Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Justice!

When I was just about 12 years of age and accompanied my father for a short evening walk around our home at Sivsagar, Assam; my father confronted with a colleague in order to discuss about a particular Subject or matter of mutual interest to both on the Road. As his friend unable to defend himself against a particular question as raised by my father; he replied to my father using a sharp language at a high pitch voice; by virtue of holding of a higher Position in the Office where both were working; which had caused enough of pain in my heart. Upon noticing the reflecting of anger in my face on hearing saying so by his friend to my father; he had stopped me from doing of a force entry into the scene to teach him a lesson how one should behave under an environment of engaging in an act of debate which I duly obliged but unable to sleep for a few nights following the incident. However, from that particular moment of time to till date I had stopped visiting the Street where his (their) house was (is) standing. This is called inflicting of pain by one on the other; even though I was untouched physically but yet is it caused a highest degree of pain in my heart to force me to take the said painful decision without the knowledge of none, all along. Since the friend of my father was much indecent towards his colleague while doing the interaction, the pain inflicted on my father either with knowledge or without knowledge of him need to dissipate in some way; for not  allowing it expand to harm all of us; it was, therefore, arrested by me by keeping the matter within myself. This is the degree of damage even a small bad word used against one can cause; leave apart the execution of a planned harming of an innocent one by the Powerful others based on mare suspicion but in-fact done for securing of a self gain.

In a second similar case, during the year very early 2004; when both my father and me met the erstwhile CVO Mr.D.K.Pathak, IPS of OIL INDIA LTD  at his Office chamber at Friend’s Colony at Delhi to explain to him that the letter of declaration{as submitted to CVO by self} of handing of Rs.10, 000.00 (Rupees Ten Thousand) was written by none other than him only being it was a cash collection during the time of my wife's marriage {to me} during year 1978; as I was dead against of accepting the said collection of fund {which she later used to buy a Plot at Guwahati, Assam duly registering it in her name against which she availed a loan of 4 Lasks to buy a 2 Bed Room DDA Flat at Duwarka, upon my becoming successful in 5 consecutive Computer Draws hold in different times as the Company refused to pay us HBL{House Building Loan} without the Titled of the property is obtained from DDA first which DDA to unable to provide unless the Flat is fully allocated through the final Draw of Computer}; he declared that such questioning of CVO to me were associated matters to support the action of the Government to eliminate the entire family of us; duly organizing a flake encounter of appropriate nature for which he had already received the verbal ORDER from the highest Office of the Country which he bound to abide by to keep his position intact and in high esteem for getting an out of turn Promotion and left the scene in a rush. Even though, the stated communication to him was strictly confidential {but possibly disclosed to us due to remaining under much stress for his wife’s sudden death a week before}, his disclosure of it as such surprised us.

Hence we had gone straight to the court to Notarized the signature of my father at NOIDA, UP; which had unsettled the Plan of the Government or Company to proceed on the matter to execute the action and offered us a poser to flee{being the arrangement was already made with Forensic Lab at Gawahati, Assam to say that the signature of my father was nothing but a forgery done by me to expose me as Criminal , went in vain and hence the representative from the Forensic Lab remained kept mum during the time of second concurrent Departmental Inquiry} and hence we are still remaining alive nonetheless the Company forcefully took away the DDA Flat on demand from us followed by taking away other various properties or valuables in view of keeping withhold the release of my P.F. by more than 2 years. The outcome or result of it; although was not borne by me directly being assault was duly repulsed {nonetheless I had lost my father soon thereafter unable to bear the pain so inflicted upon by a Powerful one on the innocent others}; but the Nature ignited a dance of destruction in all its forms; unable to withstand the cruelty inflicted by one on the innocent others. Since the Company mostly cruelly denied participation of any representative or Lawyer to represent the Case on my behalf ; we unable to find any parallel in holding any such Inquiry anytime anywhere within the Globe ever; through taking away the Natural Justice as entitled from an innocent one to make the Inquiry null & void in the eye of the Law.                                             

The one who can able to see the pain of others which is (are) hidden inside for whatever reason but born out of offering of neglect by one on the innocent others, is called either a Noble Judge or a noble Leader. While the pain one is inflicted upon one through doing of an injury for whatever reason to the heart of him or her; is beyond compensation being no supply of material objects of any nature can ever elevate such suffering of one; the physical injury of one might possibly be compensated through offering of a look after if the heart is not hurt. Ignoring of such suffering of one is inhuman and bound to effect self (Human Spice) in one form or the other to suffer immensely for our such acts in due course of time; more especially as and when the sufferer failed to get Justices from Institutions that established to address such issues of one.

From birth to till date; I never spent a single penny from my Parents except the LOVE which were continuously showering upon me by both but grown up taking tuitions and securing various scholarships from the Government as well as getting of rewards for solving various complex issues arisen from time to time amongst the various Communities living together in a wider area without fighting Legal battles in Courts which often take inordinate time to get a verdict. Even though sitting on File is a heinous Crime, much worse than that of taking part in a Crime itself; we prefer to sit on these still to extract a self gain to one forcefully. Accordingly until & unless we understand repercussion of such actions of us and act over it appropriately; there is little chance that we can ever grow ourselves furthermore. Therefore, in order to live ourselves; we must embrace contraction of ourselves {instead of expansion} to consider oneself as nothing but ‘I’ ONLY to look after it. Therefore, we welcome the desire of Mr.Rahul Gandhi to resolve such pending issues at the shortest possible time through issuing of an Ordinance by the Government. 



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