Monday, October 14, 2013

The Definition of a Departmental Inquiry

Each one of us beholds a mind, moral and character; which is different from each other to view a particular situation. Even though we try to recruit Manpower of highest integrity and character to run a particular Organization, it is next to impossible to find what inner qualification; one beholds to turn a blind eye towards offering of services by one which he or she often performs while making an attempt to work together to meet the single aim and objective of an Organization. In order to keep the running ORDER intact within an Organization and to stop one from over reaching one’s assigned duty by infusing a self interest in his or her approach, all employees in a particular Organization are govern by a particular Standing ORDER to keep the image of an Institution clean in the eye of the Public.

As and when an entity or a set-up cast a doubt on any employee of breaking any rule of a Company to obtain a self gain, a ‘Departmental Inquiry’ is initiated so that the Officer Heading the Inquiry is fully aware of the functioning of the said Organization to arrive at a logical conclusion whether or not a particular action(s) of one who is under doubt is guilty of overstepping one’s assigned duty and not securing undue benefits to one. Therefore a ‘Departmental Inquiry’ can never be constituted by members from outside the concerned Organization to give a different name to it as ‘Out-of-Departmental Inquiry’ or ‘Off Departmental Inquiry or ‘Non-Departmental Inquiry’. If it happens so; the essence of establishing of it shall get lost to offer gross Injustice to entire us everywhere within the Globe.

Accordingly we call such an Inquiry as ‘Court Martial’ in Military language when a personal holding a position in the Military service is subjected to doubt of doing of misconduct while discharging his or her duty towards the Institution being its functioning is vastly different from others.  

As and when we do the reverse to penalized an innocent one in any Institution which is set-up or come into existence using Public Fund; it instantly transform into an ‘unconstitutional arrangement’ which is barred everywhere where humanity exits and is often done or resorted to by vested interest existing within an Organization on its own ‘desire and will’ to challenge Justice, not to allow it to remain alive within us. Therefore, as and when we opt for it; there can never be any more unethical way to inflict pain on one by the Powerful others.      


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