Monday, December 14, 2009

When and How Vice Becomes Equivalent to Holding of Virtue (A Christmas Gift)

Nothing existing in the creation either seen or unseen is stationery even if we see ‘one’ is standing in a particular place or position unmoved or motionless state when we draw a relationship between one object with another existing either nearby or in a faraway place which is not wholly true. As per our general knowledge, while those having a self life are movable, the ones without the same are often static to unable to move around as per one’s own wish or desire. Now, let us consider our solar system, while we consider the Sun is as stationery remaining in a particular position, its family of 9 Planets are moving around it apart from their own rotation on their respective axis maintaining a particular set of order for each; not to dislodge the system maintained most orderly by the Solar system to exist itself although we consider all are as lifeless Objects; to go through the cycle of pan and pleasure. Again, the Sun is a part of our Galaxy to maintain a separate order to move around a particular unseen centre in the Universe to go the cycle of pain and pleasure with respect to the existence of the force at the centre against which it is revolving itself together with other stars. This system is infinite in nature not to get divulged to us through our limited knowledge available to us. Accordingly all are interconnected and alive. Let us now consider the smallest particles as we know which we called the atom of each of 118 elements which we so far discovered. These atoms are mostly considered static being unable either to perform as per one’s desire or wish and hence considered lifeless. However within the atom, there are positively charged proton; negative charged electron and neutral neutron which constantly moving around the nucleus following a particular set of order to maintain the ‘atom’. Again each particle within the nucleus is maintaining a similar order without a limit to itself. Therefore, these unseen particles are very much alive even though functioning most silently with none’s notice.

While each object moving around the Sun are experiencing day and night to go through the cycle of pleasure and pain by one either directly and indirectly, the Sun by itself see no such circumstances being all the time reciprocating Love towards its entire family of 9 Planets equally to all without drawing of a difference between any two on any ground. Being all the time overwhelm by joy of giving to others, it never see a night with respect to others within it but nonetheless subjected to similar experiences as and when we consider Sun as a part of the Galaxy. In view of bearing of the said in-born character by the Sun, in-spite of offering itself to burn through happening of thermonuclear reactions continuously of its constituents from time immemorial, it never facing any shortage of supply being continuously attracting the constituents to maintain its mass from nowhere to remain fulfilled all the time. Accordingly, to Sun its doing of an action behold both virtue and vice together to make the action valueless to draw a comparison of doing of good from doing of bad being govern by no other desire other than distributing Love to the entire as embraced by it.

With our minds allowed to remain shut from divulging itself to give a proper feed to our brain and our thoughts full-filled with limitless desires to acquire ‘materials’ as much as possible through whatever means available in our hands, we often fall prey to acute pain or pleasure as the brain is subjected to act as such by the mind as a outcome of one’s either rightful or wrongful actions respectively through issue of automatic commands to it which one needs to face depending upon the gravity of doing of a particular action which we often forcefully creating it by absorbing the same from outside environment which we wrongfully believe as correct or appropriate. Accordingly as and when we able to befriend the mind, an entity shall have no desire other than to see others live happily under peace and tranquility everywhere, when the entire actions of the entity shall fulfilled with Love towards others for drawing of a definition of his or her actions as neither good nor bad. Under such circumstance the playing of part of the five senses on one becomes meaningless to govern one to develop a lust for anything but start living a simple life within an atmosphere of extreme joy and pleasure to nullify the definition of sin and virtue.

It is no doubt that we all are govern by certain strong natural calls for engaging in an intense call of association between a male and a female to keep the creation intact and continuing for a infinite period of time through some lore infused into it either to experience an expansion or to acquire higher knowledge on getting of each stage of evaluation even though we face many a destructions of ourselves in between as and when we start degenerating ourselves from the value already acquired but yet successful in carrying ourselves still living and moving ahead nonetheless our completing of life cycles always remained more or less same with mare change in our style of living. Since it is desire of someone else to expand oneself only done for a purpose of getting of an association of living together; playfully enough by the entire although each one is different from the others to walk alone, the Love, one is bearing in the heart is hence much different from such acts of engagements and is often remain in dormant condition being unable to find enough space to expand itself in absence of an ignition by oneself and for keeping it bounded by the family created as such for expansion. While Brain is physical for storing information one receive or get from the environment, the thought, mind and Love are non physical and hence require one’s intense labor; converted into some unseen form to establish a connection between the heart and the mind overtaking the Brain to know many of the unknowns and to see ourselves reason to react to a particular action. This is only the first step of doing of a fruitful exercise to know each other of us well to ensure that our actions are correct enough to produce a positive result.

