Saturday, January 25, 2014

The ‘Black Hole’

An ‘Atom’ is a replica of the Universe. Therefore, what is happening within an ‘Atom’ is happening within the Universe too, to remain intact and available in Space much away from all outside disturbances being nothing exits alone. Again, there exists nothing without an opposite available. This is an additional requirement to keep an object under equilibrium and perfect condition to offer its best to the others while living together. Also, the Energy never dies but transform itself from one form to the other while confronting with an intense situation of having a conflict between one and the others of whatever nature for whatever reason; while living together under the same environment. 
Within each object, irrespective of how big or how tiny one is, there exit ‘12 Set ORDERS’ of which one is free and there are ‘11 Gravitational Constants’ of which one is free. Therefore, there is just only one Energy or force that governs the entire Objects from smallest to biggest as available within the Universe. Due to our ignorance; we often cite differences between each other to divide ourselves; even though we all are same and equal as far as discharging of our duties is concern,  being we all are existing to carry out a common Task and for meeting a common purpose of  remaining alive together as a single Object within the Space. Within the Planet Earth, it is presumed that out of two poles, while South Poles holds the Free ORDER, the North Pole holds the Free Gravity.
While within the ‘Solar System’, the ‘Sun’ is controlling the main Gravitational Force; the respective Planets as embraced by it have their individual Gravity apart from holding 12 Set ORDERS as well as 11 Gravitational Constants. The same holds true everywhere within the Universe.    
However, there often arises a third situation within the Space for limitless either known or unknown reasons when both the ‘11 Gravitation Constants’ as well as ‘12 Set Orders’ have to interact with each other to bring-in a balance to a particular Object as available within the various Objects to allow it to remain standing within us for offering an equal opportunity to the said Object too alike others{which is hindered due to interference of either a known or an unknown cause} to perform its assigned duty with much of ‘joy and wellness’ attached; while remaining as a single entity or as a connected part of a bigger Object; which we called as ‘Black Hole’.
The way we often witness sudden development of ‘hurricanes’ over a particular area over others, so also seeing of happening of ‘Cloud Burst’ through forming of a low pressure zone within a low pressure area, the ‘Black Hole’ too is an unpredictable action of the ‘Mother Nature’ to keep an unsettled area calm, free from all outside interferences of whatsoever nature; even though it look initially as if that all are at war with each other; whereas it is only a reverse action of the Nature to do an opposite. 
The ‘Black Hole’ is a very temporary phenomenon of Nature to act so; so that none faces a premature death or get collapse before time for whatever reason; until and unless the life of an Object is complete or over by virtue of getting aged while covering of one’s life either as an Individual or as a Community or as a Country or as citizen of the Globe or as a ‘part and parcel’ of the Universe. Therefore, it does not behold any individual identity by itself and hence each occurrence is different from the other as far as strength or properties of one is concerned being it is a momentary event produced to keep the running Order intact within an Object as well as outside of it; irrespective of whether or not an Object is big or miniature but existing together. Hence, it may so happen that the Object as absorb by a ‘Back Hole’ might go through a transformation either to loss its strength in view of it, dominating over similar others through demonstration of its Power or gain more Power by virtue of doing of contribution towards the other in holding the entire together. 
Even though I used to travel as an individual ‘Soul’ together with my ‘sole companion’ which is none but freer one out of ‘12 Set ORDERS’ as His most humble servant; from one end of the Universe to the other, I never encountered a situation when one is galloped or sucked or destroyed by the other to display one’s Power over the other through issuing of unjust command on innocent others that are deeply engaged in discharging their respective duties towards meeting the common goal of keeping intact the Universe; where we all are living-in. 


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