Monday, February 24, 2014

A Brilliant IDEA gone waste

Upon receiving a call from the Head Quarter of OIL INDIA LTD (Personnel Section) based at Duliajan, Assam to know my mind whether or not I shall join the New Position at Duliajan, the letter for which was issued to me for more than a month and half back; wherein the last date of joining was indicated at 8/7/2004; I replied that I was unaware of it being no communication was made with me either verbally or through forwarding the letter to me by any in this connection. Being overjoyed on getting the information together with seeing of bearing of a fruit of fighting with the management of the Company for almost a decade to transfer me from Rajasthan Project to Assam following completion of ‘Exploratory Drilling Operation’ within the area as per commitment given by the Company prior to my transfer to Jodhpur, Rajasthan from Duliajan, Assam {mainly to look after my ailing Parents as per their desire expressed}; I demanded the letter from GM(RP) who kept it hidden from me, up-to nearer to the time of expiry of joining date and sought an explanation from him for doing so when he replied that no ‘human being’ ever stay in a Company following inflicting of so much humiliation by each and every {men & women alike}; working within an Organization and hence he intended to help me in securing my entire dues hassle free within 24 Hrs including that of withhold salary of mine; if I submit my letter of ‘Early Retirement’ at RP itself which help  might not be extended to me at Duliajan, Assam. He further connected me to acting CVO over Phone to confirm correctness of his deliberation with me; who too agreed to withdraw all lined up Departmental Inquiries against me if I follow the Instruction as stated or desired by GM (RP). While appreciating the words delivered to me as such by any, I said that since it was more of a desire of my Parents to cover their last days at Duliajan staying with me and that as my long fighting for more than decade with the Company had bore fruit at last; I behold a strong of the strongest desire to submit my letter of ‘Early Retirement’ at Duliajan instead of ‘RP’ to cool down my burning HEART to the extent possible. 

However, there suddenly developed a rider. Since the ‘Migration Certificate’ of our son after clearing his Class XII Examination was misplaced {of all Students} during transit without which he cannot take admission into any College and the School Principal too, refused to issue the same to any other; other than directly to the student or to his Parents {even with submission of undertaking on Court Paper}; I was at my wits end what to do being the dead line for submitting the same to the concerned College was just @4 days later than that of my last date of joining  at Duliajan and hence I found a clash of dates of meeting 2 important deadlines within a very short gap.

Accordingly following joining the New Position at Duliajan amidst limitless humiliations; I have submitted my letter for ‘Early Retirement’ and went through the process of facing a Committee set-up for the purpose by GM (O) to convince my decision of doing so as well as of my decision of surrendering of @ 6 months of earned leave in lieu of serving the Company for 3 Months. Accordingly the Company arranged my return Ticket to Jodhpur, Rajasthan to collect the ‘Migration Certificate’ from the School concerned and presented it to the concerned College at Bangalore on the last date of the same as set by the University .Following returning to Jodhpur once again; we sold off almost entire of our house hold items or goods at a throw price and hired a mini Truck to take the leftover to Bangalore where we are staying now.{During the period, our son met with a very serious Road Accident  with multiple fractures in the Head in a Hit & Run Case. When the said vehicle tried to run over his unconscious body for the second time, a local Auto-rickshaw Driver saved his life; breaking one of his legs from which he is still suffering and goes nowhere without me still}.     

Since my visiting of Duliajan, Assam was much different than normal or ordinary; the Company was pre-informed about my schedule of staying just for one day at Duliajan and returning again to ‘RP’ to attend an urgent issue of collecting the ‘Migration Certificate’ of our son from the School concerned. But after reaching Duliajan, when I went to the Guest House to stay for a night; I was told that I being no longer an executive of the Company to entitled to stay in the Guest House, my staying was arranged at the ‘Apprentice’s Hostel which was @ 3 KM away from the Dujiajan Township; which mostly remains empty of occupants unless ‘School Dropped outs’ pay visits to the Company to take free Training as a part of their School curriculum. When I reported therein, I saw no human being around except the cooks but saw nothing much wrong in covering a night alone there; without having a slightest idea about what was stored for me to face in the Hostel.  

While on the way to join the New Position at Duliajan; I met one of my best friends {an Ex OIL employee working at private Sector elsewhere that time} at Kolkata Airport who knew everything about what had befallen upon me; narrating many of the incidences which no 3rd Party supposed to knew of. On facing a query from me how did he know about it; he took the issue into a much different direction through doing of a trick and hurriedly introduced a Group of about 5 persons as his associates { from the look, they were certainly not from NE but from other parts of India} who looked like Criminals in Gentlemen’s dresses. In the same breath, he requested me to stay at Duliajan for few days instead of one day only. On wondering how he came to know about my schedule of visit to Duliajan; he together with the Group vanished from the scene. Considering the incident as normal; I allowed the incident to go off my head.

My first night (7/7/04) in the Apprentice’s Hostel went-off well nonetheless struggled with Bed bugs whole night to get a sleep in view of absence of any adequate care given to the Hostel being built mostly for student Trainees only. In the next day (8/7/04); following my joining Office I was given an attached Car as per Company’s rule to provide such a facility to all employees for the first 3 days of joining in a new Position. On completing all formalities towards receiving P.F as well as submission of the letter of ‘Early Retirement’ letter duly; I had returned to the Hostel after office hours and allowed the Car to break-off; unlike others who prefer to keep the same together with them for off time use.

In the evening time when I intended to call the vehicle back to pay to visit to one my friends {with Hostel totally empty}; I found that the telephone line was suddenly got disconnected and became instantly dead which was a very rare phenomena to happen so at Duliajan with weather condition more than normal at that particular point of time. When I offered a peep or a glance outside; I saw the Criminals introduced to me at Kolkata Airport by my close friend slowly circling around the Hostel in a Brand New Ambassador Car with Number Plate painted Black and one such person in control of the wheel. No sooner I saw them {who had already cut the Telephone line to delay receiving of any message from any through it, if any accident happened to any by any chance}; I sensed danger to my life having automatically all Doors & windows got closed. I took shelter under the Bed where I had fallen asleep. Since them unable to see the attached vehicle around the Hostel to get sure of my presence in the Hostel; they kept knocking all Doors including that of mine one too and later withdrawn presumably after postponing the Task for early next day; exactly alike one of my colleague {late P.K. Saikia} who was shot dead in the early morning while proceeding to the Airport; ignoring my advice to advance the time of proceeding to Airport and was supposed to join me at Jodhpur (RP) on transfer nonetheless I never saw carrying of any arms by them in open.

Being broke-off early; the Driver of the attached Car unable to sleep as if he was continuously hearing my voice of calling him and accordingly he decided to pass the night in the Hostel instead of at home and reported to me just past mid-night. After waking up and after making sure that they are not the Criminals on hearing the sound of the Car; I saw the Driver of the Attached Car, when I ran towards the Car with my small hand beg in one hand and fled from the area losing no time and proceed to Airport where both slept at the Airport’s Car Parking Area inside the vehicle. This is the most Absolute Miracle experienced by me during my life time till date being it duly averted a foolproof Plot drawn up many Brilliant Brains joining hands together to eliminate me reasonless. Since these are facts; all have the right to know it.   





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