than Lord Himself to do a sin every moment by entire of us being we are continuously killing the assorted tiny cells living without side the body on every step we take or while making a movement of body to express a gesture to any other either positive or negative in nature and bound to face the consequence of the same with varying degree depending upon on our reason of movements we collectively undertake. However, the one who aroused the Supreme Love inside the heart, all actions undertaken by the entity becomes a virtue in-spite of doing of a sin being unmindful to notice it carrying an intense Love towards the Unseen.

When one does a sin consciously out of sudden outburst of emotion which is beyond one’s control to suppress it for our collective deterioration of value due to facing of natural cycle of getting ourselves aged in one way or the other, none must allow such action to expand it to set-up rule by itself being the action is or are against Nature even if a different pleasure is experienced out of the action. Since everyone of us is subjected to the same or similar turbulences with our minds securely hidden much within us ,a self repentance always burn such doing of sins provided one renounces it following the action or actions; as and when we don’t harm a second person out of the action done and not allow the bad cause so tested to expand under any circumstances to draw mass association to do the said act or acts to derive a different type of pleasure altogether forcing the said ailment to spread elsewhere too; to catch the others unaware who are otherwise uninfected to derive the pleasure which is very much unnatural; when the doing of the said sin go infinitely away from holding of a virtue to bring-in vast difference to each other with likelihood of sin taking over entire of us to face a premature collapse of ourselves being all values borne by us so long is suddenly lost or destroyed.

As and when we become old due to the action of keeping one’s life cycle intact, various factors that govern an entity bound to malfunction to force an isolated entity to do something opposite to what commanded by the Nature. But yet one’s life cycle can either be prolonged or be reduced depending upon how we are responding to the automatic command of the Nature to maintain and to keep its beauty intact as far as possible. The moment our Love towards Her gets adulterated for whatever reason, we see a sudden demise or unnatural death of ourselves to ensure that no harm is done by us to the space too; exactly alike we are deliberately unleashing assaults to our most beloved Planet ‘Earth’. Accordingly our continuous doing of sins are seeing no result other than getting it multiplied every day to force us to embrace our end on our own will and desire being our sudden outburst of doing of such actions collectively are becoming an integral part of our culture through continuous feeds infused into the system instead of drawing it from the Nature for doing such actions to allow our ‘Mother Nature’ to grant us some extra lease of life nonetheless suddenly become unearned now.


NOTE: This ‘write-up’ is dedicated to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth-2; as a token of Love and respect self hold towards Her for the occasion of the forthcoming Christmas to be celebrated within a few days time all across the Globe with an intention of beatifying the occasion still further which I expect that She shall accept it without an objection.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Cause and Consequence of Corruptions

When someone, hire a Technology against paying of a price or due to a mutual agreement entered into between two parties, no party is under liberty to alter or change the basic theme behind such or said transfer of Technology either to produce cheap through use of alternatives or to cheat the labor engaged, depriving them of their due income as per Industry Standard to invade the weakness of the Customers based elsewhere through luring of providing the same or similar Products at half the price than the Products manufactured or produced within the State or within the Country through use of middleman.

This is against ethics of doing Business and hence tantamount to worst form of corruption which shall unsettle the Market everywhere all across the Globe. A Business must be such that, the source of fund of a particular currency must return to its origin with much of strength built-up in its value while moving around the system as and when such Business grow either within or outside without breaking the required close circulation of fund at any point of time.

Accordingly all those engage in associated Business with the aim of making profits indirectly, just by taking advantage of availability of demand in a particular place, other than where such products are produced amasses are engaging in corruption to cheat the innocent customers of their belongings being all such fund used to buy products so manufactured gets absorb in a single place outside the source where it is generated through putting of hard of hardest labor. This is the main cause of disturbance in the entire system that governs the Global Economy. The lock-up fund must return to the main flow no matter where and how it is arrested. None has the authority to create an artificial Economy using such stolen funds acquired through trick.
When there is an intense desire to help others to make something finer to do things at ease, a ‘Business’ takes shape. Take the example of Mr. Bill Gates who relentlessly put his entire energy to present the ‘Operating System’ of the Computer to us, as also as done by two school going boys of Stanford University, Mr. Larry Page and Mr. Sergey Brin much later. They had a real ‘Love’ in heart to transform an ordinary effect of matter into a most successful Business on Earth. This is how a Business is established and not through altering an already adopted Technology through forceful injection of alternatives to make it cheap with none’s knowledge with the sole aim of making a profit depriving others their due for the labor put-in. While the first option is an orientation for growth, the other is a destruction of the system already invented and hence a corruption. Any arrest of fund draining it via whatever means from the main flow that constitutes an Economy is always a corruption.

In a nutshell, any action taken that blocks a flowing Oder to reach the needy others which govern the entire irrespective of whether it is concerning the behavior of the human being or that of concerning the ruling of a Nation or a State or a Community is a corruption to benefit a particular at the cost of the others who often starve to get the basic that are automatically belong to them by virtue of carrying on an entity as a human being. As human being, when we start contracting, we often choose a character of the same sex to become one’s life partner instead of leading the life of a bachelor without selecting the exact opposite for creating a balance in order to avoid conflicts that often may arise during such tie-ups. Under such circumstances, the flowing Order is instantly becomes corrupt leading to mass degeneration of our value although or nonetheless we all are complete as both aspects are available in each and every entity in varying degree depending upon one’s capacity to absorb both. In doing so each entity is running away from the other as their character or liking or disliking doesn’t match to walk ahead together considering one is hindrance to the other, for claiming a so called progress of walking in the correct line. Hence, we are continuously making a mistake in our approach of understanding each other. When one does it out of ‘Love’ to secure something ‘Unique’; the approach becomes noble to the extent that one does not require an opposite to achieve a balance of himself or herself being becomes complete with both aspects equally available to make deriving of pleasure out of sex meaningless but is govern by much higher pleasure of becoming fulfilled in all respects. But when one does it to secure mare pleasure of the body, it constitutes a corruption being unnatural and much away from the flow of the Order. While the former is the highest form of knowledge, the later is an act of degeneration; we are embracing gracefully to come to end of our leading or holding of a life. This is cycle happens over passage of time to reborn again and again to start afresh from the beginning.

For both, mostly Administration which is responsible to maintain an Order is more often than not, is the root cause of all corruptions being the Brain of maintaining a system correct.
When one is earning something without putting in of appropriate Labor, it tantamount to doing of corruption by the said entity to instantly devalue the system under which we all live-in. When we collectively surrender our value in holding a well built system, a degeneration of the entire system starts taking place to allow everyone to do it as a matter of right.

