Thursday, February 13, 2014

The 2nd assassination of the Father of the Nation

There often exist compulsions on the part of the Government to act on certain issues without conducting of a pre or proper discussion or doing of a consultation with all the members of the Parliament including that one’s own members of the Party for the overall good of the Nation with a view to strike a noble deal to bridge a gap between two sections of us {the ones who are deprived of their basic needs and the others who are living a lavish lives on the cost of ordinary us}. In order to fight this cause in one way or the other; we have earlier created a good numbers of additional States  within various States within the Country; notwithstanding the fact that we unable to achieve the desired result for which these States were created; due to invasion of vested interests into the scene either to further deteriorate the situation to gain a political mileage out of it by causing the conflict of interest go widen instead of removing the current or existing of many manmade barriers within us to divide ourselves to limitlessly, instead of extending of a helping hand by each and every one of us to resolve the issue. This is painful to see happening so once again, although we are aged enough to understand the implication of it but yet we are used to derive pleasures in doing so for one reason or the other to gain a self benefit.
The current attempt of creating of two States out of one is being done neither to gain a Political mileage out of the exercise as planned nor to weaken the State from which it is bifurcated. Therefore, we unable to understand why and for what purpose; we are agitating against the decision of the Central Government for implementing a well thought out Program? The vastness or a bigger border of a State never speaks the good health of a particular area we called as ‘State’ but it depends upon how we manage it. So long we renounce our habits of stealing of wealth from Common General Public that are earned by us; putting hard of the hardest labour; through resorting to various wrongful means with the knowledge of none, the State bound to prosper irrespective of revenue collected by it from the Public through various means. In other words, if all States joined together we may not even see a small Growth of ourselves if we continue to engage in Corruption of all Nature which is beyond count. As far as collection of revenue by the State is concerned it shall automatically jumped many times over, if the Leaders sincerely LOVE the Public living within the State of Andhra Pradesh and not engage in Corruptions as cited to steal all such wealth collected from us.
Since ‘Telangana’ is considered as the midpoint of the conflict of our interest {of doing of an expansion of either Democracy & communism, the Country is facing at present}, the State is, therefore, chosen by us to win over the leftover section of us by hook or crook to walk together with minimum of resistance offered of whatsoever nature from either side before it becomes too late for us to act on the issue through casting a doubt on our ‘aim & objective’; of the Government in doing so. It is not a pool promise; we are going to meet with but we are following a noble mission to complete so that we understand us fully and for the good of the entire us.
We earlier thought that there shall be some nature of Central rule either directly or indirectly to the State; which shall provide us a strong base for the entire of us to embrace each other under a most congenial atmosphere; but it too is lost forever now; being its value fully diluted or poisoned. We all know how al-Qaida was born out of nowhere; in view of such offering of neglect on a matter of utmost interest factor of expanding ourselves by joining hands with each other and not drawing of distance between each other for whatsoever reason; exactly alike what we are doing now through misunderstanding the issue. The Country of Nepal is too in at the edge due to this reason. We are too half in and half out of the situation.    
But it shocked us the most to see a reverse outcome of the issue in the current session of the Parliament; when we all {the entire Country} became a ‘laughing stock’ in front of the entire Globe that prompt us to choose one form of Government over the others in holding or maintaining a distorted ORDER intact somehow in order to bring it back the situation to normal in due course of time after understanding ourselves, what wrong we did to ourselves earlier with or without the knowledge of us. We, therefore, condemn all such incidences of showing of strength by one over the others which had happened within a noble of the noblest Institution{where utmost decency is only welcome and nothing else} that we salute every morning to feel ourselves proud of, in holding it for the entire day.
Since it is worst than embracing the ideology of al-Qaida; we pray all Political Parties to chose their respective Candidates most carefully; so that such incidences are not repeated anytime anywhere in future in any form and manner; even though ‘Evil’ is already let loose by us. We have no doubt assassinated our most beloved Mahatma Gandhi; the Father of the Nation for the second time to derive a pleasure to oneself, forcefully injecting a negative value to the Country which can never be compensated in any time in future; no matter what action we do or undertake to restore it; which was done through the act just executed in front of entire us. Let us stop exciting the minds of the Public through such action of us. This is not LOVE expressed towards one’s State or Country but igniting of hatred within us to fight with each other.     

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