However as and when the heart resonate with the mind via one’s thought processes, both aspects within the body join together to provide a pleasure of intense Love within the body which instantly start radiating from one to cover the entire living outside to see all other living; with or without a life force available. This experience is much different or far away from the temporary pleasure one often gets or experiences while meeting the call of the nature which we mistook as Love. Accordingly on misunderstanding that the said action as nothing but the actual Love, we often fall prey to it through growing of lust within oneself being unable to detach oneself from these most temporary pleasures of the body done purely for the purpose of expansion or otherwise; keeping the cells inside exited reasonless which is however very much opposite in meaning from when the Love developed, the way a mother develop a Love towards her off-spring once born. Out of all others loves expressed or developed as such by one are different from each other being self interest attached; with the exception of that resonate in the heart through igniting it by the mind and hence is Supreme to embrace the entire of us to receive the pleasure out of it when one does not require a touch to express it to others.

None is perfect other than Lord Himself to do a sin every moment by entire of us being we are continuously killing the assorted tiny cells living without side the body on every step we take or while making a movement of body to express a gesture to any other either positive or negative in nature and bound to face the consequence of the same with varying degree depending upon on our reason of movements we collectively undertake. However, the one who aroused the Supreme Love inside the heart, all actions undertaken by the entity becomes a virtue in-spite of doing of a sin being unmindful to notice it carrying an intense Love towards the Unseen.

When one does a sin consciously out of sudden outburst of emotion which is beyond one’s control to suppress it for our collective deterioration of value due to facing of natural cycle of getting ourselves aged in one way or the other, none must allow such action to expand it to set-up rule by itself being the action is or are against Nature even if a different pleasure is experienced out of the action. Since everyone of us is subjected to the same or similar turbulences with our minds securely hidden much within us ,a self repentance always burn such doing of sins provided one renounces it following the action or actions; as and when we don’t harm a second person out of the action done and not allow the bad cause so tested to expand under any circumstances to draw mass association to do the said act or acts to derive a different type of pleasure altogether forcing the said ailment to spread elsewhere too; to catch the others unaware who are otherwise uninfected to derive the pleasure which is very much unnatural; when the doing of the said sin go infinitely away from holding of a virtue to bring-in vast difference to each other with likelihood of sin taking over entire of us to face a premature collapse of ourselves being all values borne by us so long is suddenly lost or destroyed.

As and when we become old due to the action of keeping one’s life cycle intact, various factors that govern an entity bound to malfunction to force an isolated entity to do something opposite to what commanded by the Nature. But yet one’s life cycle can either be prolonged or be reduced depending upon how we are responding to the automatic command of the Nature to maintain and to keep its beauty intact as far as possible. The moment our Love towards Her gets adulterated for whatever reason, we see a sudden demise or unnatural death of ourselves to ensure that no harm is done by us to the space too; exactly alike we are deliberately unleashing assaults to our most beloved Planet ‘Earth’. Accordingly our continuous doing of sins are seeing no result other than getting it multiplied every day to force us to embrace our end on our own will and desire being our sudden outburst of doing of such actions collectively are becoming an integral part of our culture through continuous feeds infused into the system instead of drawing it from the Nature for doing such actions to allow our ‘Mother Nature’ to grant us some extra lease of life nonetheless suddenly become unearned now.


NOTE: This ‘write-up’ is dedicated to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth-2; as a token of Love and respect self hold towards Her for the occasion of the forthcoming Christmas to be celebrated within a few days time all across the Globe with an intention of beatifying the occasion still further which I expect that She shall accept it without an objection.

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