The greed of getting rich without earning it duly is the root cause of corruption. When an entity falls prey to it either to become rich individually or he or she does it collectively and most consciously to allow others to benefit to amass wealth through back door, it cripples the entire Economy of a Country or a State.

The rampant corruption shall instantly lead a Country to loss its value and shine being the innocent poorest suffered the most although the interested ones often buy them through distribution of cash or currency not belonging to them but it is most tactfully stolen from the sufferers without their knowledge through use of art to prove themselves as their well wishers to acquire ‘goodwill’ of highest Order.

A noble mind can never be corrupt being deeply dedicating himself or herself to the welfare of the Society they live in. Such Brains when discovered are instantly come under attack to eliminate them physically citing one reason or the other through devaluing their in-built brilliance to leave ourselves in the mercy of the blood thirsty ones to meet their daily demands of seeing others suffer for benefiting themselves out of nowhere. This is what is causing the world divides. They are so expert to find new meaning to each and every ‘Great Thoughts’ to twist the idea behind all these ‘Thoughts’, which none can catch to foil their attempts to arrest all growths everywhere.

While a criminal harms an individual, a corrupt destructs a Country or a State. When we say that ‘Survival for the fittest’ , they with enough of reasoning shall prove that one should kill the others through whatever means, one is expert to eliminate the other irrespective of whether it is a society or a State or a Country or the entire world even if there is none to command. They intend to live with the fund amassed through unlawful means. This is their ‘motto’ of joining or infiltrating a Government to unleash a war within with no one’s knowledge to systematically kill each one of us.

When ‘one’ lost his or her mind for a short period of time for whatever reason, the entity suddenly became a victim of anger being unable to absorb the imbalance caused due to whatever reason even though the entity under affect is a nice individual otherwise. This happens when there is a clash of conflict and hence can be won with proper dedication infused either by the entity himself or herself or through outside’s help. In contrast, the Corruption is a disease, which is welcome with much fanfare though costly feeds, snatching the same from others without putting-in a slightest labor but through use of Brain combined with trick to boost or empower ‘one’ to claim a high position in the society. When it infects one, it spreads like wild fire to embrace the entire. So long we continue to adore the same; there is no escape from falling prey to it and collapse collectively.

The consequences of corruption is a obvious destruction of a ceaselessly flowing system to create a parallel one unseen to the common but most brightest to the so called affluent to pick it at most ease being the system became their servant to dance at their will and desire and to infiltrate everywhere to disturb the stability when a smooth flowing of the system is seen for delivering benefit to one and all that constitute a group or State or Nation or a Country or a continent or the entire world . The present turbulence in the Economy is the result of such rampant corruption in varying degrees everywhere and severely in some particular places which none can reverse now unless we take concrete steps to replace or recreate the currencies under such severe attacks either acting directly or in a collaboration with others likeminded forces to reestablish the faith lost by the common while doing of ‘honest Business’ with others either from within the Country or with ones living outside. If the attempt to force the release of fund so arrested through use of diplomacy fail to produce result, a new currency is possibly an answer if we intend to see a quick result. The entities who are responsible for doing so must understand that they shall be the main looser, if they do not respect the call of others for engaging themselves to salvage the situation quicker enough, not to lose what had earned through adopting of whatever means. But the most appropriate is that we start working normally through infuse of faith to each and every who are sufferer to do normal Business through encouraging more quicker circulation of fund under assurances from appropriate Government Agencies to beat the fear infiltrated into everyone’s mind for incurring possible further losses if venturing to do aggressive Business. Once we remove the fear in minds of the common, everything is likely to settle down to normal. This is what we can best do to arrest or halt the downturn.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

O’ Our Beloved ‘Mother Nature’ Kindly forgive us for our ignorance in knowing you late!

On the ‘Mother’, out of nowhere I suddenly developed an intense desire to see you endlessly just to enjoy your most beautiful smile while you are tightly holding entire of all of us most safe in your warm lap not to allow us to get hurt anyway without drawing a difference between any two irrespective of whether living or non living, allowing each of us to hold one's respective position anywhere in the planet to make a perfect fit to beautify you, I am fumbling for the right words to describe the occasion of happening so to me. It is nothing but just to convey you that how important you are to us for feeding and shelter us all the time in-spite of our cruelty shown by one to the other considering each one of us as different reasonless to promptly pick-up a quarrel with each other.

Your intense weeping in seeing your children doing so even though born from the same womb of yours is no doubt painful and your often expressing the desire of forsaking us equally carry enough of merit, unable to bear the pain of inflicting hurt to one by the other in the name of religion, cast or creed between ourselves also probably not entirely incorrect being how a mother can see her own children fighting between each other most reasonless although we entire are constituting just a single dear child of yours to give you a separate entity in the Solar system which no other can claim . You took every step to blossomed everywhere taking various forms just to provide limitless numbers of objects either living or non living to give us the comfort of living playfully taking enough of pain in your shoulder just to see entire of us smiling all the time which we all preferred to ignore through our systematic destruction of each and every in hidden without catching your eye but you kept absorbing the pain we are inflicting upon you most consciously even though you are bleeding all the time profusely nonstop lately. How fool we are to do so to destruct ourselves to fulfill the desire of a few Power Hungry? O’ Mother all logics or reasoning are being proved fruitless to stop these man-eaters from taking their kills in large numbers from amongst us every day without meeting their thirst even a little.

We all know, unless we behave ourselves, tomorrow may be too late for us to act to save ourselves from a possible catastrophe which is already under way. None now bother to give a little of respect to you to show of concern towards you. What kind of spice we are?

Although we all are just ONE offspring of yours, we are all at a loss to find who we are but are no doubt expert in bringing in a difference between each part of your like proving the heart different from the brain, the foot different than the hand, the liver different than the kidney and so on in limitless ways citing difference of functions each is being carried out to promptly pick a quarrel between each other of us on each and every subject ignoring the actual identity of us as none but just ‘ONE’ only; the most delicate offspring of yours living for a short period of time in comparison to vastness of ‘TIME’ that beholds by the creation.

Your taking of wings to fly around in colorful ways, your taking the form of water to create the ocean, your transforming into various life-forms inside as well outside water, your covering the space around yourself with infinite numbers objects one different from the others in color and style of living to allow us to enjoy and to remain playful, are all in vain to stop us from continuously engaging in in-fighting between ourselves on pretty matters just on prompt by a selected few done purely for selfish motives to rule the others with ‘Love’ either completely absent or fully distorted to unleash an atmosphere of doubt combined with fear as well as war like situation everywhere as if we as a single spice living infinitely with no danger of extinction forever to do our most foolish actions ignoring the fact that every action has a equal and opposite reaction to happen automatically which none can reverse unless we change ourselves to redo a reversal.

