Thursday, October 3, 2013

A Conclusion!

Even though a collective Opinion or an Observation on a particular subject of much importance is higher in value; the one beholding courage and a better view of the same is called a Leader. All Leaders of repute from all across the Globe are remaining alive; even though they embraced physical death for challenging such causes individually for the overall good of the entire us by keeping intact the ideals that govern us while covering their lives much different from the others.

It is a fact that all Institutions including that of a Political Party require much needed FUND to remain alive within us during the entire period of its or their existences. While an Institution other than a Political party engages in some activities connected with the Public to earn the same; a Political Party is devoid of such a facility being its aim and objective is vastly from the former but to maintain an ORDER within us to attain it. While the former, establishes itself under a boundary to limit its functions within it while delivering an urgent requirement(s) to the Public for mass use to live ourselves much differently, the later is free from such restrictions while ensuring that various Laws as enacted through Parliament or as govern by the Constitution of a particular Country or a Nation, are fully maintained or met with, so that flowing ORDER is not dented or distorted on over-stressing or meeting one’s self interests for amassing wealth illegally.

In a Democratic Set-up; there is always more than one Party who is entitled to run the Government to carry forward one’s view on the desire of the Common General Public and distribute its good or reciprocate the results; so obtained amongst the various Nations under existence within the Globe for the overall good of the entire humanity to allow oneself to absorb or feel the pleasure of remaining as a single human spice , living assorted all over the Globe being all are remaining alive under the loving care of same Mother Nature everywhere but are often deprived of the Basic, which is happening on citing limitless reason which are non-existent in nature and devoid of carrying of a value as and when the Power is fallen on the hands of vested interests being acquired through doing of a stealing of it from the Common General Public adopting various means.

Any Party denying the aforesaid fact is nothing but a blunt lie and hence tantamount to an obstruction for our overall Growth of the entire us.

Since this illness of us has come into surface in view of our becoming alert; we must device some ways and means of punishing those who are guilty of wrong doing of collecting FUND from sources other than that through contribution from the Public. As these wrong doings are often done without knowledge of hurting the interest of a Country hardest instead of showing or setting a path to the entire us, the punishment should be from minimum to maximum over a period of time which shall ensure that none is penalized while carrying of a noble desire of one to set a path to a Country to run as smoothly as possible without facing of resistances from whatever source for whatever reason. This holds good for each and every Country; that is under existence within us following whatever ideology.      

 (Dr.M.M.HAZARIKA, PhD)                                                                                
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