Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Gas Field at KG Basin

A virgin OIL or GAS Field can never attract sand ingression and other associated problems; unless the producer of Gas from the field resort to either  ignore to follow the normal procedure while producing Gas from the Field or kept the health of the Field secret from the Government for reason best known to the Producer. Since DGH on behalf of the Government announced the potential of the Field so discovered by the Reliance Industries prior to starting of the commercial Production; we are at our wit’s end to find the exact reason on the part of both DGH as well as on the part of Reliance Industries what had forced both entities to announce opinions which are contradictory to each other to draw a correlation between two claims made by two separate Bodies on the same Subject; in view of huge mismatch between the estimate so disclosed by DGH {which was arrived at after doing of thorough & deep study of the Reverse so discovered by Reliance in KG Basin with that of actual capability of the wells so drilled within the area} and subsequent claim by Reliance Industries. Furthermore, the announcement of DGH about the high calibre of the Field had hugely influenced the pricing of ‘Share’ of Reliance Industries at the ‘Stock Market’ through attracting enough of funding from various financial ventures from all across the Globe. If the Reliance is contesting the announcement so made by Government Source (DGH) at a later date, who was the gainer of the Fund that was duly collected from limitless innocents from all across the Globe based on the Statement made by DGH?  

The entire Middle East was developed by Western Counties as far as search for Hydrocarbon is concerned; none of the wells so drilled by such Counties or Oil Companies ever tried to kill any except the one Iraq did it at Kuwait; as and when the Management of the same were handed over to the respective Governments by the various western Companies on taking over. This is a basic standard followed by all Business Houses of repute from all across the Globe without an exception.

‘Oil India Ltd’ was a joint venture Industry with 51% share beholds by B.O.C until it was taken over by Government of India during the year 1984 to become a PSU with nothing changed as far as culture of the Company is concerned except that of the ownership. By virtue of my built-in character; following joining OIL, I was allowed to visit all Departments; apart from looking after all Drilling & Work-over Wells owned by ‘OIL’ as and when necessary to resolve various daily issues being faced by the Company which was however later reduced to looking after just ‘one well’ prior to my leaving the Company under extra ordinary circumstances. My job description was therefore never ever changed throughout my service Career.

While I was posted at Duliajan, Assam, the production from ‘Kharsang Field’ was reduced to below ‘Economy’ level to keep the Field alive due to heavy ingression of sand in the flow path of oil & gas up-to inside the Production String; {following ignoring my suggestion of stopping it, to continue maintaining the Field with handsome Profit earned} the Company decided to offer the Field to a 3rd Party on a profit sharing basic. M/S Enron was the only bidder for the Field. But on a through scrutiny by both Geological & Production Group of Enron based as USA, it was decided to turn down the offer, overruling the advice of Indian counterpart. Since the Indian Section was headed by an ex-CMD of OIL {with whom I had remarkable relationship}; I was requested by him to give a small presentation to the Group {24 Experts on the line} who came to Delhi to discuss the matter before announcing its decision of closing the bidding for the Field. No sooner I pointed out the wrongful approach adopted earlier by us; the expert committee instantly accepted the offer to take the Field. Since I never paid any 2nd visit to the Company; I believed that it had made enough of Profit together with ‘OIL’. Therefore, the controlling of Sand ingression is that simple to bring it to under control without cutting short of any value or capacity of wells or the life of the wells.

Let us cite another 2 examples. The ‘Blow-out’ well owned by BP at Gulf of Mexico was producing @1, 00,000.00 barrels of oil per day which reduced to zero due to forced fracturing of formation underground or migration of it on allowing the well to build-up excessive pressure of beyond 6000 PSI at well Head. The similar was the case when a high calibre well had faced a premature death at the time of killing the ‘Oil Well’ at Khumchi at Arunachal Pradesh while trying to control a ‘Blow-out’ by the personnel of OIL.  

If it is a trend of to-day of fooling an innocent one by the expert other; there is no way we can ever escape from it; other than surrendering ourselves to the mercy of our fate. We earlier believed that all of us have some degree of belongingness to the Country to see it Grow; but it is in-fact a reverse way of expressing the same otherwise, to the others about the amount of LOVE we bear towards the good of the Country and not LOVE its wealth only for one’s self gain. Accordingly we don’t like to offer any Opinion towards legality or illegality about the matter of filing of FIRs at Delhi by AAP for addressing the matter by the Government of Delhi; as all citizens within the Country have to face its repercussion.       





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