Monday, November 4, 2013

A Repeat!

It is an undeniable fact that we have built a character in ourselves in engaging-in or doing of corruption while dealing with anyone on any matter of any nature or between each other for meeting a demand of one or the other to live ourselves. For not giving enough of thought on the Subject as cited since Independence this particular ailment of us has grown so mammoth that nothing can ever able to strike it dead overnight using whatever available means. It has eaten our character to such a level or degree; one often gets ill, if the taste of it is not felt through doing of the same at every moment of our lives while engaging ourselves in discharging our duties towards the Growth of the Country; holding a position of Power within us through various means. It influenced us from top to bottom without an exception. Having facing an imminent death of us for such or similar wrongdoings; we are now fighting between ourselves to offer us a relief through opting for different Governments to govern us; which is a reverse action of us in seeing the ailment grow, being it act as a catalyst in prorogating this massage further within us, than our making of any honest attempt in killing it. Being immerge in corruption to neck deep, we can never escape from the result of it unless we acquire knowledge to fight it out individually on our own.

Consider an assembly of 100 noble persons living together as a community anywhere within the Globe. It requires no more than a fortnight to arrange the entire necessity on its behalf to lead an enjoyable life by each one that constituted the assembly throughout one’s life span. How and why our current dilemma of lethargy hunting us than see of a most beautiful future in the front of us to walk clean together into an era  of better as well as knowledgeable Globe? 

We exhausted all our ways and means to overcome our present confusion or struggle just to live a normal life, meeting just the basic needs of our lives. All Political Parties having different ideologies are prevailing within the Globe to provide us a better Government over the others who too did the exact as were being done by the former but yet we are far from touching the ailment but only successful in manipulating exactly the same issue much differently so that none can able to see it, keeping the ailment intact or making it worst by allowing it to expand within us with notice of none. Therefore mare change of Governments can never offer us any solution to the Problem but it shall allow the ailment go on expanding in different limitless directions through doing of a breeding with our help to snatch our foods from our hands.

With ‘Aadhaar’ already put into place within us having unlimited Power within it with an option to absorb additions on every passing day to stop various loopholes in our Laws, it surely and certainly shall stand on the way of our mass desire of doing of corruptions, considering it as a matter of automatic acquirement by one and every to demand a place in the Society, we are living-in.

If one makes no mistakes while discharging one’s duty, one must either remain asleep throughout one’s life or keep continuously engaging-in in stealing the earnings of the others without his or her knowledge. Therefore, doing of mistakes is one’s part of life but not learning from it not to repeat it, is nonetheless a serious Crime of one against himself or herself apart from down-grading the entire humanity to nothing. Accordingly citing of such mistakes to excite the Public in order to take advantage by one over the other to do the same thing in a different way, hidden from the knowledge of the innocent Public are too constituted a Crime of similar nature.

It is often a convenience for a Political Party in Power to build Fund for the Party as and when it suspect a fall in future Elections for whatever reason while covering one’s term which shall bound to keep repeating within itself within the various Parties of a Country or a Nation as and when we are embraced by Democratic Form of Government {which is best out of all; provided we see reason to act ourselves and never make attempts to cross our limits under any circumstances} and hence a change can offer nothing to us other than providing a different style to do a stealing. Under such circumstance the Public is the highest looser out of such a situation prevailing within a System. Let us wait to bear fruit by the aforesaid Instrument which we had sowed just on the other day.

The Actual men eaters are not exactly the ones of the Animal Kingdom that are living their lives following getting a taste of the human blood due to whatever reason but they are the ones who are engaging-in doing of a cheating to innocent Public {having the same community or group or kind} who are continuously putting their hard labor the build the exactly the same blood within one’s body. The sooner we understand it; the better is the chance that we remain alive together for the future.   

Accordingly we pray the entire us to reason to act ourselves to reap the benefits from what we have introduced just on the other day to halt the rampant corruption within us and which is under rolling to transform our dreams into reality and not allow the middle men to defeat the purpose; adopting various means to put highest degree of pressures upon us, encouraging non-existent scarcity of food staff within us by resorting to hoarding of various commodities that are abundantly available within the Country to even feed us free. 

(Dr.M.M.HAZARIKA, PhD)                                                                                
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