In-spite of your educating us on the definition of ‘LOVE’ through generation to generation in no uncertain terms, we lately preferring to twist its meaning just to cover one individual or a single body only; leaving all others on your lap as different although, one is nothing but a small piece of ordinary soil but infused with an ‘Energy’ from you to acquire a name and moved around together as a Community or as a State or a Country or as a whole as a single ‘Entity’ as ‘Mother Nature’ on ‘EARTH’.

When we are determined not to listen to any advice from anywhere, it is automatic that you bound to revolt everywhere to display your extreme anger or displeasure through allowing nothing to run normally but forcing yourself to do each and every action or action with ferocity. Accordingly, the entire humanity is in the danger of extinction after falling prey into the hands of corrupts which we all know but yet preferring to blindly follow them without raising a resistance of any sort. We are now possibly deserve to die together.

The result of pollutants that continuously releasing from the factory while manufacturing a particular products cannot undo or prompt an action that is reverse to the system if simple steps are taken to stop dumping the discharge continuously without covering it deep at a particular place. It is a part of job of the manufacturer to see that it must not happen to draw a setback to the environment where we are living but there are also enough tools available in the hand of the Nature to counter the effect so created provided we express our keenness to do so to show our extreme concern on the Subject.

Any Institution providing mass engagements cannot produce a result to draw any anger from our most kind Mother Nature. Since ‘Work is Worship’; an engagement provided to any to keep oneself busy is a welcome step on the part of everyone irrespective of whether the Authority is an individual or a community or a State or a Country or the entire World. This help in distribution of knowledge unless we distort the overall order through other means which shall otherwise die for lack of pursuing the knowledge; nonetheless we must show care for the well being of the environment as it is very well an integral part of us and hence can never be ignored.

Accordingly, it is not the expansion of Industry but its misuse for making higher profits from doing the same job is affecting the Globe which is forcing it to die prematurely. The cause is surely deteriorating in our cruel hands for our not respecting the others equally for their rightful place in the planet ‘Earth’. To keep the environment clean it is no doubt a noble idea of taking care of the environment through one’s direct association with the entity so established and not by allowing adopting of any short cuts methods or procedure in order to make the profit margin higher. When we consider discharging of effluents as an important part as that of the manufactured products, much of the pollutants can be avoided. Further, to encourage changing of Technology befitting the time as observed, can even kill our entire problems so arose while carrying-on with our daily duties. This is a welcome step so far we continue to contribute everywhere as per the demand of the situation since the time is running out of our hand so fast that a day is becoming a decade to nullify our logic to do a particular action in response to consider a particular action as the call of the hour to protect us.
The main issue that is causing the ‘Mother Earth’ for crying aloud without a break is our loss of entire character for not seeing reason to live together with every one irrespective of living or non living without raising a war against any or all in the name of ‘Survival for the fittest’ to ransack everything; arranged so systematically to help each other through reciprocation of Love to provide a balance to whatever we do and also to keep the environment clean all the time not to force us struggle in taking our breaths. This is further getting complicated by our reckless ignoring of the Environment through constant release of ‘Green House’ Gases into the air for further angering her to repulse our deliberate actions more forcefully without granting us a waiting time to act in view of our look-warm response to the situation; very much invalidating our forecast or presumptions of getting a lease of life without paying of a price.

The definition of ‘LOVE’ is same from the time immemorial and continues to be so forever undying and hence let us learn to reciprocate our combined Love with her through showing our respect to her by each one of us to stop her from holding of a hat-rate towards us. When our ‘LOVE’ towards our Mother starts degenerating limitlessly, there is either no scope or time for citing of a reason for doing so without seeing of a repercussion from the ‘Nature’ in a violent form to hide ourselves to get a shelter to avoid the effect so invited.We already noticed how 'Mother Nature' reciprocates infinitely while we offer a little of LOVE to her. She even changed the entire weather pattern within a week's time in early March,2007 of facing of extreme cold in USA during that year to bring-in advance; the 'Spring' transforming the situation upside down puzzling all just in response to offering of a little prayer with LOVE attached to her.Why we cannot do it for the entire Globe? It is very much possible if we join hands to do so together.

Sunday, December 6, 2009


Although I consider and value this particular Site as presented to me by Great Google out of Love rather anything else attached; is no doubt a most Perfect Gift one can offer to the other; which nothing can ever match to reproduced what I wrote once for good of ourselves which were otherwise lost most painfully under extra ordinary circumstances, I am yet govern by certain ethics not to break my most sweet association with the one who accepted my ‘Blogs’ first to open my points of view to the learned Globe through making of a humble request to all to take the pain of ‘re-looking’ onto the Subjects; we are facing with presently to find the rightful solutions to these happening of events under command.

Accordingly, I indeed indebted to the Management of ‘TIME’ Magazine, more specially to most respectful Mr. Richard Stengel, Managing Editor for finding some time out of his or their busy schedule to notice my contributions to invoke a reaction from him or them; possibly in a most silent way or nature irrespective of type of contribution I submitted to enable me to carry some kind of identity of mine which I lost forever following branding me a little short of ‘Harden Criminal’ by the Company I worked for my entire service career with entire labor most painfully put for earning nothing but a very simple life free from all corruptions . That was my last resort to salvage the situation to prove myself who I am actually is and what for I am standing myself. I adore ‘Work’ as my prayer and had or have no fascination either to become rich or to live in style.

My most ordinary life is good enough for me to cover my entire walk alone up to the end unless circumstances forced me to leave the body early. Therefore, my attachment with ‘TIME’ Magazine can never ever break for whatever computations are infused into the relationship; unless the Management of ‘TIME’ desires otherwise, which is built most securely over a period of time.

During the year 2004,with no fund available with us and when the entire family was somehow living sharing the same food both the times in a day from a single disc, Company charged me for amassing wealth disproportionate to my known source of income for buying my only property of a 2 Bed Room DDA Flat at cost of Rs 3, 00000.00 [@US$6000.00],the cost of which was paid in installments spanned over a period of a decade, barring me from defending myself through engaging of any lawyer or otherwise but allowing any colleague of my choice to admit my guilt if I intend to receive my earned dues from the Company; which stricture was later further tightened by issuing added orders of neither allowing to change the venue of Inquiry nearer to Bangalore where I was living in one bed room rented house which was taken on lease by my elder daughter working in a major MNC to enable me to take part in the Inquiry by undertaking a short journey at a minimum of cost being penniless that time nor allowed interviewing me by the Inquiry officer through other available legal communication channels like video conferencing or over telephone etc which forced the Unseen companion of mine to weep after taking the entire pain of mine onto Him.

