Friday, December 4, 2009

The Climate Change

The spark we had produced by rubbing two rough hard objects against each other to light a fire during our stone age putting both under pressure to develop an intense friction; has caused a direct bearing on two aspects of our life, the first is in taking our civilization forward as we are seeing it to-day and the next is for disturbing the general order of the Nature through our putting it into misuse. The present restlessness we are witnessing is either due to our sudden growing of individualistic attitude to see each of us different while studying all matters of importance that govern human life. This attitude of ours is pathetic enough to cause a concern to entire of us. We are still continuously using the same power behind the fire to glorify ourselves as an individual and not as a one human race. Is not it madness?

The natural resources as available in various forms are expected to be exploited and put to use to engage us most fruitfully. However to find different ways to do the same thing without destroying or hurting the general order is a challenge before us which we are expected to address without causing an imbalance to the Nature. Hence the requirement to do the same job differently through new methods and procedure is always a welcome step to keep our environment clean and intact and in absolute order once kept free from all pollutions ordinarily not to allow Nature to behave iritic out of the actions undertaken by us collectively. These natural resources otherwise shall burn out anyway automatically one day irrespective of whether or not one uses it . These fossil fuels in the form of energy but buried underground over millions of years shall release at some point of time to the environment anyway if not exploited to convert itself possibly to living beings to live amongst us since energy never dies but convert itself from one form to the other depending upon the circumstances. This is a universal ‘Truth’.

The more than necessary production of carbon dioxide is surely a concern to all of us and no doubt trapping the heat radiated from the sun which the atmosphere would have otherwise reflected away not to make the Globe warmer being the plant cover becoming too small to absorb the heat so generated. Further all artificial means to absorb the heat happening due to resorting to over production is proving fruitless if we continue to corrupt the environment with our mindless release of pollutants into the atmosphere without a deep thought on the subject whether or not to expand further adopting the current procedure available in our hands. The methods and way of doing things must continuously change to engage us more deeply to fight all adverse effects together if and when it happens. But is it really the exact factor responsible for haphazard climate change all over the Global touching both extremes together? Further, neither there is sudden depletion of the ozone layer nor there is any gust of release of carbon dioxide from a closed source to the atmosphere to change the weather pattern suddenly. The other planets of the solar system might also be hitting up as well to encourage the disorder. Accordingly this is a deliberate and combined action to teach us a lesson. If we control one, the other shall revolt. None can stop this unless we change ourselves.

Is the heat absorbed by the so-called carbon dioxide inciting the volcanic plates deep inside the earth to behave iritic to collide with each other at will breaking the set order so frequently to lose the balance which otherwise remains in position most harmoniously through reciprocating love with each other? No, it cannot happen, so suddenly. Therefore, the actual reason is laying somewhere else which we all know of but deliberately ignoring. Unable to withstand the continuous assaults made by us, the Earth has already changed its axis by as much as six degrees out of nothing for self survival.

Our Globe is closed from inside as well as from outside as far as governing of the planet and habitation of all is concerned. From the core it is based on a fireball exactly like our sun and from outside the nature producing the environment to make the planet alive sustaining entire of us. Hence a deviation of just one factor out of limitless factors that govern the solar system can never change the general order overnight. Why than the nature is becoming so violent suddenly over the last one decade? This is born and bought up by the Nature for our well being only. The Planet shall keep surviving even without the Mother Nature available. Hence as far as the solar system is concerned, it is very much in order even though inhabitable for us to live any more in the Planet.

As a human race we are becoming pulverised on every passing day with no respect whatsoever to uphold the order under existence from time immemorial and fast becoming most individualistic to capture power through whatever means available no matter how dirty the path is. Is not it total madness happening amasses within us?
When the World war two was fought, there was openness in our approach and govern by certain sets of rule although incorrect. The present conflict in front of us has no borders or boundaries and based on NO causes to cite but yet we are destructing ourselves mindlessly fighting within ourselves without an aim and sparing none including that of other spices that are living together with us to survive although the Earth is their most legitimate place of living much more than us. Why only human beings require the planet to live-in? It is fast becoming an unnecessary piece of soil to the solar system without any objective served.

