Thursday, January 30, 2014

A must to know for the up-coming Generations to rewrite their destiny

One’s knowing the art of doing of an excellent delivery to the Public through selection of rightful Topics of interests concerning ‘well being’ of the Public or becoming a great Orator to carry out the same in a style different than others; never reflect the personality of one over the others {being often fallen into a Trap of middlemen who prefer eating Money, dreaming Money, sleep on Money as well as in storing Money of Trillions in value; that are not earned through putting of labour but acquired or captured such wealth through doing of a stealing from Common General Public}; how he or she shall ever deliver any good to the Country upon securing of Power; leave apart fulfilling the promise made for its overall Growth of the Country being such situations of fooling the Public no longer exist anywhere within the Country in particular and all over the Globe in general to believe in one’s such words of offering of help to all; as all promises made earlier to do a delivery in way much different than the others failed to produce any result; other than dividing ourselves in limitless numbers and offering more ways and means to such Middle to Store more as well as just changing of Governments; to allow one to keep enjoying oneself at the expenses of the Great General Public without giving a minimal delivery to the Country to meet our basic needs. Therefore, we require a change in the System as quickly or as fast as possible before the time is getting out of our hands completely or in totality which shall bound to happen sooner than later being already at the edge.  

Being the younger Generation is worst hit by our reckless handling of various situations, prevailing within the Country to bring all such adverse situations under control to work in favour us; younger Generations are the only ones who can rescue the Country out of deep woods. Further, being aware of various misdeeds of us of depending upon middlemen more than accepting of help from the Common General Public; who are continuously manipulating the Government to steal the ‘entire Tax Payers Money’ from it in one way or the other; halting all development works into standstill. These Middlemen know nothing other than stealing Fund from National Exchequer had in-fact already taken over the Country to dictate terms to various Governments to keep open the Exchequer for them for 24 Hrs a day. Therefore it is of utmost important that all such Middlemen holding very high Position within us must be brought under control using all available means if we intend to bring the Country back to normal if possible; being they have already inflicted highest degree of wound to the Country to make it handicap forever.                    

Citing of some half facts by any; in form and manner is not a Crime as one is not fully aware of a particular situation that had happened much earlier within us. The important is how and why such indecent events had ever taken place which is unjust and cruel. It must encourage the next or up-coming Generation to stand united against us acts of us being the Cat is already out of the beg to know of what we are storing inside our hidden Lockers by such personalities which ever growing within us; to force the Country to die hungry in near future. The street vendors are not middlemen or so also those who are offering a labour to earn their daily bread and butter. The middlemen are those who can create an artificial scarcity of any item within no time throughout the Country through expressing of a desire {being a chain of commands are tightly put into place to convert the said desire into reality} in order to either to put a pressure on the Government for not listening to them or to command an outcome of the result of various Elections to favour themselves in order to steal everything from us more at ease, even whatever is left out, without the knowledge of any . Therefore, more often than not the hands of all Political Parties are tied to offer a challenge to the said action of one to restore a broken ORDER to flow normally. As and when such interests see a challenge to their free stealing of Tax Payers Money; the Political Party in Power bound to fall apart. This is exactly what is happening now. 

None is born without a job pre-assigned unless and until one enters ‘old age’ or job stolen away by someone else. The way there is an automatic drawing of balance between male and female born within us with little of change or fluctuation of figures, we are too supposed to carry out some particular tasks to keep the human Spice in an equilibrium State; so that no disorder infiltrated into the System where we are living-in. These are automatic action of the Nature to arrange everything by itself for our overall Growth step by step over time while we walking into future. 

As me a disable person at present being bedridden since mid 2010; more especially after 2nd burst of Ulcer on 4th February, 2012 to till date, I am taken advantage of publishing the write-up through posting of a ‘Blog’. Furthermore, I have no attachment towards any Material Object of any nature; other than what I had earned till date; putting hard of the hardest labour for the ‘wellbeing’ of my family to allow them to know what is called a ‘Human being’ but are deprived everything still for reason best known to the Authority.

Having both aspects of the LORD went hidden (1st aspect during the time of my first burst of Ulcer and the second aspect during the time of 2nd burst of Ulcer, out of intense anger at the time of going hidden by both); the said observation is my personal view only and hence may please be treated as such. 




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