Even my brother who was holding a high Administrative position with the Govt. of Assam; was refused to present any paper on my behalf and accordingly I fell prey to the desire of the Company to brand me a criminal through pronouncement of guilty of doing of the Crime. However, I still feel someday some noble personality shall able to see the trap laid to uncover the truth. This is no following of an Oder but an assault on the same to disturb everything all across the Board. The truth is even known to the unborn automatically being the action was a heavy distortion of a smoothly flowing order everywhere. Are not we are encouraging, advocating and nurturing of an obsolete, self defeating, valueless, self made so called ORDER to called ourselves great Bureaucrats and guardian of Law to kill the entire humanity? If it is so, let us break it for betterment of us. The sooner we do, the better is the chance of our survival unless we cross the point of no return repeatedly.

All my cries for help to rescue me to all concerned authorities holding powerful positions fell into deaf ear but had strengthen their determination to inflict further pain to me after faithfully throwing away all my letters wrote to them in this connection to clog their ‘Wash Basket’ only. Even a few took costly overseas trips to halt any help coming to me. What was more worrisome was that this happened immediately after convicting me through declaring of a most harass punishment on me for an act I was not even remotely connected with; forget about doing it, bringing-in an Enquiry Officer from outside the Company who was a panelist of CBI, the highest investigating Authority in the Country who nonetheless found me innocent on a set of continuously changing revolving charges without having the slightest courtesy of knowing me what the charges were. The charges were never intimated either through writing or verbally until Enquiry Officer handed over the same to me on demand on the first day of Enquiry which however kept on changing without notice and hence was termed as revolving ones. What law is this? Had I stayed a day longer in place of my last posting, catastrophe would have been waiting for me had I ignored the call for duty towards my son’s to collection urgently his class 12th Migration Certificate from his school at Jodhpur, Rajasthan for presenting to the concerned College Authorities on the last date of Admission. Accordingly my son granted me a second life from not becoming a kill in the hands a hired gang of criminal.

The coordinated actions undertook by the Company forced me to accept nothing financial from the Company being the promise secured from me by on other than CMD of the Company during the year 2004 divulging nearness to our family and his knowledge of our family hungry for earning funds from nothing other than from bribes only which forcing me to even embrace dyeing early out of hunger rather than receiving fund from the Company. Accordingly my experience letter which is issued just on the other day to seek a job elsewhere to survive together; where inflicting of ‘insults’ is rare but became a fruitless receipt either due to my crossing of employable age or carrying on an ailing body in absence any heath check-up due to my inability to do so being living on debts.

At present, I am at my wit’s end to find how and what can give me an opening to earn something to survive ourselves, as I left the Organization where I had completed my entire Service Career in view of compulsions forced upon me with nothing either in my Bank Account or towards any investments. Since I find all attempts to earn anything from anywhere are fully blocked, I am faced with a similar situation once again leaving me to desire nothing other than opting for a miracle to happen to allow ourselves to live a most simple life. My only hope is now on registering of a small Plot of land in Delhi NCR Region bought from a Govt. source 2 decades ago during early January,2010; the sale proceed of which I expect to see us through my entire life to live us happily enough and alone engaging myself in intense praying beyond which I require nothing from none.

Unless my current situation improves, my taking of part in any activities is beyond my dream which I had lost through most cruel as well as inhuman orders issued and enforced upon me by the Company. Now I expect that some Noble Person from all across the Globe shall buy my property at Koramangala, Bangalore, INDIA at a reasonable price unlike accepting of half the price for selling 2 pieces of my immovable properties earlier in view of my acute financial crisis that time if my wait up till now for registering the Plot of Land in my name do not materialized as expected.

Kindly note that I have no ill will or wrongful desire against none and hence may kindly be spared from inflicting further insults.


NOTE: The article was wrote and publish much earlier as a ‘Blog’ but now it is reproduced again being felt carrying of a value still and to conserve the write-up in a safe hand being ‘Love’ duly attached with it.

Friday, December 4, 2009

When Not Seeing Is Believing

Let us all know that God is just one with infinite number of vivid paths available to each one of us to reach or merge onto Him. He is the zero and He is the infinity. God created this creation to enjoy or to play with Himself and made out from a fraction of His huge Power for a fraction of His time although beyond the measure of time and space. Hence He is certainly beyond one’s comprehension.

God being omnipresent, the question of His unseen to the general is surely a complex question to answer and certainly a difficult proposition to understand. Let us all know that all entities seen or unseen in the Universe are constantly meditating on Him to have just a glimpse, so also many other Universes outside. His beauty is so great and attractive that no adjective pronounced nonstop covering one’s entire life cycle consisting of limitless number of births and deaths from evolution to merge onto Him is not sufficient enough to describe Him. The moment a Universe knows Him, it shall instantly merge onto Him to become infinitely blissful for all the time and hence kept Himself in potential form within each and every without none’s knowledge to keep His beautiful creation intact.

The candle one offer to the Lord, the flame it produces, the light it spreads, the melodies one sing to glorify Him, the drums one uses, the incense sticks one light are no other than Him only. None can offer Him anything other than Him only to Him. But He only accepts the dedicated ‘love’, one expresses directly from his or her heart. Accordingly when one feels pain when a candle is burnt being it malting down the wax and consequently hurting Him, he is little drawn towards Him unless otherwise overpowered by ‘love’ to get oneself nearer to Him.

One’s body cannot represent an entity. The trillions of living cells living inside the body maintaining an absolute order to function and live together are absolutely independent from the entity having their own life cycles to live on and hence an entity is just one of those trillions and cannot dictate other’s life cycle excepting assisting it from outside. Accordingly when one is represented by just one ‘I’ inside he or she becomes individualistic individual but when he or she see the entire cells within oneself as one, the entity becomes a big hearted personality to derive a different pleasure of existence although very much living within us.

