Saturday, October 26, 2013

Why our such Outburst?

There is no greater pleasure than offering one’s hard earned Money or Fund to the needy others provided the Fund or wealth so provided is well utilized exactly like how it is earned by the donor. However to run a Political Party, it invariably require huge Fund to run itself as an entity of repute in order to carry enough of weight to challenge the action(s) of its intention of the Government in Power {that are often renamed by vested interests} to give the Public an alternative which is much different than normal and might require time to materialized under an environment of saturation of everything that are essential for our living. Since all works or actions of one have two aspects or meanings being nothing exist without an opposite available; one can instantly pick the reverse to mislead the Public citing one’s wrong doings which in-fact is correct to fight a situation to steal Power through use of a trick.

In a Democratic set-up, a mare change of Government from one to the other can produce nothing other than enactment of limitless Laws to arrest mass corruptions prevailing within us which is now considered as a matter of privilege to one by virtue of holding of Power in one’s hand everywhere within the Country in particular and within the Globe in general. This is a fruitless exercise by us being it has become a pronounced character of us to cover our lives, done through evading all such barriers most at ease; with different style infused on each separate occasion in doing so; not to get caught ever.

As and when a Party failed to offer enough of solutions to our limitless problems which are viable enough to strike down at ease provided we offer some LOVE towards the Common General Public by seeing them none but us only; the heated Debates often concentrated & centered on attacking one’s personality are meaningless exercises but it shall only be successful in pushing or throwing the Country into more confusion and chaos. The more we put into place more Investigating Agencies; the more corruptions shall engulf us. We don’t like to hear what wrong we did in the past or various compulsions of congregation of likeminded Parties to act on a particular Subject of interest, each having a different opinion. Accordingly we want to hear what solution one is offering to us to beat the Monster of corruption covering us throughout the Globe. With wealth; we are beholding is same and is growing with continuous inputs from entire us, how there is a scarcity of it within us? The main constituent that keeps wealth or Money or Funder under equitable circulation within us is its maintaining a constant flow of it through infusion of the exact liquidity within it which is always automatically attracted to it; so long we are bearing enough of LOVE towards each other that constitute an entity of any nature. With Fund most securely locked in one’s pocket due to fear of getting caught if spent lavishly either to get released to others needy or to infuse a speed into it to do a circulation of appropriate nature; we forced the Recession to invade within us everywhere within the Globe.    

Till the other day, the Kings and Queens were our Leaders who were born under an environment of abundances of all nature and yet we were covering our lives much at ease marching towards the future at a breakneck speed with pride & dignity in-place while walking together in our respective Ladders to see the future in front of us

With each and every entity within the Universe either seen or unseen is govern by an automatic ORDER which either get loose to induce a disintegration or get strengthen to tie us more powerfully each day depending upon how we behave ourselves towards each other through doing of a reciprocation of wealth we are generating together, considering it as an Instrument of expressing ourselves to the others needy. The moment we understand it, the Growth of us to remain alive forever is mostly meet with keeping the other factors constant. The moment we opt the revere, our death is certain.  

We had earlier tried to distribute an amount of Rs.65, 000.00 Cr towards helping the needy to empower them to expand together, the entire amount gone vanished prior to reaching the recipients or benefactors which prompted us to introduce ‘Aadhaar’ a foolproof tool or Instrument to meet our demand of a rightful distribution of anything that are circulation within us; eliminating the so called middlemen who are awaiting like Hawks to capture the prey through doing of a snatch from one’s hand. It shall further enable us to add values to our various Labors put in by each and every to tie us together in our every sphere of life.                            
Every individual idea that is bearing a value or not can never be an unlimited action under the umbrella of Democracy to float a Party and divide the innocent Public limitlessly on each and every matter of dispute to capture Power through use of a Proxy to attract our end soon, than offering a livelihood for us. There are some significant aspects that are associated with an area. While some derive pleasures doing of Businesses, the others are engaged in less lucrative works to live as a single entity. Therefore the generation of wealth by a particular area or State is nothing to do with status of governing of a State over the other; so long the wealth so earned is done through dubious means rather than putting of rightful labor. We must understand that almost all wealth as behold by each and every Country which is under constant circulation within us is generated by the combined labor of us; done through transforming various Inventions to meet our necessity. So long this situation is fully met with; there is enough cause to become proud of. Any reverse processes adopted by any only dim our Glory.   

Accordingly, let us stop criticizing others but give Aadhaar its due respect to cover us as minutely as possible so that all duplications of  arresting Fund are stopped altogether which shall certainly offer finer governing of us by the in Power, so that all those who are responsible for generating wealth for the Country not go in vain but let it produce  miracles on the Country each moment while we are stepping towards the future together Glorifying ourselves for the work done associating all or joining hands together, without leaving a gap in our approaches.   
At this particular point of transition, we must not encourage conflict of ideologies often adopted by us to amass wealth to one than delivering any GOOD to the Public, derailing the Power that is supposed to be generated in the hands of the Common General Public through introduction of ‘Aadhaar’. It shall no doubt defeat the current impasse in the financial Sector all over the Globe. Even if we keep evaporating or closing all loopholes one by one, through eliminating those who are responsible for maintaining the ORDER, our addiction of doing or adopting of unethical means to amass wealth shall continue to prevail within us with much more ferocity but if we believe in Aadhaar, it shall surely and certainly empower the entire us over a period of time through getting the due return from our putting of much of labor from generation to generation for Growth of all of us together. It may so happen that if the ordinance or bill is allowed to get lapse through change of a Government; we possibly shall loose our last chance. If we need to skip our meals for the sake of this Instrument come into effect, let us accept the challenge and not fall prey to the middlemen to steal our hard earned wealth from our hands unnoticed.  

(Dr.M.M.HAZARIKA, PhD)                                                                               
     A name retained by UN; Opinion Leader ‘TIME’                  
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