Thursday, December 10, 2009

O’ Our Beloved ‘Mother Nature’ Kindly forgive us for our ignorance in knowing you late!

On the ‘Mother’, out of nowhere I suddenly developed an intense desire to see you endlessly just to enjoy your most beautiful smile while you are tightly holding entire of all of us most safe in your warm lap not to allow us to get hurt anyway without drawing a difference between any two irrespective of whether living or non living, allowing each of us to hold one's respective position anywhere in the planet to make a perfect fit to beautify you, I am fumbling for the right words to describe the occasion of happening so to me. It is nothing but just to convey you that how important you are to us for feeding and shelter us all the time in-spite of our cruelty shown by one to the other considering each one of us as different reasonless to promptly pick-up a quarrel with each other.

Your intense weeping in seeing your children doing so even though born from the same womb of yours is no doubt painful and your often expressing the desire of forsaking us equally carry enough of merit, unable to bear the pain of inflicting hurt to one by the other in the name of religion, cast or creed between ourselves also probably not entirely incorrect being how a mother can see her own children fighting between each other most reasonless although we entire are constituting just a single dear child of yours to give you a separate entity in the Solar system which no other can claim . You took every step to blossomed everywhere taking various forms just to provide limitless numbers of objects either living or non living to give us the comfort of living playfully taking enough of pain in your shoulder just to see entire of us smiling all the time which we all preferred to ignore through our systematic destruction of each and every in hidden without catching your eye but you kept absorbing the pain we are inflicting upon you most consciously even though you are bleeding all the time profusely nonstop lately. How fool we are to do so to destruct ourselves to fulfill the desire of a few Power Hungry? O’ Mother all logics or reasoning are being proved fruitless to stop these man-eaters from taking their kills in large numbers from amongst us every day without meeting their thirst even a little.

We all know, unless we behave ourselves, tomorrow may be too late for us to act to save ourselves from a possible catastrophe which is already under way. None now bother to give a little of respect to you to show of concern towards you. What kind of spice we are?

Although we all are just ONE offspring of yours, we are all at a loss to find who we are but are no doubt expert in bringing in a difference between each part of your like proving the heart different from the brain, the foot different than the hand, the liver different than the kidney and so on in limitless ways citing difference of functions each is being carried out to promptly pick a quarrel between each other of us on each and every subject ignoring the actual identity of us as none but just ‘ONE’ only; the most delicate offspring of yours living for a short period of time in comparison to vastness of ‘TIME’ that beholds by the creation.

Your taking of wings to fly around in colorful ways, your taking the form of water to create the ocean, your transforming into various life-forms inside as well outside water, your covering the space around yourself with infinite numbers objects one different from the others in color and style of living to allow us to enjoy and to remain playful, are all in vain to stop us from continuously engaging in in-fighting between ourselves on pretty matters just on prompt by a selected few done purely for selfish motives to rule the others with ‘Love’ either completely absent or fully distorted to unleash an atmosphere of doubt combined with fear as well as war like situation everywhere as if we as a single spice living infinitely with no danger of extinction forever to do our most foolish actions ignoring the fact that every action has a equal and opposite reaction to happen automatically which none can reverse unless we change ourselves to redo a reversal.

In-spite of your educating us on the definition of ‘LOVE’ through generation to generation in no uncertain terms, we lately preferring to twist its meaning just to cover one individual or a single body only; leaving all others on your lap as different although, one is nothing but a small piece of ordinary soil but infused with an ‘Energy’ from you to acquire a name and moved around together as a Community or as a State or a Country or as a whole as a single ‘Entity’ as ‘Mother Nature’ on ‘EARTH’.

When we are determined not to listen to any advice from anywhere, it is automatic that you bound to revolt everywhere to display your extreme anger or displeasure through allowing nothing to run normally but forcing yourself to do each and every action or action with ferocity. Accordingly, the entire humanity is in the danger of extinction after falling prey into the hands of corrupts which we all know but yet preferring to blindly follow them without raising a resistance of any sort. We are now possibly deserve to die together.

The result of pollutants that continuously releasing from the factory while manufacturing a particular products cannot undo or prompt an action that is reverse to the system if simple steps are taken to stop dumping the discharge continuously without covering it deep at a particular place. It is a part of job of the manufacturer to see that it must not happen to draw a setback to the environment where we are living but there are also enough tools available in the hand of the Nature to counter the effect so created provided we express our keenness to do so to show our extreme concern on the Subject.

Any Institution providing mass engagements cannot produce a result to draw any anger from our most kind Mother Nature. Since ‘Work is Worship’; an engagement provided to any to keep oneself busy is a welcome step on the part of everyone irrespective of whether the Authority is an individual or a community or a State or a Country or the entire World. This help in distribution of knowledge unless we distort the overall order through other means which shall otherwise die for lack of pursuing the knowledge; nonetheless we must show care for the well being of the environment as it is very well an integral part of us and hence can never be ignored.

Accordingly, it is not the expansion of Industry but its misuse for making higher profits from doing the same job is affecting the Globe which is forcing it to die prematurely. The cause is surely deteriorating in our cruel hands for our not respecting the others equally for their rightful place in the planet ‘Earth’. To keep the environment clean it is no doubt a noble idea of taking care of the environment through one’s direct association with the entity so established and not by allowing adopting of any short cuts methods or procedure in order to make the profit margin higher. When we consider discharging of effluents as an important part as that of the manufactured products, much of the pollutants can be avoided. Further, to encourage changing of Technology befitting the time as observed, can even kill our entire problems so arose while carrying-on with our daily duties. This is a welcome step so far we continue to contribute everywhere as per the demand of the situation since the time is running out of our hand so fast that a day is becoming a decade to nullify our logic to do a particular action in response to consider a particular action as the call of the hour to protect us.
The main issue that is causing the ‘Mother Earth’ for crying aloud without a break is our loss of entire character for not seeing reason to live together with every one irrespective of living or non living without raising a war against any or all in the name of ‘Survival for the fittest’ to ransack everything; arranged so systematically to help each other through reciprocation of Love to provide a balance to whatever we do and also to keep the environment clean all the time not to force us struggle in taking our breaths. This is further getting complicated by our reckless ignoring of the Environment through constant release of ‘Green House’ Gases into the air for further angering her to repulse our deliberate actions more forcefully without granting us a waiting time to act in view of our look-warm response to the situation; very much invalidating our forecast or presumptions of getting a lease of life without paying of a price.

The definition of ‘LOVE’ is same from the time immemorial and continues to be so forever undying and hence let us learn to reciprocate our combined Love with her through showing our respect to her by each one of us to stop her from holding of a hat-rate towards us. When our ‘LOVE’ towards our Mother starts degenerating limitlessly, there is either no scope or time for citing of a reason for doing so without seeing of a repercussion from the ‘Nature’ in a violent form to hide ourselves to get a shelter to avoid the effect so invited.We already noticed how 'Mother Nature' reciprocates infinitely while we offer a little of LOVE to her. She even changed the entire weather pattern within a week's time in early March,2007 of facing of extreme cold in USA during that year to bring-in advance; the 'Spring' transforming the situation upside down puzzling all just in response to offering of a little prayer with LOVE attached to her.Why we cannot do it for the entire Globe? It is very much possible if we join hands to do so together.

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