Sunday, October 13, 2013

A State within a State

A mare change of Government or type of Government shall not or cannot or never remove or eradicate the Moral as well as Character, we have build up over time since Independence, considering the same as our birth right to behave ourselves towards the others who are underprivileged for one reason or the other. A strong Party in Power can encourage us for Nation Building if we behave ourselves appropriately rather than seeing it dividing us as we are doing till date to remain alive as a particular Party; which is however not the exact Cause for bifurcating Telangana from AP but the effort is carrying a much deeper meaning to solve a long pending issue which is remaining unresolved still either in view of our shortsightedness or lack of appropriate Tools in hands to fight the cause.

Just consider the circulation of Blood within each and every living entity within us that contain infinite numbers of tiny living organism within itself or within one and none is taking extra or storing or destroying the tiniest of it to retain Power through use of any trick to remain Powerful ever in order to issue a command on the others but constantly working together round the clock to remain intact as one with a name attached to each separately and a bigger single identity as a complete ‘Body’ as given to   one . The moment one does a reverse, the body, one is living-in shall fall apart together and instantly face a death. The same holds true for all objects either living or non-living, seen or unseen but bearing a name as appropriate in the open Space within the Universe.

It is true that the more we divide, the more we become weaker. Also various agitations we are doing or engaging-in can produce nothing other than mare change of Government from one to the other without offering that is bearing a value. With our aim and objective remaining unchanged, it shall only work reverse for us due to our remaining engaged in mass corruptions, taking advantage of various loopholes which are inherent in all Laws that govern us. Accordingly our bifurcation of various States with an aim attached; were devoid of delivering the exact result but became the same without offering GOOD to us except expanding base of corruptions.

But with a desired expressed much earlier and preparing ourselves adequately before time; we expected that the creation Talangana shall produce a much different result which shall bound to be in our favor; once we are successful in transforming it; through enabling us to raise a war against our ailment in time before it became too late to do so being our retaining of identity intact is already under stake.   

Since it is a matter of ‘utmost delicate to handle’ in nature; we must understand ourselves well through a thorough self search to become aware of what we are going to achieve through our this particular effort; which took shape with much of thought and labor infused or given on the matter, not assure one to get or accrue some gains in the next LS Election.  

Having diluted the due value earned by the General Public of AP; we are just wondering whether or not we at all LOVE the Country where we are living-in through derailing the approach so made with much of caution as well as carefulness on the part of the entire us.

Just on the other day Mr.Rahul Gandhi, MP made an unannounced visit to a specific Naxal infected area to express the Party’s solidarity and willingness to embrace them with much of warmth in-spite of the attack on the Party Cadre; ignoring all risks on his life. Why and how we see or deriving a different meaning to the visit by displaying aggressiveness in an exact and similar situation while transforming the said desire of the Party with much value added for good of the entire us? Let us not fall prey to wrongful utterances of Leaders to misinterpret facts for one’s self gain; which shall harm us more than doing any GOOD to the Nation.   
(Dr.M.M.HAZARIKA, PhD)                                                                                
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