Friday, January 17, 2014

Rahul’s Elevation to the Post of Congress President

Even though I was an employee of ‘OIL INDIA LTD’ in executive level; I never behold a Bank Account except that of one to meet the requirement of the Company to transfer Fund that was or were earned by me but I always find my account was empty of cash and hence depended upon various other facilities that were extended separately to each and every employee of the Company to meet various other expanses each month. Accordingly we were managing our monthly requirements securing foodstuff from Ration Store to remain alive. I hardly saw Rs.500.00 Note prior to my opting for Early Retirement and I first saw Rs.1000.00 Rupee Note during the year 2004 when my wife sold her Plot of Land at Guwahati, Assam at a throw away price to run ourselves somehow.

Therefore, our children {2 daughters & 1 son} were deprived of everything to know of what is called a ‘Human being’ being often chase out from Group while playing together assuming hailing from untouchable family. My son had met with a very serious Road Accident with multiple fractures in Head in a Hit & Run Case during the later part of the year 2004.When the said vehicle made a second attempt to run over him, an Auto-rickshaw driver snatched his unconscious body from the spot; breaking his leg while doing so.

Accordingly our entire family along with Association of ‘Auto-rickshaw driver’s’ begged in the street of Bangalore to collect Fund to bear the cost of surgery to both. Following the incident our son remained mostly in-door except attending the College as and when health permits. With self bedridden since mid of the year 2010; our two daughters are maintaining the family at present. This is what the financial Status of mine.  

These is an example of Gross Injustices inflicted upon the entire humanity through me being self all the time engage in ‘well being’ of the entire that are growing up playfully under the most loving Care of Mother Nature. Through such an action, so called influential ones are attacking the Constitution of the Country in the worst form with a dirtiest mind behold to derive pleasure to oneself in doing so; without knowing that they are harming none but themselves only. This is degree of one’s lust to secure a Position of Power to act likewise on every one of us.

Now I intend to cite another Example as enforced by late Razib Gandhi to build the ‘National Treasury’ which was short of cash without burdening any. He therefore announced an incentive to the Policemen or Custom personnel who could able to catch the Smugglers bringing Gold into Country evading Tax but selling it at a Market Price within the Country. It was a successful Scheme to raise enough of Funds to the Country but it was bearing much of lacuna for converting it into a proper ORDER; nonetheless it reflected the degree of LOVE he had behold towards the Country even if required breaking of prevailing LAWS.

Both examples represent breaking of General Rules of the Country in one way or the other that govern us. While first example show the extremeness on the part of one to inflict pain on innocent others just to derive a pleasure to oneself reasonless; even ignoring the Constitution of the Country; the second example show the degree of intense eagerness on the part of a Great Personality or Leader to help the Common General Public to overcome their daily difficulties at most ease; offering pain to none.     

Accordingly, we whole heartedly congratulate the decision of AICC to endorse the elevation of Mr.Rahul Gandhi to the post of President of the Congress Party. Self standing at a neutral position we can firmly say that he shall no doubt deliver the appropriate to the Country in association with others, if we shed our misconception about the various wrong doings by the Party in Power. While many actions of Party during tenure of UPA-II are questionable which was forced upon the Party in order to meet the demand of ‘Collusion Politics’; we have many other left over solutions in hand which shall enable us to fight head-on all our such ailments to bring back the Country to the path of progress hurting none during the process of implementations. 



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