Friday, December 20, 2013

Getting Importance to a Non-issue!

Guests are always considered as Guest, a step above the citizen of a Country to receive help from the entire us irrespective of one’s Nationality who is visiting a different Country for whatever reason. Therefore, as and when one visits another place away from his or her place of birth or place of staying either within the Country or outside of it must get utmost respect from all being the object(s) so cited, as the entity concerned is never considered as a factor to change one’s current culture & value as behold by one but it is a fulfilment of one’s desire through physically visiting a different place of interest to enjoy oneself through acquiring of knowledge of an unseen place; irrespective of belief the Guest(s) behold or follow and hence are free to move around within us as one of us.

Further, we must extend our utmost Hospitality to such Guests from other Countries without allowing them to face of any convenience whatsoever in any form and manner from any quarter either from Law enforcement Departments or though our behaviour towards them being none of us know how one’s body and mind behave while living under another Environment much away from familiarity, we are creating within us to divide ourselves in limitless terms or names; even though these terms are nonexistent as far our inner relationship between each other is concerned. This issue is still under debate within us. With ‘death’ is only companion of mine, it is beyond my knowledge to know of what is good and what is bad for us under the current situation prevailing within us; wherein we are seeing each other with doubt than otherwise as far as establishing of an Union or a friendship between any two is concerned.    

As far as the placement of Diplomatic Staff by one Country to the other to convey matters of mutual interests is concerned; it is beyond the reach of host Country to punish any for whatever reason without taking up the matter first with the Country from where a Diplomat is getting his or her placement order. This is a very old Law that govern such postings of Diplomats. Therefore we consider the current row between India and USA on such a matter is deplorable, being some form of confusion infused while handling the matter with the notice of none.

Accordingly we intend to cite a very old example to explain the matter further. When Lord Hanuman was insulted by the Powerful Emperor, King Ravana while carrying a message of peace to him from Lord Rama; Hanuman set aflame the entire city of Lanka to teach the kingdom a lesson for not following such General Standard rule of offering of highest respect to a Guest, having the status equivalent to a Diplomat. Such matters were that strict that time too as far as governing of ORDER was concerned. Instead of more refinement infused into the matter; we are seeing happening of reverse through undoing of the said General ORDER that govern such relationships between two friendly Counties.

Accordingly, we pray both the Governments to show restrain in our respective approaches to handle the issue with utmost delicacy and try our best to resolve the matter most amicably hurting none during the process. If the matter is left otherwise or allowed to escalate further it shall induce fear in the minds of the Common General Public to hate each other reasonless.

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