Those who are spreading knowledge of commence for fruitful engagement to live on together are considered as foe to the growth of the society taking advantage of the time gap to attack the prevailing order and those supplying weaponry are considered friends to govern the common through drawing of power from the barrel of the gun. The offer of doing commerce is still seen as a suspect being considered doing so for expanding one’s influence or for eventual take-over of one’s area or a Country by the other. What world or human race is this? The invitation of doing commerce as well as creating a demand for a particular commodity irrespective of the way of doing it is not a sin but expansion of friendship with or amongst us and hence must be encouraged by all to remain healthy.

Again those who dare to warn the world of the consequences of doing so or are determined to spread the message of love; are considered an object of hat-rate to hit them with all ferocity without hearing their loud and repeated cries for mercy to stop propagating the love to anyone to show us a path for our survival. In contrast, even the concerned States or Country in a most coordinate manner feel proud to take away the livelihood of such personalities to keep them mum, their family silenced to force them to start begging in the street after stopping their duly earned wages from obtaining it to force them die of hunger. Even human right organizations in conjunction with vested interests join hands together to inflict more pain to such individuals who hold nothing but Love in their hearts. Knowing very much well that such wounds can never be compensated by this Universe as and when one’s inner self is hurt being bringing it up most delicate often from one’s previous lives, the State is still preferring to hit such personalities sharpest with all available weaponry in hand to force them to bow their heads and submit themselves to the defective order to avoid happening of unnatural deaths them. Considering such personalities as enemy of a Country; concerned Authorities forced them with no stone unturned to tie their hands to reach to nothing for their self survival. Such entities however preferred to absorb it rather than to raise an objection to respect the overall order that govern the entire humanity living all across the Globe. The Country even throws all its power in hand to spread everywhere either to capture or kill such individuals or to put them behind bars with one pretext or the other. Further, we are also now most happily deriving pleasures in killing ourselves mindlessly in the name of the religion one beholds considering it as supreme out of all other existed concurrently instead of it bringing in peace and tranquillity amongst us to live together by the followers of such religions. Yet again, others are cheating their own friends to make the other better partner who is extending a helping in the growth of a particular Country or State or us by forcing such partners to become one’s servant for issuing of unjust command to them. Is this world still a living place now to require a survival to live further more? The answer is possibly a big ‘NO’.

Lord Christ was crucified once but such personalities are crucified 24 times a day. Note the local disturbance occurred to the nature when Lord Christ was wrongfully crucified. Similar is the circumstances now. Every one of us is now engaging in suppressing ‘Truths’. Even the concerned State never bothered to put to bargain such individuals when confronted with other authorities beyond their sphere of influence to nullify their offers of help to continue deriving of pleasures in inflicting wounds to such personalities. What value commerce is having if a bargaining on such matters is encouraged? Business is not that valuable to strike down ‘Truth’ that repeatedly. Continuously striking such or similar truths to kill with iron hand shall force the striker to die a premature death; no matter how small or how big the entity is.

In spite of well knowing the facts and hearing the cry loud and clear, if the world prefer to remain silent, the very existence of our solar system in danger of extinct without leaving a chance for future evaluations. When there was a sudden change of overall weather pattern during the first half of March of year 2007 in the whole of USA just for offering a very small prayer to the nameless Lord by a simple and ordinary servant of Him sitting in one of the corners of a self arranged small hotel room just for a week’s time, it nullified the entire weather forecasts as arrived at through computer simulation to transform the extreme cold condition into early spring to puzzle the entire weathermen to find the reason of happening so .The weather is therefore that kind and value that much of reciprocation. Is not it than we are dying due to our infightings amongst ourselves reasonless? There are many who are also praying that intensely elsewhere without producing a result in view our ruthless behaviour towards each other. This cannot happen always everywhere but there is still a possible faint chance that we can correct ourselves to carry Love with ourselves to reciprocate with each other.

If this state of affairs continues to grow otherwise unchecked, with what authority we can demand a lease of our lives, the limit of which we have bypassed many times over beyond the point of no return? The Universe shall possibly be better off without our solar system. Unless we change our mindset soon, there is no way we escape the wrath of the violent nature. Since doing of various action as initiated to make the climate stable through our other various joint efforts in hand which no doubt a respect shown to Planet Earth and hence nothing but a prayer, the other simultaneous actions taken together of our seeing all others as none but one only; might produce a remarkable result to provide ourselves a chance for our survival.


NOTE: This article was written and published sometime in the middle of the year 2007 but now reproduced again being considered carrying of a universal value to retain it in a safe hand forever.

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