The mind is same for all and interconnected and most nearest to the soul. While the soul is He, the mind is His reflection and hence all knowledgeable. Through the help of one’s ‘thought’ which causes the mind to engulf by ignorance instantly drawn from the environment and surroundings where one is born which become thicker and thicker as one grows up. One’s entity actually sits in the mind nonetheless ‘thought’ takes command over it up-to the time we know the mind to be governed by the all powerful five senses for the general and another additional sense for the rarest. When the thought is controlled to a stable condition with no desire attached, one can get the glimpse of the mind which is also infinitely unstable, fastest and most fickle. Once the mind too is made stable with self concentration using one’s thought process, the mind start divulging the ‘Truth’ bit by bit just up to extent which is exactly right for one to absorb keeping other knowledge secret until and unless one completes his or her life cycle which might carry on for many lives depending upon one’s effort how one interact with the mind. No one ever knows Lord even if He gives accompany to a particular entity while walking forward, He accepts none unless one experiences Him within one with his or her dedicated actions.

As far as sin is concerned it is a relative factor. What is sin for one may not be the sin for the other. Only God being perfect is sinless since He is both doer and undertaker. None other He is beyond sin. When we say Lord is omnipresent which means that He is the Almighty and He is the Devil, He is the zero and He is the infinity, He is the nectar and He is the poison, He is the evil and He is the good. He is the tiny cells in choke pit and He is one who resides in the most sacred religious places to accept the prayers, He is the male and He is the female. He is soundness of health and He is also the disease. In a nutshell He is everything that is in existence inside or outside of our Universe. What is happening inside an ‘atom’, the same is happening within the Universe. Therefore where is the doubt for creating more than one God in thought? We just from one family only and cannot be otherwise. Accordingly when we put a foot on the ground, we are either killing or eliminating millions of tiny cells to die an unnatural death, many of that are engaged in self meditation while concurrently performing their respective duties to get a bigger body. Therefore we are surely and continuously doing sins in our every step, we are undertaking unnecessarily. Hence none is sinless or perfect except Him.

The religious scriptures as well as the spiritual Leaders are guides only to extend help. To seek or to find one’s own path to witness the Lord within, one must dedicate himself to know the cause of all happenings either inside or outside. These religious scriptures shall die the moment our solar system is no longer there being subjected to birth and death or to do a revaluation of ourselves. But one’s mind is immortal and carries on infinitely together with one unless and until one merge onto Him.

The transmission of light from the sun as well as passing of electricity through wires are not seen but believed. Also as a human being one has no control on the body except expressing gestures or emotions when facing with an event but consider it as that of one which is wrong. The atom is unseen yet we believe in the Objects formed it, so also the tiniest cells with a body is unseen yet we believe in the body formed by it together with others. In sleep we consider our dreams as correct although untrue. While seeing of a motion picture although looked true but it is untrue but similar transmission through news channel is considered factual, correct, vivid and ongoing event. Accordingly the force controlling one is always remains hidden under normal condition and hence where is the doubt of the unknown? Seeing or unseeing is a relative factors only and cannot determine an event. The list is limitless and definitions are often doubtful even though proved and hence we must strike somewhere hard to control the thought to unveil the Truth which only mind knows. Once one finds the Lord inside, the body instantly becomes one’s containing the entire within and not a representative just one cell and so also the entire Universe and accordingly the body becomes qualified to merge onto Him if one, so desires at the appropriate time. Jihad does exactly the opposite to take oneself infinitely away from the Lord. Hence the teachings of so called clerics are wrong and destructive. Accordingly we need to stand-up and fight this ailment from all fronts to end the present fiasco prevailing in the world.

Let us not confuse still with calmness. While stillness happens due to a boundary, the calm happens in openness without a boundary. Stillness is a vain proud but calmness is freeness. Hence stillness is a forceful creation but calmness is a grace received. Accordingly the stillness is a wrong feeling of fulfilled being bounded by the boundary and hence a proxy rather than a truth. A calm one does not burst on presumptions either drawn out of empty thoughts or to secure or retaining power for ever. The facial expression is not adequate to know the within to come into a firm or correct conclusion about oneself and hence we often confuse an ignorant one as most knowledgeable.


NOTE: This article was written and published in ‘TIME’ as a Blog sometime in the later part in the year 2006 but now reproduced being considered carrying of a value of universal nature and to retain it in a safe hand forever.

The Climate Change

The spark we had produced by rubbing two rough hard objects against each other to light a fire during our stone age putting both under pressure to develop an intense friction; has caused a direct bearing on two aspects of our life, the first is in taking our civilization forward as we are seeing it to-day and the next is for disturbing the general order of the Nature through our putting it into misuse. The present restlessness we are witnessing is either due to our sudden growing of individualistic attitude to see each of us different while studying all matters of importance that govern human life. This attitude of ours is pathetic enough to cause a concern to entire of us. We are still continuously using the same power behind the fire to glorify ourselves as an individual and not as a one human race. Is not it madness?

The natural resources as available in various forms are expected to be exploited and put to use to engage us most fruitfully. However to find different ways to do the same thing without destroying or hurting the general order is a challenge before us which we are expected to address without causing an imbalance to the Nature. Hence the requirement to do the same job differently through new methods and procedure is always a welcome step to keep our environment clean and intact and in absolute order once kept free from all pollutions ordinarily not to allow Nature to behave iritic out of the actions undertaken by us collectively. These natural resources otherwise shall burn out anyway automatically one day irrespective of whether or not one uses it . These fossil fuels in the form of energy but buried underground over millions of years shall release at some point of time to the environment anyway if not exploited to convert itself possibly to living beings to live amongst us since energy never dies but convert itself from one form to the other depending upon the circumstances. This is a universal ‘Truth’.

The more than necessary production of carbon dioxide is surely a concern to all of us and no doubt trapping the heat radiated from the sun which the atmosphere would have otherwise reflected away not to make the Globe warmer being the plant cover becoming too small to absorb the heat so generated. Further all artificial means to absorb the heat happening due to resorting to over production is proving fruitless if we continue to corrupt the environment with our mindless release of pollutants into the atmosphere without a deep thought on the subject whether or not to expand further adopting the current procedure available in our hands. The methods and way of doing things must continuously change to engage us more deeply to fight all adverse effects together if and when it happens. But is it really the exact factor responsible for haphazard climate change all over the Global touching both extremes together? Further, neither there is sudden depletion of the ozone layer nor there is any gust of release of carbon dioxide from a closed source to the atmosphere to change the weather pattern suddenly. The other planets of the solar system might also be hitting up as well to encourage the disorder. Accordingly this is a deliberate and combined action to teach us a lesson. If we control one, the other shall revolt. None can stop this unless we change ourselves.

Is the heat absorbed by the so-called carbon dioxide inciting the volcanic plates deep inside the earth to behave iritic to collide with each other at will breaking the set order so frequently to lose the balance which otherwise remains in position most harmoniously through reciprocating love with each other? No, it cannot happen, so suddenly. Therefore, the actual reason is laying somewhere else which we all know of but deliberately ignoring. Unable to withstand the continuous assaults made by us, the Earth has already changed its axis by as much as six degrees out of nothing for self survival.

