Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Review of Two Riots

Riots is a spontaneous action of any section of us against another section of us when one suspect the other is engaging in an act of a wrong doing which is against the desire of one for securing of a self gain  through using of a trick rather than taking or following of a procedure to do so. Therefore, as and when such an action takes place between two Groups; the reason of happening so; mostly remain unknown being an automatic rising of a suspicion is caused; mostly based on hearsay of one against the other arising out of nothing but due to fear of covering of the entire us through a mass uprising. Such situation can never occur through doing of delivery by anyone to the Public unless and until it able to penetrate the mass sentiments of the Public which is often rare to happen. While executing the perfectly arranged plan of assassination of Julius Cesar; the followers of Julius Cesar could able to do it through doing of a delivery through offering a highly emotional speech to excite the Public about the said wrong doing of us. However, while under the current environment; it is easiest to do so; during 80’s it was not so, when the Public believed that unless & until we carry out a reverse attack by ourselves, there was no way that Military shall ever forsake the idea of taking over the Country.

The others who took a Lead voluntarily were to project themselves as forerunner of the Party in ‘Power hunt’ which had fallen or became Leaderless by virtue of the assassination of the PM at her own Residence duly executing of a mutiny by the guards who were protecting her at that particular point of time; without the slightest knowledge of others. Therefore, all such Party Leaders who were within the mob were identity-less during the interim period when the PM of the Country late Indira Gandhi was assassinated and the new Leader took over charge of the Party. Hence they were more a part of the mob; than belonging to any Political Party.   

Hence it was believed that it was matter of do or die situation for all who were running the Government that time either immediately or afterwards being the Military was fully successful in taking over the Country. Accordingly, the entire Public within Delhi together; intended to avert the situation through unleashing a reverse attack, in a communal manner; even though it was ‘cruel and unjust’ which might had forced the personalities behind the Plot abandoned their idea of ‘taking over’ the Country in the midst of mass bloodshed within us.

Therefore, both Public & Political Leaders had two different ‘aims and objectives’ in mind in approaching the situation. While the 1st    intended to prevent the takeover by the Army; the 2nd tried their best to save their lives from Public hanging or under firing squad with Leader of the Party in Power no longer alive. There was in-fact a similar attempt of taking over by the Military not long before; done with some degree of perfection which too had failed.

While during Gujarat Riot, the Government was intact and in place to interfere with the outcome of killing of a Group of ‘Religious Assembly’ in locked bogies of the Train, the same was absent in Delhi Riot but the killing were carried out to save their respective lives {either consciously or unconsciously} notwithstanding the fact that, we were waging a war against ourselves only through attacking a particular section of us to live ourselves{possibly in a half dead situation} or as it was        (were) earlier; nonetheless it was impossible to achieve so. Since it shall prove meanness of one in saying so; none ever ventured to tell the ‘Truth’ to the Public even now.

Both matters being dead and the healing is under process; the digging of the same by whomsoever for whatever reason is a distraction infused into System with or without knowledge of one to derail the Political Process which is undergoing with much of sincerity under a peaceful environment. Therefore, those who are responsible for digging out our lost memories to make such events alive are agents of vested interests to devalue a Democratic Set-up which is matured to offer us fruits.

Accordingly; we appeal to the entire us not to mix ‘Politics’ with that of ‘Religion’ being both subjects are connected with each other either directly or indirectly or one way or the other to force us see these unfortunate incidences to devalue both Subjects in their respective fields. The way both ‘oxygen’ & ‘Hydrogen’ are two different entities by itself but explode when mixed to loss the individual properties by both; the same shall be the case if we make attempt to utilise ‘Religion’ & ‘Politics’ for our self gain in order to  pull the Public towards us through doing of a mixing to lose both. This is the reason why we lost ‘Ram Madir’ at ‘Ayodhya’ and ‘Dwaraka’ at Gujarat.   




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