Sunday, December 27, 2009

Where Technology is Born and Nurtured?

While all those or the entire of us who are engaged in production of cereals or food or any other related products that directly connected with providing of bread and butter to us; are beholder of utmost respect from us irrespective of whether or not we recognize the sectors, the others are additional sectors to draw beauties to us by often infusing these inventions into a system from outside to make it further beautiful as well as attractive to bring the entire without an exception of any within it or under its embrace which we often call it as our cultures; humanity has inherited from generation to generation through acquiring of more and more knowledge over time. The ones who dedicated themselves to the cause of seeing a transformation happen to us using the knowledge so acquired as soon as possible to befit the entire of us to allow ourselves live in different styles or ways; are the best out of us by carrying an intense thought with them round the clock towards it sacrificing everything that rightfully belong to them.

The said dedicating ones who relentlessly put their entire strength and labor in expense of their deriving of pleasure from their respective five senses or ignoring one’s own members of his or her family including that of renouncing Natural calls; are the Actual Leader of Technology which none other can claim being no sacrifice worth the name offered nonetheless often adopts such or similar method of mass Production of Goods to get a reach to those unfortunate ones from all across the Globe being engaged in other Activities a human being supposed to enjoy of; either through doing of commerce as and when it is felt by the beholder of Technology that the expansion of the same shall help the deprived ones to make use of the Technologies or inventions for whatever reason to see a transformation of entire of us or through reaching them from other sources using duplicate method of production out of Technologies acquired through cheating which is or was successfully proved useful to us by sacrifice of many by following dubious routes to supply to reach the consumers.

Hence it cannot always be the responsibility of the inventor to ensure that further additional method or renovation that had taken place or that might require to added to bring-in a balance of whatever gone awkward following doing of such commerce rest on not on the donor but on the recipients only unless and until some clause is available in the agreement by building a separate ‘fund’ for the purpose through sharing profits together out of the selling of the end products to the consumers.

Again in order to get a equitable growth everywhere, a restricting of such Technologies to growth amasses in a particular place for whatever reason shall barred the others either from accessing such Technologies or has to depend upon the secondary source of production centers than the original source as and when the consumers see a cost difference between the two, which shall automatically create an imbalance in the distribution of Goods as also the fund that creates the Global Economy to force accommodate the fund in a particular indecent place to go everything haywire by overtaking the labor and value put on to it by dedicated ones by an artificial one not connected with the Subject but by using of fraud or adopting of a reverse method to acquire said or such knowledge costless for selling all end products cheap at places where the demand is more.

Under such circumstances, the best way to fight the menace, is to allow the under-developed Counties either to make aware of the trap laid or allow some industrial activities to take place after bring-in a normalcy into the area through extending of a common efforts not to fall prey to such design of absorbing fund out of nowhere; being these are not always essential for living decently always but additional beauties to live in a different style only and hence should put some restrictions not encourage domestic consumers to go haywire while disbursing their hard earned funds go elsewhere evading the rightful owner to procure such gadgets to become further under debts.

If such unscrupulous elements continue to arrest the funds so earned adopting such means , it is the greatest disrespect we are showing to those who gave ‘Business’ a term to define as we know of by entire of us. We all must know that these are end result of hard of hardest put-in by many to transform it into reality. This how Technology is born and natured by us everywhere and hence must be respected each and every one of us to see ourselves grow unchallenged by time.


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