Friday, December 4, 2009

When Not Seeing Is Believing

Let us all know that God is just one with infinite number of vivid paths available to each one of us to reach or merge onto Him. He is the zero and He is the infinity. God created this creation to enjoy or to play with Himself and made out from a fraction of His huge Power for a fraction of His time although beyond the measure of time and space. Hence He is certainly beyond one’s comprehension.

God being omnipresent, the question of His unseen to the general is surely a complex question to answer and certainly a difficult proposition to understand. Let us all know that all entities seen or unseen in the Universe are constantly meditating on Him to have just a glimpse, so also many other Universes outside. His beauty is so great and attractive that no adjective pronounced nonstop covering one’s entire life cycle consisting of limitless number of births and deaths from evolution to merge onto Him is not sufficient enough to describe Him. The moment a Universe knows Him, it shall instantly merge onto Him to become infinitely blissful for all the time and hence kept Himself in potential form within each and every without none’s knowledge to keep His beautiful creation intact.

The candle one offer to the Lord, the flame it produces, the light it spreads, the melodies one sing to glorify Him, the drums one uses, the incense sticks one light are no other than Him only. None can offer Him anything other than Him only to Him. But He only accepts the dedicated ‘love’, one expresses directly from his or her heart. Accordingly when one feels pain when a candle is burnt being it malting down the wax and consequently hurting Him, he is little drawn towards Him unless otherwise overpowered by ‘love’ to get oneself nearer to Him.

One’s body cannot represent an entity. The trillions of living cells living inside the body maintaining an absolute order to function and live together are absolutely independent from the entity having their own life cycles to live on and hence an entity is just one of those trillions and cannot dictate other’s life cycle excepting assisting it from outside. Accordingly when one is represented by just one ‘I’ inside he or she becomes individualistic individual but when he or she see the entire cells within oneself as one, the entity becomes a big hearted personality to derive a different pleasure of existence although very much living within us.

The mind is same for all and interconnected and most nearest to the soul. While the soul is He, the mind is His reflection and hence all knowledgeable. Through the help of one’s ‘thought’ which causes the mind to engulf by ignorance instantly drawn from the environment and surroundings where one is born which become thicker and thicker as one grows up. One’s entity actually sits in the mind nonetheless ‘thought’ takes command over it up-to the time we know the mind to be governed by the all powerful five senses for the general and another additional sense for the rarest. When the thought is controlled to a stable condition with no desire attached, one can get the glimpse of the mind which is also infinitely unstable, fastest and most fickle. Once the mind too is made stable with self concentration using one’s thought process, the mind start divulging the ‘Truth’ bit by bit just up to extent which is exactly right for one to absorb keeping other knowledge secret until and unless one completes his or her life cycle which might carry on for many lives depending upon one’s effort how one interact with the mind. No one ever knows Lord even if He gives accompany to a particular entity while walking forward, He accepts none unless one experiences Him within one with his or her dedicated actions.

As far as sin is concerned it is a relative factor. What is sin for one may not be the sin for the other. Only God being perfect is sinless since He is both doer and undertaker. None other He is beyond sin. When we say Lord is omnipresent which means that He is the Almighty and He is the Devil, He is the zero and He is the infinity, He is the nectar and He is the poison, He is the evil and He is the good. He is the tiny cells in choke pit and He is one who resides in the most sacred religious places to accept the prayers, He is the male and He is the female. He is soundness of health and He is also the disease. In a nutshell He is everything that is in existence inside or outside of our Universe. What is happening inside an ‘atom’, the same is happening within the Universe. Therefore where is the doubt for creating more than one God in thought? We just from one family only and cannot be otherwise. Accordingly when we put a foot on the ground, we are either killing or eliminating millions of tiny cells to die an unnatural death, many of that are engaged in self meditation while concurrently performing their respective duties to get a bigger body. Therefore we are surely and continuously doing sins in our every step, we are undertaking unnecessarily. Hence none is sinless or perfect except Him.

The religious scriptures as well as the spiritual Leaders are guides only to extend help. To seek or to find one’s own path to witness the Lord within, one must dedicate himself to know the cause of all happenings either inside or outside. These religious scriptures shall die the moment our solar system is no longer there being subjected to birth and death or to do a revaluation of ourselves. But one’s mind is immortal and carries on infinitely together with one unless and until one merge onto Him.

The transmission of light from the sun as well as passing of electricity through wires are not seen but believed. Also as a human being one has no control on the body except expressing gestures or emotions when facing with an event but consider it as that of one which is wrong. The atom is unseen yet we believe in the Objects formed it, so also the tiniest cells with a body is unseen yet we believe in the body formed by it together with others. In sleep we consider our dreams as correct although untrue. While seeing of a motion picture although looked true but it is untrue but similar transmission through news channel is considered factual, correct, vivid and ongoing event. Accordingly the force controlling one is always remains hidden under normal condition and hence where is the doubt of the unknown? Seeing or unseeing is a relative factors only and cannot determine an event. The list is limitless and definitions are often doubtful even though proved and hence we must strike somewhere hard to control the thought to unveil the Truth which only mind knows. Once one finds the Lord inside, the body instantly becomes one’s containing the entire within and not a representative just one cell and so also the entire Universe and accordingly the body becomes qualified to merge onto Him if one, so desires at the appropriate time. Jihad does exactly the opposite to take oneself infinitely away from the Lord. Hence the teachings of so called clerics are wrong and destructive. Accordingly we need to stand-up and fight this ailment from all fronts to end the present fiasco prevailing in the world.

Let us not confuse still with calmness. While stillness happens due to a boundary, the calm happens in openness without a boundary. Stillness is a vain proud but calmness is freeness. Hence stillness is a forceful creation but calmness is a grace received. Accordingly the stillness is a wrong feeling of fulfilled being bounded by the boundary and hence a proxy rather than a truth. A calm one does not burst on presumptions either drawn out of empty thoughts or to secure or retaining power for ever. The facial expression is not adequate to know the within to come into a firm or correct conclusion about oneself and hence we often confuse an ignorant one as most knowledgeable.


NOTE: This article was written and published in ‘TIME’ as a Blog sometime in the later part in the year 2006 but now reproduced being considered carrying of a value of universal nature and to retain it in a safe hand forever.

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