Thursday, February 20, 2014

My Dear Rahul,

Late Rajiv Gandhi was a Great of the Greatest Leader ever born within us who is beyond facing a death through doing of an assassination by vested interests; even though he is physically unavailable within us to do an interaction to respect the Law of Nature. We are intensely painful still towards the act of doing the assassination of him much reasonless. Although he was at equidistance from Government of Sri-lanka and Tamil Tigers; both saw him in suspicion exactly like the members of his own Party when it was decided that unless 1/3rd of the members of a particular Party together seek to detach or intends to break away from the main Party for whatever reason; all such members shall lose their respective LS membership which has stopped the mass migration of one from one’s Parent Party { as and when one offers to bear a cost of purchasing him or her} to the other in order to secure a self gain; instead of doing of delivery to the Country we all behold together. Even though it is effective to a large extent till date; such ‘ill-will’ of one towards the Country is still continuing although such entities are representatives of the Public. This is the length of gap, we are maintaining between the Representative of Public and the Public itself; ignoring mandatory fact that no such gap exist in a Democratic Set-up.

When Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated with his work towards the Country half done; he desired that none of killers be punished but yet we had gone against his desire to ensure that none ever engage in such act as a part of one’s daily routine to live together within us. Since Late Rajiv Gandhi was too killed with his work towards the Nation half done, Tamil Tiger no longer exist now; as its direct outcome of executing a wrongful act; taking intense pain by the entire. This is called Law of the Nature which none can avoid facing the consequence of such acts of one.        

The Pain or punishment we offer to one has two Centres of absorbing of it. One is outside which is physical in nature that might cause bleeding from the body; the other is internal which directly affects the mind and the heart of one who is suffering from it. There are limitless examples when ordinary entities became great of the Greatest when the second aspect is nullified through doing of a sincere apology to the one; whom he or she had inflicted an injury or caused harm reasonless. While the first aspect can be seen from outside; the second aspect is invisible but infinitely powerful than the former. It is, therefore, of utmost importance that we never neglect any issue with regard to the concerned of any Convict. A waiting of 11 years to hear their plea is much more culpable than the wrong done by the Convicts and hence SC is more than correct to consider the Statement of the Government as an act as if ‘it is considering itself above Law’ for not taking into account the second aspect that constitutes causing of much more pain to one.

As far as the action of Government of Tamil Nadu is concerned; we feel that it took the decision to free the entire convicts to secure a self gain than going deep into the issue to release all the Convicts instead of the said three first; following a short cut method which is outright wrong for not following a proper procedure; even though it might have attracted the same or similar treatment. Since it is a matter of concerning of upholding of Law of the Land against arbitrary decision of one to act on the matter alone without doing of due consultation with all; it too became an act more than equal or similar to the one done by the Centre to offer an unjustified explanation to the SC. For doing so for the overall good of the masses; we can walk over all Laws that govern it; the others must secure concurrence from all or else it shall soon turn into a serious ailment of us to spread everywhere. Therefore, in short we must try our best to cut the time of offering Justice by one to the other to bare minimum and make a habit of sitting over it either to enjoy a pleasure out of doing so or to display one’s Power over the other; since it is directly related to setting the destiny of the creation itself.

If the central Government feels, it is wrong to do so; various options are available with it to challenge the decision of the Government of Tamil Nadu. Since self too is a victim of various worst of the worst assaults inflicted upon me {both physically & mentally} reasonless; my pain is undertaken by the entire Universe being I loved the entire equally as well as intensely, living within it either seen or unseen, {either big or small} without doing of differentiation between each other which forced it to bled profusely unstopped since for a decade and a half and yet all preferring to ignore all my prayers to various Authorities empowered to take action on the matter; to ensure that enjoyment of offering of pain to one keeps continuing in one’s heart. Therefore, I am well aware of the ferocity of such inflicting of pain by one on the other.

Since it is not the end of the issue, we pray Mr.Rahul not to undertake any pain in the heart as late Rajiv Gandhi is still alive in the Sky above. I had lost both my ‘Father’ and ‘Mother’ with me staying much away from them; taking much of agony and pain, in view of scarcity of Fund with me to undertake any travelling to see them; other than remaining indoor exactly alike now; even though both kept murmuring my name for a month long time in Hospital Bed nonetheless both are absorb by me. You too desiring a grant of freeness to the Convicts but intended to follow the appropriate procedure to do so {to stop repeating of it by other too; to owe the voters in Election time}; considering the time we are walking through at present and the time when late Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated being vastly different from each other if we do a comparison.

Furthermore, the said act was carried out; out of misunderstanding rather than to take revenge out of any wrong action undertaken against Tamil Tiger which in-fact was reverse to reciprocate Love between each other with some extra time allowed in between. To cite a miniature example; just remember the show or display of prompt of the promptest action undertaken by INDIA to free Maldives from falling into wrong hands when late Rajiv Gandhi was PM of INDIA.                

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