Saturday, December 12, 2009

Cause and Consequence of Corruptions

When someone, hire a Technology against paying of a price or due to a mutual agreement entered into between two parties, no party is under liberty to alter or change the basic theme behind such or said transfer of Technology either to produce cheap through use of alternatives or to cheat the labor engaged, depriving them of their due income as per Industry Standard to invade the weakness of the Customers based elsewhere through luring of providing the same or similar Products at half the price than the Products manufactured or produced within the State or within the Country through use of middleman.

This is against ethics of doing Business and hence tantamount to worst form of corruption which shall unsettle the Market everywhere all across the Globe. A Business must be such that, the source of fund of a particular currency must return to its origin with much of strength built-up in its value while moving around the system as and when such Business grow either within or outside without breaking the required close circulation of fund at any point of time.

Accordingly all those engage in associated Business with the aim of making profits indirectly, just by taking advantage of availability of demand in a particular place, other than where such products are produced amasses are engaging in corruption to cheat the innocent customers of their belongings being all such fund used to buy products so manufactured gets absorb in a single place outside the source where it is generated through putting of hard of hardest labor. This is the main cause of disturbance in the entire system that governs the Global Economy. The lock-up fund must return to the main flow no matter where and how it is arrested. None has the authority to create an artificial Economy using such stolen funds acquired through trick.
When there is an intense desire to help others to make something finer to do things at ease, a ‘Business’ takes shape. Take the example of Mr. Bill Gates who relentlessly put his entire energy to present the ‘Operating System’ of the Computer to us, as also as done by two school going boys of Stanford University, Mr. Larry Page and Mr. Sergey Brin much later. They had a real ‘Love’ in heart to transform an ordinary effect of matter into a most successful Business on Earth. This is how a Business is established and not through altering an already adopted Technology through forceful injection of alternatives to make it cheap with none’s knowledge with the sole aim of making a profit depriving others their due for the labor put-in. While the first option is an orientation for growth, the other is a destruction of the system already invented and hence a corruption. Any arrest of fund draining it via whatever means from the main flow that constitutes an Economy is always a corruption.

In a nutshell, any action taken that blocks a flowing Oder to reach the needy others which govern the entire irrespective of whether it is concerning the behavior of the human being or that of concerning the ruling of a Nation or a State or a Community is a corruption to benefit a particular at the cost of the others who often starve to get the basic that are automatically belong to them by virtue of carrying on an entity as a human being. As human being, when we start contracting, we often choose a character of the same sex to become one’s life partner instead of leading the life of a bachelor without selecting the exact opposite for creating a balance in order to avoid conflicts that often may arise during such tie-ups. Under such circumstances, the flowing Order is instantly becomes corrupt leading to mass degeneration of our value although or nonetheless we all are complete as both aspects are available in each and every entity in varying degree depending upon one’s capacity to absorb both. In doing so each entity is running away from the other as their character or liking or disliking doesn’t match to walk ahead together considering one is hindrance to the other, for claiming a so called progress of walking in the correct line. Hence, we are continuously making a mistake in our approach of understanding each other. When one does it out of ‘Love’ to secure something ‘Unique’; the approach becomes noble to the extent that one does not require an opposite to achieve a balance of himself or herself being becomes complete with both aspects equally available to make deriving of pleasure out of sex meaningless but is govern by much higher pleasure of becoming fulfilled in all respects. But when one does it to secure mare pleasure of the body, it constitutes a corruption being unnatural and much away from the flow of the Order. While the former is the highest form of knowledge, the later is an act of degeneration; we are embracing gracefully to come to end of our leading or holding of a life. This is cycle happens over passage of time to reborn again and again to start afresh from the beginning.

For both, mostly Administration which is responsible to maintain an Order is more often than not, is the root cause of all corruptions being the Brain of maintaining a system correct.
When one is earning something without putting in of appropriate Labor, it tantamount to doing of corruption by the said entity to instantly devalue the system under which we all live-in. When we collectively surrender our value in holding a well built system, a degeneration of the entire system starts taking place to allow everyone to do it as a matter of right.

The greed of getting rich without earning it duly is the root cause of corruption. When an entity falls prey to it either to become rich individually or he or she does it collectively and most consciously to allow others to benefit to amass wealth through back door, it cripples the entire Economy of a Country or a State.

The rampant corruption shall instantly lead a Country to loss its value and shine being the innocent poorest suffered the most although the interested ones often buy them through distribution of cash or currency not belonging to them but it is most tactfully stolen from the sufferers without their knowledge through use of art to prove themselves as their well wishers to acquire ‘goodwill’ of highest Order.

A noble mind can never be corrupt being deeply dedicating himself or herself to the welfare of the Society they live in. Such Brains when discovered are instantly come under attack to eliminate them physically citing one reason or the other through devaluing their in-built brilliance to leave ourselves in the mercy of the blood thirsty ones to meet their daily demands of seeing others suffer for benefiting themselves out of nowhere. This is what is causing the world divides. They are so expert to find new meaning to each and every ‘Great Thoughts’ to twist the idea behind all these ‘Thoughts’, which none can catch to foil their attempts to arrest all growths everywhere.

While a criminal harms an individual, a corrupt destructs a Country or a State. When we say that ‘Survival for the fittest’ , they with enough of reasoning shall prove that one should kill the others through whatever means, one is expert to eliminate the other irrespective of whether it is a society or a State or a Country or the entire world even if there is none to command. They intend to live with the fund amassed through unlawful means. This is their ‘motto’ of joining or infiltrating a Government to unleash a war within with no one’s knowledge to systematically kill each one of us.

When ‘one’ lost his or her mind for a short period of time for whatever reason, the entity suddenly became a victim of anger being unable to absorb the imbalance caused due to whatever reason even though the entity under affect is a nice individual otherwise. This happens when there is a clash of conflict and hence can be won with proper dedication infused either by the entity himself or herself or through outside’s help. In contrast, the Corruption is a disease, which is welcome with much fanfare though costly feeds, snatching the same from others without putting-in a slightest labor but through use of Brain combined with trick to boost or empower ‘one’ to claim a high position in the society. When it infects one, it spreads like wild fire to embrace the entire. So long we continue to adore the same; there is no escape from falling prey to it and collapse collectively.

The consequences of corruption is a obvious destruction of a ceaselessly flowing system to create a parallel one unseen to the common but most brightest to the so called affluent to pick it at most ease being the system became their servant to dance at their will and desire and to infiltrate everywhere to disturb the stability when a smooth flowing of the system is seen for delivering benefit to one and all that constitute a group or State or Nation or a Country or a continent or the entire world . The present turbulence in the Economy is the result of such rampant corruption in varying degrees everywhere and severely in some particular places which none can reverse now unless we take concrete steps to replace or recreate the currencies under such severe attacks either acting directly or in a collaboration with others likeminded forces to reestablish the faith lost by the common while doing of ‘honest Business’ with others either from within the Country or with ones living outside. If the attempt to force the release of fund so arrested through use of diplomacy fail to produce result, a new currency is possibly an answer if we intend to see a quick result. The entities who are responsible for doing so must understand that they shall be the main looser, if they do not respect the call of others for engaging themselves to salvage the situation quicker enough, not to lose what had earned through adopting of whatever means. But the most appropriate is that we start working normally through infuse of faith to each and every who are sufferer to do normal Business through encouraging more quicker circulation of fund under assurances from appropriate Government Agencies to beat the fear infiltrated into everyone’s mind for incurring possible further losses if venturing to do aggressive Business. Once we remove the fear in minds of the common, everything is likely to settle down to normal. This is what we can best do to arrest or halt the downturn.

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