Thursday, December 24, 2009


O’ Lord why you are showering so much of Love and kindness upon me to take away every bit of pain inflicted upon me by the entire most collectively onto YOU instantly to weep often without allowing me to join YOU even if I try my best to do so together? We all know or very much aware that the wound YOU undertook is so grave in nature to force YOU to dislodge the entire into tiny pieces unless YOU grant a pardon to which is nonetheless most unjust to beg by one being most deliberately done with utmost pleasure derived out of the action undertook but yet we pray You with our hands folded and heads deeply down carrying deep sense of regret in our hearts to beg YOU to excuse us for our ignorance of hurting YOU very deep over and over again even though YOU had already decided our fate of never granting us any life ever any time in future again to stop repeating of the same and allow us just another chance to behave ourselves to see a little of more of the future by those who are following us. This particular servant of YOURS is happy with what he is having with no desire whatsoever to hold any office or any other similar desire to live a life beyond a most ordinary until death embrace him.

O’ Almighty when YOU are so benevolent to offer a most ordinary one so much of love who even don’t know how to offer a prayer but derive utmost pleasure in doing his own assigned job considering it as a direct command from YOU to help Your creation keep existing forever, cannot we expect a little more grace from you to undo what had done? My spontaneous feeling of continuous joy while in association with YOU during the entire period of inflicting of unbearable pain upon me are beyond this ordinary to understand how it can happen so. Further, I had for more than half of my life offered payer to You following no rules and procedure even without considering my particular position where I was but no doubt offered prayer for a few minutes just standing straight prior to my starting of the day immediately after awaking up from the bed, being none taught me how to do otherwise except carrying of extreme Love towards you in my heart , a nature I carried forward from my previous life unlike others who most faithfully follow the rules and procedures while offering oneself to YOU as if YOU are part and parcel of the rules set by others earlier considering it as the only way of becoming nearer to YOU as if You are in the strict observance of the same.

You only disclosed to me that I took my previous birth elsewhere and born as a Briton to enable me to hide myself when the inflicting of injury on me was at the pick which You even unable to withstand or bear but my attempts to obey your direction proved all fruitless as all refused to offer me any help but it looked to me as if they too enjoyed my inflicting of pain causeless. With each and every effort of mine to earn our living put to ditch by vested interests to claim one’s self as all powerful to dictate terms on each and every self flowing order, I had to break my vow of never to miss offering a candle to YOU to light twice a day using funds which is duly earned by me. This was also taken away from me most forcefully to live myself in hunger by often skipping my daily meals even though terribly sick to stick to bed possibly 20 Hrs out of 24 Hrs a day. This is a circumstances which I unable to avoid as none listening to my cry for help.

I expect that it is just a temporary phenomena and be over soon as soon as the Plot of land I bought 20 years back is expected to be registered in my name any time now to get the sale proceed from it which is enough for me to live-on to cover my rest of my simple life which shall hopefully shall enable me to do my second or secondary prayer as my first of payer of faithfully doing my job as assigned to me is no longer available being either due to already becoming over aged or being suffering from the ailment of developing weaknesses due to living on just on little of plain Boiled Rice for the last 6 months to force me to remain mostly lying in the bed possibly for 20 Hrs out of 24 Hrs a day following bursting of my Ulcer into two pieces.

My present attempt to publish the ‘write-ups’ are only modified versions of ‘earlier submissions’ only to distribute the knowledge given to me by You to the entire humanity to see reason to act ourselves for the aim of brining in peace and tranquility to this turbulent World. Although the Sites provided by Google are registered in my name, I don’t exactly know whether or not it shall fetch any revenue for putting ease-less labor without taking a sleep for the last 2-3 months in-spite of absolute ill health and for putting the Pages for advertisements against cost incurred for viewing in numbers no less than in billions times through use of State of Art internet tools being offered by various surfing Sites either to consider myself doing of an extra job or to earn my daily meals but I am yet to see any revenue coming to me still although I am otherwise a dead man altogether as all my appeals for some association further with whosoever is ruthlessly turn down on command from vested interests who intends to become immortal through forceful creation of self made shell around one without knowing the fact that they are arresting themselves within it forever without getting a release.

A Humble Appeal to Google

When I intended to publish the last ‘Write-up’ in ‘Knol’; it was a repetition of what happened to me in the last time of submission. I struggled for almost 2 Hrs to copy and paste the already wrote ‘manuscript’ changing myself from one Computer to another to avoid seeing of many different varieties of letters of other languages taking over the Page following successfully saving the Page. The Text is still changing to local or other languages at its own will and desire whenever I try to do any correction in the Page following duly logging-in. On opening any file I always find a instant link to the copy available in ‘Application data’ of ‘OFFICE-07’ in a self created ‘Recent Folder’ against ‘Documents and settings’ although ‘List my most recently opened Document’ is unchecked for keeping no record of same. Are we still gentle enough to call ourselves as human being to do such indecent actions at ease in other’s Computer to do some contribution to humanity?

Accordingly I most humbly request the Management of Google to conserve the Submissions already made and I on my part shall see that no further submission is made to ‘Knol’ anymore unless and until it is absolutely necessary. Hence, I regret very much my sad disassociation with ‘Knol’


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