Monday, February 17, 2014

Is it a sign of Dance of Destruction?

Even though we all discussed the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh thread bare to bring the matter to the knowledge of the entire Public more particularly to those who are living within the State as well as to all others who are living within the Country; so that no Political Party (Parties) either individually or together; take advantage of the situation to prove themselves to the innocent Public the such Party(ties) are the actual representative of the Public to desire a wellbeing of the State or to display one’s false Love towards the State in particular  and to the Country in general which is supreme than that of others in the line; through infusing of ‘poison’ to well intended desire of the entire us to bring peace and growth everywhere within the Country without falling prey to other ideologies; notwithstanding the fact that it is not the exact time to implement the idea with Election for next LS Election around the corner. While the last agitation was seen within the Parliament, which has now expanded to outside to mislead the entire us about the degree of sacrifice the State need to offer if the bifurcation is taken place which is in-fact a reverse interpretation of securing of a gain not only to the State but to the entire Country as a whole. The one who is sound financially by virtue of amassing of fortune to oneself without duly earning it; is leading forces to Delhi to meet with yet another desire of getting further rich at the cost of the innocent General Public. 

The expansion of Naxal activity within the Country is going on unabated with very little of or no rĂ©sistance whatsoever from the entire us out of our neglect towards them; are well known to the entire us. Exactly for this particular reason we have bifurcated three States earlier which instead of killing the issue, it has further deteriorated the situation by forcing expanding the running ORDER to come into a halt instead of allowing it to flow at these areas too at most ease; so that none is left out to touch the sweetness of Democracy under an atmosphere of ‘peace & tranquillity’ of all nature between both Sections of us and formed through our living together. The settlement of such or similar issues are so simple that if we offer a single step towards for the wellbeing of them; they shall advance ten steps towards us with hatred absent in their hearts to embrace the outcome but yet we have failed to attract them still by doing such or similar exercise as aforesaid.

The entire stretch of area from ‘Rudrapur’ to ‘Nainital’ at UP was known as a most dangerous Naxal infected area with none ever able to visit the place at night time but self while on way to visit the Drilling Location{Loc. GKBA} past mid night to resolve a issued faced by Drilling Rig; had ignored the exchange of continuous firing between the Army and the hard core Naxals; but had successfully negotiated a Peace settlement between both Parties by offering a little of LOVE towards them in addressing some minor issues as faced by them, with assistance from none which area, I hope is a Naxal free now. Under a similar situation in Assam at Bagapani area near Tinsukia, when the entire fleet of Drilling Rigs of ‘OIL INDIA LTD’ were captured by the Locals and Government {both Centre & State} failed to arrive at a negotiated settlement for @ 3 months time which forced the Company {OIL} to suffer huge loss, self alone settled the issue with assistance from none. Such matters are nonetheless that delicate in nature but are very easy to resolve if we approach the issue with little of LOVE in our hearts towards the aggrieved.         

Seeing of giving of various communal colours by various Political Parties to the said effort on the part of the Central Government while search to secure of permanent into the issue to offer benefit to the Country in general and to the State in particular; through taking of part on the exercise exactly alike by the entire us; we now believe that this is not the exact time to act on the matter for creating a separate State for ‘Talangana’ with limitless vested interests sitting at the spot. We fully understand the sincere effort put-in by the Government to transform the said dream of us into reality, taking advantage of the geological location of the area but without the support of the Local population, the Government cannot even take a single step forward in resolving the issue through adopting the rule of ‘give & take’ to share various facilities as entitled by the entire us by virtue of the our same citizenship of the Country.

There are sufficient proofs that we are duly ignoring the fact that if the approach is successful, AP shall be the highest gainer which we prefer to sidestep through exciting the minds of the Common General Public to derail the approach, so made by us through creating or infusing of all natures of disorders or hatred into the System. Accordingly we doubt whether or not we are citizen of the Country or followers of destructive elements that are abundantly available everywhere around us to destabilize the Region. We must understand that the Power drawn from the barrel of Gun can never produce a result in resolving such issues pertaining to responding to the calls from one’s heart and hence certainly depends upon how we approach such issues with some LOVE in one’s heart towards the good of the deprived others while living together within us; due to falling victim to various promises made by various Political Parties during time Election to reduce the Gap to nil.  




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