Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Chaos at the Capital

Is it anger expressed for allowing a Party to run a legitimate Government by taking advantage of offering of help to it by a third Party to fulfil the promise made to the Public of Delhi during the last Assembly Election; without having a majority in the House or a gimmick to draw the attention of Public from all over the Country to buy their minds amasses through use of a trick, with an eye rest on the result of forth coming LS Election? There are certain ways and means to run a Government. It can never be whimsical effort of us to put into place a disorder which is infused forcefully within us through the System, by the Party in Power to disarrange everything; we are beholding with us by virtue of doing of an earning of these through putting hard of the hardest labour instead of correcting the current disorder.    

We are afraid to say that this is not the way to govern a Government, as we know of. The security of the Capital must lie in the hands of the Party in Power at the ‘Canter’ and not run by any other State Governments whomsoever it may be as it often determine the ‘Prestige’ of a particular Country with respect to others; where ‘Give & Take’ carry much of weight while maintaining of a relationship with an another Country but it does not mean providing of a loose Administration to the Public citing the same. It is running so everywhere and hence we cannot make an exception to keep on pointing figure by one to the other; leaving aside the most important issue of security. Hence a separate arrangement between the State & Centre is certainly necessary as far as Governing of the Capital of the Country is concerned. While we denounce the incidence of rape of a Danish woman just on the other day at broad day light; happened very much within our house; our approach to resolve it through doing of an agitation is of somewhat unusual and puzzle some to understand by the ordinary us being the handling of such or similar issues this way shall certainly release a trend within us of remaining ourselves disarranged; if we intend to tie two loose ends of a rope, keeping the main issue untouched.

If avoiding of the holding of another Election shall cut cost to the Government; creating of such a situation while looking for a self gain shall cost the Government manifold to the extent of constructing or developing of another Capital free of cost. If such are the farsightedness of the Government in Power; we must be prepared to face the repercussions, it might bring-in into the field of Politics, that we are opting to follow with due diligence to bring a better Government ‘free from all corruptions’ of all natures. It, however, looked to us from a distance that we are delivering the reverse of what we had promised to deliver to the Public.  

There are limitless methods of delivering one’s promise to the other, none of which we are intending to follow; other than keeping alive the agitations in one form or the other to use it again as when circumstances suit us to grab everything that are coming under way by virtue of meeting of a deadline of choosing a changeover if felt necessary by the Public at large. Unless and until we get rid of corruption and not allow Power fall in the hands of middlemen including that of Corporate Houses, our half of the problem is solved in a Democratic set-up; who are only responsible entities for expanding corruptions within us.

I slept at footpath as well as covered limitless nights with eye never closed while working together with the working class just to encourage them to complete their respective responsibilities without hesitation with fear absent in one’s mind, but doing so by an elected representation to revolt against either itself or against the interest of the Government; is not offering of Administration of value to the Public but it is setting of a new approach to induct disarrangements into the System where we are living-in.

Is it a design to derail ‘Aadhaar’ coming into effect within us which shall offer Justice to the entire us hurting none in the process of implementation but encourage everyone of us in carrying our respective duties without fear or hesitation as well as shall remain fully absent in putting of pressure on any by any while performing one’s duty as per one’s desire and will. We are now witnessing that the issue of corruption within us is put into back burner except that of a lone Party that are exited within us. We unable see any reason in the minds of Public to doubt its effectiveness to bring an utmost ORDER within us. This is the only weapon left to make ourselves disciplined as well as free ourselves of all dirt which we had absorbed either knowingly or unknowingly while discharging our duties.

In a Democratic Set-up nothing can be done by force or in haste; more especially when it is concerned with offering of Justice to anyone of us or else anarchy shall prevail everywhere. Self being a victim of implementing such desires of interfering of Political Parties on matters not connected with it either directly or indirectly being procedures are well set for it but yet it is done to derive a pleasure to oneself; ignoring the running ORDER that is under force; we are living a life much worse than that of street dwellers. I am now good for nothing to a delivery in the line of various interests to grow ourselves together.       




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