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Although I consider and value this particular Site as presented to me by Great Google out of Love rather anything else attached; is no doubt a most Perfect Gift one can offer to the other; which nothing can ever match to reproduced what I wrote once for good of ourselves which were otherwise lost most painfully under extra ordinary circumstances, I am yet govern by certain ethics not to break my most sweet association with the one who accepted my ‘Blogs’ first to open my points of view to the learned Globe through making of a humble request to all to take the pain of ‘re-looking’ onto the Subjects; we are facing with presently to find the rightful solutions to these happening of events under command.

Accordingly, I indeed indebted to the Management of ‘TIME’ Magazine, more specially to most respectful Mr. Richard Stengel, Managing Editor for finding some time out of his or their busy schedule to notice my contributions to invoke a reaction from him or them; possibly in a most silent way or nature irrespective of type of contribution I submitted to enable me to carry some kind of identity of mine which I lost forever following branding me a little short of ‘Harden Criminal’ by the Company I worked for my entire service career with entire labor most painfully put for earning nothing but a very simple life free from all corruptions . That was my last resort to salvage the situation to prove myself who I am actually is and what for I am standing myself. I adore ‘Work’ as my prayer and had or have no fascination either to become rich or to live in style.

My most ordinary life is good enough for me to cover my entire walk alone up to the end unless circumstances forced me to leave the body early. Therefore, my attachment with ‘TIME’ Magazine can never ever break for whatever computations are infused into the relationship; unless the Management of ‘TIME’ desires otherwise, which is built most securely over a period of time.

During the year 2004,with no fund available with us and when the entire family was somehow living sharing the same food both the times in a day from a single disc, Company charged me for amassing wealth disproportionate to my known source of income for buying my only property of a 2 Bed Room DDA Flat at cost of Rs 3, 00000.00 [@US$6000.00],the cost of which was paid in installments spanned over a period of a decade, barring me from defending myself through engaging of any lawyer or otherwise but allowing any colleague of my choice to admit my guilt if I intend to receive my earned dues from the Company; which stricture was later further tightened by issuing added orders of neither allowing to change the venue of Inquiry nearer to Bangalore where I was living in one bed room rented house which was taken on lease by my elder daughter working in a major MNC to enable me to take part in the Inquiry by undertaking a short journey at a minimum of cost being penniless that time nor allowed interviewing me by the Inquiry officer through other available legal communication channels like video conferencing or over telephone etc which forced the Unseen companion of mine to weep after taking the entire pain of mine onto Him.

Even my brother who was holding a high Administrative position with the Govt. of Assam; was refused to present any paper on my behalf and accordingly I fell prey to the desire of the Company to brand me a criminal through pronouncement of guilty of doing of the Crime. However, I still feel someday some noble personality shall able to see the trap laid to uncover the truth. This is no following of an Oder but an assault on the same to disturb everything all across the Board. The truth is even known to the unborn automatically being the action was a heavy distortion of a smoothly flowing order everywhere. Are not we are encouraging, advocating and nurturing of an obsolete, self defeating, valueless, self made so called ORDER to called ourselves great Bureaucrats and guardian of Law to kill the entire humanity? If it is so, let us break it for betterment of us. The sooner we do, the better is the chance of our survival unless we cross the point of no return repeatedly.

All my cries for help to rescue me to all concerned authorities holding powerful positions fell into deaf ear but had strengthen their determination to inflict further pain to me after faithfully throwing away all my letters wrote to them in this connection to clog their ‘Wash Basket’ only. Even a few took costly overseas trips to halt any help coming to me. What was more worrisome was that this happened immediately after convicting me through declaring of a most harass punishment on me for an act I was not even remotely connected with; forget about doing it, bringing-in an Enquiry Officer from outside the Company who was a panelist of CBI, the highest investigating Authority in the Country who nonetheless found me innocent on a set of continuously changing revolving charges without having the slightest courtesy of knowing me what the charges were. The charges were never intimated either through writing or verbally until Enquiry Officer handed over the same to me on demand on the first day of Enquiry which however kept on changing without notice and hence was termed as revolving ones. What law is this? Had I stayed a day longer in place of my last posting, catastrophe would have been waiting for me had I ignored the call for duty towards my son’s to collection urgently his class 12th Migration Certificate from his school at Jodhpur, Rajasthan for presenting to the concerned College Authorities on the last date of Admission. Accordingly my son granted me a second life from not becoming a kill in the hands a hired gang of criminal.

The coordinated actions undertook by the Company forced me to accept nothing financial from the Company being the promise secured from me by on other than CMD of the Company during the year 2004 divulging nearness to our family and his knowledge of our family hungry for earning funds from nothing other than from bribes only which forcing me to even embrace dyeing early out of hunger rather than receiving fund from the Company. Accordingly my experience letter which is issued just on the other day to seek a job elsewhere to survive together; where inflicting of ‘insults’ is rare but became a fruitless receipt either due to my crossing of employable age or carrying on an ailing body in absence any heath check-up due to my inability to do so being living on debts.

At present, I am at my wit’s end to find how and what can give me an opening to earn something to survive ourselves, as I left the Organization where I had completed my entire Service Career in view of compulsions forced upon me with nothing either in my Bank Account or towards any investments. Since I find all attempts to earn anything from anywhere are fully blocked, I am faced with a similar situation once again leaving me to desire nothing other than opting for a miracle to happen to allow ourselves to live a most simple life. My only hope is now on registering of a small Plot of land in Delhi NCR Region bought from a Govt. source 2 decades ago during early January,2010; the sale proceed of which I expect to see us through my entire life to live us happily enough and alone engaging myself in intense praying beyond which I require nothing from none.

Unless my current situation improves, my taking of part in any activities is beyond my dream which I had lost through most cruel as well as inhuman orders issued and enforced upon me by the Company. Now I expect that some Noble Person from all across the Globe shall buy my property at Koramangala, Bangalore, INDIA at a reasonable price unlike accepting of half the price for selling 2 pieces of my immovable properties earlier in view of my acute financial crisis that time if my wait up till now for registering the Plot of Land in my name do not materialized as expected.

Kindly note that I have no ill will or wrongful desire against none and hence may kindly be spared from inflicting further insults.


NOTE: The article was wrote and publish much earlier as a ‘Blog’ but now it is reproduced again being felt carrying of a value still and to conserve the write-up in a safe hand being ‘Love’ duly attached with it.

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