Monday, January 27, 2014

An option to establish ourselves!

What exactly is a Law? It is nothing but following of a set of ORDER which presumed or expected to offer help to us in walking together into the future without raising of any clash of any nature between each other; keeping exact ‘Aim & Objective’ intact in one’s mind, along with that of others that comprises entire us living everywhere; so that we able to absorb the ‘Sweetness’ of living together through doing of a reciprocation of LOVE.

If it is so; all are welcome to break all Laws which are outdated and are detrimental to our overall Growth. The one who is courageous enough to break even the most up-to date Laws with ‘Heart’ full of ‘LOVE’ towards the ‘GOOD’ of the others; he or she is no Criminals but definitely a ‘Leader’ of a Highest ORDER for venturing to do so at the cost of one’s reputation at the time of performing the act. Even though we are 65 years ‘OLD’ in living under a Democratic Set-up, it is pity that we are unable to take advantage of it to achieve all out Growth with none living under poverty of any nature. It is, therefore, necessary that a Good Leader must behold farsightedness rather than remaining aggressive in nature in pursuing a Task. He must be open minded to give or offer ‘Natural Justice’ to all than avoiding it to obtain a self gain.    

We possibly made a fundamental mistake of allowing too many Political parties either at regional or at National level to spring up in every nook and corner of the Country with very limited view in one’s mind of doing an uplifting of a particular Section of the Society; leaving the others high and dry. Furthermore, no Political Party without having enough of Fund in one’s hand; can ever exit unless we allow them to draw the same from National Treasury or extend help to such Parties directly from the Government to look after all such entities, once one opt to establish Political Party. It indirectly means that we are totally depended upon ‘Corporate Houses’ to raise Fund or must allow collection of contributions to all such Political Parties to acquire a name to itself in return for a much bigger offer of a self gain to such Corporate Houses in due course of time during the tenure of rule of a particular Party in Power.

Even though INDIA is much rich in beholding large section of Intellectuals within it, all are facing a dearth or absence of any to look after for the Growth of the entire us together. Remaining under such an atmosphere, we prefer to neglect all Innovations we carry in our Brains; not to take effect to avoid raising of conflict of interest between various Business Houses as far as financial soundness of one is concerned with two open ended options in hand.

In order to fill the gap, the Government seems to have awaken up to meet the demand of the situation through doing of collaboration with ‘DST-Lockheed Martin, USA’; by starting a Programme code named as ‘CALLING INNOVATORS’ against 4 most important aspects namely {Technology Start-ups, Techno-Entrepreneurs; Technology Incubators; Scientists & Researchers} to allow various innovators from all across the Country to take part in large numbers to come out of the aforesaid trap which we had created out of ignorance. The last date of submission of such Applications shall close on 14th February, 2014 for the current session which may kindly be submitted in the following link:


While we understand that it is just a temporary measure on the part of the Government to study and analyse the response received through the offer so made; it is highly desired that the Establishment is made permanent, being it is an attempt on the part of us to transform ‘Labour’ into ‘LOVE’ as well as add value to us to offer help to ourselves to grow together in the midst of high competitions from each other within us either individually or as a Nation to remain alive & flying amongst the entire us {living assorted all over the Globe} as a single humanity. Let the entire Globe get benefitted out of the action so undertaken with due ‘thought’ applied. We believe that through such an action of us; the benefit to all us shall outweigh the cost incurred in due course of time.  

It is therefore important that we make a self analysis within ourselves; who shall offer much better Governance to us than the others {who are deeply engaging in criticizing others than offering of any solution to the Country} to overcome all obstacles much at ease than depending on others to survive oneself as Political Party within us. Let entire of us put effort together in the entire process of securing one’s self Growth as a noble Country existing within the Globe. Let us stop stealing Fund from others who are earning it putting hard of the hardest labour but let us create it through our self efforts and not allow middlemen to run the Country through use of a Proxy. With ‘NO’ bearing of LOVE by one towards the others who are deprived of their basic needs; none can ever experience GOD. Hence, we must shed all our Superstitions and put all our efforts to Grow together using Science wherever and whenever necessary. This is the best time, we know to about it through allowing our combined efforts do a Miracle for us. GOD helps those who help themselves either as an Individual or a citizen of the entire Globe.           


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