Wednesday, February 26, 2014

An unfortunate incident

What exactly is Law? It is nothing but a set of rules that often existed within a System to allow all entities residing within the System never resort to any unfair means or engaging in fighting with each other for whatever reason to break the running ORDERS within it to limitless pieces; in order to secure a self gain of whatsoever nature without earning it legitimately. Therefore, when there is a breakdown of the running ORDER or Law in-force within a particular area or territory, it is our foremost duty to study the Environment around the area first, to find the exact cause of happening so; so that it don’t repeat; before arriving at a conclusion about the motive of the doer which may not be for the purpose of harming any; while making entry into or coming inside or within a restricted area. Within a Police Station, a constable might have a different opinion from that of the Officer in-charge of the Police Station by virtue of having different degree of knowledge and experience by both; even though there often arises occasions when both are wrong in doing of an interpretation of a particular Law to apply to a ‘wrong doer’ while arresting him or her. The more we approach the Higher up with respect to the issue, the more light might be immerged to us to act on the action much more differently. This reflects the degree of knowledge we behold by each of us in approaching a particular situation with a degree of urgency.   

Alive Pirates are mostly available in open Sea or International waters where exits no such Laws to protect one from the other when meet with a threat of any nature from any; other than issuing of a distress call through taking recourse to firing into the sky to invite the notice of other Ships nearby that too might be available within the area. Mostly after keeping the Mother Ship in an isolated place; the Pirates often fanned out in small boats to capture other commercial Ships, sailing through the area for a ransom. India too is a victim of it. Furthermore, any Intellectual Property of any, stolen by any via any means too is called Piracy.

To draw a resemblance, while the occupation of ‘GOA’ by the Portuguese and the subsequent action of India to take over it when late Jawaharlal Nehru was PM of India; using force via Sea, Air & Land might fall into this category {being prior dialogue between both the Countries was absent}, the freeing of Maldives from occupying by Pirates when late Rajiv Gandhi was PM of India was not {being prior discussion took place}; notwithstanding the fact that the Power from the barrel of the Guns were used on both occasions. Therefore, we might call it as an action similar to the one adopted by the Pirates. But how these 2 Marines ever fall into this category? Therefore, it might be termed as Corruption of devaluing of the value of our Country, in the art of which, we are more than experts to execute it most perfectly with the notice of none. The liberal Gun Laws at USA too is not free from such incidences; even though an intense ORDER of freeness is in-force to remain ourselves intact.             

We acquired free sailing of our ships through such International waters by virtue of our remaining together as a one world Community. Such evil elements taking advantage of the said gap existed within us to govern ourselves; often robbed foreign ships sailing through a particular route or a particular stretch in the Open Ocean. They are active everywhere which is fast expanding within us in absence of appropriate Laws put into place nonetheless much reduced. Till the other day such Pirates were {mostly from Somalia} gaining tremendous strength; taking advantage of the fluid situation prevailing within the Globe; it became necessary for all Counties to carry armed guards during all such movements of Ships in open Ocean from the point of origin to the point of destination.

As and when we keep ‘Arms & ammunitions’ in a particular place to protect ourselves for whatever reason; there bound to be an Accident of any nature when we often come across borders either between two Nations or entering from International water into a territorial Zone. Such unintentional action often resulted in cross firing at borders between two Countries reasonless. Accordingly, the two Italian Marines mistook the fishermen as Pirates being the environment under which we are living-in forced to them to believe so. Hence, the MEA remaining silent on the matter is beyond our understanding. If it was considered as a war imposed upon us by lone 2 armed Soldiers to take over the Country by a Foreign Power; we are finding our justification short of any rightful reasoning, use of logic and common knowledge. The Kerala Police might have made a mistake so also NIA; this doesn’t mean that we all agree with the said finding; for drawing of a battle line to protect us from the threat posed if any by the 2 Marines. If someone down the line makes a mistake; is not it duty of the Higher up to correct it? Since it has caused much of damage to the Country’s image in the eye of the others; the one who approved the said finding at MEA as accurate; must be answerable to the Country in our view irrespective of whether or not the entity is serving the Country still. 

For each and every such clarification or opinion; if we need to approach the SC for further clarification, pinpointing it exactly where we are wrong; we voice our strong of the strongest protest to the Government for offering such High Positions to such personalities who know nothing other than to pass one’s blame to the other without any end. Since the 2 innocent Fishermen were accidently killed while performing their respective duties or engaging in Prayer; we pray the entire connected with the Subject to offer utmost respect to them through whatever means Government feels as most appropriate. While breaking of ongoing friendship of one with others is very easy to do but building up of the said lost relationship take ages to complete in view of infusion of suspicion into the relationship so maintained earlier. Let LOVE expand everywhere and not engage ourselves in forcing it go through a contraction of it which shall automatically build a distance between each other of us irrespective of entities involved; while exchanging it with each other.          




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