Our Globe is closed from inside as well as from outside as far as governing of the planet and habitation of all is concerned. From the core it is based on a fireball exactly like our sun and from outside the nature producing the environment to make the planet alive sustaining entire of us. Hence a deviation of just one factor out of limitless factors that govern the solar system can never change the general order overnight. Why than the nature is becoming so violent suddenly over the last one decade? This is born and bought up by the Nature for our well being only. The Planet shall keep surviving even without the Mother Nature available. Hence as far as the solar system is concerned, it is very much in order even though inhabitable for us to live any more in the Planet.

As a human race we are becoming pulverised on every passing day with no respect whatsoever to uphold the order under existence from time immemorial and fast becoming most individualistic to capture power through whatever means available no matter how dirty the path is. Is not it total madness happening amasses within us?
When the World war two was fought, there was openness in our approach and govern by certain sets of rule although incorrect. The present conflict in front of us has no borders or boundaries and based on NO causes to cite but yet we are destructing ourselves mindlessly fighting within ourselves without an aim and sparing none including that of other spices that are living together with us to survive although the Earth is their most legitimate place of living much more than us. Why only human beings require the planet to live-in? It is fast becoming an unnecessary piece of soil to the solar system without any objective served.

Those who are spreading knowledge of commence for fruitful engagement to live on together are considered as foe to the growth of the society taking advantage of the time gap to attack the prevailing order and those supplying weaponry are considered friends to govern the common through drawing of power from the barrel of the gun. The offer of doing commerce is still seen as a suspect being considered doing so for expanding one’s influence or for eventual take-over of one’s area or a Country by the other. What world or human race is this? The invitation of doing commerce as well as creating a demand for a particular commodity irrespective of the way of doing it is not a sin but expansion of friendship with or amongst us and hence must be encouraged by all to remain healthy.

Again those who dare to warn the world of the consequences of doing so or are determined to spread the message of love; are considered an object of hat-rate to hit them with all ferocity without hearing their loud and repeated cries for mercy to stop propagating the love to anyone to show us a path for our survival. In contrast, even the concerned States or Country in a most coordinate manner feel proud to take away the livelihood of such personalities to keep them mum, their family silenced to force them to start begging in the street after stopping their duly earned wages from obtaining it to force them die of hunger. Even human right organizations in conjunction with vested interests join hands together to inflict more pain to such individuals who hold nothing but Love in their hearts. Knowing very much well that such wounds can never be compensated by this Universe as and when one’s inner self is hurt being bringing it up most delicate often from one’s previous lives, the State is still preferring to hit such personalities sharpest with all available weaponry in hand to force them to bow their heads and submit themselves to the defective order to avoid happening of unnatural deaths them. Considering such personalities as enemy of a Country; concerned Authorities forced them with no stone unturned to tie their hands to reach to nothing for their self survival. Such entities however preferred to absorb it rather than to raise an objection to respect the overall order that govern the entire humanity living all across the Globe. The Country even throws all its power in hand to spread everywhere either to capture or kill such individuals or to put them behind bars with one pretext or the other. Further, we are also now most happily deriving pleasures in killing ourselves mindlessly in the name of the religion one beholds considering it as supreme out of all other existed concurrently instead of it bringing in peace and tranquillity amongst us to live together by the followers of such religions. Yet again, others are cheating their own friends to make the other better partner who is extending a helping in the growth of a particular Country or State or us by forcing such partners to become one’s servant for issuing of unjust command to them. Is this world still a living place now to require a survival to live further more? The answer is possibly a big ‘NO’.

Lord Christ was crucified once but such personalities are crucified 24 times a day. Note the local disturbance occurred to the nature when Lord Christ was wrongfully crucified. Similar is the circumstances now. Every one of us is now engaging in suppressing ‘Truths’. Even the concerned State never bothered to put to bargain such individuals when confronted with other authorities beyond their sphere of influence to nullify their offers of help to continue deriving of pleasures in inflicting wounds to such personalities. What value commerce is having if a bargaining on such matters is encouraged? Business is not that valuable to strike down ‘Truth’ that repeatedly. Continuously striking such or similar truths to kill with iron hand shall force the striker to die a premature death; no matter how small or how big the entity is.

In spite of well knowing the facts and hearing the cry loud and clear, if the world prefer to remain silent, the very existence of our solar system in danger of extinct without leaving a chance for future evaluations. When there was a sudden change of overall weather pattern during the first half of March of year 2007 in the whole of USA just for offering a very small prayer to the nameless Lord by a simple and ordinary servant of Him sitting in one of the corners of a self arranged small hotel room just for a week’s time, it nullified the entire weather forecasts as arrived at through computer simulation to transform the extreme cold condition into early spring to puzzle the entire weathermen to find the reason of happening so .The weather is therefore that kind and value that much of reciprocation. Is not it than we are dying due to our infightings amongst ourselves reasonless? There are many who are also praying that intensely elsewhere without producing a result in view our ruthless behaviour towards each other. This cannot happen always everywhere but there is still a possible faint chance that we can correct ourselves to carry Love with ourselves to reciprocate with each other.

If this state of affairs continues to grow otherwise unchecked, with what authority we can demand a lease of our lives, the limit of which we have bypassed many times over beyond the point of no return? The Universe shall possibly be better off without our solar system. Unless we change our mindset soon, there is no way we escape the wrath of the violent nature. Since doing of various action as initiated to make the climate stable through our other various joint efforts in hand which no doubt a respect shown to Planet Earth and hence nothing but a prayer, the other simultaneous actions taken together of our seeing all others as none but one only; might produce a remarkable result to provide ourselves a chance for our survival.


NOTE: This article was written and published sometime in the middle of the year 2007 but now reproduced again being considered carrying of a universal value to retain it in a safe hand forever.

The Actual Sacrifice of One

What exactly constitute a sacrifice? Is it something one considers belonging to oneself? Is it than something one acquired through knowledge or earned through hard labor put-in to attain a material Object? The answer is obliviously a big ‘NO’. A sacrifice is something synonymous with one’s identity which is the whole body of one containing the content inside that belongs to one when one considers so. The renouncement of one’s own body which is consisting of matter is surely a separate entity altogether when considered detached but surely dearest to one and hence is the best option to select to offer an appropriate Sacrifice without causing any harm or hurt whatsoever to any of its parts to seek a grace being the body is a living place of trillions of living cells like the one, we are living outside going the same cycle of life and death absorbing the outcome of five senses but living at utmost harmony together bounded by Love never bringing-in a differentiation with each other on any cause or ground nonetheless each is different than the other . Although it is the actual sacrifice one can offer to the Lord but the action is next to impossible unless Lord Himself decides to absorb the said entity to merge onto Him since He cannot disgrace or hurt Himself by dislodging the Love prevailing within the body which is nothing but Him only. This requires highest degree of devotion to the Lord. Therefore a physical disappearance of one from the scene constitutes an actual sacrifice.

