Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Two Riots!

While all ‘Mob violence’ are disorders; which often is an outcome of our mass ignorance over knowledge and hence it often instantly embraced an vast area to be affected by it no time; ‘non-violence’ is an ORDER which cover the entire us in due course of time; upon getting informed about a particular occurrence or issue happening within us; without our much of knowledge of it by all to know of, the root cause of happening so or on securing of a particular knowledge over ignorance about an issue of much interests to us. The Mob violence may either be spontaneous due to feeling of insecurity by one from the others who are responsible for initiating of an unpleasant action or as outcome of a ‘larger thought’ involved in doing so to acquire a self gain; even though the element of insecurity is more often than not absent.

As and when we mix Politics with Religion; there bound to occur rampant violence everywhere being one is miles away from the other to draw a correlation between each other. While Religion encourage prevailing of peace and tranquillity amongst us at all cost including that of offering of self sacrifice; Polities is often dirty to divide us in limitless numbers to enable one to rule over the others. Again, as and when we discuss Polities in Religious places, the sanctity of the said Religious places gets lost through igniting of many uneventful circumstances or situations within us in limitless forms and manners including that of repeated occurrences of Bloodshed.

While in Politics; carrying out of killings of an ‘innocent one’ who is considered a threat to a running Regime by the Powerful others; is an ORDER of the day now a days; in order to steal Power by one from the innocent others with an aim & objective of governing over the entire us; without duly earning it but hence it is often captured through use of tricks by encouraging doing of violence by one community against the other communities while we are living together side by side under an peaceful environment. 

During the time of assassinations of both Late Indira Gandhi as well as Late Rajiv Gandhi, I was present at the Capital Delhi. While during the happening of 1st unfortunate incident, I was at New Delhi Railway Station, on way Dehradun to attend a Course on ‘Drilling Technology, conducted by Institute of Preston Moor, USA during the second unfortunate incident I came to Delhi to present a Paper to the Ministry of Department of ‘Technology & Innovation’ for taking part in a competition of ‘Technological Development’ within the Country. Even though the Paper was rejected at the Spot as bearing of no value by the most learned Experts, the ‘Theory’ presented therein had allowed me to stopped the uncontrolled ‘Blow-out’ at Gulf of Mexico when all others attempts made by all from all across the Globe had failed to control the ‘Blow-out’; threatening the very existence of the Globe, had the current of the Ocean catch the uncontrolled flow ‘Oil & Gas’ from a small leak through a fracture in the Cemented Casing{@ 1,00,00bbls per day}. Further, while during the time of assassination of Late Indira Gandhi, the City was under total chaos with none in the Streets except the agitators or the mob only; during the second similar incident, entire Public was crying under intense pain for the loss of a Great Leader from within us.

Now, let us study the different between the situations that were prevailing under both occasions of happening of two unfortunate incidents within us. During the time of assassination of Late Indira Gandhi; since she was holding the position of PM of India when the personnel in Uniform killed her through displaying of Power from the barrel of Guns, there was a general feeling among the Public that Military took over the Government through executing of a perfect coup alike in Pakistan; which prompted the Public ‘go wild’ to attack the entire Sikh community out of venting their anger notwithstanding the fact that there were  many others too who took advantage to become a National Leader overnight through playing the role of a Proxy. The same was not seen happening during the assassination of Late Rajiv Gandhi being he was not in Power that time. Had not the Congress High Command issued an appropriate call to the Countrymen, the flare-up would have engulfed the entire Nation like wildfire. It looked that time that; as if we are in the midst of yet another partition which none were willing to accept

While we condemned the killing of large number of innocent Public of a particular Community of us {without whose contribution Country would have attained nothing much}, in worst of the worst language, we must try our best to understand the circumstances under which it took place which was nothing but casting of a doubt on the ‘aim & objective’ of the Crime while carrying out the assassination. We, accordingly most humbly pray the entire Sikh Community living assorted all over the Globe to forget and forgive the said unfortunate incident which had happened due to our confusion in understanding the issue than a deliberate act of entire us.  

However, during the Gujarat Riot; there were neither any assassination attempt of any Leader nor there was any takeover issue by any to cause such a great Administrative Lapse on the part of State Government to handle the said issue most amicably. Hence there were no parallel between both the Riots.

Accordingly; it is suggested that without knowing of the background about the cause of happening of a particular indecent incident within us, none should {Whomsoever it may be and done for whatever reason by taking advantage of the situation} ever try or attempt to reignite an old issue through presenting wrongful ‘facts and figures’ or retold it by ‘twisting Facts’ to the Common General Public which is a much greater Crime to do so than the deed itself. The Noble Countrymen must know that only a ‘Yong Leader’ can rescue the Country from the present impasse and none else being a victim of circumstances.      







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