Thursday, December 24, 2009

My Worst Physical Assaults

To fully ensure that I don’t have access to any files to reply to questions which were prepared under utmost secrecy in the ‘Charge Sheet’ as and when the Enquiry shall be on, I was served with a transfer order to move from 'GVP' Office, Noida to Jodhpur Office ‘RP’ disregarding my request to transfer to Duliajan citing that I must be available near Delhi only as the serious charges framed against me was connected to Delhi Region only, during early in the year 2002 although no vacant post was available there that time.

Accordingly in order to inflict an insult on me to leave the position of Chief Manager (Project) voluntarily hold by me that time, Authority had transferred a superior to me to automatically take over the charge of the Project without going through the procedure and formalities of taking over the charge from me although there was no such vacancy available that time in the Project leaving me with no job to do except sitting in the Chair only. The Authority even ignored my request to allow me time of a month or two until our son sit for the scheduled Board examination during March, 2002. But yet in-spite of insults, I had still waited for our son’s Board Examination to be over.

On becoming furious on my action, Company’s top most officer holding no less the position of the post of 'CMD' came into my office and then straight to my room to catch me by the neck and forced me out of my office room while I was sitting in my office Chair when none other than 2 of us were present. With some help from the office bears from the Project’s Office of which I was a part, he ransacked my office room to tear apart everything. Unable to withstand the said humiliation inflicted upon me during the same year (2002), I immediately moved to the new location where I was attached to Chief Engineer (Drilling) on saying by GM (RP) that I was never ever been promoted even once beyond Sr. Engineer without any salary released till that date beyond the said scale of level to force me to accept the designation of a ‘Trainee Engineer’ leave apart replacing him. Being unable to absorb the insult inflicted, I had gone on a long leave and waited for the time of my early retirement which was not far away, struggling with the situation with all my strength applied against all such odds including that of forcing me to put my paper for resignation. However, after 2 months of leave, Company issued warning to me vacate my official Quarter at Noida within 24 Hrs if I intend to avoid further serious punishments.

Seeing me doing as such of availing long leave to hide and being unable to initiate the planned Enquiry, the Authority was sympathetic enough to issue transfer order to the sitting Chief Engineer at ‘RP’ to move to his new place of posting at Duliajan to allow me to rejoin duty. No sooner I did so; the Enquiry for the first set of charges was started after completing initial formalities. Even though no charge sheet was made available to me to defend myself in the Enquiry, I found the entire Charges a complete fabrication when see on the day of the Enquiry and was most forcefully made and as nothing was a fact and hence everything went in my favor which was well proved by self through repeat questioning to those who were responsible to prepare it.

Unable to withstand the scenario and case became crystal clear, GM (RP) called me into his room during early part of 2004 with none available in the room to repeatedly kick me left and right yelling to me to ask my God to save me which I silently absorbed instead of showing of any reaction considering it to be a trap to catch me red handed in case I show any repercussion of revolt by those hiding behind the screen with Cameras on hand. That was first incidence I saw my ‘Prayer’ wept in pain bleeding blood which none know of other than me.

GM (RP) was directed to take such or any other similar actions as considered deem fit or appropriate by him against me by none other than the CMD of the Company, when he pronounced while we three were present in the GM (RP)’s room that he knew my family well which was in-fact a correct statement by him, being a close friend of my elder brother and was regular visitor to our home and knew me well but his saying of that our family carry not even a slightest value was definitely beyond his authority to say so in front of the others. He further added that one can well prove it by dropping a ten Rupee Note on the floor leaving none but me alone in the room to find the Note missing on return, indirectly indicating that I was that greedy as a member of the same family. Hearing so, I announced that I shall not accept @25 Lasks of fund hold-up by the Company towards non-payment of my monthly salaries being no promotion approved by the Company nonetheless letter issued to me leaving us high and dry to live on complete poverty during my entire service Career. On hearing me saying so, he asked for a word from me to abide by it, which I promptly agreed to prove the value my parents were holding which was far above than him which I am still most strictly following till date. Apart from the same one forth of my P.F which was duly earned by me was forfeited by the Company adopting a most indecent way to force ourselves to live in hunger at present. That was highest insult inflicted upon me to ignite everything to go haphazard.

Following these two horrifying incidents which were no less than ‘Terrorism’, I lost my identity to call myself as a ‘Human being’ which forced me to live myself under the shade of dark cloud cover much away from the society and is remaining so till date unless some ‘noble one’ uncover the trap. Under such circumstances no human being shall ever express to do or join any duty even remotely connected with the Company. This is what is happening to me now to hold the value of the humanity intact and flying.

We must open all such known cases also together where such absurd conditions are passed to return their due earnings to live a life as a good citizen of the Country rather than living a life of that of a convict hiding oneself far away from the society.

When the CBI under the Home Ministry denied the charge non existent and false, why a separate coterie of Power living outside the Authority can declare someone innocent a victim and inflict unbearable physical and metal assaults for doing nothing against the said Power who worked for one’s entire life for well being of the others but had to lose everything said entity behold? What Democracy is this? Unless such ailments are arrested from spreading fast to embrace the entire, there is little chance that this humanity shall ever survive.

NOTE: Even though I am mostly remaining to bed for the last 6 months or so following my ailment of the bursting of my Ulcer, I am never keeping myself idle but continuously communicating with the Globe through internet to give my best through my various writings on diverse Subjects to divulge my entire knowledge I had acquired during my life time and hence fully engaged like others who does their similar duties from Home with the exception that these fortunate ones draw their monthly salary from their respective Companies where engaged unlike me receiving nothing for doing the same job to force ourselves to live in extreme poverty and hunger. Had I been engaged in any such alternative job, my duty towards the wellbeing of the humanity would have been certainly incomplete.

Accordingly, when such jobs from all across the Globe is recognized, why not mine? Is not it inflicting of injustice to someone innocent by showing utmost disrespect to the Growth and aspiration we had acquired over time? If we forcefully drawing a difference between the two, we are surely making a mistake of recognizing ourselves living in 21st century by considering both sides of the same coin as one side much different from the other.


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