However in some extreme cases in order to save the lives of others, one can sacrifice only which must be for a Community or a State or for someone else other than oneself for allowing others to survive by renouncing one’s life. It cannot be through taking the life of others no matter whatever cause is cited without invoking the anger of the Unseen to get condemned forever. Hence none can cut short one’s or others life for advancing of a cause of the other.

However, the ‘Love’ each and everyone possesses towards one’s own body although not of his or her own in actual sense but a mass of trillions of living cells each having its own entity but bonded together to maintain a order, most of which are in deep meditation of the Lord. Hence such sacrifices never ever are reciprocated to make the sacrifice most brilliant and fruitful to attract the attention or to appease the unseen as no one has any authority either to hurt or to destroy one's body no matter whatever reason is cited. However, when an entity experiences Lord, the body becomes utmost sacred to call himself or herself as actual Him and left with no desire to fulfill other than reciprocating love being radiating constantly from Him unstopped to merge with Him playfully. If the one’s body is not of the one which we usually identify as belong entirely to oneself, how than the relationship of one member of the family can establish a connection with another member within the family by virtue of our blood relationship? Such relationship represents just Love only between each other within the family in the narrowest sense and hence is same for the entire spices living in the Planet Earth under the cover of Mother Nature; what we called as universal brotherhood amongst us.

Why and how we can sacrifice someone else’s body to satisfy or to get a grant from the Lord at-least when we common and learning?This is certainly a wrong approach to receive a favour. No one has the right to do so without a repercussion for venturing to engage in the said act. By doing so any entity irrespective of whether one is an individual or a community or a state vowed to complete the incomplete life cycle of one scarified either alone or together according to the scene created prior to the sacrifice of the object so sacrificed in return of the material gain falsely acquired or presumed received. Accordingly the entire that are directly or indirectly connected for the sacrifice made of someone else other than himself or herself has to suffer the worst to undo the wrong deliberately executed for one’s self gain.

When one beheads an entity for the sole purpose of meeting one’s hunger or to live one’s life as a part of one’s assigned duty, the act is very much in order but when the same is offered to a deity or when one is doing an act to harm others through using someone else as a human bomb through providing of wrong feed to one to get nearer to the Lord by vested interests to appease a cause to happen on one’s behalf who is or responsible for the act, the reverse of our further growth start taking place to force ourselves to complete the incomplete life cycle of object we have chosen to sacrifice alone or together being terminated forcefully through wrongful lore of feeds for securing our selfish benefits. Let us be reasonable in our approaches not to do any harm to other entities living together with us.


NOTE: This article was written and published sometime in the middle of the year 2006 but now reproduced again being considered carrying of a universal value to retain it in a safe hand forever.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


While the ‘mind’ is something absolute and nearest to the soul and hence most knowledgeable, the thought is illusionist and is the by-product of the thinking to promptly produce or display or depict many view points to find many causes of a simple cause of happening to confuse the thinker. When there is a desire, it makes the mind restless with one’s thought processes engrossed in totality on it to get or achieve the object so wanted or desired. Most of the time the thought process takes shape by itself automatically as the outcome of one’s thinking to manifest an idea for converting it to an objective of reality. The thought takes birth when one is born and disappears when one dies but develops slowly to one following taking birth unlike the mind which follow the soul together as its faithful servant to reborn in the next life together with the soul tying all qualifications either good or bad to determine the stage of level in the next life.

While the environment under which one is born controls the thought processes to develop in that order, the mind is completely unattached but reacted as thought directs it without disclosing its identity keeping it most fickle and in restless state. Accordingly the thought is mostly dictated by reasoning and always apply or adopt scientific approach to fight or know a cause. Hence thought is always govern by certain set of idea developed by an entity from one’s childhood to fulfil an ambition.

When the ambition is perfect and intensity of achieving the same is great, it manifest itself to rigorousness of doing a particular job in a most extraordinary manner. This is the alternative way for offering of prayer to know the unseen although the Lord always stays in a confused state being the mind not under control. Such sincere efforts make a culprit skilful to master the art of stealing and the dedicated ones exceptionally successful for the labour put in with a noble idea behind or an intention of helping other infused with or without one's knowledge. Such thought is an outcome or result of one’s continuous thinking of doing or unfolding an idea behind His creation. All scientific discoveries made or be made in future are actions of thought, which are nothing but the direct automatic orders of the nature to manage the creation from its inception and originated at the time of creation without having the knowledge of the Absolute One.

The thought is govern by five senses for all of us but rarely with another additional sense added to the exceptional ones. When one allow its thought processes to think nothing other than that of knowing the unknown, it resonates with the mind for some time each day irrespective of place or position or religion, cast or creed one beholds for knowing the all pervading one. As and when he or she captures it; the entity instantly becomes complete without being perfect anyway. Accordingly he or she can able to test the both aspects of Him while engaging oneself in a single subject or act of performing one’s job with full dedication.

All cultures are the manifestation of such characters that keep the world moving in upward direction with new methods of doing the same job invented now and then for making the earlier ones obsolete or previous ones valueless to make a new beginning with newer ideas. All great scientists, businessmen and all other celebrities are a product of such inner efforts put keeping the mind outside of it. Therefore the feed to the mind is much different from the feed to the thought being both are different from each other. While mind is a source of truth, the thought is a source of one’s actions. That was the reason why Lord Christ adored or embraced the prostitute who carried out her profession with utmost sincerity but heart full of Love towards Him.

Those who excel on both; are the best part of His creation and remain to be so with enough pleasures receiving from the heart but has to return again to pursue the other paths alone or together to make oneself complete to ultimately merge with Him. Such are the people who take a country or a state into great prosperity when a system that governs a state or a Country able to recognize such personalities with ample ingenuity as and when they are not put to absorb insults or put to harassment of any sort. Once we ensure happening of such a situation, such system holding such personalities automatically shines. While a state fruitfully engage these handful of personalities available in every country or a state residing inside or outside the system, the system behold by the Country becomes full proof of assaults and sound enough to absorb all ups and downs that bound undergo by each and every or all.

