Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Queen of the Queens

It is always the character as well as the Qualification as beholds by a Leader that define automatically the value and soundness of a Country or a Nation and its position of standing amongst all that are existing within us to arrange a flowing ORDER within us everywhere; not to allow the said order, break down or flow lethargic within us for whatever reason, in-spite of availability of unaccountable numbers of opposite characters within us to dislodge the same for acquiring of a self gain. Therefore, during the tenure when the Queen Elizabeth-II who was in-charge of the Kingdom, the Country, we called as United Kingdom grew leaps and bounds to excel in all fronts to command a place in History in respect of the contribution made for the growth of the entire humanity living in the Planet ‘Earth’ without an exception to meet the said aim and objective of us to grow together either directly or indirectly.

At Her young age, She was more than equivalent to a most Powerful personality ever existed all over the Globe of either sex; having the same or similar responsibility in carrying a Country to limelight through imparting of rightful knowledge to the entire us without doing of a division as far as distribution or imparting of knowledge to each and every was concerned. Therefore, ‘She’ was a Teacher too, while holding the Position of the Queen. Due to Her intense LOVE toward the entire; ‘She’ was often found present among the masses; even while physically issuing of Instructions to pass on down the line sitting in the thrown inside the Palace with crown shinning in the Head.

Being bearing exactly the same and similar character; Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth-II is closest to me as far as bearing of a relationship with ‘Her’ is concerned. Even though I am living much afar from ‘Her’; the distance between us is nil for doing of an interaction as and when I experience or develop a desire to see ‘Her’ to know of ‘Her’ ‘wellness or well being’. Therefore, my relationship with ‘Her’ is eternal and continues be so forever. My meeting with ‘Her’ was most intimate, close and regular when I was of 3 to 10 years old to remember ‘Her’ with a ‘Majestic outfit’ worn to do an instant recognition of Her presence nearest to me to ignite my mind to remind me about the exact nearness I behold towards ‘Her’. Even though it is much against Nature to maintain a relation of this nature; yet it is a TRUTH from A to Z, the mystery of which I don’t know or me ever tried to know it to further confuse myself about the matter except various disclosures obtained from the Almighty; that are or were short enough to understand by me to follow with; unless the Queen takes pain of disclosing it to me.

However, in view of degradation of our values amasses everywhere for whatever reason; we are going through a phase unlike much earlier periods; when we all were living under such or similar Systems all over the Globe; without any disturbances or interference absorbing from outside to disturb our lives unlike now which has vastly changed our lives; just like a swinging of a pendulum from one end to the other end, all of a sudden. But yet we are still following ‘Her’ legacy only to a large extent to establish or claim our identity within the Universe.

With attaining of age by ‘Her’ over time; ‘Her’ influence on everything that surrounds ‘Her’ might possibly get, lots of shine off either due to ‘Her’ preoccupation on other matters of interests or due to keeping the desire of ‘Her’ still intact of not burdening any to earn a handsome sum through doing of a display of ‘Her’ vast estate to the ‘Public’ by accepting a token amount from each and every visitor for up-keeping the collections so kept with ‘Her’ during the process of offering these for the view of the General Public, we are wishing to enforce within us to acquire further knowledge about these items which are unseen still. Since the ‘idea’ is good enough to do a thorough study, we might require refurbishing of the entire antiques; kept untouched over a period to look after these appropriately so that none ever attract a rust of whatsoever nature while adopting the suggestion for implementation within us.

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