Monday, January 20, 2014

The Conflict!

It is disgraceful that we are deriving intense pleasures to ourselves more often than not by attacking the characters of others to draw the attention of all either to acquire a self gain out of the action so undertaken or out of venting anger to any side{including own self} for whatever reason. Such liking of us is absolutely bad in taste. We must understand that none is better than the other as far as holding of a particular qualification by one is concerned; as each of us is having a separate or specific qualification much different than the others {irrespective of whether or not it is recognized by us} as well as which is absent in others. Unless and until we are able to arrange all such qualifications of us  by placing ourselves in respective positions against each of us; through assigning different job to each; through our joining our hands together in order to obtain a ‘Higher Qualification’ to oneself as a citizen of a Country to approach any odd situations often faced by us either ‘individually’ while remaining as a part of a family or ‘together’ while staying within a Country or a State or a Community to bring any or all such odd situations under control , the entire of us shall remain unqualified or remain as assorted or carry lack of strength either to lose everything of oneself or to struggle to find a rightful solution to solve these issues or problems at ease for our remaining so{assorted} by doing of limitless divisions within us. These are, therefore, unfortunate incidents which we must avoid at all cost.  

None is born without a job pre-assigned to carry out a particular job by one but upon landing oneself into our most corrupt environment, we are creating around ourselves; we prefer to keep engage ourselves in infightings to find a place to oneself within the Society we are living-in; which otherwise should have been an automatic action of us to put him or her into the exact place & position due to holding of a particular qualification to oneself which none other behold. While this is happening so, when one is remaining outside the body; it is fully arranged when we consider the inside of oneself; even though it behold trillions of living cells, one different from the other while covering a life by each exactly alike us outside, yet all performing different Tasks as per one’s qualification but all are carrying out their assigned duties with a single aim in ‘mind & heart’ to give a name to the body, we called as ‘I’. But while at outside, we often use this particular word ‘I’ to demand a position either through display of  one’s Power by virtue of holding of a particular Position,{either earned through putting of a rightful labour or snatched from innocent others by doing of a trick} or by following one’s destiny.             

The most important factor is not how one is progressing from nothing to a much higher position, but the way or path one is choosing to climb the Ladder from nowhere to everywhere. So long, one is not hurting others while climbing the Ladder, it is well and fair to do so. However, it is a fact that we are often terribly short in value to satisfy such a condition of us while declaring oneself as a Leader of a Group or a Party to lead the entire us into the future.

It is never a factor to determine one’s development of character or qualification based upon how and where one is born and under what circumstances one is brought up to define how much a figure is tall by itself. While the one who is refusing to accept a defeat while jumping constantly from a lower position to a higher position by keeping oneself always immerged in thinking for a self gain or do it by hook or by crook, often tend to use cruel means to do so even at the cost of others in pursuit of deriving of pleasures to himself or herself  from such acts, the other one who is growing up under a better environment might able to deliver better to the Public provided he or she is carrying a good amount of LOVE towards the betterment of others to grow together. 

The richness of a Country or a State never speaks wellness of the said Country or State but merely indicates the congregation of various Business Houses only established at a particular place for whatever reason; unless and until it does so through by converting Innovations into creation of a large workforce within us to keep limitless engaged.

The selection of a Leader within a Party is often based upon the culture and tradition of the Party which none can question or challenged being it has its own merits and demerits in doing so by the Party concerned. With the Country almost drawn in corruptions, we doubt any noble programme announced for development ever produce a result unless we get rid of all corruptions beforehand. Accordingly, it looked to us as if; we are issuing an assurance to the public that we shall create another creation even if the present one get collapsed due to its inability to withstand various kinds of assaults inflicted upon it reasonless mostly through our opting for engaging in mass corruptions everywhere.      




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