Accordingly the path chosen through spirituality is vastly different from the one who worship works. While the former can hold all aspects including holding the position of power to shine, the later is completely barred from doing so unless perfect or master both arts in one way or the other for not influencing oneself to be govern by lust for amassing whatever precious available in the Country for his or her self growth.

In contrast if a state is in search of talent to strengthen the system, it often make the mistake of selecting or picking the corrupted minds amasses instead of dedicated ones, to see a premature collapse of the system through ill will infused by these recruits to choke the system entire with dirt infused from outside and by not allowing the system to flow at more ease to see more developments taking place or shine perfectly enough to attract the others to follow.


NOTE: This article was written and published sometime in the middle of the year 2006 but now reproduced again being considered carrying of a universal value to retain it in a safe hand forever.

The Definition of ‘I’

What exactly constitutes an Individual or what forms an entity or what represented by the word ‘I’? In a body, every cell out of trillions living, is independent for forming a mass of limitless for maintaining an order to function as one; although one is vastly different from the other in its nature as well as doing or carrying out its individual functions to carry on a life of its own very much like the one we are carrying out outside as a particular individual; to live-on to complete its life cycle most harmoniously in peace and tranquility retaining a particular name of itself as represented by word ‘I’ to identify oneself from the rest living concurrently within but much different from the word ‘I’ living outside which however embraces the entire ‘I’s living inside. The individual cell within also carry a similar system within to represent or embraced the entire ‘I’s of all individual cell living within it. The process within is, therefore, limitless. Therefore one’s body irrespective of whether it is a living cell inside or an individual holding a particular name outside represented by the word ‘I’ do not represent the body but it is something correlated to it but an illusionist. How and why then we are claiming the body belongs to a particular individual as one’s? The terming of it as such is entirely wrong for all practical purposed. Therefore the word ‘I’ is for identification purpose only no matter how nicely or how badly we are managing the mass of living cells within the body. Hence there is nothing to boost of or condemning of oneself for any action collectively undertaken by cells living inside. Therefore it is the ‘thought’, ‘mind’ and ‘Love’ of oneself that govern the outcome of an action, all the time undertaken by an individual outside from one’s birth to one’s death to derive a pain or a pleasure to oneself without influencing the cells within oneself who are also experiencing the same, living as particular cell within the body holding a similar body consisting of tiny of tiniest cells with it.

When one cannot command a just a tiny cell to behave as per one’s wish, excepting shaping the muscles to behave in a particular way through one’s nerve system, the body which beholds trillions of such cells in a most orderly manner; is most sacred to posses by one and each of which is independent by itself cannot represent the entity or cannot represent by the word ‘I’. Out of the three qualities represented by word ‘I’, Love is foremost beholding of one to take one from a particular level of living to attain a higher level of living. The way trillions of living cells inside living under extreme harmony through radiating of Love by one to the other which is again being reciprocated by the entire within it to live in peace and tranquillity and to allow one to get a particular name outside for experiencing higher entity; we must also act likewise by considering the entire of us under the lap of Mother Name and none but just one entity of human being to experience a higher level of living. As and when we refused to behave similar outside, it shall become our last stage of our growth and cannot go any higher, no matter how many prayers we are offering to the same one God to experience a higher level of experience of existence excepting those who are enlighten.

Let us go little further, in a dream or in a dream within a dream, one feels or considers one’s action as conducted or done or carried out as real entity to derive a pleasure or pain although not physically available. Then why not we consider our present life as just a dream and nothing else which starts on the day when one first conceived in the womb and terminates in the day when one dies? If we consider our life a reality, a forceful awakening-up form a deep sleep for whatever reason or for not taking enough sleep which is a must to maintain the body healthy; one shall require much or many times more of rest or sleep to compensate the loss. Hence any forceful termination of life including that Jihad, one does require many repetitions of one’s life that might be from beginning from taking the life of tiniest cell within a cell if gets a mercy by some chance in view of good deeds done in earlier lives or needs to recycle against a tiniest point without getting a release. The same is the position of enjoying a dream within a dream. While in hypnosis or doing of a narcotics test, one goes back in seeing one’s earlier life, in religion, one goes forward to play with angels through radiating of Love which is known to none other than to the achiever. Therefore we are all equal and same but carrying our different assigned tasks holding of particular position to help each other through distribution of Love amongst us without drawing of a difference between any on any ground.

Let us go a step further or a little deeper. As all atoms are invisible so also the microscopic cells, how than a sum of such invisible cells or atoms living in a most orderly manner suddenly become visible to call a real and existing? A mass of zeros can never make a visible entity which is real. Therefore, what we are seeing and what we are calling physical are surely untrue but just only a reflection of one what is true i.e. God only. The moment one goes for sleep in actual place of living; in reality go somewhere else to take a birth and the moment he awakes up, one dies to join his upper reality as developed by sheer hard work with honesty and dedication to move upwards to receive that particular status.

We all are borne out of the thought process of the Almighty and each one of us represent Him who is residing in a potential form within and outwardly govern by five senses covering the most beautiful mind which is interconnected with all objects living or non living, seen or unseen, covered or void. The more, the thoughts are densely clouded with ignorance; the farer is the mind to unfold or to take control of the mind to see the truth. Once it is unfolded one’s identity is instantly divulged to one to know the meaning of his or her life and one’s own path of journey to merge with Him.

A constant thought of whom one adore most and what constitute a Religion can help anyone to overcome any or all obstacles alone or together with or without the help of the scriptures to see or unfold the ever shining mind of one sitting somewhere within the body without a particular identity which is not represented by ‘I’ being same for all. A religion can guide one up to a certain point to make the thought single pointed to fix just in just one entity or object either by adjusting or restoring a particular order that befit a personality. All analysis, one arrives at through thought process are half truths with many variable applied, depending upon one’s sincerity in approaching a subject or a question and hence self approach is a must to unfold the mind. This is the essence of all Religions.

When thought processes is concentrated on a single entity to discover the ever illuminating mind, it bound to reciprocate the Love to divulge itself one day during various life cycles of one to become one’s best friend appearing itself from nowhere and a guide to one to walk along for the remaining period life cycles if considered so but become a foe if misused depending upon one’s contentment in meeting one’s requirements or in meeting one’s ever expanding desires respectively. When one’s mind becomes one’s friend, all truth becomes simple to see clear and vivid. The walk is surely long and tedious but always joyful and may cover many lives. In a nut shell the word ‘I’ represents none but Lord only and hence none can hurt none.


NOTE: This article was written and published sometime in the middle of the year 2006 but now reproduced again being considered carrying of a universal value to retain it in a safe hand forever.